Welcome To The Truman Show (A Scouting Report)

Note: From time to time I will make My Scouting Reports public as my mission is to reach as many people as possible while we still can. This is one of those times.

Warren Buffet once said that if the US were a village it would be named Squanderville. The US is rapidly converting extraordinary advantages into squandered opportunities.

For example, we’re ripping shale oil out of the ground so quickly that it has to be exported while also not doing one damn thing to prepare for that eventual day when it peaks and dwindles.

Welcome to Squanderville! May the odds ever be in your favor

If you haven’t watched the recent interview I did with Professor Simon Michaux, the plotline is simple; we’re all busy telling ourselves that there’s going to be this seamless and easy green energy transition, but nobody in power has yet dragged a pencil across a napkin to calculate if there are enough basic resources to get the job done.

Spoiler alert: there aren’t.

So today I build on that basic premise and extend into markets and commodity prices to show that one of the most basic mechanisms we depend on to ensure we have what we need to get anything done is now broken, possibly beyond repair. Or at least repair in time.

In time for what? To gather the necessary resources to build out a new energy future.

Most distressingly, the #1 commodity of them all, oil, is now set to decline for many years into the future, and possibly forever. To say we’re not ready for this is a massive understatement.

And, if I am right, then we all need to be mentally, financially, emotionally, and spiritually ready for some dark times.

So, I guess I am saying plant a garden. Get to know your neighbors better. Get in shape. And get ready.

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The Easy Fix

15-minute cities + little people lockdowns. Because - WHO declares a “Climate Change” PHEIC. Ordered from the back-end by the group flying around in private jets.
Seriously now. It is being queued up. “Climate Change.”
Over 200 medical journals call on WHO to declare immediate emergency: ‘We’ve got to act with thought … but also with haste’


Prospering With Integrity Commercial “awesome”

this commercial auto loaded before the podcast was going to skip commercials as usual… but recognized Chris… just wanted to say…Wow …loved it…kudos to the team for putting it together…super professional and well done and impactful…PP is moving into the big leagues :slight_smile:


As A Carbon-based Life Form, I Have An Opinion.

Maybe my opinion doesn’t matter.
Francisco d’Anconia’s copper mines are more relevant than the ones you see in the news.
This will be familiar to those of you who read (and understood) the novel, Atlas Shrugged.
Remember, all he had to do is whisper a rumor at a party … to those who thought they mattered. They left the party and called their brokers who were already off-work at bars somewhere. D’Anconia didn’t just walk away from his family business.
He deliberately demolished it, leaving the simpletons who thought it was HIS duty to produce, so that THEY could profit.
And the next day he walked away from his family business with the joke on those who still bought The Narrative.
I think Francisco d’Anconia is going to have the last laugh here.
But … then again … who is John Galt ?
– Chuck


Buying Time

Gotta manipulate the markets until the security state is fully established.


The same thoughts came to my mind as well, Chuck. However, much as I’d like, I don’t believe for a moment that we’ve got some mastermind who is shaking the parasites out of our economic system. I think what we’re dealing with here is a herd of virtue-signaling lemmings playing the Keynesian Beauty Contest game, probably being goaded on by a handful of sociopaths out to skim a quick buck.
On the other hand, our eyes are open to the fundamentals. It’s relatively easy to step out of the way of this speeding train, even if we don’t know its exact schedule. Getting out of the splash from the train may not be quite so easy. In the meantime, well, we’ve got plenty of heads-up to make our arrangements.
Damn though, the economic looting in Atlas Shrugged was supposed to be a warning, not a game plan!


Call Me A Cynic

While Chris makes a plausible case for the “elites” being so incompetent and narcissistic as to be suppressing real market signals for their own prestige and personal profit, I remain cynical of this.
I struggle to accept that our world’s “leaders” are that stupid. Narcissistic, yes. Stupid, no.
To me it looks like the “markets” are being manipulated to create a false sense of security for the masses, and (most importantly) to thus deliberately create massive, wide-spread, supply shortages at short notice.
It looks to me like EVERYTHING is being done too carefully and deliberately for it to be by mere accident or incompetence or greed.


The thought’s already been done (by them), and they’re currently working on the need for “haste”.


The Solution Is Clear.

Massive Depopulation. (90% worthless eaters go bye-bye)
Massive Simplification. (85% reduction in the West’s standard of living.)
In either scenario, a small privileged segment of the remaining population will retain access to what remains of the vestiges of the age of oil and abundance.
Clearly the elites know that alternative energies are not a viable option to sustain the existing population at current levels of consumption and privilege. It’s a narrative of false hope, (just like 401ks, retirement plans, bitcoin) for a distant future that will never come to pass.


Love That Meme!

That’s all I wanted to say.

