When It Comes To Protection From The Coronavirus, You're On Your Own

The coronavirus is now reported in 59 countries.

It’s a global pandemic, even if the WHO still refuses to call it that.

And speaking of the WHO, the CDC, and most of the governments around the world, they’re still unwilling to urge folks to take advance preparation. In too many cases, the numbers and terminology are being ‘fudged’ in ways both obvious and insulting.

It's getting maddening at this point. Not only is their lack of urgency putting lives at risk, it's increasing the chaos and panic that will ensue in areas overwhelmed by mass outbreaks when they occur.

Even the stubborn financial markets have finally realized that covid-19 is a major problem and have been in violent meltdown. In fact, the past week has seen the fastest 10%+ loss in the S&P 500 in history.

Folks, this is now a fast-spreading global crisis and it’s crystal clear we can’t rely on the authorities adequately protect or even forewarn us.

When it comes to protection from the coronavirus, you’re on your own.

Keep preparing while there’s still time.

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According to Rachel Maddow tonight on TV, the BBC took a poll hospital by hospital in Iran, and came to the conclusion that the actual death toll today in Iran is 210.

That chart clearly shows a change from base line of less than 100 around late jan , to about 3000 currently with less than 100 confirmed cases makes absolutely no sense. I agree most of the monitoring and testing for the virus is way too insufficient.

The thin line separating incompetence and malice is “intent”.
“U.S. workers without protective gear assisted coronavirus evacuees, HHS whistleblower says” - Seattle Times
"The complaint alleges HHS staff were “improperly deployed” and were “not properly trained or equipped to operate in a public health emergency situation.” The complaint also alleges the workers were potentially exposed to coronavirus because appropriate steps were not taken to protect them and staffers were not trained in wearing personal protective equipment, even though they had face-to-face contact with returning passengers. The workers were in contact with passengers in an airplane hangar where evacuees were received and on two other occasions: when they helped distribute keys for room assignments and hand out colored ribbons for identification purposes.

In some instances, the teams were working alongside personnel from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in “full gown, gloves and hazmat attire,” the complaint said."

Intelligence is often defined by the ability to see relations in seemingly unrelated things or draw deductions from those. Or more accurately high intelligence or genius. It is clear that at least some of those at the CDC and WHO are clearly either paid for political and economic reasons to state things not factual or lack basic intelligence that they should have to do their jobs. It is clear, that something the president along with many others do not understand or fail to admit or convey to the public is simply that we do not have the ability with the medical community to burden another flu mind something that affects 60% of the population (6 times the flu) even if it was only as lethal as the flu. Additionally, they are unable to draw the deductions of lack of resources for all other needs - meaning , basic medicines will be short , protective wear will be short, and staffing and facilities and equipment will be short during a condition of pandemic or epidemic. The ramifications here are simple. There will be increased mortality for all causes. even the flu becomes more deadly, when there is less meds , ICU vents, or staff. And mortality will also increase for all other causes as the medical system becomes overwhelmed. This was even shown by another poster about their aunt who needed a ICU bed at UC davis because ICU staff had been quarantined. This is the fall-out here. Its not just about this virus alone… Its what it adds to what we can do. or can’t do.

Returned from a weeklong trip to Canada today. The wife and I figured we’d swing by the old Walmart and fill a few remaining holes in the pantry. The bulk rice/beans and anything long term dehydrated or freeze dried was gone along with much of the flour and paper goods. Saw a couple carts in the store that were obviously stocking up. I’m guessing at most 5% or 10% of the population is really even wary of this yet. In addition, plenty of people will be hitting the isles at the first of the month for SNAP. I think the window for “normal” shopping is starting to close…pass the beer nuts.

Oh man this scared the hell out of me
If this is true then containment in China is failing. We are in for some hell.

Exactly my thoughts: we are on our own. Not because we are run by idiots, but because we are run by sociopaths, driven by fear and blind ambition. Fear of losing their power, their money, their punani. Amoral persons whose ambition and acts turn immoral in a situation like this. I truly hope that this pandemic, oops correction, eh, things that make you go hmmm will lead to a worldwide wake up call. We are just a smartphone away from the age of robber barons. People get the leadership they deserve, at least in a democracy that is.

Made it through the night fine.I actually feel pretty good right now! it might be over.
But i also have very little energy in my legs, have trouble standing up, sometimes i fall over cause my legs just wont carry my body. Also when i woke up i had diarrhea.
There’s no reason for me to have diarrhea. Not today anyway. Not after waking up. I have taped off the vents weeks ago because i live in a building with alot of old people.
I am very much predicting the netherlands increasing massively the moment they’re going to do mass testing. Just as a reminder - the official guidelines that are being followed very strictly say:

  1. You have to have been abroad or have had confirmed contact with an infected person
  2. you need to measure a minimum fever of 38C RECTALLY.
    Don’t have one of the two? no test for you.

