War Looms, Economic Meltdown Predicted: Expert Warns

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Charles Nenner, a geopolitical and financial cycle expert, has raised alarms about an impending major war and economic downturn. His war cycle indicator has surged, while his economic cycle has plummeted. The next significant conflict is expected to involve Israel, Iran, Hezbollah, and Turkey, with potential escalations involving Cyprus, Greece, NATO, and the U.S. Nenner, residing near the Lebanon border, reports ongoing rocket attacks and a tense situation. He believes Americans are largely unaware of the gravity of the situation, being preoccupied with domestic politics. Concurrently, he foresees China potentially seizing the opportunity to take over Taiwan amidst global distractions. Wealthy individuals are preparing for these crises by obtaining visas for Caribbean islands and relocating to rural areas. Economically, Nenner notes significant losses in commercial real estate and troubled regional banks due to bad loans and devalued U.S. bonds. He anticipates rising inflation and imminent layoffs, signaling very hard times ahead. Nenner still favors gold as an investment but expects it to consolidate, emphasizing that much of the financial instability is not being publicly disclosed.

In France, political upheaval continues as President Emmanuel Macron’s decision to call a snap election after the National Rally’s strong performance in European parliamentary elections has led to significant unrest. Leftist and Islamist protesters have taken to the streets, while National Rally supporters celebrate, illustrating a deep national divide. The concept of the “Great Replacement,” as defined by Renaud Camus, is cited as a reality, with native French citizens feeling replaced by immigrants and their own disillusioned compatriots. Macron’s centrist party has been weakened, leading to fears of a potential civil war driven by radical leftist violence. In the United States, the Democratic Party faces its own crisis. President Joe Biden’s poor debate performance against Donald Trump has exposed his cognitive decline, which right-wing media had long highlighted. The Democratic establishment’s denial of Biden’s condition has led to a precarious situation. If Biden remains the candidate, he risks a landslide defeat; if he withdraws, the party must contend with the unpopular Kamala Harris. This dilemma underscores the Democrats’ struggle with their own diversity and inclusion rhetoric. The article also notes a broader political shift across the West, with right-wing parties gaining popularity in core European Union states like France and Germany. In contrast, the UK is poised to elect a radical left-wing government, despite its own issues with migration and political extremism.

A systematic review of autopsy-related literature following COVID-19 vaccination, published in Forensic Science International, found that 73.9% of 325 deaths were linked to the vaccines. Initially posted on The Lancet preprint server, SSRN, the study was removed within 24 hours due to alleged methodological issues. The study, authored by researchers including Nicolas Hulscher and Dr. William Makis, called for autopsies on all deceased vaccinated individuals and further research into vaccine-related deaths. The study faced significant censorship, with The Lancet removing it despite massive downloads and interest from the global medical community. The most common causes of death were myocarditis and blood clots. The authors argued that the findings highlight the need for transparency and further investigation into vaccine safety. The review was eventually published on the Zenodo preprint server and underwent peer review at Forensic Science International, where it was downloaded over 125,000 times. The study concluded that the deaths were consistent with known mechanisms of vaccine injury, amplifying concerns about vaccine-induced myocarditis and myocardial infarction.

Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF), opened the Annual Meeting of the New Champions, also known as “Summer Davos,” in Dalian, China. He emphasized that economic growth and a more peaceful future depend on embracing innovation and fostering collaboration across various sectors and regions. Schwab highlighted the importance of the fourth industrial revolution, noting that technological advancements, particularly in artificial intelligence, offer new opportunities for global prosperity and growth. The event, running from June 25-27, focuses on the theme “Next Frontiers for Growth.” Schwab reiterated that while there are “limits to growth,” these can be overcome by wisely using technologies from the fourth industrial revolution, protecting nature, and leveraging the green economy. He stressed the need for collaboration between governments and businesses to achieve sustainable development. Schwab praised China’s economic policies and its long-standing partnership with the WEF, acknowledging Premier Li Qiang’s efforts in opening up China’s capital market and boosting economic development. The WEF aims to be the leading global institution for public-private collaboration, blending corporate and state efforts. Schwab will transition from his role as executive chairman to chairman of the board of trustees, with executive responsibilities shifting to a president and managing board.


Charles Nenner Warns of Escalating War Cycle and Economic Downturn

“Very hard times are coming.”

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The Collapse of the Center: France and the West Face Political Upheaval

The tectonic political shift happening in the U.S. is not as threatening to civil order as France’s earthquake, but make no mistake: across the West, this is the end of an era.

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Study Linking COVID-19 Vaccines to Deaths Faces ‘Unprecedented Censorship’ Before Publication

A systematic review of autopsy-related literature following COVID-19 vaccination found that 73.9 percent of the 325 deaths were linked to the shots, suggesting “a high likelihood of a causal link” between the shots and death.

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Klaus Schwab Champions ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ at WEF’s Summer Davos

“To drive future economic growth we must embrace innovation and force the collaboration across sectors, regions, nations, and cultures to create a more peaceful, inclusive, sustainable, and resilient future,” said Schwab.

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Why does Xi embrace Schwab but snub Blinken? Doesn’t he realize they’re on the same side? It’s an incomprehensible chess game. I’m tired of trying to figure it out.