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Hurricane, you may need to know a small thing about me.
I was 50% owner of a thriving company in the prime of my career.
All my life savings had been sunk into starting this company.
Finally, we passed break-even. Finally we started getting a return on it all.
Then one night, Nancy Pelosi was asked by a reporter, “Ms. Pelosi, what’s in the Bill ?”
She said, “We need to pass it so you can find out what’s in it.”
They passed it. It was the last straw. I broke.
The next morning after a sleepless night, I called my partner and told him that I was done. Take my half and figure out a way to pay me what you think it’s worth.
I’m done. Finished.
I won’t work for that woman who was on TV last night.
I followed through.
It was the best decision of my life.
Who is John Galt ?


My Mom and Dad ingrained into me the proverb,
“Haste makes waste.”
What I think they were trying to tell me was something it took me a lifetime to figure out.
"If you get in too much of a hurry, you’re absolutely gonna fck up. Count on it."
I think this applies here, but actually in Spades, considering the source.
So expect Waste. And the residual f
ck up.
That’s what you’re going to get. Plan accordingly.
And above all,
Know Your Enemy.


Totally Agree With The Mining Assessment

I’ve worked in the mining industry for decades and fully agree with Chris’ assessment that it is impossible to ramp up production of critical materials sufficient to support growing our economy/population. We’re topped out and the under investment is irreversible


That’s really interesting, because on a related note (though not exactly the same) NY has just passed a health emergency rule that allows for indefinite detention in quarantine camps under the most vague possible declaration of a health emergency. It’s discussed in the first half of this week’s Dark Horse podcast: https://www.podbean.com/media/share/dir-a87t6-1c215fa8?utm_campaign=w_share_ep&utm_medium=dlink&utm_source=w_share
It seem that some kind of “health emergency” has become the preferred back door for sneaking in totalitarian measures.


Oh, and one other proverb I learned as a child was,
“Act in haste. Repent at leisure.”
Somehow I think that might apply here, too, for the Elite.
As well as for our own side.
All these old Proverbs and Sayings are probably worth thinking a bit about.
Our parents and grandparents may not have had email addresses and might not even have even (gasp) had computers! But in retrospect I think I must conclude that they were absolutely Not Stupid. They had been Around the Block.
Personally, the older I get, the smarter my parents get.
So take that for what it’s worth.


Another Good One

Chris you keep dropping these truth bombs and what are people to think - yep he is one of those conspiracy guys!!
There is so much to do to get ready and yet in this fake fraudulent world it sure feels like most everything is gambling. but we do our best, take action and ask God for discernment so we can be part of the remnant that will make a REAL difference
Work my land to learn how to grow food - yet I know eventually hungry people will come knocking and if luck they will not kill us and just take the house
Invest in the manipulated oil or Precious metals miner stocks but Chris just shared the Great Taking
Do we move 401k IRA into PMs - no doubt a future show will discuss how for our protection the politicans will nationalize all the IRA storage vaults because gold and silver is bad - hope I did not jump the gun on this one.
I am sitting here tonight with nebulizer, using Dr Mercola’s formula that he gave in today’s health email - a God thing this morning as I am pretty sure I have more than just a cold if u know what I mean :slight_smile:
Popping IVM and lots and lots of FLCCC pills - I ain’t going to a doctor or hospital!
Left my little farm for 2 month to a VRBO for EECP heart treatment and i get sick (I was around vaxxed people at thanksgiving)- I have get those collateral veins growing around clogged arteries- I know my social credit score and my I Will Not Comply t-shirt will likely prevent any future serious HC procedures, if we have a HC system left… but I am expanding herb garden making herbal salves and tinctures not exactly sure what to do with them all but it sure seems like a more productive use of my time than sitting around drinking beer, going to ball games and generally being asleep.
Appreciate Chris and PP As we all work every day to do out best to balance the here and now and a very uncertain future.


Ahh fuck the government and all their cohorts


Metabolic Energy

It all boils down to the question of if you can keep your soul inside your body if the trucks stop trucking and the ships stop shipping. The only way to do that is with metabolic energy and truly paleolithic solar power. Do you have the ability to turn a bucket of manure and a handful of seeds into the next season’s meals? Can you find shelter? Can you purify water? Do you have community so you can take turns on watch duty and get some sleep?
401k and the price of crude on the global market is meaningless if youre dying of a water bourne disease or starvation.


Thank you for your post. I can relate to so much of your thinking. God bless and protect you and yours.


Cop28 Started Yesterday

Great Report, thank you again Chris! Here is a video that is power packed like your work. Please consider the effect of this COP28 event on your world views. ? Watch this video on Facebook https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=901190898186216&id=1372770430&mibextid=v7YzmG