2020: The Year Everything Changed

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What I will be stuck on for a while is how are they going to take the Great Reset world wide.
It's not clear to me they need to, or plan to; at least, not directly. I notice that it's the First World, the Western World, that's in the cross-hairs. We are the countries that can't seem to get a handle on the "pandemic" despite having the better medical resources and regimes. Second and Third World countries seem to have figured it all out and are functioning much more effectively on the triple measures of incident control, treatment protocols and hospitalization rates, and economic continuity. If I were conspiratorial, I might think the WEF bigwigs are only interested in controlling the countries where the money and technology is located; not so much the less developed and less wealthy lands. We need to feel the "pandemic" so we accept the Reset. If the bigwigs control the North and West, they control the lion's share of the world's assets, and can live high on the hog without needing to try to manage the entire globe. In addition, whoever controls the North and the West exerts incredible power, which can be used - as the USD and US military is now - to coerce the poorer, weaker countries into suitable compliance without exerting direct control. Keep costs down to keep profits up. It's not personal; it's just business.

The other day, my wife and I drove to the bank. As we were getting ready to go in, I realized that I had forgotten my n95 mask at home. She lent me an extra cloth mask that she had. The same type that almost everyone wears. That was the first time that I had worn one of those. No wonder people say that masks don’t work. Wearing that thing was a joke. I can’t imagine that thing protecting me in any meaningful way. I’ll stick to the n95.

I completely agree with your assessment about making any meaningful changes. I don’t think it’s by accident that modern life promotes a lack of community. Can’t help thinking that when radio and TV became popular they didn’t sugar-coat what they were doing and called what you listened to/watched “programming”. Perfect storm of isolating people and brainwashing. And current media has brought that to a whole new level. We’ve lost the ability to meet up, discuss, and act meaningfully about just about anything.

The Johns Hopkins student report which you referenced was redacted by the university due to inaccuracies. My wife shared that with a heavy eye roll after I showed the report to her.
Were the students wrong?

Perhaps check out the “All the news that’s fit to print” New York Times or ABC News.

Hi macro2682
My understanding is that the article in the John Hopkin’s school paper was by a student, but the seminar that was being reported on was presented by a professor to faculty and students. Thus the research and presentation itself was not “by a student.”
About 3-4 weeks ago a discussion (VTGothic) and video link (mememonkey) were posted here and several of us listened to the original professor’s hour long lecture and saw the graphs and followed the source links back to the CDC website source documents. (Sorry I don’t have the link)
The article may have been removed from the John Hopkin’s school newspaper, but the professors presentation and conclusions themselves seemed very well documented.
The conclusions: Total deaths were not increased during the pandemic. Deaths listed as being due to non-COVID causes (heart disease for example) were decreased.
This is compatible to the observations by richcabot posted yesterday about the Oregon state death number in the year 2020 being consistent with past years total death rates. Despite the pandemic, total death rates in Oregon were stable year-on-year.

  1. it was not a students presentation, and,
  2. it was not redacted due to inaccuracies.

Wow That was like going to the movies. Great entertainment.
Energy, producing wealth, rigged markets - something, in your content, for everyone.
Surprisingly you didn’t talk about the American elections - or maybe I missed it. Although you did a great job discussing how difficult it is to discern what exactly is happening - with the intelligence of not giving your own conclusions.
The Great Reset - I have often though it was something Jim Sinclair started - as in a post Bretton Woods World - now with the Build Back Better (Creative Destruction) maybe the Great Reset is something to genuinely fear? But that is why I like this site - open minds beat autocratic simplistics.
We watched The Grapes of Wrath last night. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Dave - You’re pissing me off with your opinion on climate change.
If you’re in your chemistry lab and your pouring shit into a flask, and you don’t know what it will do, then stop pouring until you do know.
We are on track to possibly lose all arctic sea ice by the September low within a decade.
Here’s a quick list that could happen: (or I mean, is already happening)

