A Murder Story From The UK

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The story from the UK now takes a very dark turn. Where they had lied and nudged their citizens to accept lockdowns, wear masks, and take vaccines, there was more…

It turns out that the UK health officials somehow thought to pre-order huge quantities of Midazolam – a powerful benzodiazepine – months before any Covid cases had landed on their shores.

During the first waver of Covid deaths, which was April 2020, the prescribing patterns for Midazolam, opiates, and other powerful drugs went through the roof. So did deaths that were recorded as being due to “dementia and Alzheimer’s.”

Were elderly residents in care homes given drug cocktails that caused their lives to be shortened, and their demises hastened? It sure looks that way.


Pharmaceutical Journal showing the timing of Midazolam orders placed with France


Australia makes the same use of Midazolam and opiates as the UK


UK euthanasia drug guidelines


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Canada Also Murdered Their Elderly

I have a nurse friend who told me she was horrified they were putting confirmed and suspected Covid patients in isolated rooms and treating them with end of life care instead of medical interventions to help them. I decided to dig a little and found the following.
The most disturbing part is that nobody cares.


This Vindicates The Idea That Governments Are Nothing More Than…

…Crime Syndicates. They would make John Gotti and Al Capone blush with envy.


What’s A Lethal Morphine Dose?

My mother had suffered a hemorrhagic stroke. She was unconscious and breathing heavily. They gave her Midazolam, Lorazepam, Fentanyl, and Morphine. They said the morphine was to ease the pain, and the other meds to ease the anxiety, which I couldn’t understand if she was unconscious. They upped the morphine to 10 mg orally at one time, and she died later that night. Was that appropriate for an 89 year old, 90 lb woman? Or did it slow her breathing to the point of death?


Public Health Care

Never Forget. This is the NHS we are discussing here. I bet dollars to donuts that this was a cost saving measure and/or a way to hide that the NHS system is broken. Got to keep those ICU beds open otherwise people might start asking questions. Back here in Canada, Alberta with a population of 4.371million, has a total of ~200 ICU beds. That includes ALL ICU beds which are for children, burn victims etc. I can’t remember how many can be used to treat covid but it is less than 200. At the same time CBC is fear mongering how all the ICU beds are at capacity so get the poke. I am so mad.


I’ve Seen The Future Baby…

It is murder.
How did Leonard Cohen know all this back in 1993 when this song originally came out? He didn’t live to see it. The above performance took place in London several years before he died.


Wow! He nailed it.
“Repent. I wonder what they meant.”


10 mg of morphine alone wouldn’t do it for a healthy person, not even close. But in combination with other drugs and your mother’s age and weight and condition?
It’s hard to say for sure, but that seems like a particularly powerful combination of drugs to give…by the way the fentanyl was for pain too, it being a powerful opiate. So the timing between the fentanyl and morphine doses matters here.


The worst part is it’s just so obvious that some in the so-called “healthcare” profession have taken it upon themselves to dictate end-of-life decisions and pick the moments.
Okay, but shouldn’t there be an open discussion about that? You know, talk about it instead of just sneakily doing it because your incentive structure works out that way?
Even more importantly, shouldn’t this be done with a level of compassion and care that at least equals what we give to cats and dogs?
How are we to interpret the sheer inhumanity of how this is done far too often (such as withholding water, food, until a labored death)?


Uk Hospitalization Experience

When I was hospitalized a few years ago, I ended up on a geriatric ward, because the consultant there was also an “expert” in neuro issues. What I saw there was horrific and traumatic. So dehumanizing and cruel people. Not one of the oldsters went out better than they came in, and most much worse, and anyone who did make out it alive, went out on a new cocktail of drugs and laxatives for the life. Many died due to neglect. I watched one person who had an eating disorder his food, and starve, because no-one bothered to feed him or observe him during meals. The staff saw patients as problems not as people, and treated and spoke to them as if they were pieces of sh*t. I am therefore not surprised that they were deliberately killed off old people, and had no qualms about it.


This Isn’t New

I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating: in 2012 the UK was openly neglecting patients to death. Infants born with birth defects and those diagnosed with potential terminal illness had food and water witheld until they died. Many were newborns, who couldn’t complain, and whose parents were told they would not live long and advised to go home. Newborn life is persistent, however, and some of the babies lasted a week, their eyes and fontanels sunken in from dehydration. That was the total earth experience of these babies: neglect, abandonment, terrible thirst and suffering. Then they were burned with the hospital wate and used to heat the buildings.
One patient neglected to death was an 11 year old boy with leukemia, who was denied water despite pleading for it incessantly until his tongue cleaved to the roof of his mouth and he could no longer speak.
In this way, hospitals in the UK rid themselves of humane medical staff, who quit because they could not take it. This paved the way for a more active way of dispensing with patients, otherwise known as murder.
Thank you, Chris, for calling it murder. Euthanasia has such an ethereal, vaguely humane sound. But it is murder as clearly as if they chopped an axe into a patient’s head.


I am glad you survived, Gary.



In October 2020, when my British partner was diagnosed by the NHS with stage 4 prostate cancer, he told me that he didn’t feel safe in the hands of the NHS.
We came to Istanbul instead where he has been treated–so far successfully–ever since, and where we have been made to feel cared for and valued as human beings, in ways neither of us have ever experienced in the UK or the US.
Something is literally sickeningly wrong in both of our countries’s health care systems.


Yes, the system weeds out the humane folks, or robs them of their humanity if they stay.


Since 2008 I have been advised to take a number of “pharmaceutical cocktails” consisting of multiple arrays of drug concoctions. I was also told that if I failed to get a surgical intervention, I would start to periodically collapse.
I rejected all of that advice. It is now 15 years later, the periodic collapses never happened. In 2012, I climbed a 16,000 foot mountain in the Himalayas. I remember a Chinese Red Army member on the same mountain giving me a thumbs up and wanting to have his picture taken with this “old American.”
My trust in the American healthcare system was already near zero when Covid hit. After Covid, it went lower.

After Covid, it went lower.
Me too. Same.

It really should be called “Sickcare” because the entire system is designed for profit at the expense of its patients. If the intent was really Healthcare, then the system that feeds it business would not exist. Our current western diets with all its food coloring, and processed foods would not exist freely for human consumption.
But if bad food choices were not available so would the system that grossly profits from it along with insurance companies who treat their sickcare patients as just profit centers.
If tobacco was not available for human consumption, then the government would not profit from the tax revenue it generates in sales. The system from top to bottom is layered in hypocrisy. If governments or businesses can’t profit from us, then we are NO use to them, which is why Canada is considering assisted suicides for those who are no use or productive for others profit.
“Show Me The MONEY” - Jerry McGuire


As I recall, an ICU nurse at Sen Ron Johnson’s covid roundtable said she never saw a patient die of covid. She saw them die of inappropriate treatment.


This is the result of morality being a punchline and years of calling humans a cancer upon the Earth. A system like this cannot and should not remain.


or “SickNeglect”