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Shutdown looms, but traders imitate Alfred E. Neuman


Here now we have the right telling us that the evil left is going to 'take all of our land', confiscate all of our wealth and force us to live in green government tenement houses. The most extreme form of communism is about to sweep through the land and within 5 years, you wont be able to own a pencil.
I'd be right there with you. I really want to be right there with you. Except I just went through 9 months of a pandemic, and our "medical overlords" have not provided any treatments except "wash your hands, wear a mask, and hide in the basement." Its straight out of 1918. If the third world weren't coming up with treatments right and left, I wouldn't complain so much. Except they are. And they work. The "third world" treatments work. Can you explain why Grand Genius Fauci doesn't let us know about them? I certainly can't. We are "the superpower." And yet - no treatments. Our own medical establishment seems to want us dead. This is - unusual. And it costs us $47 billion per year. And, driven by this pandemic, where our medical establishment appears to want us dead, a bunch of billionaires are telling us they are going to leverage this fantastic pandemic opportunity to make sure we own nothing. And that we should be happy. We will rent everything. This is their very own video! That they subsequently deleted! One thing I've learned in life: if someone tells you something straight out - you should probably believe them. And Old White Joe is right there with these billionaires. He is mouthing their slogan "build back better." I mean, he could say a lot of things. But he chooses this phrase. What are the odds? And "The Left" has been snuggling with CIA/FBI/NSA for the past 4 years. The "national security state" is their best friend now. What will this group do to all the people on "the list" that AOC is constructing? They will have the full power of the surveillance state. And tech. And FBI. "It is a concern." Any Trump supporter could well be declared a "domestic terrorist", for whom a FISA warrant can be sworn out. Know what a FISA warrant can do? Every thing you've ever sent has already been captured by NSA. Emails, texts, messages, posts, phone calls. Everything. And everything by anyone 2 hops away from you, same thing. With a FISA warrant, its all available for their use. And if AOC's "list" turns into a "domestic terrorist" list, why, FISA warrants on everyone. Sky is the limit. Roger Stone got hit with a swat team because he "lied to Congress." James Clapper, guilty of the same crime, got a slot as a CNN commentator. This is with Trump in office. Will things improve when he is gone? And of course, Antifa-BLM behavior has been normalized. They can destroy cities, and - no problem. Wink wink. "Mostly peaceful protests." Unless you are a Trump supporter, and if you are, they shoot you. Oops. You shouldn't have been wearing that hat, you racist. And if you defend yourself - it is $2 million bail. [No bail for Antifa-BLM. Bail is racist. Except for Trump supporters. Then its fair and reasonable. Trump supporters are flight risks.] And this is with Trump in office! Will it change for the better with Biden in office? I'm guessing - no. Does it sound like we are living in 2012? You really think the outcome will be "just a bit more Obamacare?" I'm going to find a way through on my own. I think difficult times are coming. This is not just a re-run of Obama. It is something entirely different. They are going to try to "build back better." But we will find a way. I will find a way. It will blow up in their faces. I'm not sure how. But it will definitely blow up. But - one thing I'm certain of - it won't be just "Obama 2012."

Of course it isn’t humane but I have had one idea of why no treatments were approved by the establishment medical team; the law is/was that if effective treatments existed, the ‘emergency use’ vaccines would not be allowed to be used. Perhaps the medical elites did some math/time/efficacy studies and decided to say no treatment was available so the vaccines could be developed (with all the speed they did).

Sure. This could just be a way to “encourage” everyone to take a vaccine. Which hasn’t really been tested. With a brand-new technology - mrna - never used before in the history of mankind. Hope there isn’t any ADE. Which happened the very last time they tried developing a vaccine for SARS-1.
It could be all about a vaccine. Except for the commentary from the “Build Back Better” group who want to use this pandemic as an opportunity. To - you know - build back better.
I think there are a lot of forces at play. None of them have our best interests at heart.
If we die - they do not care at all. They have bigger fish to fry.

