Why Is Coronavirus News Still So Inaccurate?


Why would your 1st choice be a drug? Why not try vitamin D and C, quercetin, chaga, zinc, a good multi-vitamin and multi-mineral supplement? Zero sugar and lots of rest and sunshine. Is your husband elderly?
Having s body that can kick the virus with ease would be preferable to drugs. With that said, I am sure the drugs would provide comfort - just in case!
Good luck.

thanks for your suggestions. I am at a loss for what to do…
from what I hear from CM, isn’t the suggestion that with any onset of symptoms, take HCQ, even if your tests are not yet confirmed? I don’t want to find out a week from now that we could have prevented spread to lungs and organs… what do we do? No he is not elderly

Peter Daszak Bat Lady link, above AND in video description box, to NCBI article:
”page not available”
Didn’t expect THAT.

  • https://www.ablmed.com

Dear Chris & Adam, All PP-readers,
To contradict the, pardon-the-pun, quack of an academic Dr. Daszak, below an article about farmed mink that are carrying the SARS-COV-II virus.
The conditions in which these animals should be a factor worthy of further investigation, but oh, no wait…the Dutch CDC, RIVM have seemed to determine that:

"[th]e possibility that they [the mink] could further spread the virus to humans or other animals on the farms was “minimal”, the ministry said, citing advice from national health authorities."
My further commenting on the above is fruitless. But what has reaped great joy and (mental) health benefits for me has being able to 'Prosper'. I've greatly diversified financially, professionally and spiritually. Furthermore, my garden plot has improved so greatly due to the advice and featured speakers on this site. Caring for the earth/ground is so significant on so many levels. Please consider this listen https://onbeing.org/programs/wendell-berry-ellen-davis-the-art-of-being-creatures Krista Tippitt's introduction addresses a needed shift in our perception in the chain of being:
For centuries, the western world read the Bible as a call to dominate the earth and subdue it. For the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, we re-experience this sacred text as a call to reframe the human relationship to the natural world – the land, as theologian Ellen Davis says, on which our life depends. With the poetry of Genesis alongside the poetry of Wendell Berry, we remember the lost art of being creatures.
Stay safe good people. P.s. - Just some whimsy here...Daszak would translate to Badgerbag in Dutch. Interesting....

First, don’t panic. I am in my 60’s and got over it just fine. I took lots of supplements, 10,000 IU if vitamin D cause I live in Alaska. Copious amounts of vitamin C. And a water supplement that helped to alkalize my system. You could google baking soda/baking powder. There are very good posts in this site regarding supplementation. Do some research and take a logical approach. Truly, our bodies are designed to be healthy and when we give them the proper ingredients they need we can, usually, overcome this virus. We as a species have and do encounter viruses on a regular basis. We no doubt live symbiotically with virus’s. Chances are your husband will get over the virus just fine. Giving his body a little help with upping his immunity might be helpful.
And if you get some meds from a qualified Dr. great. I would be wary of black-market and Internet purchased meds unless from a reputable source.
Perhaps others, more qualified than I can weigh in?
Good luck.

Your latest video is over the moon fabulous. I am one of the real ones who have followed you for close to 100 days. Your analyses of infections rising, and all have been splendid. However, these analyses of media swings and conflict of interest are fabulous. Half the time I think all media, politicians and the govt. folks are making it up as they go along.
I personally don’t buy the Koolaid for animals in wet markets. The chance of an oops in a level 4 lab, esp. in China is just as possible as a lab accident anywhere else. I’ve worked in level 3 labs and trust me, anything can go bump in the middle of the night or day…even a centrifuge mis spin. And yes, it should be considered and handled. Good luck with that. Keep deep diving, dude, and thanks for your exponential loss of sleep prepping for these daily videos. most appreciated. geri

I wish I had a suggestion on where to get HCQ from for you. My elderly mom passed away from it in a long term care facility 10 days ago. They did not give her HCQ until day 8 after her symptoms started. It took three days from when symptoms appeared to when she was tested (she was the first infection in the facility, so their level of COVID-alertness was not at its highest level), another day and a half for test results, then they insisted on administering cardio tests before they would start HCQ. So it obviously was of little benefit to her. And now I’m left with recounting this painful progression over and over again.
The inability of many health care professionals to grasp simple concepts such as masks for all = good and anti-virals need to be administered early in the infection trajectory is both damming and dumbfounding.

