2020: The Year Everything Changed

Thanks, I was just about to say that. As an IP attorney dealing with some new projects over 15 years ago I noticed that international bankers (starting with Lord Rothschild- I am not making this up) decided to make money by creating a global carbon trading system, wherein they would skim and get something from every human on the planet. Some of us thought that this was a better alternative to large wars that the bankers were financing both sides of. No more war! Just global control.
Climate change is the biggest set of financial transactions out there. I would like to see someone with knowledge opine on how climate change may be the monetary justification for destroying the US economy. I really think that this question/financial consideration will come up as a major topic in Davos.
I could go on but do not have a dog in this fight. I watched science get skewed by money/politics over the years while in academia, industry and then as a patent guy working only on the highest priced “intellectual” ideas. Nixon set off a weird science stampede by suddenly allocating money for cancer research and tons of people with no relation with cancer or even biology were experts with meritorious research. George Bush set off weird science with head fake “fuel cells!” research funding that was going to solve the end of oil crisis.
People dont realize that most “science” is broken ideas that get abandoned. Einstein had so many crackpot ideas after winning his nobel prize that younger physicists avoided him. An industry (“science” has become an “industry” in America) that comprises mostly broken ideas that are sifted as modus operandi is ripe for political based sales.
Everything is for sale buddy. Even your waste streams, which are priced according to their effects on the environment. What is that you say? We’re all gonna die? OK take my wallet, my lifestyle, my country my future. This high price is worth the sale.

Disappointed Uncle Dave as I have always called you. Although I have not read the review yet I see next to nothing on what’s really important and the most important issues 2020.
The Plan for the Globalist, Deep State with CCP and the RINOS and Democrats with the World Economic Forum to use COVID to steel the election, usher in the Globalist agenda, reset the world economies, destroy small businesses and usher in the NWO. From first glance I see nothing in Dave’s year in review 2020?
stealing the Country’s election on the path to destroy Americans freedoms and the Constitution is what matter most. To ignore it is willful ignorance or fear of man.
upstate, NY

Travissidelinger–amazing summary of anthropogenic climate change. Personally I think it’s probably years too late to avoid the worst effects, as self-reinforcing feedback loops are probably contributing more than we can offset right now (barring some miracle technology). I think we’re on the Titantic at this point, but it’s worth remembering that some people found life rafts and for those who didn’t, going down with some dignity and maintaining politeness 'til the end was still better than the alternatives.
So what if climate change is real, keeps getting worse and someone just happens to mention that the country that has historically produced the greatest greenhouse emissions and also one of the few to leave the Paris Climate Treaty is … the US.
I read about huge anti-US protests in Pakistan a while back because the country was flooded. Huh? I didn’t get it at first. Imagine you’re dirt poor, flooded out of your house, and it’s happening worse and more frequently. And imagine maybe your local government blames the US beyond what they can strictly prove because it directs anger away from themselves. I don’t think we have to imagine this. It’s happening with increasing frequency, even if it’s not reported in the US news at all.
I think in the 5 to 10 year time frame we have serious risk of achieving vague pariah status as the world struggles with the increasingly severe effects of climate change, seeks to find funding to deal with the problem, and we respond by telling the world “tough luck.” It is already generating tremendous ill-will towards the US and it has at least the possibility of catalyzing into an acute change in how the US is perceived by the rest of the world, impacting our security and standing.

An older friend of mine was married to an atmospheric physicist, years ago. He began sounding the alarm about AGW in the seventies, long before the idea gained traction in the mainstream, by at least a decade.
So, yes, some science is bunk, particularly when it is based on more ephemeral subjects, but measuring carbon concentration in the atmosphere against rising global temps is clear cut. It’s a problem. As far as politics having an outsized effect on science, so does private industry, like Big Oil.
The oil lobby is still involved in muddying the waters, but is losing out to political interests that want to skim money off of carbon tax and trading systems. This doesn’t mean that climate change is not the biggest problem we face. It just means that powerful interests regard every reality through the lens of generating profit.
But Dave mentioned that the AGW debate literally sucks all the oxygen out of the room when it comes to environmental issues. We should be equally concerned with mechanical displacement of species, plastics, etc…etc…
We can volunteer to take the environmental red pill by cutting back our consumption, or continue the way we have been living and be forced to eventually take it suppository style. Sorry, that’s rude, but I think it’s appropriate.

