Welcome To The Truman Show (A Scouting Report)

@PatriotiE, I watched most of the video and saw that the plans to control the world using “crisis” and “emergency” to get started is moving ahead at full speed while most world citizens don’t notice. It was refreshing however to see the Pope pushing something besides LGBTQ+. ?

After taking that class in human behavioral biology, it really made me think twice about why the Catholic Church prohibited marriage among the priesthood.
This structure basically ended up recruiting gays into the priesthood, which - along with the OT prohibitions against being gay (i.e. it was a death penalty offense) - caused some very predictable follow-on effects, none of which were positive for either faith or religion.
However, they were fantastic in one way - imposing structural corruption increases top-down control. Its an ancient Catholic Church version of Epstein Island.
Note that was something that Martin Luther both noticed, and fixed. You just don’t hear the same set of scandals out of Lutheran-descended churches. Because - they pay attention to human behavioral biology.
If you really want to reform the Church, let the priests have wives and families. Just my opinion.


Another Sobering Truth Bomb

Thanks Chris for another sobering truth bomb. The most useful take I got out of this was your conclusion and your analogy to the Truman Show. I’ve worked thru my adjustment reaction so that when it finally pops, I will be psychologically ready to handle it.


Doesn’t Work, Hasn’t Worked, And It Can’t Be Discussed.

This issue has confounded me for years. Being involved with “renewable” projects (often funded by feckless grants) for several decades it is obvious to be before a project even starts that it will not work financially or BTU wise. Yet the parade of virtue signaling stupidity continues. Solar projects that never produced a profit and run at a loss for over a decade continue to be supported because admitting its is a failure turns the managers into some kind of earth hater. I always use the term fecklessville personally to describe the vortex of breathtaking collective stupidity we live in. YMMV


Absolutely agree. Reminds me of how we were rushed along into (ever-expanding) Covid restrictions and how well that worked out for us all (also brings to mind Chris’s famous "What’s the Rush? protest placard).
For what it’s worth, I’ve always heard the saying as marry in haste, repent at leisure, but it certainly works for all kinds of life circumstances!
"This proverbial saying was first expressed in print by William Congreve in his comedy of manners The Old Batchelour, 1693:

Thus grief still treads upon the heels of pleasure:
Married in haste, we may repent at leisure."
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Today’s Exhibit Of ““market”” Behavior

Behold, the textbook-perfect, 40-degree, ruler-straight melt-up of US Small Cap stocks.
You know. Because.


News Flash

A whistleblower out of New Zealand has some damning statistics. The Musk “F-U” story is out storying the real story:

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Did anyone else see Jikky call red flag on this whistleblower?

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Just found the post referring to this…thought I’d include it.

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This Guy Also Has Good Commentary On China, Having Lived There Many Years.


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Can we expect this thievery globally if copper price rises? As the West falls further and further will it degenrate into this type of mafia control?


Acid Mine Drainage

I worked in the design of one of those mines you mention. The big issue is the sulphide tailings or waste rock, which when the rocks are ground up, get much more surface area exposed to oxygen. This causes certain bacteria to grow and drop the pH. It can be mitigated by mixing more alkaline material with the tailings / waste, but if not available the leachate from the tailings needs to be treated. They did that at Brittania Creek near Vancouver, by installing a neutralizing plant that doses high pH solution to neutralize it. Salmon have come back. The problem is, you need to maintain those neutralization plants for a long time. Will they be maintained or abandoned when we run out of energy? Will it be a priority? Who will pay for it?


I’m remaining cautious on this whistleblower and dataset. Seems “too good to be true” and so I am going to sit back and let the internet sleuths work on it for a while Igor Chudev is already dipping into the data and finding things that, at best, say 'it’s incomplete data."
Best to be patient these days I am finding.


Let’s Pretend

That we regained our collective insanity and realized that we are in fact running out of cheap energy and we are wasting it on a bunch of distracting but feel good BS that will never scale or solve the problem. That GDP growth raises all boats but it’s not sustainable even if we wanted it to be.
What does that sane leadership or those responsibke policies look like here? If you look at the far right and the far left ideologies on a wheel instead of a flat line, they actually meet at the top of the wheel. Authoritarian. Indistinguishable.
Without adopting a life boat survival strategy (authoritarian rule) and a forced reduction in comfort and rights along with a lot of redistribution how do we survive?
What will the political system look like to sustain zero or negative growth and a much simpler way of life?
If you were king for a decade and had control how would you structure this? How would you enforce it?

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Yes Dave, completely agree. We lived on Crete for a few years, all the Greek Orthodox priests were married and had large families, lovely people. To my knowledge you never hear about pedophile scandals in the Orthodox church either.


and a bunch of the private jet-setters could not make it because they became frozen to the runways. ? Funny 'cause its true. Pobres.?
Its because of climate change doncha know.

Yes, the concern among the private jet set is palpable.

Yeah right, so the world is boiling and we all need a private jet to save it.

Turman Markets

Well the Truman analogy now has me thinking the the markets are just a simulation. Everything is digital and as such can be easily “nudged” in the right direction, the paper to real gold price being a tell, Wheat prices don’t translate to the price of flour either. Yep completely disconnected.

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Hydrogen Fuel Cells Are “storage”??

Yes, many/most of the hydrogen uses are storage solutions, not energy production.
But a fuel cell powered vehicle seems to me to be the same as an ICE engine. I refine the primary source-oil into gasoline to run the ICE engine. Is that NOT the same as producing the hydrogen to power my fuel cell? Just curious.