40% Surge in Working Age Adult Deaths

Everywhere we look, the data combined with what’s happening on the ground appear to be clear: disastrous outcomes are taking place. Right now. All around us.

A large insurance company CEO is on the record stating that deaths among working-age adults (below 65) are 40% above expected values. That is not just “unlikely” but shouldn’t happen ever outside of a major war.

And it’s not covid-related because we are supposedly tracking those. So, besides it being a massive surge, what exactly is the cause? It’s not all because of suicides, though we know those are up, tragically. It’s not cancer. It’s not war, yet. It’s not fentanyl overdoses.

What could it be? I think we all know, but can’t say without being censored. Yet. But soon we will witness this terrible concept as it moves out of “private knowledge” into “common knowledge.” Recent events in Australia suggest this moment is nearly upon us.

How can this be ignored or, worse, explained away? Currently, the media spends more time gaslighting us than educating us, but that will change with your help and attention.

At the same time, we now have neocons joining the Left openly calling for war with Russia. Nuclear weapons be damned. Literally.

Europe and the Biden Administration are transporting heavy weapons to Ukraine. At what point does Putin call this an Act of War, and directly blames the U.S. or EU for the deaths of his people? (How did you feel when news that Russian bounties were supposedly placed on the heads of U.S. soldiers in Syria?) What happens when a Russian unit directly attacks U.S. or EU soldiers transporting weapons to the Ukraine? It’s all heading in that direction. This isn’t outside-the-box thinking, this is basic History 101, over and over again.

On the economic front, the data and emptying shelves clearly indicate the so-called transitory inflation and supply chain issues are worsening. (As an example, the Wall Street Journal reported that major grocery corporations are rationing baby formula due to short supplies. Will that put pressure on families?) Even President Biden admitted that food shortages are coming. So, where is the economy going? (Plant a garden already!)

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Ethanol Vs. Small Engines

Great Live Chat! Thank you!! (Sorry I don’t have a youtube channel to comment)
Several years ago a friend of mine who owns a landscaping company recommended treating ethanol gas with:
Marine Sta-bile
or Star-Tron
(Links are just for reference) Ethanol-free is definitely better - here in Upstate NY ethanol-free is easy to find at gas stations located near most lakes. I also still treat that with fuel stabilizer - but if you can’t get E-Free these fuel treatments have definitely been a step up from nothing… This has just been my experience so far - would love to hear what others use and what has worked for them!
Thank you for all of your work in the world!


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Davison’s Explanation

This “factcheck” quotes Scott Davison regarding the 40% increase mentioned in his clip that Chris drew attention to:

CDC data indicates that 65% of 3Q excess deaths can be directly attributed to COVID. Our own claims data is consistent with that as well. Based on the data and our analysis, we believe that a significant portion of the remaining excess deaths are driven by deferred medical care and individuals who recover from COVID but later die from the toll COVID has taken on their bodies.
Of course, the "factcheck" could be lying, or Davison could be wrong, or maybe there's still some significant amount of excess death that still needs to be explained. Still, if he really has the goods, has the data, then this explanation should count for something. Moreover, those who are satisfied with this explanation wouldn't really have much reason to be searching for other explanations and would instead continue focusing their efforts on stopping COVID.

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cannot watch it anymore. Is there another way?


We’re looking into it.


“common Knowledge”

Thank you for that discussion of “common knowledge.” I’d been familiar with the game theoretic version, but the relevance to real world individual and societal actions was new to me. It’s a fascinating concept, and it will be interesting to watch out for such triggers.



So glad I got this membership. YT is trash.


Turns out one of the clips Chris played during the episode was copyrighted. It was a comedy skit done by a Saudi Arabian TV show making fun of Joe Biden. We’re going to have to remove that clip, but afterwards the video should start working again. Sorry about the inconvenience… and sorry you won’t be able to see that clip! It was great for comedy value, but also to illustrate the changing sentiment towards America during his discussion of the ongoing destruction of the petrodollar.


Can you upload the clip separately, or else upload two versions I the video, one on Odysee with the clip, one on YouTube without?


Video Deleted From Youtube

Taken down by MBC group on copyright grounds

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I am trimming the 2 min section out now. Currently processing the trim. Once done, looks like it should be back up and visible.
Lovely YouTube is taking its time.

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Honestly I feel like the part 1 should also be on Odyssey. I totally get why you upload to youtube, but these are the reason why you should do both if you can. I was listening while I made dinner, and came back just now to see that it had been purged by the thought police.
Digital resilience is making sure your message is spread as far and wide as possible! :slight_smile:

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Leave Unedited Video On Odysee

The video has been blocked on YouTube. It’s backed up on Odysee:
PLEASE leave the unedited clip on Odysee. You can opt to make it private and post the link here on Peak Prosperity. Upload another version of the video for YouTube.

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When they use the word attributed, it doesn’t mean what you think it means…
Think scapegoat. There’s no way covid was more lethal in 2021 than 2020 without the vaccines being involved.



It’s up on odysee if you can’t watch on youtube

Please also post to odyssey. I know you guys intentionally play it safe with part 1, but as we can see, nothing is safe. And besides, I’d like it as it was intended not as youtube made it (any more than their rules already do).

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Here’s the clip. I do not think it is as funny ad the actual, incomprehensible speaches of Joe Biden. But, as mentioned, it does signal a changing attitude. It is therefore of historical significance.



Copyright Strike Chris!. Please upload odyssey version