    • Loss of sea ice in the arctic → broken up jet stream, seasonal patterns
    • Long periods of either heat waves and droughts, or cool and monsoon like rains
    • Collapse in industrial farming → mass starvation
    • Unstable polar vortex → arctic blasts, vortex shifts over Greenland
    • Accelerated Greenland and Antarctic ice melt → Sea level rise → mass migrations
    • Drought, heat waves, whole regions going arid → Mega fires → mass migrations
    • Mega storms, mega flooding → insurance system collapse, local economies that do not recover, mass migrations.
    • Wet bulb conditions near the equator → mass migrations north
    • Locals will resist mass migrations → open conflicts possible
    • Chaos and global civilization break down
You know this math: If we heat the ice: Q=mLf → 1.0kg * 334kJ/g 334kJ is the energy needed to melt a kilogram of ice No temperature change! For the same energy and same 1 kg of liquid water: Q = mC(T2-T1) → 334kJ = 1.0kg * 4182J/kgºC * dT dT = change in Temp = 79.8ºC Big temperature change! Here is what do we know about climate:
  • Basically the last 100 years, no significant temperature change. We’ve been melting the ice.
  • After sea ice melts… well the math says things heat up quickly.
  • Our climate system is very complicated.
  • Fossil fuel burning dumps ~35 billion tons of C02 per year into the atmosphere, about 1% of the total CO2 in the atmosphere (Source: EIA)
  • Pre industrial C02 levels were <300 ppm. Currently C02 ppm is at ~415 and climbing.
  • 90% of the extra heat is going into deep oceans and melting the poles.
  • The polar regions are warming rapidly.
  • Melting permafrost is set to double the total amount of CO2 humans have released.
  • CO2 levels are causing ocean acidification and changing the chemistry of the enter system.
  • Sources:
My opinion:
  • Many people have chosen to believe climate change is not a man made problem, or it’s just too complex.
  • Can they prove things will turn out just fine, Nope!
  • If I’m in a hole, shouldn’t I stop digging first?
  • If we mess this up, there is no Planet B.
  • My vote, those same people can be sent to experiment on different planet.
-Travis Travis: Before you get pissed off you might try reading what I wrote about it last year. I dug pretty deep into the subject and what I found were profound conflicts, enormous fraud, and inexcusable lies by both activists AND scientists. If it is real and a crisis, they have blown it badly because they lost me. Three years ago, I was a believer. I am not now a believer. It was quite a lot of work to figure out the problems. I am not alone. Prominent scientists are denouncing it as hoax. Those who say no credible scientists would sign off on denial is one of the big lies. Read my that section of my Year in Review from last year and torch it if you wish.  

Thank you guys, fantastic discussion. *Another great yearly review by the Professor as well. Thank you both, and all the best for 2021.

If you want to really care about climate change please check the Grand Solar Minimum
History is your teacher

to write down your thoughts, and I read it.

mine is very laggy and keep getting the buffer wheel I think it might be Chrome and their OS most likely the cookies that Google love soooo much track track track

I have.  Solar forcing does effect climate.  But it’s a small factor.  CO2 is the elephant in the room.

So for those out there focusing on the grand solar minimum, please explain this.  If the sun has been dimming, then why have we not seeing more ice formation for the last 50 years, when instead we have seen just the opposite?


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Chris, The Johns Hopkins student report which you referenced was redacted by the university due to inaccuracies. My wife shared that with a heavy eye roll after I showed the report to her. Were the students wrong?
@sand_puppy replied (comment #26):
About 3-4 weeks ago a discussion (VTGothic) and video link (mememonkey) were posted here and several of us listened to the original professor's hour long lecture and saw the graphs and followed the source links back to the CDC website source documents. (Sorry I don't have the link)
Thanks, for remembering sand_puppy. @macro2682: Here is the link to the PP discussion sand_puppy referenced that I started: https://peakprosperity.com/forum-topic/zero-excess-deaths-from-covid-in-u-s/ . For the record, several days after Johns Hopkins censored the article from the student newspaper, they re-released it under accusations of censorship. Dr. Briand reaffirmed the accuracy of her work. Here is the video presentation by Dr. Genevieve Briand of Johns Hopkins (also linked in comment #22, by mememonkey, in the above linked PP discussion). It is worth watching and evaluating for yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TKJN61aflI&feature=emb_logo  

I tried to read that article but got distracted.

