A Serious Message From Chris Martenson

Like a windstorm toppling a hollowed-out tree, SARS-CoV-2 didn’t cause the current recession so much as it exposed how rotten things already were.

Even before SARS-CoV-2, households were struggling. Far too many were limping along without any savings at all, one crisis away from financial ruin.

Debts at every level were at record highs before SARS-CoV-2 came along, and the Federal Reserve was already busy bailing out the US financial system before the virus hit.

The shale oil industry had failed to generate any profits for over a decade before anyone ever heard of Covid19.

The worldwide wealth gap was already record levels before we were forced into lockdown.

What the coronavirus pandemic has done, though, is give the ruling authorities aircover to accelerate all of these trends to warp speed.

Billionaires have been, by far, the largest winners in this story so far. Ditto for mega corporations. Main Street and small and medium-sized businesses have been utterly crushed.

Where the Great Financial Crisis in 2008 could have been – and should have been – a wake-up call to operate the system more equitably and sustainably, it was used instead as an excuse to make things even worse.

No bank executives were charged or even went to jail for any crimes they played in bringing the financial system to the brink of disaster. Accounting deceit, wire fraud, and forgery – anybody remember ‘robosigning’? That was forgery, a felony, and not one charge was ever leveled. Instead, the Too Big To Fail banks were bailed out and got bigger at the expense of smaller, more responsible firms.

My point here is that SARS-CoV-2 has laid bare our true value systems. Some countries have done an admirable job of showing they care about their citizens, making public safety and health their top priority. Other countries, such as mine (the US), have demonstrated the opposite.

When it comes to making judgment, I look at actions much more than words. What have been the actions of the US authorities so far?

  1. The Federal Reserve swooped in to assure that the wealthy got even wealthier.
  2. The CDC couldn’t get effective test kits prepared or deployed until months after many other countries did.
  3. $Billions and $billions were smoothly and rapidly delivered to the largest institutions, corporations and wealthiest households.
  4. But only a single $1200 stimulus check has been sent to the poorest of American families. Well, most of them, but many are still waiting for their stimulus checks. Every household sandwiched between the rich and the poor has received nothing.
In other words, the Fed has made its #1 priority the preservation of the financial advantages of the already-rich, while the federal government has made clear that public health isn't really a priority at all.

The unfairness and legal and moral wrongness of this next bit of news stunned even long-time skeptics like myself:


I object strenuously to any taxpayer money, my money, being sent to any and all religious organizations (I'm a big believer in the separation of church and state). But to do so to help the Catholic church cover shortfalls due to payouts to victims of institutionalized pedophilia? Really, that’s just...I'm out of words.

But more often than not, that’s the business the federal government is in: protecting the abusers, not the victims.

Thousands of hedge funds and other extremely wealthy financial firms are similarly feeding from the same trough of substantial taxpayer payouts.

But where real support is needed? The free money river has never been more than a trickle. Testing for SARS-CoV-2 has been throttled back due to lack of funding. Hospitals remain chronically short of critical PPE. 30% of all US households were unable to make last month’s mortgage payment.

As I said, these dots simply reveal the values and priorities of those running the show. If I were to use a single word to sum things up, it would be: greed.

Anything and everything that funnels money from the many into the pockets of the few is being done and done swiftly. Anything monies directed to the well-being of the masses is being done slowly, grudgingly, and sparingly (if at all). “Never let a good crisis go to waste” is the motto of current crowd in charge.

I am asked all the time to decide between Covid-19 being real or this whole thing being a scam. To which I reply, “why not both?”

The Elites Have Won

The elites have all the power and they have no interest in sharing any of it. They are too blinded by greed and driven by fear to do otherwise.

In this way, they pretty much have won.

They’ll print up however much money they desire and hand it out to themselves – after, of course, laundering it through the ““markets”” to create the appearance that fairness was actually involved.

But we all know it’s not. The data is crystal clear: Wall Street’s mighty siphons assure that nearly all of the Fed’s freshly printed money goes straight into the pockets of the most well-connected players.

As I’ve taken pains to point out, given all the public’s focus on Black Lives Matter, somehow the Federal Reserve has escaped being called out for being a nearly pure-white organization whose efforts overwhelmingly funnel additional funds to white households. Whether by design or accident, the Federal Reserve’s actions do more to cement racial inequality than any other entity, group, or organization in existence. By far.

Looked at another way, Trump is soothed by the stock market hitting new all-time highs and I believe this has blunted the seriousness with which he takes SARS-CoV-2. In jamming the stock markets higher, I see the Federal Reserve as also partly responsible for the lame US response to Covid, which has already cost far too many people their lives and many more people their health.

