Welcome To The Interregnum

We’re between things. It’s an uncomfortable place.

We are transitioning from an old story into a new one and that has folks feeling anxious. By “we” I mean everyone on the planet. If you find yourself with a deep sense of unease, yet unable to quite pin it down, you will find this article extremely helpful.

The old story of endless growth on a finite planet is winding down. Whatever replaces it won’t be a continuation of the past. Things are going to have to change, whether we like it or not.

Put more bluntly: the easy times are over, and a period of disruption has begun.

It may be many years or even decades before thing truly settle into a new equilibrium (of sorts – there really isn’t any such thing in this ever-changing universe). The old will fall away even before the new has arrived. That process has already begun, hence the nervousness, anger, and fear.

My day job is serving as an information scout, an ambassador of the unknown, and because of that I’m acutely aware of the degree to which people are already worn down, burnt out, and unable to process any more.

Folks are so exhausted by the trials and tribulations dished up by the crazy-making machine fondly referred to as “2020,” that many are paralyzed. Unable to take new actions because they are overwhelmed.

Yet, as I wrote recently, no choice IS a choice. When so much is changing and so much is on the line, remaining frozen with anxiety is as much a determinant of your future prospects as taking swift action – each sets one down different paths promising different outcomes.

Truthfully, there is much that can be done that will contribute to a more resilient future for yourself and for the world. But first we have to know where we are. We have to sketch out the map as best we can, even if the edges remain blanks with little more than “there be monsters” scribed at the borders.

To orient properly, you must be aware of the idea that the Age of Growth is over. We are now entering a Post-Growth era. Our task now is to settle into a very different existence – one with fewer ‘things’ and less ‘stuff’, but also offering more meaning and worthy challenges.

Like any good adventure, a little danger is involved. But nothing quite so dangerous to your soul’s journey as wasting your life on trivial pursuits.

The Interregnum

The gap between reigns when the old king has died but the new successor has yet to be decided is called an interregnum. It can also refer to the gap between first learning of something and then finally understanding its deeper significance:
in·ter·reg·num, noun

a period when normal government is suspended, especially between successive reigns or regimes.

- an interval or pause between two periods of office or other things. "the interregnum between the discovery of radioactivity and its detailed understanding"

I love this word because it perfectly matches our current state.

One feature of an interregnum, where power hangs in the balance, is that it’s a very uncertain time. Anxiety rules the day because nobody knows how things might land. It could be good for them personally, or very bad. The old king was good. His successor son is an already hated petty tyrant. Perhaps a different, better successor will somehow manage to claim the throne instead…

This sort of uncertainty is a potent source of anxiety. Which is why an interregnum is the cradle of people’s most deep-seated fears.

The old king is gone. Nobody knows who or what is in charge right now. Is it humanity’s deep technological prowess or is it Mother Nature herself?

Does our destiny lie in our own hands or have the die already been cast and we’re simply awaiting to see how unfortunate of a roll it’s going to be?

Is there still time to sort out a decent solution to our many predicaments and problems, or have those moments already been wasted?

Nobody knows at this moment. But the uncertainty is hanging thick. Corrosive. Emotional. Explosive.

Welcome to the interregnum. May the odds ever be in your favor.


Now while the above may sound depressing, as I’ve written before the better term is demoralizing, and there's a very important distinction between the two terms.

Depression is a reaction to current circumstances. It can be treated with talk therapy to resolve an inner conflict, or temporary chemical rebalancing.

Demoralization, on the other hand, is what you experience when your cognitive map no longer aligns with the actual circumstances of life:

Rather than a depressive disorder, demoralization is a type of existential disorder associated with the breakdown of a person’s ‘cognitive map’. It is an overarching psycho-spiritual crisis in which victims feel generally disoriented and unable to locate meaning, purpose or sources of need fulfilment.

The world loses its credibility, and former beliefs and convictions dissolve into doubt, uncertainty and loss of direction.

Frustration, anger and bitterness are usual accompaniments, as well as an underlying sense of being part of a lost cause or losing battle. The label ‘existential depression’ is not appropriate since, unlike most forms of depression, demoralization is a realistic response to the circumstances impinging on the person’s life.


Did you catch that? Demoralization is actually a realistic response under certain conditions.

Those conditions are manifesting themselves now. Which means that the waves of dispiriting statistics we’re seeing are not ‘bad’; they are telling us something important.

People are right to be deeply disturbed by the ways in which the main narrative of their culture no longer maps to reality. Worse, the Endless Growth narrative is killing life on this planet and therefore harming each of us in ways both overt and subtle.

