Your Children Are Under Attack (Informed Consent, Pt. 1, Replay Available)

We have a national sickness spreading throughout every American family. Obesity, incarceration, psychoactive drug use, social media-driven psychiatric problems and more…all leading young people to check out in horrific ways.

We know the problems are there. Yet we rationalize with slogans and make excuses so young people feel “safe” instead of healing them. But, if we know what the problems are, and yet do nothing, then that’s intentional, is it not?

Sick Inc. is attacking your children. What can we do about it? What can we do to make our world healthier?

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Parent Of 2… Expecting To Watch This And Cry

I have a 9 year old boy and a 5 year old girl and I feel like I am always on high alert.
“Your son is acting out in class.”
No shit. He’s an energetic boy.
“You don’t let your daughter have a tablet? How do you survive?”
The same way everyone survived 15 years ago.
I love Chris and his content, but I feel like this video is going to be a knife to the gut.
We’re scrounging to save up to home school both kids now. In addition to trying to prep for what’s to come. And make basic ends meet.
Western values are truly being tested to the breaking point.
But I will not break. Nor will others in the Peak Prosperity tribe, which gives me hope.


I applaud what you’re doing. If I could do it all over again, my kids wouldn’t have had smart phones and tablets until they were in college at best, and I would gladly let them (and the world) be mad at me.


Obesity Chart

Is Colorado doing something different? In my family, 50% of the adults who are not obese, live in Colorado. BTW, that’s 2 out of 4. 4 non-obese and probably 16 obese, over the age of 40

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The John Birch Society ( endorses the Freedom Project Academy which is online home-schooling (
If I were raising my kids (they are all grown now) I would likely take advantage of the Freedom Project Academy.

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100% of us will be depressed , that`s depressing !

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Very important point to differentiate this from depression.
Broadly, what causes a general demoralization?

  1. Struggling to understand the world but being presented with contradictions and confused thinking from experts. It is overwhelming to a smart and curious child.
  2. Seeing the problems in the world but either not seeing a solution or seeing a possible solution that requires willing support from people who are not willing to do so.
  3. Looking for something or someone to admire but finding a world full of things and people undeserving of it.
  4. Looking for hope but not finding a rational basis for it due to circumstances beyond our control.
  5. Being forced (often literally) to participate in a system against one’s will.

Good point on video games.
Why are they so attractive? I think a big part of it is there are clear rules in the game’s world. A player can comprehend and make sense of it. He can see the feedback from effort to improve skills. He can feel accomplishment and celebrate that with his friends.
By contrast, kids today are taught (implicitly at least but often explicitly) that there are no objective rules, you can’t trust your own judgement, there is no right or wrong.
How does a young child process something as perceptually obvious as boys and girls are different into the PC view that there are 38 genders and if you guess incorrectly what someone feels one morning then you’re committing a hate crime?
That is tremendous demoralization.


ADHD - I’m still not convinced how real that is. If kids are bored in class, maybe the problem isn’t with the kids but with the educational system inappropriate for human beings. Maybe the subject matter makes no sense and the kids give up trying to understand it. They dismiss school as a whole, or education in general, etc.


Weinstein & Heying Discuss Viktor Frankl’s “man’s Search For Meaning”

Some of the same points Chris touched on are discussed in their Bret Weinstein & Heather Heying’s recent podcast:

This week, we discuss Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning: What is it to be human, how much responsibility to we have for finding our own way, and how can we find hope, and meaning, even at the worst of times? Then: people have a moral obligation to grapple with the downstream effects of their own arguments, from medical claims to cries to defund and vilify the police.
It's not everything, but it definitely touches on a solution for checking out, and talks about how to keep your mental tanks topped off through hard times. Got to read Frankl's book, soon.

Part 2?

Where is part 2?


Part 2

Sorry to pester but not seeing the PPMember part 2??

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Parallel Culture = Community

All about community
We are upstate NY
My friend calls it the suburbs of Mordor
Anyway community
Been freaked that raised beds not showing up and my bedding veggies dying as they wait
That we don’t have super duper generator yet
To can or freeze dry
And our amazing creator is showing us gradually that our community is the answer to it all
Subcontractor we work with us raising grass fed organic beef & has too much
Friend from local health food store willing to teach me gardening and canning
Guy down the hill has hobby fixing old military vehicles = Emp proof
Friend @ 45 min north teaches 1800s living classes
Local local local


I have the paperback of Frankl’s book, always keep it handy. Just reading a few passages when I feel the demoralization setting in is enough to help me manage to drudge up another bucket of hope from the seemingly empty well.


Where Can I Find Part 2?

Where can I find part 2?

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I think they are making it right now and then you gotta wait 9 months until it comes out. Hopefully they do a babyshower for it :slight_smile:

Still uploading to Vimeo…it’s running slow tonight…we’re on it and will post as soon as we can!


Allllllllmost ready…a few minutes literally from now (9:24 pm).


Australian School Newsletter
They are certainly coming after our children.

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A great video to watch on Youtube (3 hours) is The Century of the Self by Adam Curtis. All about the psychological underpinnings of materialism and marketing.