Of course, intervening in the financial markers to push them higher during an election year is a profoundly political act. Something the Fed has absolutely no business doing.

Put all that together and the Federal Reserve is a partisan, political organization that is costing people their lives and health while promoting racial inequality.

Yet it’s given a nearly free pass on all of that from the mainstream press, our supposed watchdog for truth. Hardly is Fed Chair Jerome Powell ever asked a single daunting question along these lines.

Our health organizations like the CDC and the WHO are similarly compromised and complicit, too shot through with political intrigue and pharma money to be of any help.

All of which is both shameful and self-injurious, because if we’d like to avoid a very dark future filled with societal unraveling, then the Fed’s dangerous actions need to be brought to heel. And soon.

However, after all that has transpired, I don’t see much hope of the Fed changing its ways. It has proven it can’t be goaded or shamed into introspection or altering course.


All of which is my way of saying that I am bracing for impact.

I simply don’t know what else to do. We are on our own.

It’s time to consider how you will provide your family with the basics, the very bottom layers of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs – water, food, shelter, resources, health & safety – if the systems we depend on today start weakening:

When people are busy moving down the Hierarchy of Needs, that means society is crumbling.

And folks are already indeed moving. Literally. Real estate for sale in Manhattan is piling up without takers, while more rural properties are being snapped up. Gardens are being planted and guns are being bought.

SARS-CoV-2 has taught many lessons and revealed much. To me, it’s revealed that the elites as led by the Federal Reserve won’t deviate from accelerating inequity until being forced to stop. Whether that will occur via social revolution, the destruction of the purchasing power of the US dollar, or something else, I don’t know.

But I do know that whatever it is, it won’t be the cause of all the misery that will follow. The true culprits are the current and former managers (not leaders) with the Fed and within the DC beltway who failed to protect the vulnerable, set reasonable policies, and conduct themselves with integrity.

So my advice is to brace for impact. There’s nothing any of us can do to affect national monetary policy or stop the major unraveling trends already set in motion, but we can do our best to step outside harm’s way and tend the welfare of ourselves and those we care about as the system falters.

In Part 2: Brace For Impact! I share the key indicators that have me most concerned about the nearness of the next systemic shock, as well as the key steps I recommend you take now using whatever time remains available to you.

We are facing unprecedented challenges that are accelerating at a faster rate than at any other time in human history. Every day we have left to prepare prudently is a gift. Use the time wisely.

Click here to read Part 2 of this report (free executive summary, enrollment required for full access).

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Chris writes: “In this way, they pretty much have won.”
No, they haven’t- not by a long shot! The article that Chris has written here reveals the passion, intelligence, courage and pure humanity that is being arrayed against them in ever increasing numbers. We are in very early innings, and I have little doubt that in the fullness of time WE THE PEOPLE will win! Why?- because we are armed with a very powerful weapon that has the elites sweating in their sleep- truth and decency!

We must understand how all this happened, then help our neighbors to understand how this happened so we all can teach our children what went wrong and prepare them. If you are familiar with the Fourth Turning, we can anticipate that the Prophet Generation (e.g. Dr. Martenson’s) will need to have forbearance during the coming winter, the Gen X-ers will need to pick up the pieces of shattered debris, and the millennials and Gen Z’s will need to set aside the hypocrisy of the elders, awful as it is, and focus on taking in the lessons of their elders mistakes, for they, the Hero generation, will have to rebuild on a sound foundation if a springtime is to emerge in the prime of their lives.

Unfortunately, so long as people are just managing, thing will never change. I always said to bring about true revolution, we must have things get much worse. AND they are and will continue , perhaps worse than anyone could have imagined. ( but not me ) I expect this fully. The problem is, being disabled, I was unable to prepare myself over the years adequately as I should have for the inevitable. Others just too busy with everyday grind to take action either.
Were will find resilience ? I am hoping here. Perhaps our attentions should lie not on just how to sustain ourselves. But how to write and create policy for the new america. Which I would call the new US contingent government where people who are able and capable of directing and guiding us forward, take actions within the community to restore the US back to a country of prosper.
If we can find away to protect our families in the coming days, and survive it, I truly believe the future is very bright. But its not going to happen on its own and it certainly wont happen with the governors that we have been allowing to run wild out of control for decades.

