When False Narratives Break

Let me be blunt; we are all in big danger right now.

The reasons are many, but they share one cause – too many people in positions of power believe in false things. They are quite convinced their narratives are real and true, I’ll grant them that, but they are deluded in their thinking.

Somehow vaccines became a matter of belief for many people. I was always skeptical having seen too much from the pharma companies and even having worked at Pfizer for nearly three years as a fresh PhD and MBA graduate.

I know that one cannot short-cycle the safety studies without risk. I then weighed the risk of Covid for people under the age of 60 and in good health, who knew the benefits of proper terrain boosting and had access to early treatments, and decided that their 99.98% survival rate was good enough for me to wait a bit on the vaccines to see how things went.

I also intensively poured over the data on vaccine efficacy and soon noted that the vaccines wore off rather quickly consigning their advocates to an endless cycle of boosters with unknown and unknowable risks to their immune system functions.

As I waited a bit longer, more and more safety data began to pour in showing that for an unacceptably high proportion of people, the vaccines were extremely unsafe and even deadly. While that might “only” be 1/100 or 1/200, the impacts were horrifying. Clots, embolisms, strokes, myocarditis, heart attacks, spontaneous abortions, neurological damage, menstrual cycle disruptions…the list was ominously long.

<img class=“size-full wp-image-711827 aligncenter” src=“https://peakprosperity.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/dreamstime_medical_emergency.jpg” alt=“”" width=“700” height=“464” />

According to all of my well-heeled doctor friends who treated Covid in their practices with early treatments, Covid seemed to be a rather pedestrian illness with abundant and easy remedies.

But the keepers of the narrative were adamant – no early treatments for you! They wanted vaccines and only vaccines. They wanted masks despite lacking any data that face masks as worn by regular people in their regular lives did any good at all. They wanted vaccine passports and penalties, and for people to lose their jobs and livelihoods if they didn’t comply.

These technocratic authoritarians also wanted no liability for the pharma companies or themselves, or the government, for any ills that might have resulted from jabs or lockdown policies. In other words, they wanted power, they wanted to conduct experiments and they didn’t want any of the responsibilities or consequences from exercising or conducting those activities.

Now, we know that the consequences were steep. The lockdowns cost more lives than they saved once you factored in all the harms. All-cause mortality was higher in 2021 with the vaccines + policies than they were even in 2020 itself. Hundreds of thousands of small businesses shuttered their doors forever. Amazon and McDonalds and Target and Walmart scooped up all the business traffic from the smaller failures.

More terribly, hundreds of thousands of people, I am convinced, died needlessly as Fauci, Walensky, and the FDA all conspired to block early treatments that were used effectively by so many doctors and even entire countries. The evidence that these treatments work and work well has been staring every one of us in the face for nearly two years.

Worst of all, if that’s even possible, it’s also abundantly clear that dozens of named players in the US and global virology community conspired to hide the lab origin, and their role in its creation, from the world. You’d think, if anything, everyone would be more upset with these folks and their role in creating and then perpetuating and sustaining the Covid-debacle than they would be with, oh, say, Joe Rogan the podcaster.

But, nope. More people are more visibly upset with Rogan than with Fauci. But that’s not my main point. It’s a side point.

My main point is that the Covid debacle was a mishmash of false narratives, misaligned incentives, and a completely defective media apparatus that was unable to do anything more than parrot the obvious lies of the power centers.

In other words, it wasn’t the Covid that was the problem, but having the wrong people in power and allowing them to foist some clearly wrong and defective narratives upon us all.

<img class=“size-full wp-image-711824 aligncenter” src=“https://peakprosperity.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/Truckers_dreamstime_s_240732187.jpg” alt=“”" width=“800” height=“450” />

Truckers Arise!

Now the Canadian people, led by their truckers, have finally popped the lid on some long-simmering, working-class, common-folk grievances. And it’s about time!

Just so you know where my sympathies lie, I am 100% in support of the truckers, the people, and wish for nothing less than for their actions to help sweep aside every single defective and broken public “servant” who has been bungling their role these past few years.

In fact, if you gave me the chance, I’d install the truckers in every position of power at the CDC, FDA, DOE, HUD, CIA, and all throughout the judiciary. That they know nothing of what those roles require would be a blessing. They’d figure it out in time and do a lot less damage than the current administrators along the way.

