Vaccine Wars, Economic Fears, and School Choice Stir Debate

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In the realm of health and biotechnology, former Pfizer employee and biotech analyst Karen Kingston has been vocal about her concerns regarding the COVID-19 vaccine, which she refers to as a bioweapon. She has recently shed light on the stance of top doctors in Japan who are advocating for a halt on all mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, citing them as advanced gene editing technology that could potentially lead to disease, disability, infertility, and death. Kingston also touched on the proposed “Pandemic Agreement” by the World Health Organization (WHO), which has been met with resistance from various nations, Bill Gates, Pfizer, and the US government due to its potential impact on royalties and vaccine disclosure.

In the world of economics and politics, the World Economic Forum (WEF) recently held its 54th meeting in Davos, Switzerland. The conference was marked by discussions on a global tax, government censorship of the internet, and the implementation of a universal and biometric ID. The WEF also expressed concerns about the potential re-election of Donald Trump and discussed strategies to limit U.S. sovereignty. Despite the prevailing ideas, there were dissenting voices from conservative speakers who criticized the WEF’s agenda.

In the education sector, parents across America are increasingly opting for school choice, allowing them to use taxpayer dollars assigned to their child’s education for alternatives such as charter schools, private schools, or homeschooling. The COVID-19 pandemic has influenced parents’ views on schooling, with safety concerns and objections to certain political ideologies being taught in public schools contributing to the demand for school choice.

In scientific discoveries, researchers have identified a new class of virus-like objects called Obelisks, which are short strands of RNA. These Obelisks have unique genetic sequences and structures and have been found in human and global microbiomes. The impact of these Obelisks on bacterial hosts and their means of spreading between cells are still unknown. In a related study, scientists discovered a new type of viroid in the human gut and mouth that may influence gene activity in the human microbiome.

In economic news, the Ford indicators are signaling a potential recession, with recent manufacturing surveys showing grim numbers. Texas manufacturers are facing lower sales and dwindling shipments, which may lead to layoffs. The personal savings rate has fallen to its lowest level since 2022, suggesting a weakening economy.

Lastly, in a discussion with Jordan Peterson, Tucker Carlson raised an important point regarding the overpopulation debate. He suggested that when global organizations like the World Economic Forum suggest that people are the problem, the intended goal must also be the same.


Tucker Carlson Claims Global Organizations Want to Reduce Human Population

If you believe people are the problem, then that is, of course, a genocidal spirit.

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Ford Indicators Flash Serious Recession Signals as Probability of Contraction Rises

The probability of an outright contraction keeps getting higher and higher with each successive release.

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Scientists Discover New Type of Viroid Infecting Bacteria in Human Gut

Scientists have uncovered a never-before-seen class of virus-like entities hiding in the human gut and mouth, and these ‘viroids’ may influence the gene activity within the human microbiome.

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Scientists Discover Mysterious New Class of Virus-like Objects in Human Microbiomes

These mysterious bits of genetic material have no detectable sequences or even structural similarities known to any other biological agents.

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Parents Across America Rally for School Choice, Seeking “Different Culture” and “Higher Expectations”

“There is a different level of expectation and rigor” at St. Johns Classical Academy, Ms. Andrews said.

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World Economic Forum’s Recent Conference Raises Concerns Over Globalist Agenda

WEF’s most recent conference left no doubt that the world should resist being shaped by the secular-progressive, globalist agenda on display, included taking part in a pagan ritual, advocating for a universal and biometric ID and a global tax, ‘public-private’ government censorship of the internet, and reining in elected officials’ ability to deliver for their voters.

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Former Pfizer Employee Warns of CV19 Vaccine Dangers and Calls for Global Action

It’s always darkest before the dawn. It was two and a half years ago that I was on your show saying these were not biologics. They are advanced gene editing technology that are meant to cause disease, disability, infertility and death, and they need to be stopped to protect humanity and all lifeforms.

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“New Content and Features Added for Your Benefit”

New Content and Features Added for Your Benefit

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