More and more people are detecting that, and that’s a good thing. Because that’s the necessary first step in crafting a new narrative and adopting a different model that hopefully serves us better.

We often say here at Peak Prosperity that if you’re feeling anxiety (or demoralization), it means that there’s a gap between what you know and what you’re doing. Since you can’t unlearn something, your best course of action is to change your behavior.

To take action to better align what you know with what you do.

I totally get the frustration, anger and bitterness on display in politics all across the West right now, but these are almost universally misdirected at the wrong targets. Whether by intent or accident, this is usually the case and heavily supported by a media system that actually promotes divisiveness over unity, and isolation over connection.

(Source – PeakProsperity – The End of Growth)

Bottom line: If you are demoralized there’s nothing wrong with you. But there is definitely something wrong with the larger situation.

If you know someone who is demoralized, don’t try to ‘fix’ them by helping them fit back into their old lives better. The problem isn’t with their ability to adapt. The problem is they are already adapting to what is coming. They’re ahead of the curve, not behind it. They just see the new curve before you do.

With that critical framing for the word demoralization, we can now go a bit deeper. But first, I want to introduce an important term relating to demoralization: Zozobra. It describes a potent sensation one might experience during an interregnum, especially if demoralization is in play.


I came across this article very recently and have now read it a few times. It’s pitch perfect.

It neatly captures the context of demoralization. By naming it we can begin to understand it, know its presence, and reduce its unconscious hold on us:

There's a word for your overwhelming anxiety, and it's "zozobra"

Nov 3rd, 2020

Ever had the feeling that you can’t make sense of what’s happening? One moment everything seems normal, then suddenly the frame shifts to reveal a world on fire, struggling with pandemic, recession, climate change, and political upheaval.

That’s “zozobra,” the peculiar form of anxiety that comes from being unable to settle into a single point of view, leaving you with questions like: Is it a lovely autumn day, or an alarming moment of converging historical catastrophes?

The word “zozobra” is an ordinary Spanish term for “anxiety” but with connotations that call to mind the wobbling of a ship about to capsize. The term emerged as a key concept among Mexican intellectuals in the early 20th century to describe the sense of having no stable ground and feeling out of place in the world.

This feeling of zozobra is commonly experienced by people who visit or immigrate to a foreign country: the rhythms of life, the way people interact, everything just seems “off” – unfamiliar, disorienting and vaguely alienating.

According to the philosopher Emilio Uranga (1921-1988), the telltale sign of zozobra is wobbling and toggling between perspectives, being unable to relax into a single framework to make sense of things. As Uranga describes it in his 1952 book “Analysis of Mexican Being”:

“Zozobra refers to a mode of being that incessantly oscillates between two possibilities, between two affects, without knowing which one of those to depend on … indiscriminately dismissing one extreme in favor of the other. In this to and fro the soul suffers, it feels torn and wounded.”

What makes zozobra so difficult to address is that its source is intangible. It is a soul-sickness not caused by any personal failing, nor by any of the particular events that we can point to.

Instead, it comes from cracks in the frameworks of meaning that we rely on to make sense of our world — the shared understanding of what is real and who is trustworthy, what risks we face and how to meet them, what basic decency requires of us and what ideals our nation aspires to.


What ‘cracks in the framework of meaning’ could be more profound than facing the collapse of - well - everything? Our many predicaments exist at all levels from top to bottom. There’s no safe level on which to ride out the coming storm. There’s nowhere to run. There’s only right where you are.

When everything seems “off” – unfamiliar, disorienting and vaguely alienating, then you’re in some sort of foreign land. You are out of bounds, off all of your known maps. There’s no sense of place, nowhere to settle down. Zozobra.

When everything is wobbling and up for grabs, you wouldn’t be entirely human if you weren’t experiencing some sort of emotional unease. AS with the adjustment reaction, an emotional arc is simply a part of the process. Both unavoidable and necessary.

Those who navigate uncertainty best are those who process the quickest. As always, having a good mental map, and the right terms, is helpful to that process.


If you are feeling nervous, angry or fearful – congratulations! – there’s nothing at all wrong with you. In fact, your senses are operating normally, and your cognition is on the mark. You are having an adjustment reaction, your cognitive map has a better grasp on reality than your culture, and zozobra is par for the course.

The most valuable part of naming and understanding these things is that they lose their ability to paralyze you with dread.