Our cherished ideas like capitalism, democracy and freedom are part of what got us to were we are today. As much as I resist the idea, they will, in my opinion, have to be replaced or modified to reach any form of sustainability. People are not going to suddenly start having fewer children and living sustainably.
I wasn't going to comment on this thread, but somebody has to rebut this. Such ideas are how totalitarianism gets started. Capitalism and freedom are exactly what has kept America one of the best places in the world to live while preserving of the most pristine environment in the world even alongside historic levels of immigration. Compare us with China or the USSR, who take your view on freedom and "overpopulation".
As much as I resist the idea
I cannot express how much I will "resist" said idea. I will gladly go to my death resisting it.

I’d rather be poor in a capitalist society than living on my knees in a communist one.

I wasn't going to comment on this thread, but somebody has to rebut this. Such ideas are how totalitarianism gets started. Capitalism and freedom are exactly what has kept America one of the best places in the world to live while preserving of the most pristine environment in the world even alongside historic levels of immigration. Compare us with China or the USSR, who take your view on freedom and "overpopulation". I cannot express how much I will "resist" said idea. I will gladly go to my death resisting it.
#METOO!! You have to understand Les Phelps. He feels VERY strongly that the solutions to our predicaments MUST include people eating a proper diet and the population of Earth being much less than it is today. Much less. I’m making an inference that he knows these things are not going to happen voluntarily, at least voluntarily and in time. So his comments in #5 indicate to me that he knows the actions he’s sure have to be taken are never going to be taken voluntarily by people in democratic societies. Therefore he seems to have concluded that people are going to have to have the “proper” adjustments forced on them by non-democratic (totalitarian) governments. In other words, it is for own good and for the good of the planet that the necessary changes are forced upon us. The 20th century showcased a number of governments like that (for our own good the people were forced to obey). Those experiments ended in grotesque suffering and death. Add me to the list of those who will fight that to the death and I don’t care how much people jump up and down telling us it’s for our own good. I know better. ”Happy Hunger Games. And may the odds be ever in your favor.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWPWHU8x6kE

Good Evening
I have taken a poll amongst the ten Panama Guinea Pigs PGP - still on chloroquine still fine. We will have an outdoor Thanksgiving Feast month end to mark our survival of the dangerous drug HCQ…
We ten from 16 to 65 yrs old will be fighting each day. For Panama and the World. For people to have a say in what happens. For people to please ask for transperancy within the WEF digital disussions this January for “high-level government leaders” 2021. The WEF meeting will be in May in Lucerne now but they are going to have this January high level secret unreported meeting in January also… Plus the cocktail parties.
Nga (65 originally from Vietnam and Martha from Nicaragua and Alida from Panama all have some things to say about supposed benevolent inclusive governments) I will report what they say later.
Walk Good.

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To the interrogation.

Today has been an emotional and intellectual roller coaster for me.
It began with shock and incredulity at the revelations of Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell at their press conference.
(Action starts at 1:00:00)
Followed by a sinking feeling that such electoral shenanigans have reduced America to the democratic equivalent of a banana republic.
Then came disgust and loathing against the main stream media, which ridiculed Giuliani and his team - instead of sounding the alarm about a presidential election possibly invalidated by massive fraud. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/11/19/technology/giuliani-false-fraud-claims.html
Then came a surge of hope as experts stepped forward to support, with incontrovertible evidence, Giuliani’s allegations and offer real hope that he will prevail in court. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ficae6x1Q5A
But then I was alarmed to realize that we are looking at nothing less than a coup d’etat directed, not against Trump, but against the sovereign citizens of the United States of America.
This led to a second surge of hope that the trauma and scandal which the exposure of such heinous misdeeds should cause, might result in a Great Reset - in the form of overwhelming outrage from American patriots who will be finally motivated to take back the Republic from its domestic enemies.
Finally, skepticism that anything at all will happen, given that the corruption in high places runs so deep that even 9/11 has been nearly forgotten - despite the clear evidence that it was an inside job.
The whole world is watching. Will America emerge from this crisis re-established as a ‘shining city on a hill’ or revealed as just another fetid swamp of political corruption?

