US Treasury Dept Says, "We're On A Fiscally Unsustainability Path"

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The message from the US Treasury Department’s most recent annual report was stark:

A sustainable fiscal policy is defined as one where the debt-to-GDP ratio is stable or declining over the long term.

The projections based on the assumptions in this Financial Report indicate that current policy is not sustainable.

“Not sustainable” is code-speak for “will someday breakdown spectacularly unless somebody does something about it.”

The main problem, of course, is that we no longer have the sort of politicians with the necessary background or experience to do anything about something this large and meaningful. So nothing will be done.

Are you prepared for that? Most aren’t. Heck, maybe nobody is.

This week Paul Kiker and I discuss these and many other issues.

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Or “Hey guys we are just noticing the staduim is half full.” Don’t say we didn’t warn you…at the last second to cover our a$$es.


What a rapidly filling stadium might look like:



That’s what they are publicly willing to admit :slight_smile:


And, I think that we know, that the global takeover crowd is trying to destroy the social order.

Unsustainable spending is just one facet of the multi-vectored attack.

Honestly, we know this already.

Unbelievable. I have to say it to myself to help myself adjust to this reality.


so what does it mean when MSM and “THEY” raise alarm out in front not in some back line in the Treasury report … this has got to be timed and planned… surely they are not surprised or alarmed this communication now is for a intended result… but what exactly is that result?


.gov be like: “OK, OK, We’ll just rebuild this bridge, then we’ll deal with this issue…”


Two minute warning to end of game? I expect a series of shocked “experts” emerging in short order to begin pontificating on who the villains behind this completely out of the blue financial crisis really are. The yahoo piece checked B Clinton into the not his fault what-so-ever box. Remember, never let a crisis go to waste.
This has gotten to the point where we had a pretty intense family strategy meeting today to plan coordenated responses to what may soon come down the road.


Likewise. We have also been working on family strategies. Multiple plans, and testing various possible scenarios against them. We’re concentrating on our most critical concern of social breakdown, government reaction. Our present project is mobility. Means of getting out of harm’s way when .gov steamrolls across the landscape.


We just might be the coakroaches that crawl from under the smoking rubble, squint in the sunlight as they look at each other and say “damn, what was all that about anyway?” We did this with pre covid intel and being informed, synced up with a plan, having needs inplace was at a minimum, a huge stress relief. Action is better than reaction. Our take for now is…

This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco
This ain’t no fooling around
No time for dancing, or lovey-dovey
I ain’t got time for that now


I’d love to hear how that went…what sorts of movement happened?


Exactly. The countdown begins. How does one truly prepare for what is coming?

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No doubt lol, pretty much uncharted territory as far as the potential scale goes - but, finally some concession while stating the obvious, relunctantly with their faces partially turned away to muffle. Current total Debt/GDP = 136% whoops now 137%, went up 1% this past week.

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Short version: among immediate principals closest to us, gen1 ( me, my wife) and gen (2, son, his wife).
Following topics covered.

The present state of economy and the warning signals flashing.
Potential systemic failures and gaming how it would effect us, the extended family personally. Timelines.
A “to do” flexable action plan outline generated. All of us talk at length daily so this will now be a conversational progress metric.

Business client response to economic turmoil and how it relates to our current operating methodology, on going projects, and contracts (we keep payment terms short, and very equatible should currency values “fluctuate” ) This included specific covering of our clients abilities to weather financial turmoil. Our client portfolio is weighted very heavily to the last man standing end of the spectrum. COVID was weathered business wise by us with ease , we required no subsidies and in fact it cemented client relationships as we were ahead of the curve knowledge wise and actually able to provide add on services.

What can we expect from business associates and venders? Close associates trend are solid, based as hell with hard assets (and the means to aquire more unless outright government actions prevent doing so), and make our plans look amateurish. This is generally true of extended family and the ability to obtain food sources which was briefly reviewed. The grandkid’s 4H projects could be what’s for dinner someday. Feed is already prebought several months in advance. Business vendors generally are a complete unknown…stock up on business supplies as there going to cost more tomorrow is the takeaway. We have been pushing prebuy concepts with clients for over a year with a general acceptance of the concept.

Triggers for liquidation of hard resources in a crisis (if any :neutral_face:) and a guess of how much time they would buy us and how much potential leverage they could exert in business or personal situations.

Potential reset time lines and outcomes were guessed at.

We are just starting a generational asset protection and transfer cycle. This and its relationship to a financial reset was a big part of the planning discussion. My son got promoted to point man on that task. Since he already has great relationships with the financial and legal professionals involved he resolved to try to get their take on the presently evolving economic situation.

DIL is hopefully pretty solid income wise as she is in the energy field, works from home since COVID, and has purposely resisted promotions to higher management (the first to go in her company in a pinch) preferring to remain in her unique specialized skillset, and essential, company niche.

The main take away is everyone is aware, focused, and talking, and walked away with a proactive mindset. A potential reset is now framed as a set of events to be delt with as a team, overcome, and not some dark, evil mysterious entity to be irrationally feared.

There was one past saying I did take to heart from a less than favorite past pesident. “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”

Fasten seatbelt and say ur prayers and I pray none of this actually happens.

Hope this wall of text made some sense!


1% here and 1% there and pretty soon you’re talking about real money!


Thanks for the write-up. Good thoughts.

I’ve been thinking the same… having some strategy conversations with the immediate and red-pilled extended family.

I do think there’s a balance between “preparing decently” and “preparing thoroughly”. The former one is what I’ve been leaning into… more like preparing for weeks or months of trouble (however we want to define “trouble”).

The latter one seems more like what Chris and Evie are doing… preparing for indefinite trouble.

My problem is: I think “indefinite trouble” by definition would be so hard to predict that I’m better to just prepare my emotional capitol, my health, my sanity, and such. I don’t have the material resources to “prepare thoroughly” and even if I did, I just don’t trust that I could predict it fully enough.

So I stick with “decently”… keep my eyes-n-ears open… and try to fight off the fear/anxiety/depression. As in: take a walk, get some sunshine, sing a song, and laugh.

:crossed_swords: Dan


Are “baby-boomers” the people we used to call “senior citizens”? By using the abstraction “baby-boomers” are we using a pejorative term to speak abstractly for them and what “they” are thinking?

I own nothing and I’m unhappy.


Paul says people have their mid-life crisis in their 40s… As a PP follower now for years, I’d say my midlife crisis hit at 34-37. I might still be in it, but seemingly coming out of it.

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