Our emotions are not “the truth”, but rather uncomfortable sensations that serve as an early warning system. They are like a quantum processor able to parse through massively complex systems and situations way before our cortex can offer any guidance.

There’s also a comfort - a relief - that comes from understanding that our reactions are both perfectly normal and perfectly healthy.

There’s nothing that requires treatment. Nothing that requires medication. Nothing at all to be done about any of it. Except knowing what it is, getting past whatever paralysis might exist as rapidly as possible, and then taking action.

Because you alone can’t alter the larger trends of ecological destruction, monetary printing, insane political responses, etc. and so forth, all that truly remains is for you to align your actions with what you know to be true.

And there’s so much to be done. Soils need to be rebuilt. Waste streams reformed into nutrient loops. Energy efficiency to be built into the next generation of – everything.

The lists are as endless as they are exciting. And you can play a role, both at the individual level as well as contributing positively at the collective one.

Yes, there’s a “great reset” coming. Whether it will be controlled and precise or a nature-driven chaotic mess remains to be seen.

But right now, you need to make a choice: You can either actively shape your future or wait to be shaped by it.

I’m all about controlling what I can and leaving the rest behind. Maybe you are, too.

If so, then you’re part of our tribe here at Peak Prosperity. We’re busying preparing for what is increasingly likely to consist of more macro chaos than control.

You know, to avoid being demoralized with an overwhelming sense of zozobra during this interregnum.

In Part 2: Moving Ahead With Purpose, Optimism & Grace we provide further essential grounding for persevering through the coming change, and I share the latest steps that I’m taking in my own personal life to dive head-first into the interregnum with positive and enthusiastic intent.

I plan to meet the future on my terms. Will you?

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This is the most elegantly accurate sentence I’ve read in years:
“[Emotions] are like a quantum processor able to parse through massively complex systems and situations way before our cortex can offer any guidance.]

Yes, being resilient is an important part of the key. The Peak Prosperity website is a suberb resource for this.
But, just being resilient is not enough. The blueprint of the Great Reset of the Powers That Shouldn’t Be is to control all land, all water, all minerals, etc. They will start the assault on ordinary people with regulations, for example by cutting of your access to water, access to the road, or preventing you to build things on your land via permits. You cannot hide.
In the words of Rosa Koire:

While you're out on the land doing your thing, the county planning department is implementing the regional plan that your taxes paid consultants to develop a few years ago. And in accordance with your city county-climate-action-plan and dozens of programs that were developed with the junior college and local environmental non-governmental organizations your options are narrowing. Your well is scheduled to be monitored so that your water use can be restricted. Your road access may be removed in conjunction with a land use plan that protects a salamander that seems to be under every rock that you look at. Your property taxes are increasing because your crop is not productive enough to change your designated use from rural residential to agricultural so that your taxes can be lowered. Your diesel tractor has been outlawed. You can't get a real estate loan because your fire and disaster insurance premiums have skyrocketed and you can't pay them. So that means you have to pay cash for your property and you have no protection if there's a disaster. Rules, restrictions, penalties, fines, fees have blocked you from burning your wood and your stove, clearing your land of stumps and rocks, paving or grading your driveway, building more than one house on your land without permits, building a barn without a permit, cutting down a tree, diverting water from the creek, putting a bakery on your property, collecting rainwater, relocating the wild animal that's been killing your livestock. That's what's happening out there in the wild areas where you're thinking about going.
Fortunately, she comes up with a good - but not always easy SOLUTION: Go to your city-council meeting, know what is going on, educate yourself, and be active. Support local people and not groups that are funded by the international globalist groups. She says a lot more about the solution on: Where Can You Go To Escape Agenda 21? With Rosa Koire: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8EfWWE21Y4&feature=emb_title Take note that Agenda 2030 which is covered in what Chris covered in his review of the Great Reset is a reboot of Agenda 21 (agenda for the 21 century), in case you where wondering what the title is about. in the As Chris mentioned, the Great Reset starts globally, but it is finding it's way to the national and then regional level. You have to understand the globalization is the standardization of all things, all systems. So what does globalization really mean. It means the erasure of the nation-state. You replace it with a single control-mechanism. So how do you do that? You can't just jump right into that. There is an interim step which is regionalization. Regionalization destroys your sovereignty. It destroys your jurisdictional boundaries, thoase entities that you vote for, the municipalities you vote for: city, county, state and federal. Agenda 21, and now Agenda 2030 destroys representative government by boards and commissions. It's governance, not government. It rules over you, it's not influenced by you. Here it is explained how you can find Agenda 21 / Agenda 2030 in your own town so you can know how to fight it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSK_jmHczYM&feature=emb_logo If you want more information how you can prepare for the Great Reset, and apart from building resiliency how you can fight Agenda 21 / Agenda 2030 you can go to: https://www.democratsagainstunagenda21.com