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A story of Marxist revolution: After the Americans left it took about 2 years for the NVA to topple the South army and occupy Saigon. The Mekong was pacified without a single NVA soldier. The people found out who of their neighbors had been VC all along. There were village meetings where it was promised that the government only needed a small share of the economy. But foreign funds were no longer coming into Viet Nam. The war torn economy was flirting with collapse. Ex-military officers and former government employees were sent to reeducation camps. The professional and technical classes couldn’t be trusted and were sent to raw land and heavily treed sections to scratch a living off the land. This was what agrarian reform meant. Ag processing plants and manufacturing came to be staffed and managed by revolution loyalists who didn’t have experience or training and little ability to lead or succeed. Plant property owners had their facilities “borrowed” by the government for what turned out to be decades. Informers reported on families that may have hidden away valuables. So anyone having gold or diamonds or American currency hidden away didn’t dare use them. As the economy continued to falter the government devalued the Vietnamese currency at a thousand to one compared to the new currency. So in that way the Government took complete control of economic power. Those with larger homes were evicted so that they could be used for Government facilities. Nowhere to go? Too bad. Socialism wasn’t of itself inherently evil, but the war and the upheaval of society created stresses that contributed to spiraling economic contraction. And the resulting recession was feeding on itself. Ethnic minorities came to be discriminated against. Extreme conditions even resulted desperate people procuring boats, likely to not be seaworthy, and floating into the South China Sea as refugees who came to be known as the boat people. Eventually the refugee camps in neighboring countries became swamped with refugees and no Southeast Asian country would allow new boat people into harbor, even those who had been rescued at sea. If you pick up refugees you are now prohibited from entering harbor. This is all in chronicled in Vinh Chung’s Where the Wind Leads.

Here in the UK, government and “scientific expert” figures are opening referring to mandatory Covid vaccinations for certain groups (eg. health care workers); forced vaccination by coercion (i.e. you can't travel without certification) and refusing to rule out mandatory vaccination for all (in order to protect us!).
The TV news and national papers are wall to wall with celebratory headlines on the new vaccines and giving deadlines for vaccinations to start, even though no vaccine has yet been officially approved!
Mass vaccination centres are being set up, and the armed forces personnel already involved in mass testing are being trained up to administer vaccines.
“the most vulnerable” i.e. the aged, and people with debilitating conditions, are going to be given the vaccines first, again to protect them! "Home visits" will be arranged for those "unable to make it to the vaccination centres"
Any peaceful protests against lockdowns, masks and vaccinations are broken up by the police and the organisers given fixed penalty fines of £10,000! The protesters are condemned by the police and media alike for being “irresponsible” and “putting everybody’s health at risk”
We are already being told that more than one vaccination will be necessary, so even if the first annual vax is relatively benign, the system will be in place for more circumspect ones to be delivered.
Once we give ourselves up to mandatory vaccination, there will be no way back.
But for me, it’s better to die free, with my integrity, than to live in such a world.
You place your “freedom” and integrity above your health and the health of the planet? I’m fond of freedom, but am willing to recognize that things can’t continue as they are, regardless of my desire for freedom and integrity. They will change, whether I or anyone embraces the change.  

I was never really scared of who may or may not become our president before. I did concern myself with federal spending and the deficit since the clinton era. But after Trump presidency, I realized that my general concern for big government has actually absolved. It is now back and worse than ever by about 10 fold. I could argue a million and one reason why biden and harris should not be allowed in to whitehouse. And none for. AND I am firmly of no particular political persuasion. I do know electric cars are not cheap enough, neither is green power. And I do know countries in europe as well as the green experiment in CA may work in the mild climates they have. but it will not work at extreme temps in the midwest and southeast. I know adding 11 trillion in spending to the current budget is not the answer either. I also know you will not fix anything by increasing corporate taxes. The only place any country has successfully taken taxes in enough volume , is the middle. I also know pro super affirmative action is not beneficial to anyone. And I do know racism is not near the problem it is portrayed to be… NOT even close. AND yes police brutality is a thing - its not a racist thing. ALL I see with this administration further infringement on freedoms, liberties to succeed, and you huge taxation ( which will hit nothing but the consumer ) , the middle and huge spending. AND destruction of healthcare system that is barely functioning. gifting citizenship of 11 million illegals - AND burdening our system with those , when we do NOT care for our own.
AND now I know why I have a pit in my stomach, wake up nauseated in the middle of the night, and have been completely unable to function or get work done in the last month.
I know this is not a political thread. But its not about that , as i am neither left or right. I am about correct, fair and constitutional. LEAVE it to the states… The federal bribes/intimidation for the states to follow federal wishes is so incredibly unconstitutional, I cant even believe that all the states play along… I am waiting for a couple sensible ones to finally succeed from the UNION… As we are no longer the “united states” but the controlled unified republic of america. ( am I think I am going to decide to coin that phrase to the following acronym “CURA”.)
AND, I do not think there is a reasonable person that can argue. If you truly want this radical - leftest party in administration, you are simply unaware what is as stake, the way things work, our constitution, and the power of true liberties to control ones destiny… AND further you are brainwashed by an obvious state controlled media… that google and social media are perverse with. I am sorry, you have killed america… AND my anxiety is warranted… Because I have small children.

