A Special Thank You Message To My Supporters

This begins with a huge THANK YOU to everyone who kept the faith and remained a supporter of this site during my too-long absence.

The good news is that I am now the sole owner of the website and all its related activities which means I’m back!!

Thanks to you, the many subscribers and supporters, Peak Prosperity is going to be better than ever.

With a few changes…but we’ll get to those down below.

Several things emerged from my mini-sabbatical, not least of which was observing the critical thinking and careful parsing of ideas that was on full display here at Peak Prosperity in my near complete absence.

I had several ‘proud founder’ moments while reading through some truly amazing comments that kept the site going in my absence. This made me realize the degree to which I had either managed to shape or attract people with similar thought processes and passions. It’s worth noting that what we have here in our community is rare (practically to the point of being unique) and worthy of both preserving and expanding.

Coming Changes to this Site

So let’s begin with what isn’t changing. I will still be researching and communicating about all the things that I did in the past; Covid, vaccines, various treatments, and other related news. Ditto for energy and oil issues, as well as alternative energy sources. Ecology and financial matters too. Systemic injustice and the potential for systemic cascading failures. You know, all that fun stuff!

However, I am going to begin focusing even more on solutions especially including big, gigantic solutions such as global scale alternative energy (e.g. ‘green hydrogen’) and other necessary gigantic infrastructure plays that could help provide a useful bridge to the future.

The site will also have to respond to some new conditions. The world we live in has gone even more nuts than it already was, which was considerable. Censorship is now a very real weapon and it’s been operationalized across the population.

Your own fellow citizens are now clamoring for even greater penalties for thought crimes, such as your failure to comply with various cultural fads and/or any unwillingness to participate in untested medical experiments.

Many of you have expressed to me real shock and even horror at the change that’s happened in your (former) friends, neighbors, and even family members. Whatever has programmed them has done a spectacularly good job of it and we should expect that to continue and even ‘improve’ in the future.

In other words, there’s a great cultural push to suspend critical thinking and just go along with whatever narratives are being promoted by…well, we don’t actually know who is behind all this.

We’ll have to adapt in response.

When I began all this roughly 14 years ago, I could say whatever I wanted and not worry about being deplatformed or worse. Now? Yes, it’s a real concern.


Accordingly, we’re going to have to limit some of our public conversations to avoid/evade the censors’ prying eyes and fragile perspectives. But here behind the paywall? I will continue to tell you everything I think or suspect.

I can only ask that you honor my request to not convey or copy/paste any of my or other’s words from here, behind the paywall, out into public. Your own ideas and words, of course, do what you will with those. The request here is for confidentiality.

So this site is going to have to adjust. What follows is by no means, a complete list of changes but it will set the direction and tone so you can know what to expect going forward.

Specific & Immediate Site Changes:

  • No more advertising. Your privacy is more important than a few extra advertising dollars. While we may elect to participate with a few select sponsors over time, we are ejecting the creepy, ultra-invasive big tech advertisers. I don’t like their cookies and other tracking devices that feed your habits and preferences back into a murky thicket of invasive artificial intelligence robots. Big Tech has failed us with their overt censorship in favor of big pharma. They have cost lives. They could have easily afforded to hire competent doctors to vet content and decided against that going with defective censorship that invariably favored entrenched interests and their money over lives and health. I neither forgive nor forget easily such massive failures. So big tech and all their creepiness is ejected. Goodbye and good riddance.
  • I am investing back into the business in a big way, unlike anything in Peak Prosperity’s history.
    • There’s a new team that’s been hired and will soon be announced, and they are all amazing people and rock stars. The hardest part of the hiring process for me were all the other stupendously great applicants that we cannot yet hire.
    • The site is going to be completely rebuilt. I share your same frustrations over how it doesn’t work as well as it should. Valuable comments and content get easily lost. It’s hard to navigate and even to find things that were seemingly just there yesterday. So we’re going to be rebuilding the whole thing and we’re going to ask those of you who are inclined to help us with requirements and beta testing.
  • Public vs. Private. As I mentioned above, we’re going to have to figure out where and how to draw the line between what appears out in public and what remains safely tucked behind the paywall here. This will undoubtedly shift over time. Hopefully in a more favorable and open direction, but perhaps the other direction. We’ll need everybody to help us work through this.
  • Content “boxes” on the front page. Our longer-term goal is to reform and rebuild the website to make it faster, more streamlined, and far easier to navigate and find new and old content alike. Until that larger rebuild, you will see some specific changes to the front page as we move some of the current content boxers about, delete a few, and then add one or two new ones back.

What Is Wealthion and What is its Relationship to Peak Prosperity?

