WEF and Their Diabolical Reshaping of the World

You forgot pregnant women and their unborn children



...The idea of a great narrative is something that the French philosopher Jean-Francois Lyotard called a “grand narrative,” (aka “metanarrative“) which, according to Philo-Notes, “functions to legitimize power, authority, and social customs” — everything that the great reset is trying to achieve.

Authoritarians use great narratives to legitimize their own power, and they do this by claiming to have knowledge and understanding that speaks to a universal truth.

At the same time, authoritarians use these grand narratives in an “attempt to translate alternative accounts into their own language and to suppress all objections to what they themselves are saying.”

Marxism creates “a society in which all individuals can develop their talents to the fullest” is one example of a grand narrative.

Historically, grand narratives like that of Marxism ignore science, disregard alternative perspectives, and censor dissenting ideas. …

What are your thoughts on money?
If you've read my definitions of western Authoritarianism (the store is always open), then you'll respect why I don't have much hope for organized resistance.
Ive railed against the monetary system for too long. I dont see it changing anytime soon, or in any way that benefits the average person. Ive given up on big, collective changes. My focus now is on how can I, personally, mitigate the suffering to my self and my family.   The way I have approach it is to try to create a life that depends less on money and that means self reliance. Make money as small a part of your life as possible. The ideal would be to live without money entirely. I dont think I'll ever get there completely but there is ALOT of slack between here and there. At the very least, I could see my only expense being my property tax bill [ which is mostly paid for by the land itself ].   All that being said, I have a good savings, I have assets that Ive worked hard for and I dont want to lose them. I also think, as self reliant as I can possibly become, I'll need land on which to ply my trade. If Im shut out of the banking system for any reason...how can I pay my property taxes?   That could be where a trustee, lawyer, or corporate proxy could step in and write checks from a non-personalized account or perhaps BTC or PM's could be a place where I might store wealth in leu of being able to hold a bank account.   I understand your question is a broader perspective on the very concept of money in society...but Im done asking those questions and done trying to wake people up. Its like being on the Titanic and seeing the iceberg dead ahead. You're trying to warn people but nobody wants to hear it. Well, there comes a time when you have to stop warning people and find yourself a lifeboat before hell breaks loose. Thats where Im at right now. Ten years ago you and I could have had a great conversation about the nature of money, the fed, interest rates, inflation, sound money, the banking system and etc.. but IMO we're past the point where any of that matters.

Yeah, to be honest, I’ve come to terms with the reality of cycles.
I feel that humans are obsessed with the unrealistic concept that society or any system can be a static perfection, rather than a mutable fluid.

The problem that presents itself to me is this:
USD and GBP represent the longest running fiat currencies in human history, meaning that they likely don’t have too much time left. Davos Vampires introduce Central bank Digital Currencies (new fiat) and the financial dictatorship keeps humming along. “Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.” We don’t get fooled again? I beg to differ.

Most people will not be able to pull out of Wall Street completely. Sort of a “Toddler Syndrome” where they see other people making money and think that’s what they should have, or be doing. Instead they’re just enriching the oligarchs that feed off of that system. We’ve already seen how the markets are managed (read: fixed). The allegory that works for me is The Matrix: as long as you’re still plugged in, you’re feeding the system…and you will defend it’s legitimacy.

As for your property tax concerns, have you ever heard of an allodial title? That’s when you don’t have to pay taxes because you own “real property”. Nevada did this, then put the kibosh on it in 2005.

Might need to seed a Neo-Allodial movement to contrast their Neo-Feudal movement.


Another great one, in my opinion, by Charles Eisenstein …

Speaking of JFKs assassination … “A large minority rejected the official story outright, but the majority, my father included, pretended and professed to believe it. But in their heart of hearts they did not believe. As well they should not have—on the face of it, the story beggars belief. I mean, come on. The whole thing just doesn’t add up. However, to reject the official story would have required accepting something so monstrous and so utterly contrary to the story of America that few people could withstand the shattering cognitive dissonance that would have followed. In most people’s eyes, the CIA and the military-industrial establishment were still heroes. They broke the codes that led to the defeat of the Nazis and the Japanese. They were fighting against the specter of communism. For them to kill a President, a war hero, was unthinkable. It contradicted the entire story of America, land of the free, beacon of democracy, exemplar for the world.”


