A Special Thank You Message To My Supporters

My dream interview to watch would be Chris + Dr Kory + Dr Tess Lawrie.

A half-gallon of milk at Cosco two weeks ago was like $2.40. Now it’s $2.71, something like a 13% increase inside of two weeks. I can tell you the stories I’m hearing in the mortgage world, too, where buyers bidding over list price are getting turned down because they didn’t go high enough. Any Fed official who doesn’t see inflation is either insane, ignorant, or blind.

And welcome back Chris! My gut feeling all along was that the Peak Prosperity ship would right itself given some time. Glad to hear you’re back at the helm.

Any Fed official who doesn't see inflation is either insane, ignorant, or blind.
Or complicit.

I have to admit I had my mouse hovering over the cancel button the past few weeks. But am still here.
Keep up the thoughtful, in depth content. I don’t always agree with you but enjoy reading every work.

Hi Chris,
Really glad to hear you’re back in the driver’s seat. I found you back in February 2020 when I was looking for high-quality information on COVID. I looked forward to every update. (You made me look smart! ; )
I sorely miss your direction with regards to the vaccine. Personally, I tell people I’ve chosen to remain in the control group for this clinical trial, but the rest of my family - including my physician husband - have either already had, or have appointments for, their vaccine.
I managed to get my 23-yo daughter to postpone her appointment for a couple of weeks by quoting some scary statistics, but I need some better arguments. (Geert Van den Bosche would fly over her head.)
Welcome back!

In the UK it has become common to be asked why you are exempt from wearing a mask. I retort by asking when the inquisitor last masurbated, always works well whilst standing in line.
I know the science, but I’ve been lied to so many times I simply refuse to comply, full stop…

And have been brainstorming as I set up the sprinkler sensor thing to scare away the fox who got a chicken last week.
Through this pandemic You Tube has been serving me up content “I might like.” Usually the YTers I’ve found fit into categories (Prepper, financial, medical) and strangely have very little overlap. PP is the one place where I have found that overlap.
People you might find interesting/like minded that may make for interesting interviews are Bear Independent https://youtu.be/6lvpBGotAiY (the blue collar version of Oh shit, I have to get out of the city and become resilient), Lynette Zang https://youtu.be/MWYSXOHgThk (The financial version of Oh shit, I need to spend fiat to get a bug out cabin) and Dr Sam Bailey, https://youtu.be/qP8bfJG7dQw (the medical type that I stumbled across when there were no PP videos on Covid.)
As you look to grow the tribe the follower of these YTers may be ready to look at other facets of the big train wreck coming down the tracks.

I just renewed my subscription… and want to understand conversations behind the firewall. Is it out of the reach of censors and bad actors? Can we say what we believe regarding sensitive medical issues? Can YOU say what You believe or do you have to be careful? I can’t understand why “bad actors” could not see behind your wall and quote you in a public space. Are there any constraints on our speech?
Most importantly, I want to thank you for the year of brilliant Covid reporting. I became a “local” expert on all things Covid totally due to your teachings. People in my small town got your message second hand through me and Peak Prosperity is now visited by many of my friends. They will be pleased to know you are back.

Kathy… I just lost 2 chickens this morning to an undetermined land critter. We did however hatch out 13 chicks with a Sussex hen this week. Life and death! Can you direct me to the sprinkler link?

PCR is a manufacturing device, not a test. Here’s from Kary Mullis’ brief from the Nobel Prize website"
“An organism's genome is stored inside DNA molecules, but analyzing this genetic information requires quite a large amount of DNA. In 1985, Kary Mullis invented the process known as polymerase chain reaction (PCR), in which a small amount of DNA can be copied in large quantities over a short period of time. By applying heat, the DNA molecule's two strands are separated and the DNA building blocks that have been added are bonded to each strand. With the help of the enzyme DNA polymerase, new DNA chains are formed and the process can then be repeated. PCR has been of major importance in both medical research and forensic science.”
Dr. Mullis said of the method that it could never be a test for anything.

Chris, your on going deep research into covid is something I don’t think I could have gotten anywhere else. It allowed me to not be afraid when everyone around me was frozen into inaction. I do feel as though I am one in ten thousand in my understanding. I am trying my best to keep up with the whole vaccine debate and this site even in your absence has been very helpful. Still trying to sort that one out, but the vaers statistics are a pretty strong argument against getting vaccinated. When I am asked if I have been vaccinated, I say no even though I am 72 years old, and quote the fatalities listed and compare them with the injuries and deaths from flu vaccines and past protocols for halting a vaccine that are not being followed with the the covid situation. People don’t believe me, it goes over their heads, they say I am wrong. I have alternatives to the vaccine, some of which I learned about here. Thank you.
You stated: “Ditto for energy and oil issues, as well as alternative energy sources. Ecology and financial matters too. Systemic injustice and the potential for systemic cascading failures. You know, all that fun stuff!” That is the stuff that I originally came for and I look forward to more.
I am all in favor of protecting the privacy of what is said here - the increase in information suppression is greatly distressing to me. I hope your efforts leads to preservation of the free level of discussion. I also want to thank you for being able to identify and limit trolls that waste time for everyone.

