When Uncertainty Strikes: Finding Opportunities in Volatile Markets

Originally published at: When Uncertainty Strikes: Finding Opportunities in Volatile Markets – Peak Prosperity

Hello everyone, and welcome to another insightful edition of Financial University. I’m thrilled to be joined again today by Paul Kiker of Kiker Wealth Management. In this discussion, we delve deep into the current financial landscape, examining the unprecedented market trends that began in late 2023. We explore the intriguing phenomena, such as the Nikkei nearing its historic 1989 highs and the Fed’s surprising policy shifts.

Our conversation also touches on the broader implications of these trends on inflation, market valuations, and investor psychology.

Join us as we navigate through these complex financial times, offering both analysis and insights for prudent investors.


I’ve been seriously mulling this over for many months now, the angst caused by the manipulation has me spitting nails! the vital commodities that are so needed to drive a positive market I believe are telling a story - what is it? either there is no demand or there is great demand because of the new green economy, either way something is seriously screwed up!


The Fed Just Made A Catastrophic Mistake - YouTube

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The money shot


So why is MSM reporting on cash discounts?

NBC just did a piece on the popularity of paying cash to get a discount. Any clue as to why they are pushing this?
Small businesses are offering discounts because of the cost of processing credit cards- another predatory banking practice. But what does Goliath get out of telling people about it? Normalizing it?
Maybe I’m a bit cynical, but the only thing that comes to mind is that the next set of stories will be about small businesses using cash to avoid taxes (only for billionaires) or to launder crime money. Guess they will need to ban cash discounts “for public protection”. More ways to harass small business.