The reason I hold this view, which may seem reckless, is because I know how many other failed narratives are in play right now. Covid didn’t break the healthcare system, it merely revealed how broken it was all along. Covid didn’t push Fauci past his limits to where he was an ineffective boob, it merely revealed the extent to which this horrible excuse for a human being had been running scams and rackets the entire time. Don’t believe me? Then read The Real Anthony Fauci by RFK, Jr. and get back to me.

So what other false narratives are lurking, ready to pounce with even greater cruelty that Covid?

There are so many I might as well begin here. The US Federal Reserve has utterly destroyed markets to the point they really only serve now as conduits for freshly printed funny-money to be shoveled straight into billionaire portfolios.

Or even their own pockets, as the grubby actions of the Fed Chairman Jay Powel have revealed. He was actively “front running” Fed meetings, placing his own private money in play in ways that he knew were the slam dunks were for gains. So did many of his key lieutenants.

Make no mistake. The Federal Reserve decided to print money to make the rich richer and they didn’t care at all about inflation or social friction, let alone anything that might look reasonable, fair or just. They had bought so deeply into the false “rich = good” narrative that they saw nothing wrong with rewarding the rich. At everyone else’s expense.

So, if the truckers want to protest against those practices, and against the Fed shoveling money to BlackRock and other private equity parasites so those firms can buy up all the housing stock (to rent back to everyone for huge returns), then I support that too.


Equally concerning is the fact that there are deluded neocons infesting all sorts of agencies and news desks agitating for the U.S. and Europe to get into a war with Russia over Ukraine. Their false narrative goes like this, “we’re really powerful and Russia is kind of weak, and we haven’t really suffered any consequences from a war and so we don’t believe we personally will, and war is very popular with the military contractors, so let’s do this. What could go wrong?”

<img class=“size-full wp-image-711792 aligncenter” src=“https://peakprosperity.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/Putin-2_shutterstock_1298363227.jpg” alt=“”" width=“1000” height=“667” />

What could go wrong? Everything. Very bad things. But the neocons haven’t had to suffer any consequences – not one of them lost a job over the disastrous Iraq War II – and they are full of hubris and themselves. The possibility of a very bad outcome here is actually quite high. If you haven’t seen the video of Putin looking exasperated and reminding the NATO neocons that Russia might be outmatched, but it has nukes, you really should. Watch his face and read his emotional tone. He is a man making a final warning. The neocons don’t care. After all, it’s never them or their sons and daughters who die in their unnecessary wars.

We are facing an epochal period of brinksmanship, only there’s no JFK anywhere on the political horizon.


The tie between the neocons and the CDC? They are both stocked to the gills with lackies and true believers and nobody in their respective organizations has any agency to hold up a finger and say, “hang on, I’ve got a quite different thought here.”

Watch how Justin Trudeau has zero ability to see a vast swath of his fellow Canadians as anything other than reprehensible misogynists, racists, insurrectionists, and even terrorists.

Ditto for far too many in major positions of influence all throughout political offices, government agencies, universities, newsrooms and corporate offices. These keepers of the status quo are completely unable to see just how far off course we’ve drifted. They have no serious plans for the future, and care not for the ultimate consequences of their actions or inactions.

We are facing an epochal period of brinksmanship, only there’s no JFK anywhere on the political horizon. We are facing huge predicaments in our supply chains, oil shortages, insect apocalypses, environmental toxins, possible wars on several fronts, a vital lack of investment and ruined universities no longer training minds but closing them down.

If you thought Covid was a debacle, just wait until you see these next acts spill their cargo across the stage of life.

I am so concerned that I am issuing an ALERT for my subscribers. As is typical, I have lots of data, but none of it enough to justify my level of alarm. This is what I do best – gather huge amounts of information, but then come to a conclusion about it before that can be fully justified with data.

My threshold for an ALERT is “a collection of facts and/or events that combine to lead Evie and myself to take new and concrete actions as a result.”

It’s time to act.

I’ll tell you more of what I’m thinking and doing in Part 2. Link to part II - click here.


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I think you are right on the mark. The last couple of days this has been bugging me a lot also. I’m not afraid, I never am, but I’m deeply deeply worried. Time to act (yet again)


You are not deluded with you conclusions, we have hit the wall. It is about to get really really really ugly. We have yet to begin to see the real shit show. It will make all this death, illness, economic fall-out look like a Caribbean Holiday.