It is going to get worse, much much worse, before it gets any better and there is no guarantee it will get better. A look to the South will show what impoverished people under the control of elites look like. A look at history will demonstrate that the vacuum left by collapse opens the door for demagogues to walk in and “make blah blah blah great again” Palestinians dream of peace and prosperity. Syrians just want the bombs to stop. Country after country gives examples of what the international banking cartel is up to.
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as Chris points out is not static it is a dynamic with no assurance of upward mobility. The US is and has been raped and pillaged. It is what happens at the end of empire. Not always as Britain was able to remain somewhat in control thanks to the Anglo alliance. But that only suited the needs of the cartel.
It is folly to think any kind of democratic transition will take place to a fair and equitable society. We are on an energy descent and oppressed minorities are now demanding a place at the table with little left on it.
Just what did you think the end of empire would look like?
Breaker Morant, “well peter this is what becomes of empire building”

well said brother.
personally, I have little appetite for the hopium peddled by many, the folks incapable of confronting reality. this IS what it looks like, as an empire collapses.

for years, I’ve been writing and sharing snippets, articles Like Dr. Martenson’s here, trying to share information, help folks turn off the tv, and think.
mostly on largely deaf years and minds. my own Windmill. I’ve come to peace with that, mostly. Who am I to suggest I know what actually serves humanity in the long run, the run I can not see, for I am but a sapling in a monsterous forest.
Ive equated it to W. Va Coal Mine, circa 1900.
#HostLife - The people have been turned into “hosts” (a food source - rent payers) for the 1% inbred parasites (leeches - rent collectors) by the re-establishment of the "West Virginia Coal Mine Experience"™ (circa 1900).
By incrementally monopolizing necessities (food, water, shelter, utilities), by debt expansion, and by wage suppression: we now work in their company “mines” (cube farms, whatever), live in their company housing (mortgage), shop in their company store (credit card debt), pay MONOPOLY prices for necessities.
Literally, cradle to grave slavery to a small collection of “Nanny” Transnational Corporations (all owned at the top by a handful of globalist banksters)

>>> I truly believe the future is very bright.
What’s your reasoning here NordicJack? I know you qualified it with a huge “if” but I’d really like to hear more of what you’re thinking. I think Mohammed Mast and XBarbarian have it right - we’re porked…Thanks, Wilco

I think there is a large amount of enlightened people. There are people like Chris who have spoken about the issues. and clearly know about the issues. Why then do things not change? Because lack of awareness. AND THE MONEY. Those with the MONEY end up in control. Those without have little or no power regardless how enlightened, intelligent, and skilled. MONEY does not bring about awareness. In fact its the opposite. Awareness is spreading. and as things get worse, people search for solutions. The collapse of American ( US ) as a world power is inevitable. History even dictates this. My assumption is once the current US state is gone, Things can only get better ( it will be a painful decade ) But, that is the nice thing about being at rock bottom. there is nowhere further to fall. So, my assumption is relative. We will see incredibly hard times… Harder times than our grandparents did in the great depression, harder times than war time ( and we will get some of this as well ) We will see more disease yet. And plenty more death from many many causes including violence and starvation.
As I keep telling people, you do not need to be prophetic or psychic to know where we are headed.
I got into several arguments with people including mainstream journalists about this pandemic and what it meant. And they all said its just like all the other scares like H1N1, swine flu and others… I did not caution them and argue with them during those… as Chris has here. We knew what we had here with this virus. We also know what we have with our current financial system and governors.
My only question is why do the wealthy want to game it so bad that they will cause their own failure. ( history dictates their actions are illogical ) I often wonder how much of this is by design. I begin to think there are no accidents… and natural occurrences. But everything by design. Are we living in a reality or a simulated matrix?

You are one of the greatest fighters for “right and morality” out there!! You understand so much about the tools and tricks of the elites and how they use green paper to control their servants. Your scientific background further adds to your great insight. I share similar traits, talents, intelligence and ambitions
We all desire a truly peaceful ending to the self-inflicted madness in the US (and world) today. However, we must all study history and you will realize that this necessary change will not come through peaceful means. As you mentioned in your article, the elites have already won and they will not change their ways. You (and probably too many others) have chosen the “flight” response when facing such strong adversity. I have chosen the alternative path, which history supports. The path of “fight” to take back our rights, freedoms, currency and country is the inevitable one. The social revolution has already started and will only accelerate rapidly now. But everyone must participate and educate others to save our great country and people!! If not for yourselves, then participate to save your children’s future or their children’s. As the GPR proclaims…Do not be Deceived, Bribed or Intimidated any longer. GreenPaperRevolution.com
Thank you Chris. Adam and you and all the rest of the educators and revolutionaries are truly awesome and awe-inspiring.