I’m suggesting the deep managers also don’t understand WTF because I haven’t been able to detect coherent media narratives. Bouncing around, way worse than we thought to no problem here (move along). The no problem doctors from the listed video seemed to be pushing back to work narrative but then gets cancelled by facebook. Facebook deletions are one of my prime indicators of real news. (or at least anti narrative news). So I’m pretty convinced the managers have no real idea and will continue to do random stuff; excepting save Wall Street and Hate Trump.

I’ve commented a few times about silver. It works. You have nothing to lose, anyway. Get some. If the symptoms are already presenting, take it liberally. Cut back when the symptoms decline. It will always be my go-to, as it totally killed a two year viral infection I had been suffering. It took a whopping 36 hours to do so. Numerous additional testimonials. This link will take you to a very informative page:
you should start taking preventative doses now.
Good luck

The idea of this chlorine dioxide seems to be very similar to HCQ. The scientist Andreas Kalcker has been researching it for years. On his website, you can even learn how to make it yourself. It is very simple. Of course, big pharma doesn’t like him.


I don’t understand why some countries still have problems with testing. In the czech republic there is microbiologist with her own lab - Sona Pekova - who quickly understood that the tests used in the US were too complicated and time-consuming. So she developed her own which is much faster and cheaper. She is giving it away for free.

Take your Vitamin D everyone!

https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.04.24.20075838v1 Results: Twenty COVID-19 patients with serum 25OHD levels were identified; 65.0% required ICU admission.The VDI prevalence in ICU patients was 84.6%, vs. 57.1% in floor patients. Strikingly, 100% of ICU patients less than 75 years old had VDI.

It seems like common sense. But I never hear the Government Health Care team promote vitamins and good health. Just wait for a vaccine. Hmmmm 8 billion people getting a vaccine. That’s trillions of dollars in someone’s pocket. Vitamin D and C and maybe colloidal silver, what a nickel each?
5 cents or trillions?
Maybe I am confused. Please enlighten me.

tkl said,

The idea of this chlorine dioxide seems to be very similar to HCQ.
No. Chlorine dioxide is a highly reactive, direct oxidant;
Generally Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) rapidly oxidises phenol type compounds, secondary and tertiary amines, organic sulphides and certain hydrocarbon polycyclic aromatics such as benzopyrene, anthracene and benzoathracene. In general, Chlorine Dioxide will not react on double carbon bonds, aromatic cores, quinionic and carboxylic structures as well as primary amines and urea. Commercial applications have shown that Chlorine Dioxide can effectively oxidise many compounds considered to be waste and water pollutants. The table below lists a selection of pollutants found in various industries from our files, and demonstrates the wide range of possible applications for Chlorine Dioxide.
This is not how HCQ works.. not even close. There are three possible modes of action and we don't know on balance which ones are most important, though I think many of us technical folks guess that the Zinc ionophore route is in play.

Maybe just go outside for 15-30 minutes a day? “Free vitamin D.” Plus stress reduction. Being happy is a big boost for the immune system.
Oh wait. We can’t do that. We’re supposed to shelter in place. Can’t fix the “terrain”, we have to bow down to the little strands of RNA.
Perhaps another reason why this could melt away in summertime. We’ll get it, but we’ll be all “vitamin-D” loaded up. And it won’t transmit outside. And it doesn’t like warm weather.
Those people going to the beach in CA are following their instincts. But we’re smarter than them. We have Public Policy based on Science.
I want my vaccine! And I’m not gonna leave my room until I get it!

There is so much politics in Big Education that “Peer Reviewed” could just mean pandering to and fitting in with the established big business bias and policies. Really, new and revolutionary ideas that challenge the “norm” may not be popular and pass established peer reviewed group think. I don’t believe that institutional bias does not play a gigantic role in “peer reviewed”.
Perhaps it’s time for non-big-ed-biased articles.

You are a confused conspiracy theorist. The government, including all politicians and associated bureaucrats are all selfless idealists and always have your best interests in mind. They will always tell you what you need to know, and they are careful not to bother you with things you don’t need to know. You are best to put your trust in government and hold it in the highest esteem, leaving yourself in its capable care.