WOW!!! CDC Completely Reverses Course. IT'S OVER!

@199373 You may have missed a few (hundred) key developments in the situation while you “stopped watching”. Since 2020, Chris has been leading us on a most fascinating and increasingly horrifying journey, always backed by the best data he/we can find. The story has shifted many times as new information becomes apparent.
It soon became clear that there was much more going on than the spread of a strange new virus. There were non-nonsensical “public health” measures, suppression of viable treatments, censorship of medical experts whose contribution saved lives by the thousand but were still threatened into silence or loss of careers, introduction and the forced participation in mass injections of toxic, unknown substances into billions of people, same now for children, unexplained huge increases in all-cause mortality some months later, the rise in totalitarian actions by governments against citizens - truly, a world of damage has happened since we focused on “flattening the curve”.
I just checked the search function on this website and you can find the work of Chris and his guests from the past 2 years.
This 2021 video addressed masks and curves, just to get you started:
I liked this one, where we grappled with the topic of mass psychosis:
Interview with Dr. Kory, one of the brave doctors who treated CV-19 spoke about it early and often:
Update on vaccine injury:
This website has been an incredibly informing and challenging place to be in 2021/22. Catching up will be a big job but I wouldn’t want to have missed it.


1) Cdc 2) Peak Prosperity Saved Lives

  1. It seems pretty clear that the folks at the CDC are starting (a bit too late) a CYA program. Do they really think The Remnant will forget what they have done? The dying and human destruction caused by their evil actions is not over. I still have children and grandchildren with that poison pro-creating in their bodies. “Oops!” just doesn’t cut it. It will never cut it.
    Millions are gone… lives ended because of other peoples carelessness, stupidity, thirst for power / wealth or sheer evil. Murder? Manslaughter? The people who created the scourge must be discovered and punished. Those individuals and corporations - who promoted the drugs knowing they would fail and harm - again with a motive of power and profit, must be proven so and punished. I understand that a person can be wrong but with good intent. It’s the others that bear the guilt.
  2. Through the Grace of God, I stumbled across an early video of Chris discussing the unnamed virus in Wuhan. I sought out every video he put out. It changed the course of my life…my husband’s life … many friends’ lives … and many of their friends. Sadly our family did not listen to us at all. Even now when I try to discuss the FLCCC protocols that could save their lives, they do not listen.
    Hopefully, we are as prepared for the future as we can be. A pantry, a garden, emergency water, emergency power, emergency heat, emergency medical supplies, security systems. We have a trusted tribe who can trust us too. We’ve had a start on this for years, but because of the Peak Prosperity Tribe, aka you, we are as ready for what is coming as we are. Thank you Chris. I am so glad we are part of this tribe!

Maybe Chris cs can make a timeline?

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Wasn’t there a scene in Naked Gun 33-1/3 starring Leslie Nielsen where he was the one out on the field throwing the first ball ?
Seems like there was. And the Queen was in the audience eating a hot dog, if I recall correctly. But that’s not important now.
In any event, I guess things are finally starting to unfold, for good or for ill. The members and founders of this Tribe are now just about the only people who can make a difference.
I’ve sent a note off to my Fauci-worshiping Sister, but, alas.
The CDC story doesn’t fit well with her Narrative, nor did my comments to her that I wanted to see Fauci tried for criminal offenses.
Her response … crickets.
– Chuck


Me too.


Wow, thank you very much Susan for writing this answer with links. I will surely catch up!


If This Is True…

I truely like Kim Iverson’s coverage, seemgly very grounded in data.
Not sure how to locate the mentioned Bangkok study is but is the myocarditis rates are anywhere near the rates talked about in the study (about 1/100 for under 18 boys).
Im sure we would like your take on this Chris.


Primary Source Link?

Hi Chris - Please post the source link from the CDC website. I dug around for a few minutes and couldn’t find anything. I might want to share it with my HR department to “help” them follow the latest guidance. LOL.