…but thinking makes it so" -William Shakespeare.
Do you know the story of the Chinese farmer?
Once there was a Chinese farmer. He left the gate open to his corral and his plow horse ran away. This was seen as a terrible tragedy to all the village people. They gathered at the farmers house to express their sympathies. “the poor farmer, his plow horse has run off and planting season is almost upon us. Surely he will starve”.
The women clucked and the men stood around shaking their heads. “Isnt this terrible?” they asked the silent farmer, to which he shrugged his shoulders and said “maybe”.
All the village people looked at each other, thinking the man had lost his senses. "His plow horse gone, planting season almost here, facing starvation and he says “maybe?!”.
A few days went by and the horse returned, bringing with it 7 wild horses which had followed it back from the plains. They all followed the horse into the corral, and the farmer closed the gate.
All the village people ran out in an excited flurry. “Fortune has smiled on you! Not only do you have your horse back, but you now have 7 more!” To which the quiet farmer simply shrugged and said, “maybe”.
Now the village people were sure the man had lost his mind. Why doesnt he rejoice? Not only will he not starve but he has gained good wealth with these new horses!
A week later the farmer’s son was breaking the new horses and he fell and broke his leg. Again, the villagers came around to express their sympathy. “Poor farmer is once again in a bad way. Now he will have no help to put in his crop this year. Isnt this terrible?”. To which the farmer simply shrugged and answered “Maybe”.
The next week government men came to the village to conscript the young men for soldiers. The Farmer’s son had a broken leg and so he was spared. The regimen from that village was marched almost directly to the front lines where most of the young men died in a great battle.
To which, the villagers once again went to the farmers house and said “you are so fortunate! Your son was injured by those horses and was spared” to which the farmer shrugged and replied…Maybe.

The Old Man Lost His Horse.
Actual phrase in (transliterated) chinese: Sài wēng shī mǎ
I tried the phrase out on a friend of mine from Taiwan. He stared at me (I’m sure my tones weren’t correct), and then once he figured out what I was trying to say, pronounced it properly, and then promptly accused me of sounding like his grandfather.
I kinda feel this way about COVID. If not for this “pandemic”, my knowledge of how to take care of my own “terrain” would be … vastly lower than it is today. My confidence in my own ability to find out the truth - on medical issues - is also an order of magnitude stronger than before.
The old man lost his horse.

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Some of the things we are facing have been obviously developing for years, the pension crisis, baby boomer retirement bubble, over population, the debt bubble and the end of cheap energy have all been glaringly obvious.
If that’s not enough, we’ve added some challenges to the mix. Covid-19 came out of the blue. If you were expecting it, I wasn’t.
Additionally, decades ago, when I was already worried about many of the coming roadblocks, I never expected self inflicted health issues to become the norm.
A few days ago I was reading a Covid article that talked about comorbidities. It stated that something like 34% of the US has diabetes and something like 36% are prediabetic. That’s 70% of the people in the US, which is not surprisingly the same percent of people in the US who are overweight or obese. I didn’t see this one coming 40 years ago, because it wasn’t happening yet.
We weren’t always like this. A while back, Bill Maher poked fun at us, on this topic, and showed a picture of a group of people in the 1970s. You couldn’t take a picture like that today without staging it.
Someone mentioned “The Big Reset,” with the implication that it is something that has to be fought tooth and nail, I guess to keep our “rights.”
Guess what? Something big has to be done to resolve the big problems we are facing. I know, basically, what needs to get done, but not how to peacefully get there.
I don’t entirely identify with a political party, but have been mostly conservative my entire life, however my long held beliefs have become challenged. Our cherished ideas like capitalism, democracy and freedom are part of what got us to were we are today. As much as I resist the idea, they will, in my opinion, have to be replaced or modified to reach any form of sustainability. People are not going to suddenly start having fewer children and living sustainably.
I’m pointing my finger at myself here as well. I don’t have a jet ski, ATV, ski boat or bass rig and I don’t support animal agriculture, but the planet cannot sustain 7.8 billion people consuming the amount of energy/resources that I currently consume.

We have a long tradition here in New Mexico of writing out our worst fears and worries and burning them in the hands of the edifice of Zozobra!

