Why Is Coronavirus News Still So Inaccurate?

Good article at Life Extension. Interesting, supposedly, 23% of people in US are deficient. Average percent of COVID-19 patients admitted to hospital, 24%. Hummm…

I’ve posted this elsewhere, but in the whirlwind of events these days, not everybody gets to see every post, so –
I am reasonably certain I picked up our CV friend in LA this past Xmas, while visiting my mom. Best guess is either on the plane back to Hawaii, or in the gym I visited while in LA, since otherwise I cocooned with the fam at mom’s place, and nobody in the fam got sick.
Two days after my return, I could feel myself starting to get sick. I never get sick. Last time I was sick (defined as needing to go lie down and refrain from normal activity) was for a day and a half in '08 due to the swine flu that came through that year.
When I felt my energy start to change (I swear I can feel the buggers multiplying in their multi-billions inside me) I megadosed with Vitamin C, ate a whole mess of probiotic foods (sauerkraut, miso soup etc.) and went to bed. By morning I was ok. It was as if an intruder tried to do a forced entry but I was able to bar the door in the nick of time. I still felt a little pooky, but just a tad.
My girlfriend, my son (3 years old) and his mother weren’t so lucky. Over the next weeks son and mother both required antibiotics for their lungs, and gf ended up with a dry hacking cough that persisted for several weeks (to the point she when she would gargle with salt water, it would come back out pink with blood). Her immune is somewhat compromised because she had survived breast cancer and was then on tamoxifen for a couple years.
A friend heard her plight and showed up at her door with a nebulizer and ionic silver. Overnight, the cough disappeared and her immune system managed to get its arms around the contagion. After weeks of being in and out of bed, active/inactive, almost-well then again horribly sick, she was well. Drained but cured.
As we have also heard anecdotally, COVID-19 can reappear. Over the last couple months, on a few occasions gf felt like she was relapsing. Again, treatment with the nebulizer and ionic silver (inhaled) knocked it back down.
No proof that it was COVID-19 (haven’t been tested – in Hawaii you need a doctor to prescribe a test, and this all happened in January, before anybody knew COVID was a thing). No proof that it was nebulized ionic silver that was the cure. Just a story from your ole PP pal Sager. But I believe. Bought my own nebulizer, procured some ionic silver. I nebulize once a week, give or take, because I am not strictly locked down (I make a weekly trip to Costco and the local health food store with a wish list compiled by anywhere from 3-6 families) so no matter my caution I must be getting small doses of infection and I figure it doesn’t hurt to practice prophylaxis when it comes to Honey Badger Virus. <smile>
Anyhow, make of that what you will. Hawaii has evidently gotten a very mild case of the pandemic. But nobody I know who is using silver (there’s more of us than you’d think) got sick, either from COVID-19 or that nasty flu that came through this winter but got overshadowed by CV. DYODD, YMMV, IANAD. (Do your own due diligence, your mileage may vary, I am not a doctor.) But it doesn’t cost a lot of money, it has essentially zero side effects, and it might just save your hind end…
VIVA – Sager

I live not too far from a beach town and it is frustrating in that this county has only 30 active cases, maybe 1 or 2 inthe hospital, only 2 deaths over 2 months. And they are threatening to re-close the beaches.
Who cares if out of county people come to the beach ? Isnt this their own problem if a few of them expose each other to the virus ?
The problem is that the state and county governments in CA have no idea what to do next, they are stuck in a mode where they do not want anyone to get sick. But that is not appropriate ! The hospitals are empty. I do not think they have the right to tell people not to do outdoor recreation. Wether people should keep more distance or not, we do not have the constitutional authority to keep doing back to back month long emergency orders when there is no great public threat ( in other words, we are not in a hospital or medical care crisis).
The beach town I live close to is 500 miles away from L. A. county. L. A. county can make their own local case of what steps are needed, they are the area having an outbreak

thank you for all your work. Prof Raoult has published a dashboard, you’ll see in the lower right corner his protocol in real-time: https://www.mediterranee-infection.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Capture-d%E2%80%99e%CC%81cran-2020-04-28-a%CC%80-13.14.24-897x1024.png?fbclid=IwAR04ikenP2rUv45uWxWDsugBs5oC7Js7k31NlSZ4zClQTi683_iKwUz9RnE
For people who speak French: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcvDi6tjldk
Prof. Raoult explains that he has treated more than 3000 people without any incident related to the use of HCQ. Happy to walk you through the video if you have time.
Jean-Jacques Dubray, Ph.D. (from University of Aix-Marseilles).

– me and mine keep ionic silver in spray bottles outside our front doors, in our cars, indoors, wherever. Anytime we are concerned with contagion, we spray whatever it is with silver. Thorough coating, wait a minute, voila! Clear. No mess, no noxious chemicals, and quicker than UV or heat.
VIVA – Sager

"The problem is that the state and county governments in CA have no idea what to do next, they are stuck in a mode where they do not want anyone to get sick. But that is not appropriate ! The hospitals are empty. I do not think they have the right to tell people not to do outdoor recreation. Wether people should keep more distance or not, we do not have the constitutional authority to keep doing back to back month long emergency orders when there is no great public threat ( in other words, we are not in a hospital or medical care crisis)."
I have been going to the beach almost every day. They are technically shut, but as I have said elsewhere on this site, it's our duty to evade sh!tty authority. I take my son (3 years old) with me. It's his happy place, and him in his happy place is my happy place. A tiny sliver of normality as TPTB crash the economy and begin their efforts in earnest to install a surveillance state. Not to mention, vitamin D is good, UV kills CV, I didn't move to Hawaii to hide out indoors, and did I mention it's our duty to evade sh!tty authority?
  1. The density of the population.
  2. The density of the population.

