Why The Windfall Oil Tax Will Backfire

Those greedy oil companies! Time to tax them good and hard!

The only problem with this view is it is so short-sighted and unsophisticated it will actually produce the exact opposite of what it (supposedly) intends. So, get ready for a future of lower oil supplies and higher prices along with related economic harms that will land most on the poor.

In this video report, you’ll learn about what a windfall actually means, why the windfall tax will backfire, and why I consider people who sling about the term “conspiracy theorist” are themselves actually “non-persuasion capable.” In other words, they are NPCs.

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Thanks for offering your information at such a reasonable cost…Just love your work and your insight…


The Goal Might Be To Nationalize The Oil Industry

Perhaps this is what governments will do when they bankrupt the oil producers. I remember back in 2007/08 when Bill O’Reilly had his radio show. He did the same thing as the UK Prime Minister is currently doing by calling the Oil Companies, greedy and unpatriotic and that they should give back to Americans who are suffering because they are making record profits. He wanted to impose heavy taxes on all the major Oil companies.
I actually agreed with him, only because I did not understand how the Oil business works. That’s until I started reading Gail Tverberg’s work on her website along with yours truly by going thru the Crash Course. Michael Ruppert’s movie Collapse also put our energy predicament into context.
It opened my eyes how the world revolves not on alternative energy but around oil and how expensive it is to get out of the ground as it continues to decline.


David Icke Was Right

Covid 1984 was all about control and compliance as we now see the G20 trying to mandate Covid passports for travel. Chris, perhaps one day you might have on Catherine Austin Fitts who says there is a Global Agenda to takedown our current system. All for control of the world’s population.
This was posted on Martin Armstrong’s website: Swiss Doctor Locked Away in Mental Asylum for Speaking Against COVID Laws


David Icke has been right on so many things for many years. I’d love to see him interviewed again on more than just Covid, and allow him to really voice his findings. Not everyone will agree with him but that’s what makes us different here….I mean in all honesty, how many people here believed in a global cabal 10 years ago that has now been proven to be true. He could be right about “lizards”.


Oil Trading Time?

is it time to reload on brent and wti longs??


Favorite Copy Quote From The Youtube Comments

The People running the system understand... they appear stupid but I feel like everything is done with a motive and moving towards a goal most are oblivious to. No way its not on purpose.
Pretty much says it all. Thanks for the presentation Chris. And thanks for putting out the Black Friday sale. I'm already in, obviously, but it'll be interesting to see who all this brings in and to meet some new people.

Picking Winner And Losers

What if we had a windfall tax on Pfizer, Moderna, ect. They profited from something out of their control……Oops, actually they did have control…
Sorry just a quip from a conspiracy theorist.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!


Remember The Abandoned Tanker?

Listening to you I remember that crazy story in 2020 about the tanker that was “stuck” out on the water that no one wanted because the price had dropped so much that transportation and processing costs would have been more than the oil was going for at the moment. The shipping firm basically put a “free to good home” sign on the ship. Crazy industry— massive ups and downs and dangerous work.


Shell “reevaluating” Uk Investments

Welp, that was quick.
How it started:
How it’s going (after the UK windfall tax):
It’s totally weird - almost like there’s a connection between political disincentives and human reactions and behaviors.

Crazy industry— massive ups and downs and dangerous work.
Indeed it is! I've gained more and more respect for the people who risk much to bring that magic substance to us. And I fear the vast majority of people haven't a clue about what's actually at stake here should the industry collapse or fail to deliver.

Thank you! You made my day. :slight_smile:


I don’t play oil directly, but I’ve been adding to my oil stocks for the past month and a half…not ‘all in’ yet, but nibbling with gusto.


Now that you mention it, I can’t recall AOC, Robert Reich or CNN calling for a pharma windfall tax. Odd. Must be an oversight on all their parts.


I recall college Econ profs telling our classes how business and consumer behavior didn’t change based on tax policy. So just raise taxes and people will pay them; people won’t make an effort to minimize taxes.
Yeah right.
This authoritarian economic premise is at the heart of modern politics. To them, the people serve the government, rather than the reverse. It’s not new.


The problem is the morons we have running things don’t understand Anything about anything useful. Most of them couldn’t find their own ass with both hands and a map. They have never been part of the supply chain. They have never worked in the energy industry or ANY part of manufacturing. They live in a made up world and that makes them totally disconnected from the part of society that actually DOES things and MAKES stuff. Trying to explain any of this to a career politician is like me trying to teach my dog to recite Shakespeare, both are entirely futile.


Wet Fail Tax

or Wet Fail Tax for over melting of ice. https://www.uow.edu.au/media/2022/record-smashing-heatwaves-are-hitting-antarctica-and-the-arctic-simultaneously.php


Most Of Us Here Are Brokenists

A Jewish friend sent a couple of us these two articles from the Tablet with a note that he thought we belonged in the Brokenism camp, as do most of the PP crowd. It’s a good description of current failing culture.
We are surprised that her Status-quoists can’t see the rot. Maybe we’re simply in a particularly broken 4th turning. Maybe we’re in a collapsing civilization. Are institutions are broke and we have no leaders.


@bj-brown, I think you may have brought to us first word of a movement.
Brokenism. I am a Brokenist.
Yes, that feels right.
All the King’s horses and all the King’s men…


As Chris said in the video, truckers just need to set down their keys and the country would come to full stop. Hopefully the WEF global takeover will be averted the day when Klaus and Bill Gates maintenance staff go on strike and the two of them actually have to figure out how to fix their own toilets.