Which Is the Most Secure Messaging App?

Here is a brief description of how Threema stores data
Using Threema ought to generate as little data on servers as possible – this is part of the concept. For that reason, data like e.g. contacts or group chats are stored in a decentralized way on user devices, instead of on a Threema server. Our servers assume the role of a switch; messages and data get forwarded, but not permanently stored. Where there is no data, there is nothing to be accessed or misused. However: without some kind of (temporary) data storage, there cannot be any asynchronous communication. In the following we will explain what kind of data we store, how we store it and for how long.

  • Messages and group chats: As soon as a message has been successfully delivered to the recipient, it is immediately deleted from the server. All messages and media are transmitted end-to-end encrypted in Threema. This means: even if someone intercepted your message, it would be completely useless. Only the intended recipient is able to decrypt and read a message.
  • No contact lists are stored when synchronizing contacts: The email addresses and phone numbers from your address book get anonymized (hashed) before they reach the server. Once the comparison is finished, they are immediately deleted from the server.
  • Key pairs are generated in a decentralized way on your device. Your private key is never known to us, and therefore we cannot decrypt any message contents.
  • Threema doesn't log who is communicating with whom (which Threema IDs are communicating).
Further information: Cryptography Whitepaper. I believe it is really worth to pay once five bucks for this app
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Folks need to consider their threat model. All of the above solutions have a central person (CEO, etc.) that can be hit with a wrench. End-to-end privacy and anonymity from a government attacker is technically achievable, but no one reading this is capable of achieving it.
Typically, your goal should be to avoid advertising company surveillance to minimize their ability to manipulate you into making suboptimal purchasing decisions. Use a VPN to disguise your IP and ad blocking software like Brave Browser.

I currently run a Matrix server for my close personal contacts but it has been a drag trying to get people on.
I see it as a temporary solution until a truly peer-to-peer decentralised chat application is born.

Tutanota is also good. However, the drawbacks of ProtonMail also applies to Tutanota.

I didnt see anything regarding Viber on the thread. I have heard that it has E2EE but all data flows through Israel. Any thoughts?

yeah Viber,
I also was wondering why it wasn’t mentioned. So 8 years ago it was quite “in”.
Actually I liked it… but then it lost ground to whatsapp… and never recovered.
And as per Israel… everyone knows, professional spyware comes from Israel :wink:

As explained by Rob Braxman [on Odysee and YT] even encrypted e.mail is problematic because it reveals your IP address as part of the always unencrypted metadata. He proposes the following multi step strategy:
1- no real names on internet or join real phone number platforms like FB/IGram/WhatsApp.
2- use multiple emails partitioned by function: family/friends, business, social media, etc.
3 -Have multiple phone No’s, one for real & other for internet.
4- Use a de-googled Phone - no device finger print
5 - Use a VPN - IP kept private.
He admits it does take a bit of work, but it is a small price to pay to regain privacy going forward.


Just curious.
Because in this day and age one needs to know who you’re dealing with.
I’ve used Telegram and it’s OK … and easy enough to use.
But of course I never say anything I wouldn’t want the Snoops to read.
– Chuck

The Start9 github.com/Start9Labs is one of many self hosted projects in the security space. (Customer since late 2020, no other involvement ) Derived from FOSS it’s a GUI based implementation of many security focused apps:Bitwarden, Cups,Sphinx, Matrix. Primarily a BTC/LN platform but you pick & choose to match your interest.
Stay Free,


Hi Chuck,
Rob Braxman did a great cover of the various messaging/email secure apps, and Signal rated a bit higher than Telegram…
Worth the watch if your interested in Privacy/Security…
He has great topics…
Cheers and see everyone on Signal I hope!!

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The Swiss cooperate with USA. Swiss is a businesscase and that’s why they can survive. WW2…….

Who has met him in person?


On Friday, the Swiss Federal Administrative Court upheld Proton’s appeal against the Swiss Post and Telecommunications Surveillance Service (PTSS) over obligations to store data and monitor email traffic. The court confirmed that email services can’t be considered telecommunications providers in Switzerland, and therefore are not subject to data retention requirements. Proton founder and CEO Andy Yen said the ruling was an "important first step" in its campaign to advance privacy and freedom, reported Reuters. ...


Do you know if it is secure to send pictures via Whatsapp? Is is a secure app? Also, do you know how to send these images from Mac? In Windows I just cut and pasted image in Paint and sent without saving. 

So many questions in one comment I cannot answer. For messaging security you must learn the Surveillance Law. As for sending pics in Mac, I found this https://setapp.com/how-to/paint-for-mac read for you so that you could check it all by yourself. I am neither using Mac nor Paint, so don’t bother me with that anymore.

Which Is The Most Secure Messaging App?

Previously, I was engaged in decrypting telegram keys and their MTProto protocol. And I can say with confidence that this is one of the most wounded messengers in the world. There are a lot of shortcomings and bugs. In addition, the leadership is clearly cooperating with the Russian authorities. How else to explain the fact that they are still allowed to work there? And these are all just my words, but also the experts from Lomray