What's It Like To Have Covid-19? An Infected Doctor Speaks

What’s it like to actually have covid-19?

On today’s video, Chris interviews Dr. Glenn DeSandre who is still recovering from the virus.

While his case didn’t require hospitalization, Dr. DeSandre emphasizes it’s something you do not want to get. It’s not like the flu or a particularly bad cold – it’s something much worse.

What makes this interview particularly interesting is Chris’ ability to really dive into the medical aspects with Dr. DeSandre, who is able to describe his experience more clinically than the average coronavirus sufferer:

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Dr. Risch has published a study.
Here’s a press release where he explains early use in simple language
Here is the accepted manuscript

WHO, 14 December 2017, News release, GENEVA
Up to 650 000 deaths annually are associated with respiratory diseases from seasonal influenza, according to new estimates by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (US-CDC), the World Health Organization and global health partners.
The CV-19 Reality?
Considering that the number of CV-19 deaths (615,000) are grossly overstated with people dying of underlying health concerns and openly false reporting is it possible to state the real severity of the pandemic? In San Diego they studied about 200 reported CV-19 deaths and found that less than a quarter of them actually died from CV-19. In Canada 90% of the cases are for people over 60 years old and that 95% of the deaths are for people with underlying health concerns.

Your presentation of that data about the age groupings of hispanics in the CDC data was a bit misleading. You said (something like) “more Hispanic people died who were under the age of 65” but more than what? It kind of implied “more than those who were over 65” which is completely false (about a third of deaths were of under 65 people, so two thirds were over 65).
Also, you presented that graphing of HCQ use, or not, with not explanations of how it was collated and why those particular countries were chosen. I have no way of knowing if it was completely fake data or if the missing countries (another 150 or so) would have made the graph look very different.

Frederick Burbach, flu deaths are a guess, using modeling, not actual counts. There has been much written about this (for example, this Scientific American article) and there is no way you can take the estimate you quoted and reasonably compare it to Covid-19 deaths, especially as you try to skew the Covid-19 deaths by claiming, without evidence, that they are grossly overstated. There is an equal body of opinion which states they are grossly understated.
It is what it is. Covid-19 is a potentially deadly or debilitating disease that spreads rapidly if no measures are taken to slow its spread. It can overwhelm health systems if the spread is not slowed. This can lead to additional deaths.
In addition, you try to minimise the deaths that you acknowledge are occurring, as though the factors you cite are of no concern.

Fully agree. Here’s a link exploring the C19 craziness by some really smart guys. It puts C19 into perspective. Lots of politics being played, and lots of $ being made, off C19. The Narrative is in full swing.

Sofistek is right that there are people arguing both sides, that the reported deaths are being intentionally understated and that the deaths are being grossly overstated.
Ask yourself this. Who in their right mind would willingly do permanent damage to and ultimately collapse the world economies by fabricating a pandemic?
If it’s a major global pandemic, people die and the world economies collapse. If it’s a fabricated pandemic, fewer people die and the world economies collapse.
Until I can figure out how some group benefits extremely long term from scamming a pandemic, I can’t go down that rabbit hole.

Hi Frederick,
It’s always good to be critical imo. At this monent it is impossible to compare the numbers because the flu deaths are over a full year, the covid deaths are over 7 months. With five more months to go @5k-7.5k deaths per day, the full tally would be between 1.3 million and 1.8 million deaths worldwide. This is of course assuming that things will not get worse this autumn. Assuming 20% herd immunity threshold, and 0.1%-0.6%IRF, we could expect anything between 1.4 million and 8million deaths at yearend.
Furthermore, as sofistek pointed out, the number of flu deaths are guestimates, and therefore suffer from the same issues as Covids 19 deaths.

  • if we take out the US numbers, as these are the corrupted ones due to financial incentives to miscount, the total death count now is around 500k WW, we could therefore expect somewhere between 1.1million and 1.6million @ yearend
  • assuming now that all institutions are ran by incompetent boneheads, overcounting the corona deaths 100%, and assuming furthermore that the flu models are accurate, at yearend the tally would be between 550k and 800k deaths. Which would place it at equal level or above the flu in 2017, which was a severe flu year. If however things will get worse next autumn, these calculations will be underestimates.
    Am I in favor of strickt lockdowns now? I was in favor of lockdowns beginning this year, but now we know more. Now I think we do not need lockdowns (yet) considering the fact that outdoor transmission is unlikely, ionophores + zinc, high doses of vitamin C etc etc do work. If everyone wears mouthmasks inside public buildings, if people self-isolate when ill (free corona testing, government assistance for rent/mortage).
    Based on this autumn I might need to change my opinion (not that it has any influence). People and MSM compare covid19 with the Spanish flu and decide covid19 is nothing like the Spanish flu. What they forget is that there were three waves, two fell in the same year. The spring wave was comparable with the normal flu, most deaths however fell within the second wave that winter.
    Do we know for sure that this scenario will not repeat? I personally prepared for that scenario because however unlikely I think that it is, it is not impossible. The cost of preparation (extra vitamin C, immune regulating substances etc), outweigh the downside. For me it is a rational, emotionless decision, a calculation as you will. I personally couldn’t care less about what experts, leaders doomsayers etc claim what will happen.
    As for the economic and societal fallout, the s would have htf anyway, corona was just a catalyst.
    Grts, Dave

If you can’t at least come up with a theory to answer that question, you’re not paying attention.

