VIDEO: The Fed's Evil Juggernaut

Juggernaut: (n) a massive inexorable force, campaign, movement, or object that crushes whatever is in its path
The US Federal Reserve is once again force-feeding liquidity into the system. At its fastest rate ever.

The result? Record high stock prices whose valuations defy all logic.

What’s wrong with that? Shouldn’t we just enjoy the party and be grateful for our rising 401ks?

What’s wrong is that the Fed’s actions are dooming us. Their poisonous cocktail of endless cheap money and rock-bottom interest rates is hastening a terminal breakdown of the economy, while deliberately enriching a tiny cadre of elites to the ruin of everyone else.

Though most remain blind to this, Fed policy (and the similar ones pursued by the other major world central banks) is directly responsible for, or a major contributor to, many of the biggest challenges society is facing.

Tens of millions of Boomers who can’t afford to retire. Tens of millions of Millennials who can’t afford to purchase a home. History’s largest wealth gap between the 1% and everyone else. Relentless increases in the cost of living while real wages remain stagnant. Depletion and degradation of our key natural resources by zombie companies run without profits. We can thank the Fed for all of these ills, plus many more.

All we’re offered in return is the fake reassurance that “everything is awesome” because stocks are higher today than they were yesterday. As if that really makes a difference when the top 1% owns 50% of all stocks and the top 10% owns over 90%.

And when today’s epicly distorted markets reach their breaking point – which may be imminent given the truly manic action recently – not only will the resulting damage be commensurately epic, but it will injure the 99% FAR more than the 1% who benefitted from it.

Mass layoffs. Bankruptcies. Destroyed retirement portfolios and pensions. State and city budget crises. Higher taxes. More fees. Cancelled social services. Hollowed-out communities.

The Fed’s deliberate policy of privatized gains for the elite and socialized losses for the masses ensures that Joe Sixpack is going to take it in the shorts while Reginald Caviar-Maybach will still receive his record bonus from Goldman Sachs.

Which is why the video below is essential viewing for anyone not currently CEO of a too-big-to-fail bank or too busy counting their $billions.

We brought together several of the best monetary and macroeconomic minds to explain exactly what is transpiring and what concerned individuals like you should be preparing for.

Here’s our full 90-minute video WTF: What The Fed?!?, featuring Grant Williams, Mike Maloney, Charles Hugh Smith and Chris Martenson:


Understanding the nature of what is underway is critical. While the Fed’s liquidity juggernaut rolls on, it will continue to crush equality, opportunity and fairness for the masses. But once it stalls, the systemic crash and societal upheaval that will follow will be even more horrific for those not prepared for it.

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I don’t want to be accused of being Taggart fanboy (I like to at least pretend I lack bias) but I’m really glad you are calling this interview out for more discussion. It’s practically 4 awesome interviews in 1, and Williams was spectacular. Smith wasn’t bad either. I think I’m on like 10X views and I was hoping it wouldn’t fade away without some more insight from watchers.

Many thanks for the kind words, MKI.
And very glad to hear you’ve found such value in this discussion. I was beyond thrilled we could get these august experts together at the same time :slight_smile:

Grifters, scamsters, fraudsters the lot.
#Banksters #EndTheFed
Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve
Secrets of Money Episode 4: The Federal Reserve

One interesting thing Smith said in this interview: when compared to the rest of the economy, the internet has low energy consumption, making it robust to an energy crisis. Meaning the internet is here to stay no matter what happens, since compared to buildings or transportation it’s already cheap.
Corollary: If (when) oil gets more expensive there could be a lot of stock market/business shifting around. S&P sectors are roughly IT 20%, Financials/Health Care/ConsumerDiscretion 15% each, and ConsumerStaples/Industrial/Energy 10% each. Seems to my mind market capitalization has already factored in the value of the internet, but grossly undervalues energy. No matter what, what sort of free-market economy needs 15% in Financials?

As if that really makes a difference when the top 1% owns 50% of all stocks and the top 10% owns over 90%.
It is not as if mankind has not weathered feudal indenture in the past, we will get through it this time also, and after a 1,000 years or so will get it right when the indentured burst off our chains of slavery. The next time we simply have a minimum standard for all, and a maximum wealth for top.
Aside from the snark I want to point out that Hugo Chavez, ooops, I mean Bernie Sanders will fix it when he is elected even if he has only days or weeks to live after inauguration. Of course white males better get ready to boogie because when the far left inevitably does get power the last people they will allow ever to hold power again will be us. Just ask AOC what her plans are.
As a lifelong democrat I weep for the loss of my party which used to stand for the common man against the Randian banksters of the right, now that party is just a fond memory as both political ends of the spectrum have moved to radical opposits. Leaving the majority of people without a party at all.

Very interesting read…

Grant Williams warns (28 min) that QE1, 2, & 3 were planned & announced, but QE4 is pure panic, so the endgame is at hand. I completely agree on what happened, but strongly disagree that QE4 means the Fed is running out of rope. In fact, it shows the absolute opposite: The Fed now no longer even bothers to offer justification when handing out raw cash to the rich. So rather than proving the “end is nigh” QE4 shows the Fed is just getting started. So I’m digging in for a very long “bull market” valuations that make no rational sense. And just like the last decade, one can own low-debt, institution-owned, profitable blue-chip dividend paying stocks and sit back and ride the wave with little risk as everyone around you panics. Sure, these gains haven’t matched FANGs but they have done well, with half the profits in dividends even, and should even do well even during the next crisis as institutional buyers panic out of growth stocks and into real cash-generating companies (just like 2008). Same deal with the USD; as a crisis builds, US stocks should do better than the rest in the downturn. I just don’t see how one risks not playing the market (and real estate) with an activist Fed. Asia may get crushed here.
But I do agree with Williams on always owning PM as a hedge during all this (10% is an absolute minimum IMO) and as Grant points out, what kind of a “hedge” also makes you 70% gains? Insurance that actually pays me money? Now that’s an insurance policy I can get behind…

I have to say I agree, the “”markets”” are going much, much higher as the Fed prints & prints, and prints some more. Options seem to be the best way to participate by making short term gains & repetitively taking money off the board taking profits while minimizing downside risks.

Building on my earlier commentary on how our current system has become captured by the wealthy elite, here’s more stark evidence:

I’m not sure that tax rate in the yearly progression video actually represents what most top income earners actually paid in taxes. An extreme few paid 70% in taxes. By and large most top earners used all sorts of tax write-offs which negated most of the theoretical tax rate.

How the FRBNY is used to covertly transfer [embezzle] deficit spending money to the TBTF banks is available at ;
The regulatory code that can be used for the FRBNY to transfer all US assets to TBTF banks [read NWO] during national bankruptcy (as in Greece) is at
The Bloomberg adjudication has opened the FR banks to FOIA suits. Their corruption will be exposed.

If you understand economics, that TreasuryDirect Institutional tabulations identify ‘new cash’ that cannot go to the government but it disappears [and the only feasible destination is the FRBOG, Inc. shareholders], that all profit of the Fed legally belongs to the government, that Bloomberg v. FR adjudication clearly concluded the FR records are subject to FOIA demands, is there NO incentive to demand those records and expose the criminal acts of the Fed ?? FEDERAL RESERVE FOR DUMMIES