A war is a great way to distract away from some really horrid policies that have resulted in a lot of needless death and suffering - and a whole lot of profit for the Oligarchy.
Jeff Bezos and his trips into space are just one example. Lockdown = “How to scoop money from small business and hand it over to me!”
Now, just when the chickens are just about to come home to roost - vaccine failure, No Treatments For You about to be exposed, end of the “pandemic emergency” - boy are we all tired of it - what do you know, along comes a “war” to create another hysterical national emergency that will allow the gang in charge to call anyone a “traitor” who doesn’t toe the line.
Yet another “emergency” to give them more power.
Right after force-vaccinating the entire US military force with what is clearly a toxic substance.
Xi? He’s laughing. Heck. Maybe he organized it all.
After all - 10 held by H for the Big Guy.
I’ve got it. It’s all about 2024. How else can they possibly take out the Bad Orange Man? War with Russia. After all, Russia put the Bad Orange Man into power. Russiagate! The only one who can possibly save us?
Well, that would be Horrible Hillary. A Strong Leader, needed in these Desperate Times.
You watch. Grandpa will be shown the door. We’ll need a Strong Leader to replace him.


Xi- needs a war, he’s got Evergrande on his books and needs a distraction. Vlad has energy, so he buddies up with him …“Hey Vlad I need a war and some energy, what have you got?” …Vlad offers gas and Ukraine in return for Gold and control of the West…job done.
Meanwhile- Russian skaters test positive for banned “substance” at Chinese Olympics…


Perhaps if we can convince Brandon that Mexico now identifies as Ukraine, he’ll actually work to keep the border secure. Maybe if Burisma opened a field office in a Mexican city, it would suddenly have some appeal to him. Hmmm. Too bad the people in control of the House of Representatives don’t impeach him before he can cause any more damage.
It’s a shame that the whole administration is so desperate to improve his feeble and fumbling image that they are provoking Russia to start a war with a nuclear power (Russia.) As Chris said, it won’t be his (or their) offspring that fight his war. Even if you have no offspring who would be subject to a military draft, you have fellow citizens in that boat. How long would it take for nuclear fallout (from weapons detonated in Ukraine) to reach your home? Does it really matter if its only days or if it takes weeks?


The deflationary effect of all the excess deaths will help too offset the Inflation.


Hindsight is no place for posturing particularly when it is partitioned behind a limited US-world view.
Medicine is a statistical science at best and knowledge extremely limited. It understands DNA but struggles with gene expression and the complex interplay of chemical processes that define even the most basic biological function. As such it is a science that is continually evolving. Clearly, the virology studied 20 years ago is less relevant today. Certainly, in the last two years, Covid-19 has led to some interesting discoveries surrounding the human response to viral disease. I wouldn’t hang my hat on a PhD and three years’ hands-on experience from a previous century.
Given the limits of medical knowledge it is irresponsible for doctors to prescribe “early treatments” that might work, based on anecdotal or circumstantial evidence. Medicine has and always will be about following the path of best statistic. A lot of hopeful cures that appear to work are trialed every day around the world only to be refuted by less than convincing double-blind test-studies. The power of placebo is the drug-companies greatest bane. Profit margins may trump honor in a rapacious US economy but the results aren’t much different elsewhere in the world where only the sale price of a drug differs.
Faced with statistical uncertainties vaccine is the tried and true treatment. While walking the fine line between Hippocratic Oath and desperation, vaccine has become medicine’s only recourse. It is true that Medicine, like all scientific institutions, gets bogged down by tradition and custom. The search for cancer cures continue to rely on designer poisons while immunological research is blocked by big profit and status-quo. That doesn’t make medicine bad per se, it just demonstrates how inefficiently human [scientific] institutions work. It doesn’t mean that there is a cure waiting to be discovered in someone’s desk drawer either.
Astra-Zenica was perhaps a rush job but there is no real evidence that the cure was worse than the disease, quite the opposite: Statistically speaking, more lives were saved from SARS than were compromised by vaccine. And let’s not forget the long term effect of untreated disease. Unvaccinated survival rate percentages may be high but amongst those survivors are the people crippled by SARS. Throwing out black-and-white percentages in the face of Long-Covid and the permanent or long term damage that disease inflicts on a survivor is misrepresentative.
As for the economic cost: Recent studies suggest that Australia with its draconian quarantine policies, compared to other economies, has actually endured the best. Billions of dollars of Iron ore exports were for example able to continue uninterrupted prior to 2022. However, now that restrictions have been lifted whole parts of the vaccinated economy take sick (but survive safely) with Omicron Flu. Subsequently exports decline, supermarket shelves empty, restaurants are closed and basic infrastructure like public transport stalls from a lack of able personnel. Relaxing restrictions in this context has done nothing at all to improve the consumer’s “sad and wretched” life even if the high vaccination rate has kept the majority of Australians out of hospital and free from Long-Covid.
As for the remark about increased death or sickness post vaccine; let’s not forget, there was no delta variant in 2020. In the early days, the population was timid and took precautions seriously. Today the vapid electorate is tired and desperate. Like spoiled children, the public demands to be let out of the house to play. Simple people, tired of restrictions and inconveniences, desperate to return to their shallow consumer life styles seek to justify their risky behavior by aligning with people who tell them there is nothing to fear, that it’s all just a conspiracy. The population displays its extraordinary ignorance in the form of smokers and the obese, publicly protesting the vaccine and restrictions while puffing on cancer-sticks in between ingestions of glazed donuts and soft-drink. These people are willing to throw the vulnerable under a bus so they can go out and party. They belong to a hedonistic society that is perhaps no longer worth fighting for.
Had it not been for restrictions, the less deadly Omicron variant might never have evolved as the dominant strain. Should we therefore be thankful for quarantine or belligerently angry that our freedom to spread the more dangerous variant was revoked?