Hey guys,
The dying of vs. dying with a positive C19 test distinction, in my mind, speaks loudest to a common sense level set of “how bad is this thing?”
You may have seen the recent coverage of the fatal motorcycle crash deemed a C19 cause of death (!). Its an extreme example of a labeling misnomer, but beyond that, you have predominantly very sick, very old, and/or very unhealthy folks for which C19 becomes a last touch attribution factor for why they met a severe or dire outcome.
Do I want to get it? Heck no. But after ~5 months of this, common sense hammers home (to me at least) that the whole thing isnt as bad as early trajectory may have suggested for the the vast majority. It would be great to see all of the landscape data - deaths, hospitalizations, duration of illness - re-plotted for solely otherwise healthy people who encountered acute adverse outcomes vs. the broader population of sick/old/unhealthy for whom C19 was the last in a long list of confirmed negative health criteria.
Rambling way of saying the numbers feel so distorted. As so many of us make life decisions about where we live, careers, schools for our kids, finances etc… how much of all the hysteria is sick people getting sicker vs. a killer disease taking out otherwise healthy population?
The data feels overblown, but time and history will tell. My $0.02 just trying to make sense of it all.

Hey Chris, I wonder about your thoughts on this article that just came out in the NY Times arguing that the “2nd” case of Covid that some people are experiencing is actually the original case that was never fully cleared and that it is highly unlikely people can be reinfected so quickly? I’m wondering if this virus just takes a really long time to clear the system completely even if people are testing negative.

…and yet I am so sick of thinking about it every day yet persevere for obvious reasons. For me, I’m with you, I will do all I can to NOT get this beast.
The Doctor was a really good interview. That the Doctors husband couldn’t enjoy his wine was and is a travesty so it sure was nice that his husband did get his taste and smell back. I’m sorry I found it funny that “she has to only mix the bad wine”…I think you missed the he and she connection. LOL
I believe you have saved many illnesses and lives with your fabulous coverage of the Corona Virus. It must be a rush to know this. Saving one life is heroism in my opinion.
I was an umpire for many years and loved it. I was known as “the book” because I believe in rules and just about could quote them from the baseball rules book and tell you what page to find them on. Without rules, chaos are my thoughts so I took no guff while umpiring and never had many incidences. I would just kick out of the game anyone who went too far. I was THE umpire who did the tough games for the league because I took control of the game from the very instant we met at home plate with the managers. In one game and early on in a game where two teams had just played a tough game where the fans got silly and was why the league sent me to this game because it decided who the champion was for this district. In the first inning I ran a white fan for getting just a little crazy, then went to the public address mic and told all fans if they didn’t just sit and enjoy their kids I would send them all home or give the game to the visitors and I would call the game. The fans on both sides of the field stood and applauded me and not one more thing happened but good, clean baseball for the rest of the game. Anyways, I had just finished my game and was headed for a Gatorade at the concession stand and ran into a 7 year old girl asking me for help, her sister was choking on some candy. Her sister was indeed in trouble having as I found out lodged a giant jaw breaker in her throat so I did what I knew, the Heimlich maneuver and it flew out! No one noticed but the girls and they were so happy. Claiming me a hero and no one knew, for that I was happy. Sometimes in life you get gifted these moments and I was totally in awe of my feelings after having done this. Good stuff so feel very good about what you have done Chris.
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Enlighten me.
Who benefits enough to potentially throwing the world into a depression that may persist indefinitely?
If you’re thinking about the Fed, bankers and Uber Fitch, that stops working when they finish collapsing the fiat currencies.
Hey, the global warming crowd is benefiting! Emissions are way down. Perhaps I was wrong. They may be behind,this.


I’ve seen several studies indicating that masks don’t work and I can’t see where the studies are necessarily wrong. However, I stand by what appears to be the common sense that everyone would be better keeping their own germs close by and maybe fending off some of the other persons germs.

An Israëli professor says the epidemic is over in his country and that the tests are detecting non-active virusses now, which would explain why the new cases rise (more testing) but the hospitalisations don’t follow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdmeujz5jcg&feature=share&fbclid=IwAR1zwMcjdNg2y0-S1wpJ6Ezk5X1yUkD6i153gbMK1OdfS-DZuwbhrVX56PM
And if these four coronavirusses all remain active during summer (at low level) that could explain why people still show symptoms.
Who knows ? Interesting though that PCR-tests would also be positive with non active virusses…Would like to know if this is correct.

From the studies I’ve read masks move the probability of infection vs time curve to the right somewhat. You can spend a little more time together before one is likely to transmit the virus to another.
Masks do not replace social distancing.
They do not make indoor spaces safe.
Outdoor use is completely pointless unless you are talking face to face with someone for 15 minutes straight. Of course most people remove their masks in this one situation where it could help.
The problem is people think poorly ventilated or air conditioned indoor spaces are safe, and they don’t have to social distance if everyone is wearing masks. It wouldn’t surprise me if, in real life, masks actually increase transmission rates.

I asked my US-based primary care physician what the procedure would be if I were to suspect I had COVID. This is the response:

As far as COVID-19 treatment at his point it is based on severity of symptoms - if someone is ill enough to require inpatient care they are using an anti-viral called remdesivir sometimes with the steroid dexamethasone and/or convalescant plasma infusions, if someone has mild symptoms not requiring hospital care the treatment is supportive similar to other viral illnesses at this point, perhaps an oral anti-viral will be available in the future.  

also there is considerable flooding of much farm land in China and serious issues with the 3 gorges dam.
this is getting interesting.

Hi George
If you are reading this, how are you doing?
I have been looking for you in the blog but have not seen you writing in of late.
Maybe I missed it but was wondering how you are doing now.
Kindest wishes