When It Comes To Protection From The Coronavirus, You're On Your Own

Yes that is something what is bothering me too.
SARS patients were starting to infect others when they had symptoms and SARS was less infectious with hot weather.
It looks that this virus is different unfortunately.

Heat, Sun and humidity make catching this much harder but close proximity and air conditioning work against this. Cities and indoor mass gatherings will still be a problem.

I took that at 10:45 in the Albert Heijn in the inner city in Tilburg. The shelves you’re looking at contain disinfectants. All the Dettol is gone. I asked the lady at the register. She said supplies in the magazine are gone already too. Toiletpaper’s still on sale though.
Again, no mouthguards on anybody. Rampant ignorance. We are not prepared.
I also did a round of coffeeshops to get the last thing i needed (supply of drugs :D) and i talked to the guy in the shop about hashish, it was no longer on any special offers. I asked why and he said supply is “really tight in the hashish market right now, really tight”.
So it seems the supply chain disruptions have started as well.

I had this thought-if we in the US don’t test at the beginning of the outbreak contact tracing is impossible (too many potential sources once things get going). This is a boon to deep pockets types who could get blamed for getting someone ill (like companies with one sick employee that infects many). I know there were lawsuits after the H1N1 flu epidemic related to this issue. A positive test result is evidence of infection and also ability to get others ill. But maybe they just messed up the test. Not sure why we couldn’t borrow/buy a few thousand from S Korea but that is another discussion.

NYC cases may increase when the state begins own testing. Seems cases in NYS cannot be detected. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-china-health-usa-testing-idUSKCN20N00J

Hi Everyone, Newbie here. Nice to meet you. I have a hallway with a nice radiator that I’ve never used. But now its on. I don’t know how long the central heating in the apt. building will be running this year, but for now I’m putting my shoes on top and I hang my pants and coat on it when I come in before washing hands and face. I leave the bathroom door open on my way out and close the front door with my elbow on the way in. This has been easy enough to work everyday this week – without me having to slap myself to get it going as I had to do in order to unlearn touching my face while outside. :slight_smile:
But TMI. The reason I’m writing is to solicit feedback on the idea of (not quite) roasting my outer garments overnight and to see if there’s a reason to think that it’s not just silly.

3% h2o2 which is almost free in the usa costs 5eu per 250ml at the drugstore here. 1L 10% h2o2 costs 20eu for a small savings. but you need to dilute it so you don’t hurt yourself using it as you would with some of the dangerous options mentioned here. Meanwhile, sorry to hear about your supply chain issues grasshopper. Probably for the good of the forum though.
all the best.

COVID19 it looks like thr flu but it’s not. Like the Fabian Society their original emblem was a shield with a wolf in sheep’s clothing holding a flag with the letters F.S. https://theweathereye.wordpress.com/2010/06/27/the-fabian-society/
Just a thought. CCBW

Both my italian friend says the dettol’s gone in her country (no suprise there) but my swedish friend, who works in a pharmacy, also says it’s completely gone in her area.
Also something just occurred to me. I’m happy to live in Europe atm. Even with this bum system that’ll get overwhelmed soon…
…i do not wanna live in any country where anybody will just pull out a gun if they decide they need the supplies; whether that is true or not. You just know some of these people are going to shoot before discussing things.
Sure in the collapse you need a >weapon< but a gun makes you a real threat at a distance. For everybody else who has a gun too. By all means, if you live in the US, you should get a gun with plenty of ammo NOW. But only for the reason that everybody who’s likely to shoot you already has one.

Carniverous because it eats people.

remember Australia is the 51 st state of the united states, we are suffering through the same opaqueness as the US. thank you chris for your practical , actionable and frank information


So on the one hand “they” want us to keep going to work and school, keep socializing and patronizing sportsball, and most of all keep producing and <consuming>. On the other hand they don’t want us to go out and stock up on food, cleaning supplies, medications and disinfectants.
Reminds me of my favorite magic trick: “Pick a card, any card… oh no, not that card!”

Why were you given the flu vaccine in light of studies like this?

I posted earlier on maybe using ozone. Well I’ve found small ozone generators on am Amazon. I think if you take an aquarium or even a cardboard box with a cover on it and ran a tube into it from the ozone generator you could get a high concentration of Ozone inside. From what I’ve read ozone is a hazardous gas but chlorine gas killed a lot of soldiers in world war1. Most cleaning products have warnings on them. So if you can put it where you don’t spend much time like it in the garage. Or maybe if you have a designated bathroom for sick family members put it in there and run it at night to help clean the room of virus, I know what happens if they need the room at night? Read more on ozone at: https://www.lenntech.com/library/ozone/drinking/ozone-applications-drinking-water.htm#ixzz6FLbsFf00 below is from that site.
Ozone is a more effective disinfectant than chlorine, chloramines, and even chlorine dioxide. An ozone dose of 0,4 mg L-1 for 4 minutes is usually effective for pre-treated water (low NOM concentration) [39]. Several studies proved that ozone, unlike chlorine products, can deactivate resistant micro-organisms (see resistant microorganisms page). However, as ozone rapidly decomposes in water, its life-span in aqueous solutions is very short (less than one hour). Therefore ozone is less suitable for residual disinfection and can be used only in particular cases (mainly in short distribution systems). Chlorine and chlorine dioxide often replace ozone as a final disinfectant. For primary disinfection (prior to the bio filtration), ozone is very suitable. This will lead to a more complete disinfection and a lower disinfectant concentration.
Just food for thought I ordered a generator last night. Also I have an old aquarium in the barn I’ll put a piece of Plexiglas on it to contain the ozone and we’re good to go, fashion a wire rack to hold the masks apart so the ozone can penetrate through the masks. Then maybe set them aside for a week like Criss said, just in case it didn’t kill them all but I think it will. Thanks CCBW

My son-in-law (ex military and definitely not PC) has taken to calling it the Kung Flu. It’s OK to smile… :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s the article I saw that I was referring to in my comment earlier in this thread. After seeing your post, I went back and re-read the article carefully, and it looks like the existing bondholders are praying for time in order to dump these bonds on someone else before the WHO declares a pandemic. The bonds are due and payable in July 2020, and I can’t imagine the WHO would think of waiting that long before making such a declaration, so it’s probably a matter of the bondholders trying to sell their holdings to some unsuspecting pension fund before the WHO actually does rediscover its true purpose in life and declares a pandemic.
Here’s another article on the same subject, in which the author (Martin Armstrong) suggests that the declaration of a pandemic, and the resulting loss of principal for these bonds (not to mention the associated derivatives), would destabilize the global financial system. The total amount involved appears to be about half a billion dollars. Is that really how fragile the global financial system is? If so, then the WHO is worried about a lot more than just a pandemic. But this is a position in which they should never have been allowed to put themselves: deciding between global health concerns and global financial concerns.

Is silver capable of killing the virus? A silver and citrus cleaning product makes that claim. I have written to the company asking specifically about the coronavirus. Any thoughts?

Nothing new here. We have been on our own for years, if not our entire lives.

Not to mention the fact that it may be very hard to contain such a virulent virus within the hospital itself, putting hundreds of sick patients at risk when meanwhile they were there in the first place for something totally unrelated.