Wealthion is a financial service solicitorship. It offers financial content and is not associated with Peak Prosperity in any way financially, or with respect to content or offerings. Adam Taggart has taken the Greylock side of the business and joined up with GBI to run that as an independent offering.

I will have no financial interest in Wealthion, no say in how Adam goes about creating content, and I have no other involvement or ties to declare. I am not a part of Wealthion in any capacity whatsoever.

The same is true in reverse for Adam Taggart and this site, Peak Prosperity.

Wealthion does have the right to market and post content to this site and its related channels for a period of three months from May 12th, 2021 (i.e. until August 12th, 2021).

You may receive emails from Wealthion as a consequence of having signed up here, but you have the right to subscribe or unsubscribe at any time from either here or there independently. The one won’t affect the other.

This is the first and only time in Peak Prosperity’s entire history that your email will have been used by an affiliate or other third party. I am really very much against such practices and you have my assurances that I will guard your email jealously and use it sparingly to keep you informed about things happening here.

Bottom Line

I’m back and I’m in charge.

I have huge plans to reach more people and deliver even better content. I am going to be going flat-out for the next year to both rebuild this site and keep delivering new content.

During this next period of time, I am requesting – no imploring you – to weigh in and make your voice heard.

  • What sort of content do you most want me to cover?
  • What features do you wish/hope the new website will have?
  • Who would you like me to interview?
  • What can we do to improve your experience here and to help foster a deeper sense of participation and community involvement?
We’ll be running various surveys over time to get at these and many other ideas, but please feel free at any time to weigh in in the comments and share that idea with us that just popped into your head.

My Spidey Senses – Important!

As I was talking with our new core team the other day, I realized that I had to confess something to them. It’s true I research the heck out of everything, but it’s equally true that I make a lot of big decisions based on my hunches. Sometimes I don’t even know what the hunch is.

Example 1: In August of 2019 I suddenly got the overwhelming urge to begin hunting for property to buy. I mean like OCD levels of focus. Every day checking Zillow, LandForSale.com, ForSaleByOwner, and several other listing spots.

I kept extensive documentation on the properties that made the first cut. I knew them all. Evie and I even hosted a “Plan B” meeting at our home in Greenfield MA that September to see if maybe there were others who’d like to go in on such a larger property.

We visited dozens of properties in several states. Back and forth, every day we kept searching and looking. Eventually that resulted in us managing to close on our current property in Chester MA which, it should be said, was exceptional timing.

Such properties are exceedingly difficult to come by now. As in, nearly impossible, or simply much, much more expensive.

I can’t tell you exactly what lit that fire. Did I know Covid was coming? No, of course not. Could I have given you a rational basis for predicting that a huge sea-change in city vs. rural preferences was coming? No, again of course not.

But it was absolutely the right decision to make, and I’ve learned to trust that part of myself over the years.

Example 2: I bought a sawmill. By march of 2020 I suddenly decided I needed a sawmill. Well, this project did. I researched and then pulled the trigger on a pretty expensive purchase (by my standards) for a sawmill.

Sure, I’ve built things in the past, and was even a framing carpenter through and right after getting my bachelor’s degree. And, yes, there’s quite a lot of projects to be done on a farm that require wood, but there really wasn’t a good, rational decision that made economic sense sitting under that sudden urge to get a sawmill.

But I did, and I am glad about that! If you were to try and buy one today they aren’t shipping for another 3-4 months:

<img class=“alignnone wp-image-623478 size-full” src=“https://peakprosperity.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/Sawmills-shipping-in-3-4-months.jpg” alt="“sawmills shipping in 3-4 months” width=“604” height=“301” />

Again, did I know back in March that a hyper explosion in lumber prices was coming? No, I did not. Could I foresee tightness in the sawmill supply chain? Nope. I couldn’t.

But I had a strong sense that I really ought to get one, now, just in case.

This is how I tend to operate. I collect vast amounts of information – I read anywhere from 6-8 hours a day, the other 6-8 are spent working on the farm – but I tend to make big rapid decisions based on my gut.

I’ve learned to trust that intuition and I rarely second guess it. It’s not always right, but its win ratio is strong.

Why tell you all this? Because for reasons I cannot quite fully articulate I am as OCD/passionate today about building soil and planting gardens, fruit trees, vines and generally increasing the food abundance of our property as I was OCD/passionate to find it in the first place.

The good news is that Evie and I are doing really well in the soil-building department. The field lushness we’ve managed to achieve in a single year is … balming and satisfying.

Next, our experiment of killing off a 40 x 60-foot block of grass using a silage tarp is going equally well. The idea here was to figure out how to convert field to garden space without having to either till it or use any chemical methods.

Worked a charm!

