2020: The Year Everything Changed

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Year In Review – a particularly impressive tour de force this year given the craziness of 2020 – you’re sure to love this live exposition of its highlights.

Chris sits down here with Dave to dig more deeply into several of the more significant and salacious themes, as well as wander down a few entirely new avenues of thought.

This discussion is a true end-of-year treat, completely free-ranging and unscripted, and given the massive spectrum of topics to address, notably longer than our average podcast.


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wont play.

wait… it did. you rock chris.
does pfizervaxx contain mneon green basepairs? and what might this suggest to you? bio n tech… or tech in bio?

I’ve been part of peak prosperity for more than a decade and place this podcast as the best Chris has ever done. Two super bright people talking about what really matters. Unscripted. Just wow! Suggestion to the clan - listen, think, and process what they have said. Act accordingly.

At this point, climate change might be my only mainstream viewpoint left. But, even on that topic I think abrupt climate change is likely; so I guess that I’m not so mainstream on that.
It’s conversations like this, that remind me that I’m not alone in the world. So thank you.
I have devoted very little thought to aliens in my life. So, I found it strange and noted it when the first public mention of aliens came from someone on the Hillary Clinton campaign during the 2016 election. Next, was the release of the tic tac videos from the Air Force. Two public events is interesting, but it still could be noise. Then we had the NYTIMES article and then Trump’s son asking him about aliens during a campaign father’s day interview. At that point, there was something to this. Then, my mind starts asking questions. Take the emotional reaction out of this. It doesn’t matter if I don’t want aliens or I do want aliens.
Now, we have the Israeli interview and part of the Covid Relief bill is a 180 day deadline for information on aliens. Could they be preparing us for something? I remember listening to a campaign speech from George W. Bush during the 2000 election. Seemingly out of the blue he mentions Iraq. I remember thinking how strange to hear about Iraq. What was that all about?
On a completely different note, at some point during his first four years as president, I had seen enough. I decided that everyone in my family and beyond was going to get a copy of 1984 for Christmas. I went to my local book store in Central Vermont and ordered 12 copies of 1984. Free gift wrapping was included. When I arrived to pick up the books. The clerk handed over 1 large rectangular present. I mean, I know I’m a little off, but I’m not crazy enough to give 12 copies of 1984 to one person.

Hearing Collum banter with Chris is pretty much my favorite thing to close out the year. Wish we got more of it throughout the year, or maybe just a bigger dose at year end. I could listen to this for days.
Happy new year, all!

Wow, what a shame. There’s clearly some nuggets of quality information here, but you just can’t ignore this guy pushing pizzagate/qanon propaganda, pushing anti-masker propaganda, being a bootlicker, being a climate-denier, scoffing at the idea of owning cryptocurrencies, pushing anti-vaxxer propaganda, oh and of COURSE Bill Gates is the Devil as well. I really wish it was possible to find quality information without having to wade through all this vomitous right wing excrement to get to it.

Frankly I can do austerity(not poverty) and recommended it at a think tank in DC in 1978. India had a pc income of $200/yr, and Mexico $2,000/yr. and the USA (and Europe) $20,000. It would have to be a roughly egalitarian, small is beautiful, limits to growth set of solutions over the next 50 years that would permit some semblance of justice for an international system, not growth. The Great Reset is merely the improved messaging for that effort. Back then we needed plenty of innovation and increases in productivity and greater efficiency to deliver sustainability. The USSR was a staggering dinosaur and a country no one wanted to live in so we needed LESS, not more, military spending. Our leadership was selfish then and they are being selfish now as they look for solutions that maintain their control and privilege. Leaders should share the work and the experiences of the people they lead or they are oppressors and should be removed. They are trying to make an unworkable system work. If we don’t want to talk about citizen engagement or the politics of revolution then we need to get busy in our garden…I am very grateful for Chris’ herculean efforts at doing both.