The trouble is that there are many people who have been infected by the rhetoric of the managers and believe the lies that are being fed to us.
One of the most worrying trends that I have seen during this pandemic is the increase in gambling. Anyone who buys lottery tickets or participates in sweepstakes like the one that our local radio station runs is voting with their wallet for inequality. Take lots of small amounts from the masses and give one, large, “life-changing” amount to one individual. That is how these schemes are set up and even marketed. This is perpetuating and exacerbating inequality. It seems clear that people like inequality; it’s just that they don’t like their position on the scale of wealth!

I assume by this you mean the industry is over capitalized. I work in automation in the O&G industry. What would really be actionable data is this broken down by operating company and field.

Stefan Molyneux has been banned from YT, along with others. Books are still burned. Books are still banned but everyone knows social media YT included is this age’s equivalent of books.
What follows is a list of prophetic books well worth visiting or revisiting.
Fahrenheit 451 1953 by Ray Bradbury
Brave New World 1932 Aldous Huxley
1984 - pub 1949 George Orwell
Of course these are the classics. There are lots more as listed by ABE books.
I think by any measure we are in many ways in the dystopian future predicted. Of course if you are white and middle + class this is coming as a shock. Especially so if you are an Amerikaan. It is not so much of a shock to indigenous people and people of color. They have been here for centuries. That said it is getting worse for them, thus protests and riots. Derek Chauvin will be a sacrificial lamb or what we are seeing will look more like your first child’s 1st birthday. Amerikaan exceptionalism is crumbling. It may take awhile for the empire to collapse but collapse it will. The things propping it up are military, police, corporate media and the surveillance industry.
I have said here before corporations are now the pirates of our time, They don’t sail the seas, they don’t wear eye patches and walk on wooden legs. They wear Armani suits, fly private jets from country to country, sit in boardrooms on top of the largest buildings on the planet. They rape pillage and plunder and live on huge multi million dollar estates behind tall walls with high security. They have bug out escape plans ie Peter Thiel bought New Zealand citizenship and a huge estate on Lake Wanaka on the South Island. He is not alone. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/05/15/peter-thiel-new-zealand-estate.html
It is quite clear from this latest pandemic (to anyone paying attention) that while all this is playing out economically and politically eugenics is still in play. The elites have no desire to share what is left of this planet with deplorables. When the dust settles there will be a lot less humanity to deal with. The ones left will be useful idiots who will be more than grateful for whatever they are permitted.
Questions are clearly rife. Chief among them is " how did it get this way"? Of course the next question is “what to do”? Chris and Adam have devoted years to answering the 2nd question and Pt. 2 is just the latest installment. The following doc by Adam Curtis offers one of the mechanisms for how it got this way. It is 4 hours but quite illuminating and worth the watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJ3RzGoQC4s&t=273s
Of course there will be those who think this is quite accidental. There are those who are marginalized who believe this is a planned demolition. My guess is ultimately it really doesn’t matter since the populace for all its swagger and bravado about rule of law and constitutional rights has been effectively castrated and neutered. The only mechanism offered for change is electoral politics. Only the completely brain dead true believers think that is a viable option. Just look at the choices in Nov. REALLY??? As has been demonstrated on this site for over a decade “there are no solutions”. Solutions only exist for problems. This is a predicament. Predicaments have coping mechanisms , like farms in western Mass., gardens, guns, gold, solar panels, batteries, skills, etc.
Don’t know exactly what the end game will look like but at my age I won’t have to endure it for very long. It looks like things are going to get very tribal. That could be a good thing or not. At any rate the institutions and structures that have been built with cheap abundant energy will likely not be around too much longer. If I were younger I would do what Jim Rogers did get out and learn Mandarin. All the best to everyone. Oh sorry to sugar coat things sometimes I get carried away

I think you nailed it Xbarbarian! Now that we have a clear picture of the predicament, it is time to move toward the outcome we desire … and this is actually the fun part because there is a lot we can do to improve our situation.
As an example, I have become a ‘wannabe’ farmer of sorts over the past 10 years. We have a small group of PPers here who have been working together to improve the various forms of capital. One of our first actions was to form a non-profit which is geared toward ‘educational activities’ that are about becoming more self reliant both as a community but also as individuals.
One of our activities is to grow an annual potato patch and this morning about 6:00am I fired up ole Betsy (a 1941 Ford 9N) and hilled the field in about 2 hrs.
[caption id=“attachment_573580” align=“alignnone” width=“1024”] Potato Hilling circa 1940s style[/caption]
This tractor cost about an ounce of gold but sure seems worth a lot more after doing hand hilling for a number of years! And here is the ‘rube -goldberg’ cultivator/hiller we designed and built from misc. parts.
Anyway, I appreciate your post and at the same time enjoy the disconnect from TPTB managing our slavery style food production/distribution system.

thanks brother! I celebrate your efforts are sustainability and resilience!
best of luck, friend!

