Why Was A CIA Man Selected To Oversee Stock Ownership & Settlement?

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Note: This is the sixth installment in our Great Taking Series.

You know what would be really weird? If it turned out that a CIA employee was tasked to oversee the overhaul of the most sensitive plumbing used by Wall Street.

Well, this is exactly what happened. The DTC (now DTCC) controls virtually every aspect of stocks and bond sales. A shadowy wholly-owned subsidiary, Cede & Co., technically owns 83% of all stocks and some very large and an undisclosed amount of bonds.

According to the DTCC website:

Once a security becomes eligible, DTC, through its nominee Cede & Co., is the registered holder of the securities, routinely processing dividend and interest payments and managing the electronic “book-entry” transfer of interests in securities among participants.


That’s as close as I can get to the truth…because we know Cede & Co are processing ‘securities’ that pay ‘interest’ we know that bonds are involved, we just don’t know how many.

So perhaps $50 to $60 trillion of total US assets are being held by DTCC and its nominee corporation Cede & co…and all of it was set up by a guy whose prior work experience was with the branch of the CIA that went about the world overthrowing governments.

Now why would a guy with that particular skill set be the right pick for a job like setting up the DTCC?

I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.


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You, sir, are an AMAZING information scout. This has officially gotten entertaining on all fronts.

Head in a$$ & shiny brass cajónes – just perfect.

Thank you!


Great piece of sleuthing! I marvel at people denying, “It can’t happen,” and “They would never do THAT!” Well, “they” sure have worked diligently as secretly as possible for decades to get to this place where they COULD do it only to mercifully decide to NOT do it and forgo the immense power and wealth it would mean for them. Ya, right.

You suggested we visit Wall Street and NYC. Sorry. I’d sooner visit Sodom and Gomorrah right before The Event. Washington, DC - ditto.

Re: the DTCC logo. Let me help you out understanding that.

I agree there will have to be some dramatic, physical forcing function to kick off TGT. Left unsaid is that it will have to be an emergency that will dwarf every previous emergency for humans on the planet. I’m thinking something like The Black Death + WWIII + the Great Depression + Krakatoa’s 1883 eruption. As you’ve said, anything we do to prepare now will seem like an overreaction but after The Emergency hits it will seem like a huge underreaction.


Okay, that story was positively surreal.

Somebody needs to make a movie about this!

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I thought this was interesting:

In Bill’s final week, he experienced two triumphs: First, obtaining the COVID vaccine on Tuesday, and then on Wednesday, Inauguration Day, witnessing the peaceful transfer of power that is the hallmark of American democracy. “This is a great day! This is a wonderful day!” he wrote to his family, and cheered out loud to anyone else he spoke to that day.

His sudden sharp decline beginning the next day came as a rude shock to his family, who reel at his loss, but thank the Lord that he survived to see his country embark on a higher road.


Yep, the vaccine took him out.


His obituary notes… To his children he gave ‘Eternal Life: A New Vision’ by John Shelby Spong (New York: HarperCollins, 2009). The book rejects theism and makes God a projection of man to overcome his fears. God is the universal cosmic consciousness, in other words we, collectively, are God.
New age drivel appropriate for a CIA operative.


Ohh! That’s a fascinating detail!

Yes, it makes sense that he was a Deep Stater through and through. I’ll bet he was greatly cheered by the subtle work of his colleagues in fortifying the election to achieve the proper outcome…which was more power and wealth and safety for his in-crowd colleagues.


Intent is that they will still be in control after a crash


Well that now rules out the unifying theory that the deep state are behind it all. I’ll have to go back to the Faction war theory!

That’s what they think. I strongly suspect they’ve misanalyzed the situation.


Never knew the NY Fed was at 33 Freedom Street. That’s hilarious. Along the lines of the Pope’s audience hall looking just like a snake with him as the forked tongue, or the EU building looking like the Tower of Babel.


Liberty Street…and, also at the exact # that happens to be the highest Masonic level.

These “winks” from the Matrix sure are amusing!


The more you see them, the more you can’t unsee them.

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Wow very interesting but that last line says something.
God is the universal cosmic consciousness, in other words we, collectively, are God.
I have often wondered about this very thing. Praying is where this come from. I have heard many people throughout the years talk of many different issues fixed ( overcome) with prayer. I often thought is it possible that if enough minds were to come together (pray at the same time or the same thing) to make a change would it be possible to change things.

I know sometimes I get too deep. I often think this though.

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@cmartenson How do the sites track the trades of congress men/women (eg, “Nancy Pelosi Stock Tracker”)? Is this by monitoring the direct stock registration DB for trades by name? Might be an indication that congress knows that the only way you “own” your stocks is via this mechanism.

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I think this applies https://www.congress.gov/bill/112th-congress/senate-bill/2038/text

I thought they rolled that back a few years later… quietly.