Travis, your detailed comment made much logical sense to me. So I looked at last year’s World in Review, which also contains great detail and good arguments.
I think that the crux of this matter is that climate change has been hijacked by political actors (including many so-called scientists) for their own purposes. As usual.
Anything important, including man made changes to climate (which I think all agree is happening, at least to some extent no matter how small or large) is mangled by political advantage takers. MOST of the information deluge brought to us from the internet is partisan. As usual. Dave Collum’s very extensive commentary on this last year 2019 describes his frustrations with the takeover of science by the majority of people who look at “science” as merely another tool for money, power or control (my interpretation- I am not quoting him here…).
Here is a quote from him, however: Sincere climate scientists deserve our sympathy. The serious ones are trying to get it right despite being surrounded by a cacophony of intellectual goulash. Stepping out of line—contesting any aspect of the climate change story—risks serious pain and suffering. Science has become a political football. Signing off on climate change immunizes you from criticism, but tripwires are everywhere. Science is hard enough to get right under the best of circumstances, let alone when barraged with conflicts. I doubt I could negotiate these waters.
I note here that all science theories are wrong and ‘science’ is a never ending quest to improve our understanding of the universe. Most science discussions are packed with copious, extreme disagreements, which are necessary, and a good scientist will simply change his mind with better data. If the discussion lacks serious disagreement, such discussion is not a scientific one but instead a political one. So grab your flag and enter the battle! As for me, I am walking away.
Presenting a large verbal expression/challenge of the subject matter “Man made global warming (or climate change), true or false!!!” as a discussion topic only serves banal selfish needs of the utterer and doesnt advance anything.
Dave Collum stated 2 years ago that "“If I had to bet a paycheck, I would bet anthropogenic global warming is real. If I had to bet ten paychecks, I would bet that we are going to do the experiment despite the best intentions of those who worry.”
I think that we can all agree with that…
last year he said that
Sucking carbon-sequestered fossil fuels from the ground and burning them will, necessarily, alter the CO2 cycle. The climate is always changing and sea levels rise and fall, but both appear to be on the rise to varying degrees and depending on the time frame (20 versus 20,000 years). Humans have also been beating the crap out of the flora and fauna ever since we formed our first mobs and satisfied our Quest for Fire. Critters in our way adapted or died. This blue orb of ours has finite resources, and, as physicist Albert Bartlett would say,… “’Sustainable growth’ is an oxymoron”
For most people (myself included) trying to understand even a tiny narrow view of any science topic requires a lengthy full time long endeavor. Reality is like that. With this in context it seems like a reasonable strategy to sit back and examine the non-objectivity of certain actors in this new political arena. They are doing the work for us and we have to discern truth by how they do it. Thus pointing out deceitful actions by “scientists” has value.
I agree with Dave’s 2018 comment on this subject. I expect my descendants to migrate north (maybe mountains in Hokkaido) and perhaps long term descendants to migrate to Antarctica. My ancestors faced such migrations and did well. Big freaking deal.

I stopped watching after his comment on climate change, “I’m not buying it”. Well its not for sale so that is an ignorant statement. Climate change is an ongoing scientific study that began 200 years ago when experiments were done in a lab proving CO2 increases global temps. Climate change is also not a belief system any more than gravity is. Yes CC is as real as gravity, deal with it.
Everything single activity humans engage in generates a waste stream, even dealing with all of our waste streams generated waste streams. You are right to say we have been hammering the environment. You just seem ignorant of the ramifications. We are killing off everything on the planet including habitat for humans and of that effort AGW is by far the biggest. The rate at which allllll of this is happening is an order of magnitude faster than ever before in the history of the planet. This is the factor that most dismiss but is spells disaster for all life on the planet.
Scary I know. So go find your “scientist” friends who will tell you that it just isn’t so so you can sleep easy.

The climate-industrial complex is upwards of a trillion dollars per year conflict of interest. If climate change proves to be a flawed theory, it all goes away. When you mix politics and science you get politics. The climate change debate has become hopelessly polluted. Declaring that not to be true serves no purpose.