Next into this space will go corn, squash, pumpkins, and many different types of flowers. Next to it we’re going to plant potatoes simply flung on the ground and crudely covered with leftover hay.

All experiments. All designed to see how quickly we can grow food. Why? I haven’t a clue, yet.

It’s just something my Spidey-senses are saying “do this now!” and so I am obeying. I wanted to let you know that in case that proves to be any sort of motivation on your end of things to accelerate planting (or expanding) a garden of your own.

Something you Can Do to Help

One of my favorite sayings, that came to me through my good friend Dave Houghton is “I might be wrong, but I’m not confused.”

Look, I might be wrong, but this period of time truly feels like a critical moment for us all. Either we make new decisions and get it right, or we go down some very dark paths. As individual countries and as a species.

Which makes this an “all hands on deck” moment.

The request from all of us at Peak Prosperity is for you to help spread the word to anybody and everybody you know who could benefit from our work and is interested in helping to rescue the future.

We’re removing ads, especially the gold ads, to make this place more appealing to more people. Some people are turned off by the gold ads, I heard that and I get it. I agree. Now that I get to make the decision, those are gone as of now.

If you have any other suggestions that would make it easier for you to suggest this site to other people you know, please let us know right away.

Do you know five new people you could introduce to this site and its many works? My special request is that you do so whenever that makes the most sense to do.

Thanks Again!

Thank you again everyone who stuck by and supported this site during its transition to its current ownership structure.

I hope to return your investment a hundred times over.

Together, along with the new team who I will be delighted to introduce to you soon, we’ll preserve and protect the best of what Peak Prosperity has always been. And we’ll grow and change it to accommodate both the Brave New World in which we live, and the many new members who will want an alternative to the medical nihilism of the establishment, the context-poor reporting of big media and the overt censorship of big tech.

Your faithful Information Scout and Chief of Community,

Chris Martenson, PhD

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Welcome back :slight_smile:

It goes without saying that we’ve missed you. Really appreciate your willingness to investigate and share the results of your analysis with us. Looking forward to more information and commentary as well as members sharing info with each other. Very exciting days to come!

…with an especial emphasis on the safety/efficacy of the “vaccines” and the social engineering around pressuring the vax-hesitant or vax cynical to get the jab, with a side order of how to talk to the hypnotized friends and family who want everybody in the “vaccine” “lifeboat” with them.

You can depend on me, Sir.
I will get you those five people.
I will find them.
You will see them.
They will contribute.
Thank you for speaking so eloquently to us.
Welcome back.
– Chuck

I look forward to meeting your new team and seeing this incredible truth seeking community you have created running on all cylinders better than ever before. Best regards to you and Evie, Jim

I’m looking forward to the new directions and the continued amazing information scouting. And thank you for getting rid of big tech’s creepy trackers and cookies. I hope to hearing more about how you’re developing your farm as well.

So glad you’re back! My husband and I have been trying to kick it into high gear with adding to our food forest, building a high tunnel and installing a pond. I have been lucky enough to work from home during the pandemic but now they are calling us back to the office in a month. My health has deteriorated from the stress of the world and all that I feel I need to get done, so I’ve decided to quit to focus on the homestead full time. Looking for advice on whether to even start a homestead business with all of the regulations and struggles that small businesses are now facing or just skip straight to a barter economy.
I am currently most concerned about everyone always asking if I’m vaccinated and the possibility of vaccine passports. I feel like we are in the darkest timeline. I’m more upset about how everyday people, my friends and family included, feel like they are heroes for taking the experiment and vilify anyone who questions the narrative. I’m used to being seen as the weird one in my family and friend group, but this feels like a whole new level. Would love advice how to avoid a world where we will need to show our papers.
Looking forward to your new content,
Stephanie from Maple Mountain Homestead in Vermont

My posting frequency has been quite minimal, but hope to add more going forward. I work in procurement and accounting for a small epoxy manufacturer in Wisconsin and what we are seeing is truly crazy. Inflation for us is very real and the scarcity is what is different this time. Our internal costs have gone up every month on raw materials (from base resins to all forms of packaging) every single month since November. You can’t get stuff, no one honors purchase orders, prices change on a whim, truck driver shortages (regular and hazmat) are impossible to get and the list goes on. This is not a sexy industry and things simply don’t normally ‘move’ like this. I haven’t had to increase our raw material costs one bit in the past 5 years and now it’s every month. We put through a 32% price increase last month and the most telling thing to me was that most people accepted it without incident and wanted to lock in prices for a year. This tells me they see the trend and it’s up, up, up on everything. It’s a scary time and glad to have this site.
Stephanie, I also am sick of people asking about the vaccine within 30 seconds of a conversation. All of what you said rings true for me.

I just re-activated my subscription.

