What's It Like To Have Covid-19? An Infected Doctor Speaks

Just came across this from PubMed…what does it mean??
“5G Technology and induction of coronavirus in skin cells”


Having tested positive 1 week ago I have skin in the game now. The corporate coward Drs. wont prescribe ANYTHING. While those idiots are waiting for double blind studies, I have run with the antimalarial route. Not having HCQ readily available I went with Spanish Needle Tincture (Bidens Pilosi)  I am not making the name up. That is the latin name. Bidens Pilosi. 

It has been used in south america as an antimalarial and Jamaica as an antiparasitic. It is also a blood thinner. Grows as a weed in all temparate zones including the USA. 

I and my wife have been taking 1TBL spoon 3x daily for 1 week with azithro and zinc and we are reversing symptoms and getting better. 

THIS IS REAL and no one seems to care. 

One of the chief rebuttals to “it’s just the flu” is that for some people there is long-lasting severe damage to one or more body systems.
It occurs to me that for at least some people, there presumably are long-lasting health effects of ordinary flu. Does anyone know of a compendium of what is known about this? Has it already been discussed in previous comments?
This comparison seems to have obvious relevance to the claims that Covid-19 is not significantly more dangerous than flu. If long-term effects of flu are known to be less common or less severe, the documentation should help some of those who are misinformed.

Hi Roland, man , you rock!
Good for you. Fyi: all known anti-malaria substances are (aspecific) metal chelators. Some scientists consider ionophores as a subset of chelators.
If interested: just google “malaria chelators”. There are many unknowns, so it doesn’t make sense to add links here, but antimalaria substances seem to affect the course of illnesses and virus infections (in vitro: some cancers, HVP, Epstein-Barr).
Grts, Dave.

Great experiment you are doing…Can you point to anyone else using this or any info that shows success against Covid? Would like to study this more. Thanks so much for sharing and sincerely wish you the best as you fight this beast.

Bidens is an invasive weed, for sure. My wife will not grow it in the garden, actually, we have it all around in Kansas if you know what it looks like. we are growing some in a pot, just because. Also recomended by Stephen Buhner, as part of the CVS mixture, along with japanese knotweed etc. etc. We have been taking 3X a day as well. Possibly as preventative, or maybe that cold is something else, who knows?

Frederick, Fully agree. Here's a link exploring the C19 craziness by some really smart guys. It puts C19 into perspective. Lots of politics being played, and lots of $ being made, off C19. The Narrative is in full swing.
  Thanks MKI - this was a really good listen. For any that haven't checked it out, it's a discussion among South African (and Irish?) epidemiologists/virologists about the fallacies of some of the COVID responses, especially ongoing responses. They'd make great guests for a PP podcast - seem to be very in line with PP's willingness to question standard narratives. From their website:
PANDA was founded to challenge the groupthink that permeates the global response to Covid-19. This response to the Covid-19 “Panic Pandemic” has been founded on counterknowledge : misinformation packaged to look like fact. We face not a virus, but a pandemic of credulous thinking and action. We are fortunate to live in an era where the techniques and the data are available to evaluate the truth or falsehood of claims. History will reflect with astonishment at the goings on in 2020, we cannot wait for that inevitable outcome. We challenge for rationality in the here and now.

All i can do is report MY findings. I happen to have 400ml around because I have cured myself and others of serious blood poisoning conditions with this amazing plant. It happens to have antimalarial, antiviral, and anticoagulant properties along with SYSTEMIC antibiotic components. 

I am FORCED by do nothing Drs. to do this experiment. Better pro active than waiting to die. 

Thanks Dave for your kind words and info. Other chelators such as the Artimisias could also help control or stop this virus. 

I have found that most ‘wonder’ drugs pale in comparison to plant based tinctures because they include proper ratios of sub compounds, saponins, flavonoids, etc. that pharmacologists can’t replicate. 

My opinion is that market driven healthcare is a sad joke. Thousands of people suffer needlessly while modern pharma tries to figure out how to turn a buck. 

Hi Roland,
It is so strange that so many people rather wait and suffer, potentially die, because “something” is not proven. It needs a clear mind to decide to act in such a way that it minimizes the negative aspects of the intervention, and maximizes, hopefully, the positive aspects of the intervention.
As to market driven healthcare, pecuniary considerations indeed corrupt the “business”. However, I personally think that there is another underlying cause why herbs etc are not used and research that much. I think that the current scientific methodology that works great for for example physics, is not suited for something as complex as a biological system, btw, I’m a physicist myself. Synergistic, unique, and shared associations are extremely difficult to differentiate between. The graph that Chris showed about the immune system is really impressive, but I dare to claim that it is still a very simplistic representation of our immune system. The current scientific deconstructive paradigma also leads to myopic approaches and conclusions. This is illustrated by the fact that it took thousands of deaths before they realized that is was not just a respitory disease: many minds were needed to re-deconstruct the knowledge. I also think that some resistance against HCQ + zinc is based on the interaction, the + that is. That is really a bridge to far within our linear paradigm, so, a long story short, it is not just because of bad actors. Hundred years from now people will laught at our backward methods.
Grts, Dave

I have a list of the detailed treatment that I want to receive in my wallet in case I contract the virus as well as the phone number of a lawyer to sue the GP or internist that refuses to prescribe me HCQ+AZ+ Zinc+ Ivermectin.