…and following and learning I too feel now is the time to really step it up. My Lady retires next August and our home will be finished the day she retires. We have already marked out our second garden and placed a very large 100 by 60 tarp squared up on the grass, full Sun and preparing it for what we believe is the best farming practice. Organic and composting is our plan, no till. We have three bays for composting until we see just how much will be needed each year. We have great well water and surprisingly city water in the middle of nowhere. Our goal is to plan for and put away stores of food to last through the Winter. I have purchased a 20 by 25 greenhouse and will attempt to try and grow many veggies during the Winter. Fresh tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage and things like this so we can put a spread out during the darkest and coldest days. I have a 1 million gallon Pond near, we collect rain water, etc…We have a awesome supply of deer from the back 7 acres where every year it is customary to pull out 4 deer. We will have lambs, chickens, turkeys, pigs and maybe a goat. I’m thinking a cow but just thinking. For all farm animals their lives will exist from early Spring to late Fall of the second year when I will have my nephew process them from his butchering plant on wheels, process them and store in our freezers. Folks, all of this has always been a part of our lives and in living this life of ours this has been our dream.
We do it all with a spunky and great attitude, it’s a labor of love. I wish all of you well, I really do. I hope you are serious though because I have no doubts that Chris and Adam are correct about our future and even if their not, I hope their not, it still doesn’t change for Barb and I our reasons for what our plans are. Love you all, I really do and I hope all at least are happy, engaged with their partners, inclusive and respectful. You must have a partner in this and I thank the almighty Lord (whomever that is) for this terrific experience with Barb of life on this incredibly challenging Earth. Bring it all on, we’ll fight tooth and nail just for the experience. Peace BOB

Day before yesterday I paid cash for a decommissioned Ford E550 passenger bus (25’). Had two mechanic friends check it out, and it’s well-broken-in, but sound (9 years old, 160k miles). Have now parked it on my sweetheart’s mother’s land (near the garden) and over the next month will strip and retrofit it to be a rolling studio apartment: bed and desk and storage inside, collapsable deck (fitted to the height of the handicapped lift doors on the side of the bus) will be home to the outdoor kitchen. We are rough and ready so a solar shower and improvised latrine will do. 4x300W solar panels on the roof and a couple deep cycle marine batteries will give us enough juice on the overnight to run a few simple appliances (small fridge, smoothie blender, charge phones/laptops, play music, etc.).
We are fortunate to have several possible locations at which we can park the bus, all of which are off-grid (or partially so) properties with food growing (thank god for HI’s year-round season), and two of which have streams/springs.
I guess I will deploy some cash to hire people to do some of the work on the bus, expedite the turnaround on its transformation. But I am certainly glad to have started looking a month ago for the right vehicle.
Not much other news, except my son got toilet-trained. Hallelujah! And also hallelujah that the Goobers In Charge of the state and local gov are starting to see the light with respect to NOT re-opening our economy and state to tourism. We’ve had a very mellow ride so far, pandemic-wise, it would be lovely to keep it that way.
Now, how to keep all the people dependent on tourism from rioting or starving or whatever. I expect a serious exodus of the fair weather friend residents and transplants to flee back to the mainland. Hawai’i could do with a 25% reduction in population before everything goes to hell.
There’s plenty feral deer and pigs and cattle to hunt and eat, and the gardening is spectacular. Even so, less mouths to feed will cushion what will likely be a pretty hair-raising first 6 months post supply-line collapse (here in the world’s most remote landmass)…
As those who know me might expect, I have extended myself in good faith efforts to make friends and prove my bona fides to the deepest of locals. Meeting a couple of them for lunch today, taking them some ionic silver. (Last time it was a quart of moonshine. <smile>)
Anyway, that’s where my current effort is going. May fortune smile upon us all!
VIVA – Sager

“Settled your mare”, now please find a station in life that requires little or no fossil fuel. Draft animals are the future?
come visit, and be ready to work!

Had a big ol draft stud. Did a lot of work with him. They mow the lawn, fertilize the garden too. You might do a little essay on what it means to " settle your mare" There’s a lot of city folk here ya know.
A friend of mine raised Percherons. Beautiful and scary big.

A friend of mine raised Percherons. Beautiful and scary big.
Washington National Cathedral in DC has a Percheron gargoyle sculped by Rick Hart. You might know his "other" work, Three Servicemen of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on the mall.