With A Government Lying This Much Who Needs Enemies?

Originally published at: With A Government Lying This Much Who Needs Enemies? – Peak Prosperity

In a pretty stunning turn of events, the labor lies of the Biden administration finally became too much for Jerome Powell of the Federal Reserve to bear.

So he said this:

“There is an argument that payrolls may be a bit overstated” is a very carefully crafted bureaucratic sentence that translates to “Liar, liar pants on fire!”

We’ve been covering this parade of fibs for many months now by observing that each month is a fantastic beat to the upside for jobs that will be quietly revised downward in later months. How much? An average of 60,000 jobs per month over the past 12 months – a nearly flawless record of BLS failure.

And, the lies don’t begin or end with the McJobs report, but extend to all sorts of goobermint [sic] statistics, especially inflation.

And this week’s whopper of a lie fest was not a disappointment!

Here’s one small taste:

I could just about strangle a BLS statistician, but I think instead I’ll shove one of my health insurance premium bills into their mouth while telling them they are actually experiencing Hagen Daz vanilla bean ice cream.

A country that lies to itself this comprehensively is on the path to destruction, the same as any company that fudges its books.

Next, the loss of petrodollar status for Saudi Arabia is a H.U.G.E. deal if true. Really big. It seems to be true, but we’re out here in the cheap seats, so hard to know for sure what’s happening.

How does all this affect a portfolio and investment strategy? Tune in to find out…

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“With much wisdom, comes much sorrow” (Paul Kiker)

Boy is that true!


I’ve always looked at hard knocks as tuition.


Enjoy listening to you two.
Like two guys sitting around just talking honest back and forth putting out truth!


For some reason there are alot more insects this year…


Yes, I can chart our year by this:

April: ants of all kinds get into the kitchen…most are “fat” ants
May: moths of all kind invade: pantry, clothing, from grubs in the grass,
June: more ants, June bugs, and some kind of black bug I can’t identify,
along with chicken ticks on our birds; mosquitos
July/Aug: more mosquitos and chicken ticks
Sept.: more of the same
Oct.: field mice get into the house
Nov-March: fight mice in the house
April: rinse and repeat


The geopolitical strategists all believe that “Survival” (War) trumps “Commerce” (Making Money).

So, the Chinese are correct to focus on “War”?

So, it’s a huge, tragic, and ultimately fatal mistake for the Americans to blithely prioritize keeping the Stock Market and asset prices pumped up?

Not clever….

That may be a “Losing Hand” at the global card table?

I’m not one of those blokes who goes-down-with-the-ship…. That’s the Captain’s moral duty…not the crew…


outside the house, in a small covered container with a mouse size hole cut in the side, put in honey corn break mix and baking soda. It’s a pet safe rodent killer.


I couldn’t resist this.

Probably not as intimidating as the mice Acorn.

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Not in my neck of the woods–the Pacific NW. I’ve been waiting all year to see some flying around. And we’re now in mid June and I hardly see any insects in the air. And hardly any birds. But the really surprising thing is, I thought, well at least there will be the normal invasion of ants that I would be at war with for 3 months. But not this, year. I had a smail number of them 2-3 months ago. But now not a single one has been in my house for at least a month, which is way beyond incredible. When I look in the air and distant sky it has never been so clear of anything alive. Sort of like being in a Twilight Zone episode. At least the trees seem to be doing okay.


I live outside Salem OR. More little flying bugs on my windshield, I am even noticing more honey bees about.


I hope some of your bees can make it up to my yard. I have a couple tomato plants that are growing nicely but I’m worrying about them getting pollinated this year.


@21:40 You referred to “migrants”, not “immigrants”. I prefer to use the term “intruder”, a more accurate description.


More like “invaders” to me


Not here in central Virginia. There are so few around that it’s a little unnerving. I usually have to spray my fruit trees repeatedly through May and June to control various pests – June bugs, plum curculios, bark borers and a whole raft of others. This year there are almost none.

I have to keep these guys out of my orchard or I won’t get any fruit, but seeing almost none around this year is a bit disconcerting.


Ah shoot hadn’t thought about that. Normally I just have to fight the birds, yellowjackets and deer for my 20+ fruit trees. ( cherries, apples, prunes, pears)

I started working on screening in my deck, due to massive fly issues. Without exaggeration, we’d see 100+ flies, just on the doorwall alone.
So, after spending all this money screening it in, which will be done next week, we’ve had virtually no flies

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Southwest Oregon–Like Acorn Endeavors; all kinds of ants. Not just the tiny sugar ants that respond to Tero.

And who could have predicted 3-foot waves that destroyed the pier–The Gaza Surf Club. Gaza Surf Club (2016) - IMDb


A neat thing about lies is that as soon as you figure out it’s a lie it’s like tracer rounds from enemy machine gun fire, it points right back to the truth.

Can anyone advise what Mr. Kikers minimum wealth requirement of his clients is? I am sure I am on the very low end if that.