You can check out Stephen Harrod Buhner at his blog, >articles>herbs>coronavirus protocol (5/17/20) for an intro into his thinking and Bidens Pilosa. He has an extensive write up in the book ‘Herbal Anti-Virals’ if you are so inclined.

Today the abstract has been withdrawn - Chris? Anyone? Thoughts? This abstract was available on Pub Med just yesterday. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32668870/

@LesPhelps Ask yourself this. Who in their right mind would willingly do permanent damage to and ultimately collapse the world economies by fabricating a pandemic?
What a great question. Only someone at the very top of the control pyramid or someone off-world who perceives a loss of control of what are being considered assets.
If it's a major global pandemic, people die and the world economies collapse. If it's a fabricated pandemic, fewer people die and the world economies collapse. Until I can figure out how some group benefits extremely long term from scamming a pandemic, I can't go down that rabbit hole.
I might be able to help. As Robert F. Kennedy Jr explains, the CDC is literally a vaccine company -- top members of which massively benefit/profit from a pandemic. As researcher Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai points out in this interview with Dr. Mercola, having 7 billion people on a vaccine schedule, at one thousand bucks per person, is 7 trillion dollars of recurring revenue, "a relatively good return on investment". Then there's the globalist technocrats and their glowing smiles as they're able to move governments and supranational entities towards more centralized control. Did you catch Billy and Melinda's faces when asked what they think about a 2nd wave?: And it's obviously not about money -- their egos may be trying to beat Bezos (but they certainly can't beat Rothschild), but if you look into the history of Billy and his father, you know they're eugenicists, and Billy openly says "if we do a really good job with vaccines we can reduce the population by 10-15%", in our faces. He uses vaccines as a depopulation tool just as his father used "family planning" (abortion clinics) to depopulate. Watch Meet Bill Gates [corbettreport] for a great summary. As Corbett says, “the answer to the question “Who is Bill Gates?” is quickly becoming one of the most important questions of our lives.” It's difficult to conclude that the cancerous institutions through which these Big Pharma cartel members operate are not the organizations that are responsible-most for the pandemic, as they suppress all effective cures, make no recommendations regarding vitamin D and other nutrient deficiencies, make late/contradictory/incorrect recommendations about masks, fomites, usefulness of lockdowns, vaccine efficacy and safety (or total lack thereof)... Dr. Judy Mikovits calls it the Plague of Corruption, and accuses the top members including Dr. Fauci of NIH and Dr. Redfield of CDC of mass murder via vaccines and coverups going back more than 10 years... at great risk to herself, as the pharma cartel (aka the vaccine mafia) is known to come and drag scientists out of their homes and threaten to murder their family if they don't drop their research, if they don't simply murder the scientist him/herself, or otherwise destroy their career and put them in jail like they did with Dr. Mikovits. Virologists particularly seem to be a major target, mainly American ones. Here's a list from 2004 to 2015 (these are all OLD articles from 2014 and 2015 btw, not up to date -- an interesting snapshot of how it already looked 5 years ago). They're IN YOUR FACE, but you're still calling them a rabbit hole...  
@KSS Just came across this from PubMed...what does it mean?? "5G Technology and induction of coronavirus in skin cells" https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32668870/
I made a thread about it here: https://peakprosperity.com/forum-topic/5g-technology-and-induction-of-coronavirus-in-skin-cells/ My best guess is it's a stretching of probability using a presumably flawed mathematical physics model.  

I’m over 60 [giggles] and have been learning about natural healthcare for over 30 yrs and thus have stocked my immune modulators. When I was fighting “it” in March/April I knew I had to keep the viral load and my stress down. One of the magic pills I’ve discovered in recent years from air travel is that having a saline/xylitol nasal wash is good to have.
When I started with the cough I immediately started my onset protocol and was snorting the stuff on a regular basis. I believe it helped keep the viral load down and helped prevent it from get to my lungs. Still looking for the science to confirm this but it’s another cheap complimentary therapy.

I was wondering about that and also about a salt inhaler.