What Comes Next?

If covid-19 is indeed hastening the permanent disruption of the status quo, what will life in a post-coronavirus world look like?

In a prognosticating session building on last week’s Economic Shockwaves roundtable, John Rubino, Charles Hugh Smith and I – also joined by Chris Martenson this time – discuss the myriad ways in the future may be permanently altered by the disruptions happening right now.

How will the economy, fiat currencies, jobs & the nature of work, as well as our general lifestyle, be forced to evolve? What new solutions will be required and what shape with they take?

All this and more is addressed in this video (1-hour runtime):

These roundtables are always a good time as John, Charles, Chris and I not only enjoy each other's company, but we find helpful value in tapping each other's thinking. The process always creates even more questions that we want to ask one another.

After shooting this video, the group agreed that fertile future territory includes the housing market, retirement/pensions, which big cartels are most vulnerable to today’s disruption (e.g., education, health care, pharma, finance) and what benefits would emerge from breaking their industry strangleholds.

So, if you’d like to see this brain trust convene again to push deeper into this material, let us know in the Comments section below, along with any other specific topics you’d like for us to kick around.

Oh, and if you’d like to inspire your own discussions on resilience with those in your community, pick up your own RESILIENCE shirt here and join Chris and me in wearing it proudly :slight_smile:

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To boil down the very thick document outlining the Stimulus:
Banking / financial / ultra rich get the most money
Give a little bit to the Poor class (We’re here to rescue you… Not)
Starve the Middle class and try to make them into the Poor class

Debt was decreasing - GDP was increasing - Ratio 48%
until today…
Debt increased in 1 jump with 200 billion, Ratio jumped to 72%
from now, debt is increasing, GDP is decreasing (ok, was expected), but what about that big sudden jump of 12.000 per living person? Most curious, the clock at the EU site is still running with yesterdays numbers.

the best thing in a depression is for the central bank and the government to stop creating money out of thin air and to stop spending:
in australia we are surrounded by politicians and media who dont understand classical economics or hard money. there is this constant beat “do this do that, spend , spend spend” i have to turn the tv over to friends or seinfeld just for a break . they dont understand that when the government stops spending that this frees up business to spend savings. business allocates capital better than government. australia is full of control freaks who want to meddle. i worry that australia is going to become a totalitarian state.

Hyper inflation, joblessness, low resources. Top 1% get richer. ( not sure why they want this , this will only end in revolt ) They will trickle just enough handout to keep people from revolt. And things will be as they have been - just 20 times worse. Longer hours, more and more debt… education and medical will no longer be affordable.

going to become?

Nothing surprises me anymore including the Dow quickly matching or surpassing it’s all time highs. We are living in Alice in Wonderland times.

Truly great discussion between four people whom’s ideas I follow for over a decade. But there is this tiny voice in my head that paraphrases Max Planck: “all change comes one funeral at a time”. In other words, those with the most power and with the largest stake in the status quo will not allow change to happen. And profit optimization will always lead to a less robust system.
I’m struggling with what I could and, actually, should do.
Thanks for the great discussion!

I was really hoping to hear that the legal system, and the blood sucking lawyers, would die and a Justice system would be born. Only kidding to a degree here. But the rule of law, where Justice is blind, has become only the rich get to fight things in court and Lady Justice is on the take. But frankly I don’t see that happening until the entitlement mentality is burned out due to deprivation. The millions on the government dole, including the uncivil servants, are going to be looking, with hands out, for their allotment just because they exist. Working for a living by producing things is a foreign concept to those folks and old dogs learn new tricks very slowly, if at all. Mr. Trump seems to think things can be restarted better than before by ridding ourselves of the corrupt cabal. Those millions of bought followers are going to be a real problem though. Perhaps your next discussion can touch on these items. I can’t think of a single instance where a welfare/warfare state transforms into a bastion of liberty. I sure can’t imagine most of the local and state governments, nor the vast majority of the Federal government getting a sudden case of statesmanship.

  • So now you know what the real outcome of the EU summit was.

Excellent discussion & observations. Here’s a couple of my take-aways from this:

  1. You can only rely on yourself to look out for your (and your families) own best interests…
  2. Figure out how to become more self-reliant…aka resilient.
  3. Planning, preparation and execution are key elements.
  4. Liberty’s that we took for granted can be very easily taken away.
  5. There’s power in family & community.

When are we going to stop discussing what is being done to us and start doing something about it? All of this keyboard warrior action gets us nowhere. Until we take up our pitchforks and storm the castle, nothing is going to improve.

When are we going to stop discussing what is being done to us and start doing something about it? All of this keyboard warrior action gets us nowhere. Until we take up our pitchforks and storm the castle, nothing is going to improve.
Our founding fathers seemed to think if what they set up stopped working, another revolution would allow us to replace the system with something else. But, think about the times when they believed that revolution was an option. The playing field was far more level than it is today. Fortunately, if I decided to "storm the castle," I could do it with better equipment than a pitch fork. The problem is, I am ill equipped to storm the Pentagon. My measly armament is laughable compared to what the military can counter with. Just sayin'.  

In the video above, I display this chart showing the HUMONGOUS & unprecedented increase in initial jobless claims:

[embed]https://twitter.com/i/status/1245702858449784832[/embed]And here is one showing how economists now predict (source: WSJ) the unemployment rate will skyrocket to 13%: You can clearly see from these charts that the coming unemployment wave will be higher and swifter than anything we've experienced in living memory. How will society react? Will the millions displaced be able to find financial stability and happiness if many of these jobs simply don't return? I predict the new unemployment rate baseline in the coming years will be much higher than what we've taken for granted until now. And I predict that many of the jobs currently being lost are "non essential"; they wouldn't have existed in non-financialized economy that wasn't bloated with force-fed cheap credit by the central banks. I mean no disrespect to those being laid off, and for certain we're losing lots of worthy jobs (and businesses) right now, too. How will we re-direct these workers to more economically necessary jobs? Will people start seeking out more meaningful work, vs chasing the brass ring? Honestly, I don't know. But we have a chance to make some improvements to the system that's stumbling now and, for sure, there's a lot about it that deserves improving.  



non Covid-19 deaths falls at exactly the same rate as Covid-19 deaths rise.
No change in overall mortality. This is looking more and more like a total fraud. This disease is killing almost no-one, but the bailout smash and grab is done and dusted, and the vaccines will be forced on all.

Federal support for testing ending.

will be interesting to understand if Covid antibodies will protect folks for long time or not......

My take away from this great conversation is the subject line. The phrase “Simple Living and High Thinking” was coined by Srila Prabhupada (Founder Acarya of the Hare Krsna’s). The Vedanta Sutra’s reveal the purpose of human life, which is not acquiring more and more material possessions or hankering after more sense gratification. The senses are insatiable and no matter how much money you have, no matter how much sex life you have, no matter how much influence you have, you always want more.
Rather, the purpose of human life is simple living and high thinking focusing our energy and efforts on relationships by way of the six loving exchanges, daily congregational prayer, daily/extended individual prayer, and lots of service.
One sure fire way to defuse a tense situation, or increase our love for someone is to serve that other party. Do something meaningful for that someone you’re having problems with. It works like a charm!

Testing has only been conducted to the extent necessary to mislead. Further testing risks revealing the truth, therefore it needs to be stopped.