Yes, fears of overpopulation is what will drive millions to happily embrace the New Paradigm. But for me, it’s better to die free, with my integrity, than to live in such a world. And I suppose millions will be happy to be rid of those like me.

Lets face it, until the election fraud is revealed in its entirety, and corrected, nothing else will matter. If we lose accurate, faithful representation, all is lost. We will be nothing more than empty biologic units serving life at the pleasure of the world elite. That is the real doomsday. Our nation is the light, even as dim and imperfect as it is, that illuminates the free world. If that goes out, so does humanity.

I also see a lot about how we must fight the Great Reset, but little acknowledgement on how our past behaviors have led us to this proposed solution. If the call is to just fight for the same status quo that allows us to continue with our current rates of consumption and worship capitalism in the form of making every dollar you can in profits regardless of the environmental (and moral) consequences then the fight is already lost.
We need to fight with proposing alternative solutions that are as good for everyone as possible (and the earth environment in general) rather than the solutions that favor the elite. What those are I have no idea which is the cause of my Zozobra (along with a realization that most people refuse to acknowledge this and change their behavior) Regardless of the outcome, our lives will change and our consumption will have to drop, and I love PP for helping me with this. I can at least live by example and be the change I want to see. But my hopes for the majority of people accepting this are not very high…

Back in 2016, the left had endless hysterical conspiracy theories surrounding the Trump administration. He was going to round up all the gays and minorities and put them all in camps.
I have a gay friend who believed this, and many of the people in his circle all, literally, believed that this was going to happen. So we have to take a step back and realize that both sides have a crazy, conspiracy wing. It grows out of people’s worst fears.
Here now we have the right telling us that the evil left is going to ‘take all of our land’, confiscate all of our wealth and force us to live in green government tenement houses. The most extreme form of communism is about to sweep through the land and within 5 years, you wont be able to own a pencil.
This stuff is no less hysterical and absurd than the “Trump is Hitler” nonsense from 4 years ago.
I wont even go through all the reasons why none of that is going to happen, they are obvious to anyone with reason.
We will get through the Biden administration, the world wont end, you wont be force marched off of your land, and, no, communism isnt coming. You will get higher taxes [ especially if you make over 50k ], they will probably attempt more gun control laws [ with limited effect IMO ], Obama care and the mandate will come back, large multi-national corporations will continue to get rich, the economy will likely enter a depression [ which will curtail even the most extreme leftists ambitions ].
Thats it. Life is going to go on and the far flung hysterics will only effect you if you read them and allow them to upset you.

We’re done.

Chris …Amazing… You have a way with words keep it up Brother. This sums up exactly how I have been feeling … So on point indeed.
Swaying to and fro like a Boat in a storm, our collective compass No longer knows where True North is.
Instead, it comes from cracks in the frameworks of meaning that we rely on to make sense of our world — the shared understanding of what is real and who is trustworthy, what risks we face and how to meet them, what basic decency requires of us and what ideals our nation aspires to.

I love this question:

Is it a lovely autumn day, or an alarming moment of converging historical catastrophes?
IMO, this simple question inside the piece on Zozobra provides an important key to riding this intensity. We must develop the capacity to hold that both are true. It is a beautiful autumn day here in Ashland and I am going to spend part of it preparing the garden for more fruit trees and at the same time historical catastrophes are converging. A big part of resilience is being able to ride increasing complexity without being thrown by it. Now more than ever, emotional preparedness as an antidote to demoralization becomes paramount.

Your post gets to the heart of the malaise of this latter era of Western social culture. Our deepest levels of anxiety are evoked by profound changes in foundations of ordinary “common sense” that we bring from prior experiences, our own as well as inherit from recent forebears. Cybernetic responsiveness of interactively networked computing devices have penetrated into practically every aspect of life. Their effect upon communications and all sorts of social transactions has been to dissolve earlier and familiar presumptions of stability and durability in the traditional material world, a presumption that has dominated since the Renaissance. We are at the threshold of a new, more complex and demanding era. But beyond immediate pains of transition and sense of loss of familiar expectations, those new prospects offer greater benefits from — AS WELL AS threaten more dire consequences if we do not successfully attain — more inclusive and harmonious modes of sociocultural interaction. (More at www.manifestorders.com/overview.html )

Normally I take political hyperbole with a mountain of salt.
But today’s crisis - monetary, economic, and financial - means we are near the end of the borrow-and-pretend regime of the last 4-5 decades. The debt is blasting off, meaning it is losing its effectiveness to paper over the underlying problems. When - not if - this breaks, the massive unemployment problem coupled with retirees without savings and many wiped out investors will lead to a massive social change.
Will it be toward or away from freedom? It could go either way, but the I read the signs as leaning heavily toward a socialist leap forward with many wanting and expecting free handouts.