So first we had antifa riots, then russia-gate, then covid, then lockdowns, then forced vaccinations with dangerous experimental drugs, now war[?]
Its been one after the other in rapid succession. One thing can happen organically, maybe two, but all of these things one after the other cannot be. It HAS to be orchestrated by SOMEONE…the Chinese, the Russians, the deep state, Soros, Schwab, Gates, some dark pact between them all? Satan himself [ most certainly ]?
Well the truth is, we dont really know. I think the furthest I can comfortably theorize is to conclude that it is intentional but the truth is it doesnt really matter anymore. Its too late to do anything about it.
We have all the actionable information we need. Somebody very very powerful is in the process of destroying this country. They are in control of the media, they control the intelligence departments, the medical community, and probably most of the major institutions in this country.
At this point I think it is time to brace for impact. Its coming down. Starting with the hierarchy of human needs we need to secure [ in order of importance ]; WATER, food [seeds], shelter, clothing, medicine, cleaning products/disinfectants/etc, personal protection [ guns&ammo ], manual tools, power [ fuel, candles, generators, oil lamps, batteries, etc ], barter items, and hard wealth [ precious metals, useable land ].
Its getting late in the game. Some of these things cant be had anymore but most of the essentials can still be got. Its time to stop pontificating about the endless details of covid, the minutiae of the vaccines, politics and other academic subjects. Its time to get REAL about protecting yourself and your loved ones.
Its time to stop talking and start DOING. Stock those pantries to the RAFTERS. Order those seeds [ get those orders in NOW and double it ], get that generator and learn how to safely backfeed your house [ call an electrician and have a transfer switch installed ]. If you dont already own a gun you better get moving.
Think about all the things you will need if the stores were empty, the trucks stopped running, and you were literally left completely on your own. Now get moving. Your LATE. Enough intellectualizing, enough with the grand collective solutions where we all get together and save the world. Its not going to happen. The train is about to hit the wall, it DOESNT MATTER why the brakes stopped working. Have you seen Biden’s new Energy department hire? He’s a gay S&M beastiality freak. Its over.
Cover your head, save yourself and immediate family. If we live through this we can, someday, venture out and try to build a better world but thats WAY in the future and not even something we need to be thinking about right now.


Hey pgp,
You appear to be quite talented at customizing your version of reality with the strategic omission of data that vehemently covers your argument in the dust of obfuscation and self satisfying pontification. I wonder why you come here and what your productive efforts in building strong ties with neighbors and community have yielded. Whether troll, bot or freightened and lonely, I wish you the best in your quest for truth.


Hey pgp:
I’ve taught both English and science at the college level and I have no idea what you are saying…or trying to say. You didn’t just get vaxxed did you? In all seriousness, I am worried about your mental state. Did something bad just happen in your life?

Faced with statistical uncertainties vaccine is the tried and true treatment
How can something be "tried and true" that was just invented? With no long term testing, rushed through the approval process ? Just calling something a "vaccine" does not magically impart the same credibility as previously proven actual vaccines.

Yes something bad just happened in his life. Have some pity. All CNN employees are devastated after their beloved leader resigned.