Outstanding interview Chris, asked all the right questions and made many excellent points. Thank you so much Chris and Dave for putting this together and being so generous with the knowledge share!

Video plays (kind of) but stops every 20 second to buffer. Will try again later.

Great discussion to wrap up this dumpster fire of a year.
2020 in a nutshell: https://youtu.be/qmb5ENInqVk

He didn’t mention pizzagate or Qanon once though? You are just making stuff up to slander this dude, at least use valid criticisms.

Hi Chris. Have you looked at the double dynamo modeling of the sun done be Professor Valitina Zhorkova. She has claimed for sometime that 2020 solar cycle 25,26 are going to be the Eddy Solar Minimum. That because of reduction in the length of growing season and movement in growing zones because of reduction of solar forcing on the magnosphere will allow the jet streams to wonder resulting in a global famine of be the year 2028 80% of countries will only be producing 40% of the food of today. Then in solar cycle 26 after 2030 is when it is going to get really bad.

So ask you the question why did the university of Queensland vaccine make people test positive for HIV. What will this virus and the vaccine do to our immune systems.

Why is Dr Gates own nearly every patent in Solar Radiation Management, Dimming the sun with stratospheric sulfides deposits. What is his intentions.

Why are these oligarchs so heavely invested in synthetic protein technology like they are waiting for a gaint pay day. What is it they know that we do not.

Just some background. ‘Build back better’ has been around for a while. The slogan appeared in the Disaster Risk Reduction/ Resilience ‘sector’ of humanitarian work. I encountered it around 2010.
The idea behind it was to, if something came down because of a shock/ disaster, not restore it to how it was before (and maintain/ restore the same vulnerabilities), ensure that what is restored is able to better withstand shocks/ disaster/ disruption. That approach does make a lot of sense…
Some background under https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Building_Back_Better

I don’t always know why I comment, since I have no idea if anyone will read it. But I’ve been trying to convey to people the core of the problem, as I see it. The question is not what kinds of problems we have. In many cases, it’s not even necessarily a question of convincing enough people to agree about what the problems are. The greater question, in my opinion, is how to coordinate. A tricky question, considering Americans don’t hardly ever go outside. And even if they do, it’s just to shop or eat at a restaurant. So I’ve been trying to convince people that the most important thing is to get enough Americans in the same place at the same time and agree about things that need to change, and actually make changes. So I’ve tried to advocate meeting in parking lots, which would enable a critical mass of people to coordinate. Sure, it’s winter right now, so it’s a little bit of a tall order at the moment, but I’ve tried to push this idea. I think I’ve even had limited success. We can complain all we want about all the myriad problems in our country, but nothing gets solved if you’re just yelling at your television or your radio. You need to get outside and meet people in person. NOTHING will change if we don’t solve that particular problem, absolutely NOTHING.

with rocks, by the end of the day, there will be less water that flowed downstream than if the rocks were not there. It’s called a dam, it makes a lake behind directly related to how much the dam has impeded the flow.

…and eventually ALL the water flows down the stream.

One of the best short pieces on exponential growth is Isaac Asimov’s “The End”. Published in Penthouse in 1971.


Asimov also published on Climate Change. The villain in the atmosphere is carbon dioxide.

It is old, but captures the main points. You might both find it worth a read.

I used be caught up in the left/right divide. I used to consider myself a progressive, which is very left. It wasn’t until the 2016 election when the democrats nominated Clinton that everything broke loose for me; I knew enough not to vote for Hillary. Since then, it has been truly eye opening. When you watch your team from the outside, you see things that you never would have seen if you were in the huddle.
If you are interested in truth…
if you don’t want your emotions clouding your rational mind…
if you are comfortable with being completely wrong on a topic because you know that realizing that you are wrong means that you are getting closer to the truth…
then step away from the political game. Get your chips off the table. Watch. Watch both sides. Neither one is good and neither one is bad. Be careful of your source of information.