When This Broke

I remember the anxious feeling in the pit of my stomach and the gnawing sensation that immediate action was needed.
I waited to hear that there would be travel restrictions, to me that seemed an obvious first step to address the spread of a deadly unknown virus.
Days went by…and nothing.
But Johns Hopkins made a web page to map SarsNcov2 virus infections, and every day the red dots on it grew to cover more and more area.
I knew it was hinky then, and I haven’t yet had reason to change my mind on that.
I’m sure most of us knew that halting travel and slowing global trade would’ve been a big inconvenience, and politically unpopular - but if we cared about people and public health it was the only logical thing to start with.
Guess our governments don’t care about us, but we all pretty much know that now.
Like Chris has said many times - and many of us have repeated - “It didn’t have to be this way”.
I doubt the global power grab is over just because the CDC has seemingly righted it’s ship.
There’s no shortage of signals that the subversion of the common man is just beginning.
If we want to retain any of our freedoms - I believe we may now have to fight for them.
So, uh, cheers.
I’ll take good news where I can get it, but there’s no way I’m dropping my guard.



If you managed to maintain your integrity through this awful period of time, congratulations! You are one of the rock stars of this story. You are a solid individual who has courage and stood firm and tall when it mattered most. As for the people who didn’t, some can be forgiven. But many cannot.
Sorry, not sorry, those people need to suffer real and lasting public consequences. Some doctors should lose their licenses. Some bureaucrats need to lose their jobs while others need to go to trial.
Thumbs up!

Speed With Which News Spreads

This is indeed an astonishing development. I await with interest to see how long before this news becomes known in the Great Southern Land.
Now what? Will the TPTB pick themselves up and hurry on as if nothing had happened?


Not Over For Unvaccinated Travellers

Even with all that , the Feds won’t let my unvaccinated mother who isn’t a U.S. citizen come into the country to visit me or her grandchildren. :frowning:


If You Only Knew How Much I Needed This

Somehow feel lighter now. Wife and I just finishing up a round of c19. We were about a week apart, so now my week to be the nurse. Been bummed out with the bug and the world, practically scanning yt for train wrecks of late, but moving forward. Cleaned the tent today. Ready for HB event in September. Looking forward to the opportunity to thank you personally.


I found the preprint;
Good find nhscott.


Yes, I can’t help but feel like “what are they up to”. I’m suspicious and sure they’re not doing this out of the goodness of their hearts. I’ve heard it said covid was a trial run. One wonders.


Strange thing is they’d done the same thing here in Oz leading up to the shame election. So don’t back off the pedal just yet, or the rats will escape. The media is trying to kick up the fear over all manner of BS. It’s raining here in the Southeast so that means the flood panic will be rolled out in the media, even after a fairly low rainfall winter, unlike NSW and QLD.


Giant Clot Pulled Out Of Beating Heart Of Vaxxxed Patient


Staying sober is very important at this time. TPTB are still in control of the globe.


I doubt this has anything to do with the mid-terms coming and there isn’t much that would change minds of the vast majority of US voters at this time. This is certainly not a victory for the Government or Medical apparatus that mostly created this mess.
Perhaps this will make mail-in voting less likely and that’s a good thing as it does not serve a good purpose. Voting in person with an ID should be the way to go.
I doubt many people will now take up an new improved booster. It’s over.
Monkey Pox can be solved easily if a certain (unnamed) demographic was able to restrain themselves and exercise self control. As this is a risky bet, I think Monkey Pox may become more prevalent which would be a terrible shame. CDC, you are failing on this completely.
I think should another virus come up, we have been trained and have enough experience to question the narrative and the health advice. This is a total loss in confidence in government and the medical regulators and agencies. Short of a complete purge of the NIH/CDC/FDA, I think most people will not have much confidence in them in the future.
Remain Pureblood.


It’s the unadorned, objective measurements, the data, that scare institutional medical gatekeepers the most: opinions they can dismiss, arguments from authority, that’s their purview, but actual objective measurements can and will render their pronouncements meaningless. These particular measurements make them look ridiculous and/or ignorant and/or dishonest. JAMA and their journal are dependent on pharm money, they are neither free nor objective. And certainly, it is obvious that this is about maintaining fear so as to maintain control, so as to keep the money flowing and the petty dictators in power.