Is there politics in climate science?  Is there self interest in funded projects?  Sure, how could there not be?  This is no different than what people do everywhere else.  I work at a largest research company, yup it happens every day.

So what do you do?  Same as everything else.  You have to understand enough of the science to know when you are seeing bullshit or not.  Could they fake or skew their data?  Sure, that’s why we peer review studies and have separate teams reproduce the findings.

I am certainly not going to say I’m an expert on climate science.  But I’ve seen enough to understand there are some really bad things that could go wrong.  Do we know for sure what will happen, certainly not.  Do we know enough at this point to recommend a full stop while we study this further.  Absolutely!

Should we keep selling toys with lead paint while we debate the science in court for 2 years.  No, you stop selling the toys.

You want to go into the lab and experiment with chemicals.  Maybe you quietly do that for a while.  As soon as the owner of the building finds out you could potentially kill everyone… full stop.  What are you doing and let’s make sure it’s 100% safe before you continue.

What we didn’t do 50 years ago when we first started to really ask these questions, the climate was full stop.

35 millions tons of CO2 release per year is a huge fucking number (sorry for the language).  That’s ~1% of the CO2 in the atmosphere per year.  And that does not include all the CO2 released from deforestation, soil degradation, cow farts, people’s mouths, etc.

Source: https://www.eia.gov/international/data/world/other-statistics/emissions-by-fuel

Yes, this case is special in that if we fully stop fossil fuels, there will be some economic pain to say the least.  But we should at least stop growing.  Let’s at least ground all planes and all non-necessary releases of CO2.  Let’s stop cutting down forests.  Let’s prioritize nuclear power plants.  Farmers have to be part of the solution.  Listen to one of Gabe Brown’s talks.  At worst leave the soil alone and carbon content goes up.  Will it get very political.  Will it be a shit show is like asking if humans are involved.  Absolutely.  I agree with Chris.  We come out and say, “We screwed up and here is our national plan.  CO2 ppm has to start reversing, and we can’t let the arctic melt.  We have to do the right thing starting now, even if all our neighbors are not.  And we will hold our neighbors accountable.  We need everyone who can to start growing gardens and sequestering CO2”  If we can shutdown over covid, then we can certainly do the same over the air we breath.

When it comes to prepping, I can prep for peak oil, I can prep for a virus, I can prep for zombies and mayhem.  What I cannot prep my family for is a climate that says “you get to be a new refugee every two years”.

Daves’ comments on… it will be gradual and we can simply move farming north.  Well maybe some farming can move, but then maybe not.  What if it simply rains for 6 months straight and then turns 120F with zero rain for the next 6 months.  Or what if we get erratic severe weather where it’s 120F with fire one day and only then to down poor with 80 mile/hr winds with hail the next day.  The current breadbaskets of the planet are so because they have the best soil and they fall within just the right weather patterns.  Those don’t just migrate and feed 7.8 billion over night.  If we had only 100 million humans on the planet, we could probably manage some difficult climate conditions.  With about 7.8 billion and climbing, we do not have very good options.  Let’s ask Adam, those fires were slow moving, right?  Let’s ask Galveston Tx, it was just slow moving rain, right?  Let’s ask residents in Australia, can’t you just grow wheat in a different location?

In climate science there has been a lot of study around tipping points.  The melting of the arctic is one of those tipping points.  And many others exist.  The climate system is really complicated.  A lot of things can go horribly wrong, and you can’t just go “oops” and undo it.  Also we need to include there, has the planet ever had this much C02 released in such a short time?  Not that we know of.  On a climate scale, we are dumping C02 way too fast.  Stupidly too fast.

Thus, I caution Dave and many that also think like him, that is very naive thinking.  Farmers can do a lot, but there are breaking points and limits.  Ecosystem have breaking point.  Trees, plants, and animals that have existed for a thousand years can’t always just move.

I personally love science.  Experimentation is awesome.  Mass large scale atmospheric experimentation on our only planet.  Nope, not okay with that.  People like me that are saying “hold on, time out here” are the sane ones.  The rest of you are dangeriously crazy.


