Vax Controversy, JFK Coup, Dublin Riot, Trade War!

In a recent discourse, an author has raised concerns about the potential dangers of vaccines, particularly the COVID-19 vaccines, and the alleged lack of media coverage on their adverse effects. The author cites historical instances such as the Department of Defense’s mandate of a vaccine during the Gulf War, which reportedly resulted in chronic illnesses among soldiers. The author also draws parallels between the smallpox vaccine and the COVID-19 vaccines, suggesting both have been harmful. The author further criticizes the media’s role in promoting vaccines and suppressing information about their risks, and concludes by advocating for independent journalism.

In a separate narrative, the connections between the JFK assassination, the book “Seven Days in May,” and secret NATO-run armies in Europe have been explored. The text delves into the possibility of a military coup in the US during Kennedy’s presidency, involving figures like Edwin Walker and General Lemnitzer. It also brings up Operation Northwoods and Operation Gladio, raising concerns about the military-industrial complex and the lack of oversight over covert organizations.

Meanwhile, Dublin has been rocked by a riot following a knife attack that left four injured, including a woman and three children. The incident escalated into a riot, with over 30 people arrested and numerous shops damaged or looted. The violence was reportedly fueled by false claims online that the attacker was a foreign national. The cost of repairs and clean-up is estimated to be in the tens of millions of euros.

In the realm of global trade, a zinc smelter in Tennessee finds itself at the center of a trade war due to its possession of two minerals, germanium and gallium, essential for producing chips used in smartphones and radar systems. Following China’s recent restriction on exports of these minerals to the US, the Dutch owner of the smelter and local officials are seeking funding for an expansion to process these sought-after materials. The US government is supporting efforts to catch up with China in rare-earth minerals and other scarce resources. However, there are concerns that China may resume exports, causing prices to plummet. The intensifying economic tensions between the US and China are leading to the return of neglected industries to the American heartland.

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