Canuck that is a very venomous and insulting email you got. I’d have to say its safe to assume that person is not your friend. Even if a friend sent me emails that I disagreed with, I could never speak that way to somebody that I like and respect…and I would never tolerate being spoken to that way.
I had a friend of 30 years that took an attitude like that with me and I havent spoken to him since nor will I EVER.
That goes beyond the issue of political opinion and into the personal. That person does not respect you and does not value your friendship.

Truth is if you don't have this you are phucked anyway because if you are the only one all prepped up in a sea of chaos it doesn't matter, nothing matters at that point. If you are somehow "unbanked" and tens of thousands of others all around you are not, it doesn't matter
I dont think it will be chaos, I think the tens of thousands around me will take the jab, get on the social credit system, and continue on like before. Im not going on that trip so me, and others like me, are trying to figure out how we might avoid it with the least amount of pain.
PhilDenn wrote:

One big question perplexing all thinking Americans today: Who’s in charge of the executive branch of government?

No one conceivably thinks Joe Biden is calling shots. Kamala Harris – handpicked as successor – must have proven completely unmanageable. Otherwise, why let Sleepy Joe remain the frontman?

We're stuck with Sleepy Joe until January, 2023. Because of the 50:50 tie in the Senate, the only way anything would get passed is if VP Harris is there to break the tie. If Joe steps down, Harris would become president and there wouldn't be anyone to break the tie in the Senate. The Red team wouldn't approve any VP nomination until the next congress comes in. If they did, the new VP would vote against them to break the tie. Even if that is the "right" thing to do, it just won't happen.



Sounds like the way my own family speaks to me - even when I’m continuously proved to be correct…

Your correspondent is just a skilled-TV watcher - just like my kin. I’m staying organic & free-range, regardless…


I danced to Mike Love performing this song live on Thursday night last week. The energy of the smallish crowd was tremendous. It says so much to me about what really matters, about keeping a level head in challenging times and about how the elite are destined to crash on the shoals of hubris:
First, for those of you who don’t like to feed the google monster:
And for those of you who just need video or don’t have a bandcamp account:

And, of course, the lyrics (these don’t match the live version perfectly, but close enough):

I've kept my mouth shut too long Begging for scraps down here at the bottom And though I know it might ruffle some feathers I just can't hold my tongue no more 'Cause I'm sure that the weak and the poor Got something to say, but they can't pay so nobody listens And a man with a hell of a plan Can't do nothing with his hands, while he's stuck in the back washing dishes It don't seem right that some work 'til the day that they die And some never have to work a single day in their lives Won't somebody tell me why I get paid half as much to work Twice as hard as all these yuppie jerks Just because I don't wear a suit and a tie Am I out of my mind to wish that I was Penniless, so that I could rest All these money troubles give me stress Always wanting more and having less All these worries take my life away There goes another day Working minimum wage Trapped up inside this cage With one foot in the grave I think it would be best It we all were just more penniless They say you're penniless, you're broke But to me it's a joke 'Cause the wealthiest ones, mentally, spiritually, are the unhealthiest ones Their trust funds ain't gonna save 'em when the judgement comes We'll just watch them run 'Cause the tidal wave's coming and it's gonna break And take away all ignorance, leave only truth in its wake 'Cause any system's bound to fail that let's the treacherous prevail Puts the innocent in jail, watches them burn at the stake But I and I know that there will come a day When the breeze will blow and take this all away And in time everything will be okay If we can just find a way to stay Penniless, so that I could rest All these money troubles give me stress Always wanting more and having less All these worries take my life away There goes another day Working minimum wage Trapped up inside this cage With one foot in the grave I think it would be best It we all were just more penniless What we hold within our hearts Will always be, will never part And what we hold within our hands Will quickly turn to smoke and sand So let it go, let it go, let go, let go 'Cause the rain will fall and wash away And sun will shine another day, another life, another way Another chance to run and play And all these things that you hold dear They will all just disappear So let it go, let go 'Cause what we hold within our hands Will quickly turn to smoke and sand So let it go, let it fade, let it slide and slip away And may your soul be at rest Rich in Love and rich in truth and truly blessed Truly penniless