For some reason this smells a lot like ’ Save the animals, wear no fur’ to me. If it is true then who’s to say how many other animals might be infect-able. I do believe that animals just like people can carry it in their hair/fur or on their feet/shoes clothing etc. But not infect-able, except maybe bats and monkeys, and any other poor victim or their close relatives, used in the labs to create it in the first place. Of course there are undoubtedly several closely related strains also being developed in the labs, and any number of which could some how find their way out to mankind, and then be cited as just natural mutations of the original, but contagious to even those who had developed an immunity to the original ?

Wouldn’t you know–the day after I buy ‘Prosper!’, it’s free here. LOL Still, great read, lots of good info, of course. Glad I bought it.

The video and the scientific content is just too good to pass on.

There seems to be a lot of bitterness about not being “allowed to go outside”, so I have to assume that there are areas of the US (and certainly in the most crowded parts of southern Europe) where going outside really is restricted. But it must vary, and can’t we look at some of the middle ground that seems to be working? Here in BC, we are encouraged to get out, go for walks or whatever for fresh air and exercise (sunshine isn’t necessarily on order), just stay a respectful distance from non-family members, wear a mask if you are anywhere near others, all the usual hygiene things. They did close down the big provincial and federal parks, partly because they weren’t sure how well the distancing would be carried out, but also because we’re heading into our other catastrophe season - wildfire. But they’re looking at a phased relaxation of that, and the municipal parks have stayed open. Essential services are still operating, and they’re calling out for farm workers, so there’s some outside work/activity for those that want it. Every night on the news we hear of some business that has figured out a way to adapt so they can “open” again - not the way they were before, but adapted to the current needs. BC is still keeping a tight lid on travel and gatherings, and restaurants and bars are still pretty much limited to take-out, but many of you are talking like someone’s welded you into your homes. I’m interested to hear specifics about what it’s like in different places, if someone doesn’t mind describing it.

Please, PP friends, don’t dose yourselves with chlorine dioxide. That chemical is a very strong, non-specific oxidant. In other words, it oxidizes everything and anything, quickly. Various forms of chlorine are used to sanitize swimming pools and water, because it kills all microbial life. It will oxidize you, too. It will probably kill the virus; but only after destroying large parts of you. Not a good tradeoff.

Today’s Chronicle carries a story that includes substantive criticism of the Santa Clara antibody study: ““I think the authors of the above-linked paper owe us all an apology,” wrote Andrew Gelman, a statistician at Columbia University, who criticized the Stanford study on his widely read blog.”

Remington Nevin is an MD and expert on the quinoline family of drugs, best known for their use against malaria. He has been interviewed here before, on the subject of mefloquine, which is believed to have caused severe neurologic damage, especially in soldiers who were forced to take it even after experiencing adverse effects. Similar effects are also found with chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine. The latter is often used for rheumatoid arthritis, and doctors there say that it is remarkably free of side effects. They forget, however, that a lot of patients stop taking it quite quickly after starting, probably because they are the sub-group that is vulnerable to side effects. Given that high doses are being used for COVID-19, and on elderly, infirm people, one can expect significant problems with side effects.
You can find out more of the work of Dr Nevin on his Quinism Foundation website: https://quinism.org

Today, VP Mike Pence visited the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. I saw a short video of him and an aid exiting the plane (no masks), and greeted by our governor and others, wearing a mask. Here is a link to his visit at Mayo, and again, no mask:

Maybe what is meant is that both HCQ and ClO2 are used to fight malaria. Maybe in a different way but some say with the same end result.

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Chlorine dioxide is used in public water-treatment facilities, to make water safe for drinking, to disinfect meet, etc… Even in mouthwash and toothpaste (https://closys.com/products/closys-ultra-sensitive-mouthwash) Do you have evidence of what you’re saying ? Because this

Controlled clinical evaluations of chlorine dioxide, chlorite and chlorate in man. does not confirm your affirmations.

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I wish I could remember where, but I watched a video of a US emergency room doc who was livid about what he claimed was willful ignorance on the part of the medical establishment, of probably effective treatments. Long story short, one thing he recommended was tonic water taken with Zinc. Tonic water contains quinine, which is similar in chemical structure to hydrochloroquine and chloroquine. That’s a fact. His hypothesis was that quinine also functions like those two drugs to allow Zinc to enter cells. That might not be correct, but I figure it’s worth a try. I drink a little tonic water with zinc and vitamin C every night. YMMV

I have used it as nose drops and gargle at first sign of any bug. Also topically. The elite have always used silver, why are they called “blue bloods”? and born with a silver spoon in their mouths? In ancient China if a person bitten by a rabid animal, a silver coin was bound into the wound. My friend used it for treating sick finches she raised, just dosed their drinking water. Yay, silver! Grandfathered in when all those drug laws were passed. Big pharma just thinks if they ignore stuff, it will go away.

I went to Mayo for my two hip revision surgeries. I love my surgeon and the care I got there. I wouldn’t go there for other stuff, probably. They have as many misconceptions as other medical establishments.