Well said Suzie. It IS a beautiful autumn day in central Florida with a chance of a thunderstorm. Some people in the neighborhood have solar water heaters on their roof. Maybe we will to some day. There is always something to worry about!

Chris, well done. To the TRIBE, I could relate very much to all of you.
As for me I have no panic or unease and the reason for this is I have to finish my tasks first before I can contemplate anything right now. I have done and will continue to do my reading and research so I’m right there. All the parts and pieces have arrived now so I need a little more time to get everything put together. So urgency is all I feel right now. Not panic. It is absolutely time for Barb and I to have our HOME up and functioning. We want our home, “The Roost”, to lay our heads down, organized and feel safe.
The plans are in place, we set up and finished last weekend the new area for our cedar open air shower, our outhouse, water hook up and septic. It is very nice, where our guest will sleep and enjoy their time with us. When finished next year I will either send a video or pictures of everything we have done to this site. My only anxiety if I was to call this stage anything right now is in mine and Barb’s excitement to get our Cabin up and that will absolutely take place in the Spring.
Regarding the GREAT RESET: I have no biases or negativity at all in this roll out. I can’t pre-judge this as I have no real visual on how it will look. Admittedly I am hopeful. I feel good that if much of what they say is true then give me a plan over Mother Nature anytime. Doing what she thinks is necessary, then I choose a plan. Lets do clean up everything. Restore our lakes and streams, ocean too. Fish without 2 stroke engines. I prefer a oar powered boat myself, canoe’s, etc… Lets do not pollute. Lets clean the air by an additional 7.6% for the next 10 years for sure as is recommended by the science. Lets please all be in lockstep to changing the planet so we alter our habits to that where we make change because we must change.
I do not care if I ever fly again but please give me bullet trains so I can travel quickly to destinations I want to go to. I think it would be nice to allow the land where the Buffalo roamed open space so I can sit all day watching them disappear over the Sunset. That would be fixing a horrible mistake to the complete destruction of our Native American Brothers and Sisters. Time now to make amends by just treating the African Americans who while enslaved made this a Great Nation. It’s time Folks to atone our sin’s. As you can read, I am very hopeful a reset can manage all of this. Our comments are requested so we will "BE HAPPY (LOL). That would make my conscious very happy.
Folks, I am so excited to enter this part of Barb’s and my life. I cannot wait for change because it is time. Less is more and we are going to finally be accountable. I believe everyone here is already accountable and for that I am glad to call all of you my Sister and Brother, my Scout. We are all leaders by actions, my favorite kind of people.
I am not depressed at all. What I am is ready so bring it on.
I believed in the 60’s platform, I believed in it and took it to heart, hook, line and sinker so I grow my hair now, I have a pony tail, goatee, and smoke a little erb from time to time to reenact some of the treasures that took place then. Free love, flower power, get high and drop out. Some alterations to this will be made. Barb doesn’t much like the free love part but, hey…! A negotiation! LOL.
Note: In the end we will be always mindful that it isn’t about us but we.
Folks, I am not concerned with things that haven’t shown itself yet. Just in case I am prepared for silliness. No one will have their way with Barb unless she gave her permission, Period, otherwise I just want to live the very private lifestyle. Hang with my peers and help those in need. I will be a good steward and I do love my neighbors. I covet no one except my lover of nearly 50 years, until death do us part.
Emotions: yes, I have felt them and I compartmentalize quickly. I am simply an optimist , and I do not think I will have a need to be an extrovert. I have my opinions for sure and I write because it helps me affirm my beliefs. Mostly I just make my guests feel wanted before I entertain anything for me. It’s how we flow.
Fear for me is usually my reaction to my overextended and active mind. I usually conjure up unnecessary thoughts but, I can never use our outhouse at night without my 12 gauge. We have coyote’s and they do concern me. I am fearful of them. You have to be.
Folks, I wish you the best and respect however you feel.
Thanks for this Chris and Adam I seen and appreciated your podcast about retirement and the issues we face with pensions. Does all the bullshit ever stop? My God, 2020 can’t out of here fast enough. I’ve had it. We do have the vaccines so I’ll hang in there with the rest of you. Peace… BOB


Yep! Very nice.