2022 Year In Review

2022 was a year of incredible events and developments. Too many to pick from, but let’s give it go.

Among the key themes for me were:

  1. How committed the mainstream press and health authorities were to ignoring the fact that Omicron basically ended what little reason there was for calling Covid a pandemic.
  2. Censorship and its relationship to…
  3. ...the Deep State
  4. Public awareness of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (aka “died suddenly”)
  5. Quiet quitting
  6. Mass migration away from Blue States to Red States
  7. Mass psychosis
Add it all up and I HIGHLY recommend you get prepared for a future of failure brought about by a distracted populace, led by corrupt and ignorant leadership. Hey, it’s nothing personal, it’s just how the end state of an empire seems to express itself over and over again.

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I Couldn’t…

…hate Trudeau more.
edit: I don’t hate anyone. I really really despise the power dynamics of money that makes a Trudeau possible. Taking out Trudeau does nothing to fix the problem, just provides the illusion of fixing something.


Why Chris, Please, Tell Me Why

Do you end your great 2022 year overview with the voice and words of that horrible person?
I was snoozing in bed, and thought, let’s listen to Chris, and so I did. But, close to the end, this turd’s voice scratched my soul. I wonder if I will be ever able to recover…


/Creepy voice activated/
“Good Daaaave…let the anger course through you…feel the power of the dark side!”


Could we not say the same thing about nearly every government on this planet? The Deep State hated Trump so much they elected a man who should be in a Nursing Home just so they can instigate a war with Russia.
Just as you referenced the power dynamics of money, the same is true in the US because the Deep State is part of the Military Industrial Complex. One hand feeds the other. The receive roughly 1 trillion each year from Washington so they feel compelled to use it by creating war toys. They then need a willing accomplice to go along with them so they can use those toys.
That is why the Deep State got rid of Trump because he wanted to calm things down with Russia and the MIC wanted none of that so they installed Joe Bidet.


Data Is Provisional And Incomplete

Why don’t the CDC and FDA tell us that the covid “vaccine” data is provisional and incomplete? If they have such trouble counting deaths, how can we trust them to have complete data that says the “vaccines” are safe and effective?

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The Great Thing About In Your Face Pro Vaxxers

They are dying, literally. We recently had another die who was a pro vaxxer. He was a former NFL player who said the vaccine and boosters should be mandated. He’s now dead. Celine Dion another pro vaxxer who wanted everyone to get the injection is now pretty much wishing she was dead because she is severely ill after taking the shots.
In an insane world, sometimes “Life Imitates Art”. Perhaps The Simpsons figured it all out back in 2010, in this episode.


Harvard Vaccine Requirements

Massachusetts has a very low excess death rate for the pandemic compared to other states. Massachusetts probably got the “good” “vaccines”. They probably got the “vaccines” that didn’t have manufacturing issues that made a lot of people sick. However, I think their “vaccines” DID have the spike protein and lipid nanoparticle elements in them because my parents were “vaccinated” by Moderna in Massachusetts (February 2021) and then they visited me in Texas and the females in my family started bleeding off-cycle immediately after they left (which means they probably shed on us).


Student Vaccinations

If you’re still back in vaccines prevent transmission psychosis (something that was never documented), then Harvard is in the “save grandma” mentality. Us older folks want to make sure those contaminated students don’t spread Covid to us.
Oh, wait! Vaccines don’t prevent transmission. Guess Harvard needs new fact checkers.


Wow! Was that an actual episode of the Simpsons? Minus the headlines I guess.

Season 22 Ep 6 The Fool Monty (Nov 21st 2010)

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Alpha Variant In Vaccines? Wasn´t It The Original “wild”-typ Variant?

As far as I know the Alpha-variant is the one that emerged in UK in early.

Reuters And Pfizer

Great Review. But one small point. I think you said that the CEO of Pfizer was on the Board of Reuters. I checked and I could not confirm this. 

Celebrities are silly and irrelevant and I don’t wish them death. I’d like to heal them, along with all vaxxed. And then beat the living shit out of them. But the death penalty, even self-imposed, is a road too far.
For Trudeau, Faucci, and the architects of mass murder, I hope they are tried, convicted, and executed.

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“For Trudeau, Faucci, and the architects of mass murder, I hope they are tried, convicted, and executed.”
I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it won’t happen. The entire system is too corrupt at this point. The main players are all looking out and covering for each other. The ONLY way that could ever happen is if the entire system collapsed and went into total chaos. It may never get to that point. Fauci will be dead from natural causes before he is viewed in the way Josef Mengele was.

I don’t know if anyone picked up on it but it’s funny how the deadly disease was the vaccine. ?

Dr Robert Malone Calls For The Cessation Of Covid 19 Vaccines

He is a good and brave man. Bravo to you Dr Malone !


If I said that I miscommunicated…it’s the ceo of Reuters that’s on the Pfizer board.

Rodster, I am willing to bet you one ounce sterling silver that the trials will start within 36 months of today’s date. If this is considered gambling and is an illegal offer, then I offer you a double scoop of ice cream in a waffle cone, with sprinkles if I am wrong.

Even if the trials start as you say, it won’t amount to anything. No one will go to jail for this because the corruption is so vast and deep. This corruption goes globally with every country participating in this fraud.
Remember Trump, “Lock Her Up”. She’s still out on the street with NO jail time. Her hubby, same thing. The entire poltical system is rotten to the core meaning there is no foundation left. Hunter Biden should be in jail for all the incriminating evidence against him and the FBI covering for him. Joe Biden should be impeached for his coverup dealings with his son.
This isn’t like the 1950’s or 60’s where we still had decent politicians. Now we are being led by a Uni-Party because both the Democrats and Republicans are in on the same game. They both look out for each other. So maybe trials will start in 36 months but I wouldn’t hold my breath that anything will come of it. James Kunstler is still waiting for Hillary behind bars.
I do prefer chocolate ice cream.