Viewing and Using Tip!

If the site seems to be displaying improperly, clear out your temporary files and flush. This has seemed to do the trick for many folks.

What's happened is that some browsers have stored an old version of the webpage and are trying to interpret the new site with that old information.

We are aware that Safari seems immune to this trick and needs some attention on our part.

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Really like the sites new look!

Displays perfect with the Opera browser.

Great job!!!

Both Firefox and Safari on the Mac work fine for me. Great job on the new site!

OK - now I have to figure that some folks did not clear out their files properly.

If you have Safari, try clearing the cahce and the temp files…let me know if that does not work.

But a quick hit to refresh/reload and all is well.

Interesting to look at the left rather than the right side of the screen for directions. Great to have the site back.

Before I did the quick fix, I was wondering "what a strange format! Why would he change to this? Its awful!"

I can be a real idiot sometimes.