And of course now can’t find the one I ordered, but it is like this https://www.amazon.com/Havahart-5277-Motion-Activated-Repellent-Sprinkler/dp/B078HK12H8/ref=sr_1_6?crid=1EC5FX47FAXTL&dchild=1&keywords=fox+sprinkler&qid=1620944182&sprefix=Fox+sprin%2Caps%2C164&sr=8-6
Don’t know how well it works. I got the red blinking lights that are supposed to mimic fire, if you are a fox. So far they have worked, but it has only been a week.

Good to see you again! To fill the void, I’ve been following Dr. John Campbell from the UK. It is interesting to see him dance around using the “wrong words” while trying to talk about IVM use in India. It would be good to see you have a conversation with him.
Cheers, John

As promised, I paid my $300 a few minutes ago and re-upped for another year. I noticed that I was immediately able to access premium content. Happy camper.

Chris, I think that the most valuable and unique contribution you have made, outside of covid was your great review of what is radioactivity. Your explanation based on a clear toxicology perspective was the best I have ever seen.
In that vein, perhaps you could explore the issue of Fukushima waste water. On the one hand there is (how much and how toxic) tritium (relative to natural environmental generation/found in rain etc.), but on the other hand how much of imperfectly cleaned other isotopes and is it ok to assume that they have been removed? This is a topic that absolutely no one, on either side of the issue is getting right I think. A deep dive and clear review of this waste water would become a very quotable resource for very many people around the world.

Last year I recommended your COVID YT vids for life-saving info and analysis seasoned with wit to pretty much anyone who would listen. (I don’t do fb) Thank you for your great work. Now I can let them know you’re back and to try the site.
As far as suggestions, I’d love to see vaccine and vax policy analysis and an interview of someone who’s lived through hyperinflation. I appreciate your homesteading-type info, and also smaller scale ag for people like me with less/little land. This next one may be too far afield, but ideas on non-lethal security measures for gardens and and homes would be useful.
Thanks again, and I’m looking forward to the ‘new and improved’ PP

I’ve just watched two of his most recent videos, one on the use of IVM in India and one on the UK SAGE meeting about the Indian variant in the UK. In both of them he talks at length about the gov’t of Goa’s decision to hand out IVM to everyone in the state. He even calls on the UK government to start listening to the IVM data and repeatedly cites Drs Kory and Lawrie as highly credible. He also says Merck’s and the WHO’s press releases on why IVM shouldn’t be used are incomprehensible to him. He is coming across as more and more positive about IVM and more and more aware of its repression and who is repressing it. It would be very hard to dismiss him as a ‘conspiracy theorist’.

You are correct that PCR by itself is not a test. PCR can be thought of as the sample preparation for the test - the test being a fluorescent “reporter” that has been functionalized to react with the DNA or RNA string of interest. The test result is looking for a fluorescence signal above background in the presence of an appropriate UV-light excitation.
That being said, like almost everything pandemic, the test has been weaponized in support of the narrative. High PCR cycles throw off lots of scary false positives, low PCR cycles as now being applied to the post-vaccinated will tend to suppress false positives if not tipping to false negatives…

I’ve been following you since your original site, but I didn’t join until December 2020. The reason I joined was for the brain food.
It’s not that I didn’t appreciate all the personal help with the Covid. I’m deeply grateful for that. It may have saved my life. But your video presentations were like taking a graduate course in a fascinating subject. I felt awake for the first time since reading [several times] Kenneth Deffeyes book Hubbert’s Peak around 2002. That, too, was like a graduate course in a fascinating subject. Not that I had no appreciation of his message; I had a deep enough understanding of basic science that I knew what it meant for a species population to have less energy available, the dreaded die-off. I have been preparing accordingly. But not everyone can live on food alone. There’s something about following the thoughts of a brilliant person on any subject who makes the effort to communicate that makes me come alive, rather than just living.
And effort it takes! I’m a retired teacher. I appreciate more than I can say when someone makes the effort to teach me.
Thank you, Chris. Welcome home!