Thailand is a hot country. It’s 32C/89F even in the north of Thailand. Wonder how that exponential curve tallies with the supposed protection of hot weather:

I saw my functional medicine doctor today and she told me about an article she had come across (Lipinski 2015, Ebola and Selenium: How not to catch the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)) that talks about how selenium interferes with the spikes on the virus being able to bind to the lung cells. It is relevant in people being resistant to Ebola and to all other enveloped viruses (apparently including Covid-19.)
Additionally, we went over a 2 page outline I had sent her of all the things I am thinking about regarding preparing myself medically for this pandemic. She and her staff put me at ease about wearing an N95 mask to the office, I felt self-conscious because no one else was! She approved me getting a 3 month supply of my medications. I got both the flu shot and pneumonia shot today. And I didn’t ask her to elaborate on every point on my list, but I wanted her to have an idea of what I am thinking and see if she had any insights or whether I am on the right track.
This is not medical advice, I’m not a doctor or nurse. She told me that she and her staff take Immunitone and Tegricel Colostrum (don’t see the specific link on Amazon) to not catch the stuff they come in contact with at a primary care facility. Allithiamine boosts the efficiency of mitochondria in clearing free radicals. Argentyn 23 is a colloidal silver that doesn’t mess up your microbiome. And she gave me the info above on selenium. Thought this might be useful to others as well.

Community acquired infections are starting to appear. ( and the testing for this is nill ) Note: in the first two states were people were diagnosed… Again, showing the long course the illness takes making it hard to trace. So, this is just about to blow up huge on the west coast. give it another week after that to hit chicago and midwest… And then … its a free for all. Time to prep is out… this thing will be a mess in very short order.
I stand corrected there is a third case now - oregon’s first case. Again , association with a school, though an adult.
This now looks like its active and doing well in west coast schools. It may be mild in children therefore dismissed until now. This is about to blow up big-time… If this is all true - and things are really bad on the west coast … just 30 days in and infected all the schools - we are big trouble sooner than later.

I saw a comment about the like button not working the other day. I can’t see the couple posts I just “liked” in this thread. Historically, on this forum a post with many likes is usually worthy of one’s attention.

Noted same here. thought it could be browser crashed , was ready to dump cookies or use another one… guess somethign wrong with a JS on the site.

Can you ask to be tested for regular flu? If it comes out negative then you might be closer to the answer. Or if it turns out to be flu, you can feel relieved!

There are a lot of posts I wanted to give a thumbs up about. Then noticed it’s not working. Also I need a thumbs down button just for Desogames. Had enough of his selfish spamming antics. Good grief. Somebody lock him up.
Maybe I can send a letter about it to Google. Lol

You need to move your copious and detailed descriptions of your situation to a separate/side thread

This is NOT the place for your sharing whether you have diarrhea or not. Yes, you are interested, a lot of us are not. And those that are can go to a side thread. TMI - Granny

Nothing wrong with putting a little social pressure on someone who is misbehaving. Nothing at all. This is still a society even if we are spread all over the world.

I saw an article on Zerohedge a couple days ago having something to do with the effect of a true pandemic on the value or status of some financial bonds, and it got me thinking. I’ve been wondering why the WHO has been so obviously dragging its feet on pretty much everything related to this, but in particular, why they’ve been so hesitant to actually declare a pandemic. Other than the ZH article, I haven’t seen anything specifically related to this, but I’m getting a strong feeling that the WHO is holding back on this because they know there will be substantial financial repercussions if and when they actually make that declaration - and they’re getting heavily leaned on by the establishment to STFU, or at least to postpone such a declaration for as long as possible.
I’ve already checked my own health insurance policy, which thankfully makes no comments about coverage limitations resulting from an epidemic or a pandemic, but it’s my guess that a “Pandemic” is a very carefully legally defined event in lots of contracts (healthcare, financial, whatever), and a lot of folks stand to lose bigtime if and when it’s actually declared.
WHO: World Hope Organization.

I saw a comment about the like button not working the other day. I can’t see the couple posts I just “liked” in this thread. Historically, on this forum a post with many likes is usually worthy of one’s attention.
Yep, it's still not working. The IT team pushed some updates and this was one of a few things that broke. I'm applying pressure to get it fixed because I rely on the votes to read them temperature of the site and guide my browsing too. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.