I place my and my families freedoms above my health, my husband’s and children’s health and the health of the planet. There is no discussion that will make me change my mind.

…you always do. I guess my feeling is not so much that they arent going to TRY. But I do not believe they will succeed…at least not in the more extreme ambitions.
When I go out for a drive I see hundreds of small farms, homesteads, and etc, and I dont believe that in few years or whatever…those people are going to be taken off of their land and out of their homes.
It’s too extreme. Those people have been there for generations, some of them. I can’t see how that works. Where are they going to put them all? Most people are going to put up a fight. Even people on the left will turn on them. You’re talking about forceably displacing 100 million people, most of them armed? Who’s going to do it?
Think of the money and industries behind home ownership in this country…it is huge. The amount of people, the money, the gun ownership, it would instantly turn the entire population against the powers that be. It would be suicide for them to try.
I do believe they are evil, they are plotting, and they have an agenda…but nobody is all powerful. What they want and what they’ll get are two different things.

I’m in agreement with Les on this one. The Ju hoansi bushmen of the Kalahari have been inhabiting an area of eastern Namibia for about 300,000 years. This is REAL sustainability. They are reputedly the worlds most enduring hunter gatherer population, or were until 20 years ago when they were displaced by encroaching civilization. They lived lives they percieved as full of abundance by living in balance with the environment and having modest (realistic) aspirations.
Anyone who thinks modern consumer society is sustainable on anything other than a very short term basis is dreaming. The momentum of the juggernaut is too great. Basically we’re screwed. There are orders of magnitude too many people on the planet and we’re all totally out of touch with genuinely long-term-sustainable lifestyles. Within the larger context of our civilizational arc getting upset about an election result or a power-play by some bad guys is almost meaningless. All sorts of collapse are already unfolding, it’s going to get worse and the precise pathway of our demise doesn’t really matter. It is all too easy to get sucked into supporting one narrative and opposing another but it doesn’t change anything substantial and it makes you feel bad.
That said it is not too late to lead a peaceful meaningful life. Be here now and live each day with integrity

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A short video. Key message, we must be disobedient and resist the extremely damaging and murderous lockdowns.

There is a converse to not locking down… China does lockdowns… they have 4 times as many people as the US and 1/100 the deaths they do. So, I can show you the deaths from not lock downs.
However, Lockdowns do bring another set of problems. But more unnecessary problems. Meaning they are mostly solvable. for instance children only get fed at school? I have seen plenty of free food dispensed through out this pandemic … so that is a fail.
Of course I am not saying you have to lock it all down… in fact , i do not believe govts have to take any action at all… in fact none. What will happen is when it gets bad enough and enough people get sick… People will want to wear a mask and social distance… you do not need to mandate it … it will happen voluntarily… You do not have to close restaurants and schools. You can keep them open… but when it gets bad enough , SOME or MANY people will stop going to those places… again… you do not need to do anything. However, it will get bad enough… when the hospitals are over-burdened and you go to get treatment for your sister and your mom and son and grandma… and you will be turned away becaue there are no beds… and you will race to the next hospital and the next … fight and killing people to get the few doses of steriods they are giving and the oxygen… and fluids etc…
There are more than 3 sides to this coin… Its very narrow thinking.

This is a valid comment 6 months ago, not today. We now know that this virus is not that dangerous and we know that highly effective meds are being suppressed. No such scenario would unfold especially with non-draconian precautions.