“The Plan for the Globalist, Deep State with CCP and the RINOS and Democrats with the World Economic Forum to use COVID to steel the election, usher in the Globalist agenda, reset the world economies, destroy small businesses and usher in the NWO. From first glance I see nothing in Dave’s year in review 2020?
stealing the Country’s election on the path to destroy Americans freedoms and the Constitution is what matter most. To ignore it is willful ignorance or fear of man.”
Man, there is a lot to unpack there. What if, when the pandemic is finally over, the U.S revitalizes under a green strategy that ends up employing millions of people in jobs that pay relatively well? Restaurants will reopen, manufacturing will ramp up and things may improve.
When someone says, “globalism” I am never sure exactly what they mean. To some people globalism means more job loss, I guess–but under the rubric of the Paris accords, it could benefit many, while protecting small business.
Livfree, things might just get better and you may find you have less of some kinds of freedom, but more freedom of a different kind.

Just wanted to say, Sorry Dave I’m hammering you on the climate point.  The rest of your conversation with Chris and year in review is awesome.  Please keep up the great  work.


Yeah I get it - Scientists could be getting paid to make climate change look worse than it is… BUT then you have to look at the other side - I bet there’s a HEAP more money in making climate change look less bad than it is. If a scientist was all about the money then they’ make a lot more from established industries who can continue to make money by spewing CO2 into the atmosphere than they could get from industries that stand to make money in the future from slowing climate change. I get that there may be some fuzziness on either side but this idea that scientists are falsifying data for money and dramatically skewing the data towards a pro-climate change agenda, when they could made multiple times more money on the other side is preposterous. And then there is the models that are widely used and are being shown to have under-predicted the rise in temperatures vs actual data. So that idea doesn’t make logical sense and the models back that up.

Hi Chris - At 1:15:45 there is a discussion about adverse outcomes for the vaccines - can you please link that somewhere - I had a look - couldn’t find it.

This came from Paul Beckwith, so don’t quote me on this.
Most of these climate research is done by passionate people that care very much about the quality of their work. Just like everyone else, their reputations are on the line too. Many of them complete a study and go “Here is the data and what this means”. And their funders then go “Oh my, we can’t say that”. So they go back and cherry pick the data to produce a conclusion that is a little more “acceptable”. They then they take their findings to government officials where the politicians then say “Oh my, we can’t say that”. Again the scientists needs to go back and “adjust their findings”. When a study concludes with there will be a 2 degree temperature rise by this date, the original draft release said “Entire continents burn” (I’m exaggerating there, a little). At the core of climate research scientists are scared shitless, depressed, and demoralized. They see the climate changes up front and know better then any of us what those changes mean.

Dave - That is a condemnation of capitalism, not of climate change. So by your logic if too much money is spent on something it becomes null and void?

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Thank you Dave and Chris for the brilliant enlightenment time and time again.
Specifically, Dave’s point about governments not being able to easily tax during deflationary episodes nailed it 1000%!!! The Fed is in bed with the government so it makes sense that their twisted policies are intended to create jobs for the sheeple slaves (so they can pay taxes) and also raise asset prices (that can be taxed for capital gains). The government exists to take from its servants. Then the tax revenues are used to strengthen their military force to keep the sheeples behaving and working and not acting out. The inflationary depression is guaranteed at this point for the desperate central planners, banksters and government officials. Kaboom, the crack up boom is much closer now. Got gold? The fiat green paper money is mortally wounded. Gotta keep taxing the servants which can only be maintained with inflation.







It disappoints me that Chris has built a great reputation on sound data and yet, when this CV Hoax has been completely exposed by Pulitzer winning journalist Jon Rappaport of nomorefakenews.com. John shows how the CDC, Canada’s health ministry, Britain’s health service and now 40 countries have admitted under FOIA requests that CV has not been identified or isolated in ANY LAB!

Are you aware that Pulitzer winning journalist Jon Rappaport has blown many holes in this CV hoax? To date, the CDC, Gov of Canada and Britain and now 40 other countries have admitted they have not isolated any CV virus due to FOIA requests?

Yes, but, we can appreciate the patients and professionalism that Chris demonstrates on how to not identify with any of the list you mention. I too had those feelings but if I have to listen to the penetration of these memes into society (information dynamics is my hobby) then this is the place I will invest the most valuable asset all of us have. TIME. drip, drip, drip… the stadium is emptying not filling, there will be no flood bursting, just the cold silent emptiness of space.
It’s just two humans trying to find the tiger in the grass before being eaten.
How do to move forward? (memorize your seed phrase, maybe look into HEX)

Are now promising a “dark winter”, whilst simultaneously claiming “Russians” are trying to hack the power grids;

However, I live in the midlands in the uk. Until the freeze over the last few days I had apple blossoms and blackberry canes growing. With all due, I think I can see climate change (weirding?) with my own eyes. I would suggest you grow more…