We put through a 32% price increase last month and the most telling thing to me was that most people accepted it without incident
That's an exceptionally helpful anecdote you've provided there. I have gathered many more like it and I am now of the mind that the 'Poom!' inflationary explosion is going to happen without a preceding deflationary implosion. This will, of course, harm little people way more than the big players. It will also have been the direct result of an active policy by the Federal Reserve. They will have done this on purpose after telling everyone this is exactly what they wanted to do. The pain could be immense. The only alternative is for the Fed to backpedal and begin tightening which they really would do if they cared as much about protecting savers as they do their precious stock market bubble. Er, excuse me, their precious stock ""market"" bubbles. My advice? Buy early and buy often. I am very busily improving our infrastructure here at Honey Badger Farms. I have bought a new furnace to replace one (literally) from the 1960's. And I just inked a deal to get a heat pump installed for cooling and heating in a different building. I am sourcing replacement parts for all sorts of things. I really don't want to come off like I am filling plastic bags with gasoline to place in my car's trunk, but I do have a bit of urgency to my actions of late. Something is really off with this story and I can't quite put my finger on it.

So excited about the video and the new article today Chris. It was around St. Paddy’s day when I realized that things were not looking good and fearing you had been axed. Such a relief to have you back. The subjects you mulled over in your video seem like a good start no doubt. Trying to figure out the inflation vs deflation debate is going to be a tough one. Are we going into a crack up boom or will everything crash and burn? One subject I started a thread on the other day has really been bothering me. PCR cycle counts around 40 last summer led up to a huge spike in cases and deaths? Then in January The Who addressed the importance of including symptoms with a positive test loosely hinting that cycle counts were likely too high. Step forward to the other day and I see the CDC seems to be recommending 28 cycles or less for those that are vaccinated. If that’s the case it seems like Cerveza sickness might have been a fraction of what it was and they are changing the rules? Are they trying to make the vaccines look good? Am I missing something?

Hi Chris, so glad you are back! My wish is for vaccine analysis + how to survive as a non-vax’d person at least in the short term till more is known about them. Also, a small request, but since you are living in the Eastern time zone, maybe you could change the posting time on people’s posts from Pacific time to Eastern time? It’s just weird that it is Pacific time when you don’t live there.
Edit: you could call it Honey Badger Farm Time.

Also, a small request, but since you are living in the Eastern time zone, maybe you could change the posting time on people's posts from Pacific time to Eastern time?
Canuck21 - great suggestion! Done. Man, this is fun.

So one trick might be to say:
“Wait, did you just ask me if I were infected with herpes? Or HIV?”
(shocked silence. “No! It was about the vaccine!”)
“My medical records are confidential - between me and my doctor. Unless of course you’d care to show me the results of your latest herpes test. Do you have your results handy? How about the results of your latest HIV test? Tell ya what. If you show me yours, I’ll show you mine. Heck, we can go together and post them all on facebook. How about you take a “herpes test selfie” with me so we can share it with everyone!”
I think that other people demanding you share your medical records with them is utterly offensive. “So, when did you get your last abortion?” “When were you last tested for Gonorrhea?” The vaxx question is equally obnoxious.
“I’d be happy to open the kimono about my private medical history on the day we go get that herpes test together. In fact, why don’t we get a whole VD screen, and swap results, and see what comes out? I’ve always been curious to know if you’ve ever had syphilis. Doesn’t that sound like fun? I mean, I have the right to know. Just like you have the right to know about me.”
“And besides, if you’ve had the COVID vaxx, you have nothing to fear from me. Unless you are saying that vaccines don’t work. You aren’t saying that, right? So why is my medical situation any of your business? What are you, some sort of anti-vaxxer?”
“So when are we gonna get that VD screen together and post that Herpes test selfie?”

the “Mare is being settled”. obtw, you will still have a seed bank of weeds and such. They will emerge when the conditions favor them.
ps. sadly won’t be at Joel’s, however, will be with Marvin and Mike. Some food will be Bluestem Farms meat and produce.

Dear Chris,
Welcome back! Wishing you and Evie the best and looking forward to some great content and ideas.
Best regards,

I would be happy to give a month or two subscription as a gift. What would I need to do?
So happy you are back!

Good to have you back sir in control of the PP-Tribe Bus. Those temp drivers sucked.
I just renewed my membership. I had canceled as I did not want my $$$ contributing to those who were muzzling you. Also just signed up for PolyFarms. Should be a good time.

I am glad you are back! Even though I called the site boring once, I did notice that members here are creating a lot of the content. There is a lot of knowledge here. For instance, somebody who experienced the hyperinflation in Argentina. How great would it be when you interview that person and ask how life is during such event.
Anyway, welcome back ?