This Zerohedge article is a must-read. I do not see any escape from this or from getting vaccinated, as that is the basis for the digital identities. I had no idea they were so widespread globally. They will link social security and pension payments to the vaccine passports. This is the fascist jackboot of a Nazi wet dream come true.



I do not see any escape from this or from getting vaccinated, as that is the basis for the digital identities.
Sounds like despair and defeatism. Alternatively, I dont see anyway for them to get every person vaccinated. In fact I am 100% positive that it is impossible. Here's a quote that always makes me feel good when I feel overwhelmed;   "Im an old man and have known a great many troubles, most of which have never happened" -Mark Twain

Obama made an interesting Statement on camera. (end of this video) https://www.foxnews.com/media/judge-jeanine-reveals-who-she-believes-is-running-the-white-house

Hillary Clinton demands Boris mandate vaccines and sack all those who refuse.


Is Hillary going to get appointed under Kamala Harris or worse??


That’s what Adolph tried.


You’re in the States where there is far more opposition. Here in Canada the lemmings are running towards the Cliff of Happiness as fast as their little feet will carry them. Have you read the article?


The Great Guilt Trip.

Abrahamism demands that you are riddled with guilt.

Get off your knees. We are a Great People,


Yes Canuck I saw that article this morning. I know the lemmings are running for the cliff but you dont have to, and there are others in Canada who share your position.


What a misguided bit of hubris.
Mars is a deadly place. We are not going to the surface of any planet, knuckleheads. We will, like the people who built the moon, be making our own worlds. In the Void. We will be free to choose to make them Heavens or Hells. For that is the desire of the Wr-alda.
And there is no need, Claus, to go looking for Aliens. They are already here; all sorts of Aliens come and go as they please. But first you will have to kneel before the evidence. Stupid old man.
And, stupid old Man, the Cosmos bears absolutely no resemblance to the Model that you bear in your head. Nope, Gravity is not “Bent Nothingness.” Nope, Stars are not isolated nuclear fireballs in the sky. They are powered, nay Dominated, by Birkland currents. Even the very Galaxies themselves obey the Birkland Currents.
Stupid old man, getting dressed in fancy clothes wont disguise you as a Great Sage. You are as ignorant. Only your death will bring your enlightenment. Go home to suck your gums in a comfortable rocking chair.
No last Great Hurrah for you.


So here’s a scenario. You’re unjabbed. There’s a “crisis” in January and the power goes out. It’s minus 25 outside. You go to the government rescue shelter. Sure, you can come in, but only if you get the jab.


I am no great thinker. But I can follow the bouncing ball. (Sometimes).

It must be clear to anyone that, for instance, a great electrical plant using waterpower might well be erected in the following unexceptional manner:

The Government introduces a bill in the legislative council for exploiting the waterpower of Bavaria, Saxony, etc., by satisfying all economic requirements. The local Diet, or other body, decides on construction, empowers the finance minister or the State Bank to issue a series of banknotes, marked specially to show that they are fully covered by the new works under contemplation. These notes are supported by the combined credit of the State or the Reich. No one can show any objection on the score of inflation. Construction takes place on the additional credit granted by the council representing the nation, and the notes become legal tender like the rest.

When the work is completed, nitrates or electricity are supplied to customers against this money, and in a few years the issue can be recalled and destroyed. Result: The State, the nation has instituted a new work,

Feder, Gottfried. The Program of the Party of Hitler: The National Socialist German Workers’ Party and Its General Conceptions . Ostara Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Be aware that the Banksters are venomous snakes.