A Discussion with Dr. Scott Jensen, M.D.

Chris sits down with Dr. Scott Jensen, M.D., a successful family medicine/general practitioner and former Minnesota state senator, now running for the hotly contested Minnesota governor’s seat this November.

Dr. Jensen reflects on his decision to enter the race, and the political arena in general, as a direct result of the rise of authoritarianism and associated societal collapse which have emerged following the COVID-19 pandemic. He fears what without a swift redirect back toward traditional doctor-patient relationships and re-established trust with our government and public institutions, that the U.S. will face the same grim fate of other failed states.

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Dr. Scott Jensen added the element of Faith to the treatment protocol. He makes the strong point that personal reflection and a meditative attitude can be a healing and calming therapy.
I’d vote for this man in a heartbeat and love the fact that he started the interview by pointing out that his wife is an integral part of his campaign. He represents all that is good in humanity and politics.


I take it upon myself to warn the good doctor of the Hubrid takeover. Unless he grasps the significance of Dr. David Jacob’s findings he will be grist for the mill.


This was a joy to listen to! Eloquent, thoughtful responses, two-way dialogue, and ‘Martensense’ throughout. A breath of fresh air indeed!
His intellect and demeanour, how he comports & expresses himself, and what he espouses is representative what the new normal should look like in politics - across the board.
So impressed am I with Dr. Jensen that I had the thought if he wins I wanna move to Minnesota! That speaks volumes…


not relevant to this video but did anyone see the original clip of the story of the guy that stopped a robbery? I saw it and at the end the guy said “epstine didn’t kill himself” right at the end. It caught her off guard. She said “ohh Clever”. I saw the clip on yt and wondered if they left it in. Of course not. Cut it off right before he said it.


He really says a whole lot of nothing. But they are now bringing up the side effects and trying to soften them down to make it no big deal.


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Lyndon Johnson’s VP was a Hubrid from Minnesota who called himself Humphrey. This stuff goes way back.


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It takes a degree of courage to cite Scriptural passages in today’s political climate. Of course the good doctor is reaching out to good, level-headed people, so it follows. And Esther’s Uncle Mordecai spoke those words to the queen because her people were threatened with annihilation. It would seem that Dr Jensen also sees the storm that many others see coming, with life and liberty at stake—as is blatant to any who are paying attention.
I don’t see how it will happen—though through the agency of people of his caliber becoming involved in the political process it might be achieved—but this nation is, I believe, destined to overcome the forces intent on destroying the republic (cf. Revelation 12:14, “the two wings of the great eagle”). It seems a long shot, but it is my understanding and my belief.
We have a lot to go through, perhaps an awful lot, but the doctor’s words of decency and reason feel like bedrock and fresh air.


So this guy started a “Doc in the Box” became successful, expanded, and is now raking in millions without even practicing and now goes into politics. You all need to do some research into the Doc in the box phenomon and how that dynamic has not helped healthcare get better at all and in fact made worse. They simply collect hypochondriacs with very good insurance then sit back and turn the crank.
He will indeed make a good politician as he can answer questions with lots of platitudes and round about thoughts without ever really answering the question.
He never answers why there was an active, aggressive, concerted effort to deny life saving treatment and suppress beneficial medications.
Super nice guy but …


It would be nice to think it’s just all about money or politics - for instance, wars in recent years are now seen as huge scams on the taxpayer & lives of soldiers… But the suppression of early treatments enabled new biotechnology to be tested on billions of people…
Those working for the institutions do indeed behave cult-like - but they also benefit from these hierarchical systems, so it is in their interest not to rock the boat. They often employ people of similar mind-set too…
Sections of the public have been equally pampered over the decades & find it easier just to go with the flow as long as it seems to be in their interest. Couple this seemingly, self-serving conformity with the unregulated, unethical, powerful ‘weapons-grade’ psychological-tools being deployed through all media by the corporate-state, & you have the perfect conditions for a mass psychosis & possible follow-up genocide.
The term: ‘fattened up for the kill’ seems apt here…


Salon savages him, so I’m automatically inclined to be supportive of him. I read on other sites that he is open to alternative medicines—which is laudable, given Pharma’s toxic grip on modern medicine. I think “doc-in-the-box” is perhaps not the best description of a wellness center that incorporates common sense health measures.
It was just a quick look—I don’t live in Minnesota so my dog isn’t in that hunt—but apart from the political hit pieces I didn’t see anything discrediting.


You mean Hubert Humphrey

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It is Hubert Humphrey. I lived in Minnesota when Hubert was active in politics. He could take 30 minutes to answer a single question. I have often referred to anyone that just goes on and while talking as being having attended the Hubert Humphrey school of public speaking. I guess the number of people who have any idea what that would mean has dwindled to a very small percentage.


Many false accusations in this piece.



Yes, I was making a joke based on Arthur Robey’s earlier comment (#2):

I take it upon myself to warn the good doctor of the Hubrid takeover. Unless he grasps the significance of Dr. David Jacob's findings he will be grist for the mill.
According to Wikipedia:
aliens were attempting to create human–alien hybrids, the most advanced stage of which in the "human hybridization program" are known as hubrids.