Nothing Chris wrote is hindsight. He’s been stating those views through the entire plandemic. To ascribe the tremendous positive results from early treatment to the placebo effect is absurd. Even if it was, why would that matter? When their use as prophylactics drop the infection rate by orders of magnitude and their use as treatments drop the death rate of the infected by 10x it doesn’t matter if it’s the placebo effect and their own immune systems accomplished the improvement.
The results elsewhere in the world really are different. Look at Uttar Pradesh. Look at the Yucatan in Mexico. These places use HCQ and Ivermectin and their results stand in stark contrast to that of the places that adopted the vaccine approach.
No vaccines aren’t the “tried and true treatment”. They aren’t treatments at all. At best they are preventatives and historically it takes decades to develop safe ones. Most of the attempts fail completely. To think those decades could be compressed into 6 months is lunacy. Vaccines must be tested for effects not only on the recipients but also on the next generation. The schedule enshrined in Operation Warp Speed guaranteed that could not happen. The “vaccines” developed in the US for COVID aren’t actually vaccines. They are genetic manipulations of a completely new type. This should have required even more testing and safety studies, not less. It was entirely predictable that we would suffer serious negative consequences.
It’s not a sign of a hedonistic society to resist sacrificing the young to protect the elderly. Quite the opposite, it’s a sign of a healthy one. The children are the future. That mindset is behind giving women and children priority in lifeboats.
The COVID variants evolved because of the vaccines. This was not a good thing. It was demonstrated early on that the plandemic could have been stopped completely using early treatment. We likely wouldn’t be endemic, it would be gone. That possibility is now lost precisely because of the lockdowns and lack of treatment.
You show as having 186 posts. If you’ve been around this site that long you can’t be ignorant of these facts. I have to conclude you are willfully misrepresenting the situation. I won’t attempt to guess your motivations.



Just calling something a "vaccine" does not magically impart the same credibility as previously proven actual vaccines.
And, unless we forget, it's not even a vaccine. It doesn't stop the virus, nor even stop transmission. It, at best, mitigates symptoms in some classes of people. It's a treatment. A doubtful treatment to boot, as it has more negative effects in some groups, among whom natural immunity is a better defense. It appears, to flood perfectly competent bodies with inflammatory toxins is not a good idea in either the short or long term.

well pgp… on that I have to side with Helix and brushhog - you logic is entirely odd.

...Recent studies suggest that Australia with its draconian quarantine policies, compared to other economies, has actually endured the best...
Did you ever try getting through the toxic cloud by holding your breath? you might end up with both - the suffering and on the end you die. And then
vaccine is the tried and true treatment.
First, a vaccine is NOT a true treatment! What is true is that a vaccine is a preventive measure - a prophylaxis. And the ONLY after it has... followed the path of best statistic. (please note, your own words) Show me that on the current covid vaccines. (Hint: Scientific peer reviewed medical article laments over massive shortcomings and manipulation in the handling of the test-studies and their data.

Yes, using his logic, we can just rename Ivermectin a ‘vaccine’ and have done with all the resistance.


I’m not very computer literate but have a concept for a video that might be instructive to those who have so far avoided Prion Disease.
Take the clip where Biden says “If you get this vaccine you will not get Covid and you will not transmit it to others” (paraphrasing) And Rachel MadCow saying essentially the same thing ……follow by:

Summary of Terrorism Threat to the U.S. Homeland (the full bulletin is linked here) The United States remains in a heightened threat environment fueled by several factors, including an online environment filled with false or misleading narratives and conspiracy theories, and other forms of mis- dis- and mal-information (MDM) introduced and/or amplified by foreign and domestic threat actors.…The primary terrorism-related threat to the United States continues to stem from lone offenders or small cells of individuals who are motivated by a range of foreign and/or domestic grievances often cultivated through the consumption of certain online content. (1) the proliferation of false or misleading narratives, which sow discord or undermine public trust in U.S. government institutions; the proliferation of false or misleading narratives,
Finish by connecting the dots for the dot challenged. Biden is by definition a terrorist and MadCow the same.

Speaking of U.S. hubris and authoritarianism…
Dmitry Orlov, the Russian born U.S. engineer who identified five stages of collapse leading to the fall of the former Soviet Union, makes a stark prediction for the U.S. in an article entitled “The Russians are so grateful!” Two paragraph teaser here:


Yes Rich, I fully support you on that.
We should more often mention Dr Shankara Shetty. 10000+ patients treated -> 0 died, 0 IcU. That’s the benchmark! Anything else can check itself on that.
And what I am most impressed with his (Shetty’s) approach is, he spread along with his treatment but intentionally through the community (I wouldn’t be surprised if even the priest in the Sunday sermon have raised it) the message in his town - don’t fear covid we can heal it!
Often forgotten, fear is a killer too - through the erratic and illogical behavior induced.