A Special Thank You Message To My Supporters

However, I am going to begin focusing even more on solutions especially including big, gigantic solutions such as global scale alternative energy (e.g. ‘green hydrogen’) and other necessary gigantic infrastructure plays that could help provide a useful bridge to the future.
That sounds awesome. I'm a software engineer that has been looking for meaningful things to do for over 10 years now, and still haven't found anything that satisfies me. I've been doing "AI" like everyone else recently, but people are more interested in games, widgets, toy apps, and what not. I am not personally worried about COVID-19 itself, but I am worried about what is happening to our economy and society as the pandemic morphs into an endemic disease. So I am looking forward to read (again) more about other topics like energy, the environment, and discuss with others here what we can do to help. I have to work on something as my "day job", and I would like to give it a try and work on the tech required to help, especially in the energy sector, but I'm open to other ideas too. Thank you for everything!

Jim H,
I honestly have never heard of a fluorescent “reporter”, so I can’t respond about that. What is it and where did you hear about it?

Husband is a senior programmer in embedded controls for electric grid devices. His latest project went on hold last year because the test engineers were locked out of the testing labs. He has had opportunities in internet-of-things and other nonsense, but stuck with the grid upgrade projects, which just aren’t happening at all now. The grid is about as secure as the Colonial Pipeline and the I-40 bridge, but there is no interest in reliance. Something’s got to happen, or we’re all goners.

Sure, there is inflation. Lots of pent up spending, stocks running low because of missed anticipation of buying, and that there was a big worldwide shutdown. So yeah, there is inflation. The worst was when you would have paid $10 for toilet paper.
But once things get back in sync, supplies are back up, won’t prices come down a bit, or at least stop rising? Isn’t it just another panic story? Only it’s everything, not bung hole wipes. Surely the all wise and mighty Markets will fix this. Seriously. What happened to Capitalism fixes everything? Ye of little faith? All the sudden all the hard core capitalists snowflakes have their undies in a bunch, and I have the faith in the markets? For God’s sake someone Please Turn Off the Large Hadron Collider!

Welcome back Chris! #1, your “spidey senses” comment really hits home for me because I can identify with that multiple times just in the last year+ or so; I had been following your China Covid updates in Jan/Feb ‘20 and I thought to myself, “this sounds awful and it’s only matter of time before it gets here”…so I beat the rush at the local grocery stores as I stocked up on staples and then proceeded to build the large pantry in our basement I’d always intended to and stocked it floor to ceiling. While everyone was panic buying in March we were set and that’s partial thanks to you (my wife was just amazed that I’d had the foresight to do it…”How did you know?” Lol, well…there’s this guy on the internet ive been following).
Other “spidey-sense” moment during initial Covid lockdown last Spring: I’m home full-time after requesting lay-off from my Union Carpenter job because Ohio Gov DeWine closed schools & daycares so I have to be home with our young kids to supervise schooling and everything else; our goals for our 9 acre farmstead in addition to the AKC Airedale Terriers we breed and our flock of laying hens had always included some kind of livestock “someday” and I’d always imagined it to be beef, probably a mini-breed of some sort. Well, I was sitting up one of those lockdown mornings with my wife and in-laws (whom were staying with us m-f to help with our infant daughter while I managed the 2 older boys and everything else we have going on here) when I was leafing through some older Hobby Farms mags and came across one of their articles on pastured pork…boom…Kune Kune pigs it would be for us. I immediately started laying out a small pasture behind our pole-barn with their own shed and was able to contact 2 breeders within 2 hrs of us and by the end of 2020 we had 2 feeders and a breeding pair on site. Those 2 feeders will go to the processor this July and we’re hoping to have a litter of piglets by the end of this year. These pigs primarily graze grass, don’t stink, are largely docile, and I don’t need a tractor or expensive equipment to service them with. We’re planning to add another breeding female and build on our “pork pipeline” lol. We are going to need more freezers?. Like you I felt this instinct to act and do so with urgency, and the satisfaction I get watching them graze and all the manure they provide to the compost that will then improve our garden has no monetary value. Food prices continue to escalate, but we’re taking small and medium steps to further resiliency.
I could go on further, and I hope to share more progress with you and the tribe here but this is enough for now and I’m so happy you’re back!
Future interviews: Tom Luongo/Jim Kunstler/Brandon Smith/Steve St Angelo
Topics: Navigating a vax-obsessed society without the vax (my physician wife and I absolutely refuse any and all jabs related to Covid; thankfully the vast majority of both of our families feel the same…not so for most of our friends and acquaintances sigh) clarity here would be greatly appreciated. Homesteading/farmsteading; energy-cliff status and approaches;keep doing what you’ve been doing cause that’s why I’m here??
I absolutely love me look forward to your progress reports from Honey Badger Farms, your work and others are inspirations to me here on my little piece of land in Ohio.
Suggestion: replies to specific comments would appear right under those comments in their own little thread and not further down the page.

Any chance we going to get our Off the Cuff’s back? Can I ask for an audio only versions, like we use to have? Sure, the studio is nice, but video is not so great while driving, or in rural locations with low bandwidth.

Hi Travis, have you relocated to the PA homestead property you mentioned a few moons ago?

Here is the reference Agnes… the word “reporter” was used here, but you could also think of it as, “tagging”.

http://laboratorytests.org/covid-19-rt-pcr/ Real Time Real-time reverse-transcription PCR (rRT-PCR) is the technique of collecting data throughout the PCR process as it occurs, thus combining amplification and detection into a single step. This is using fluorescent dyes that yield increasing fluorescent signal in direct proportion to the number of PCR product generated. Fluorescent reporters used in real-time PCR include double-stranded DNA (dsDNA)- binding dyes, or dye molecules attached to PCR primers or probes that hybridize with PCR product during amplification. This value is usually referred to as cycle threshold (Ct), the time at which fluorescence intensity is greater than background fluorescence. Greater the quantity of target DNA in the sample, there will be significant increase in fluorescent signals earlier, yielding a lower Ct.
I am looking forward to the new website and especially having Chris back at the helm. This place is important to me and I worry that in a SHTF scenario the government may shut down the internet by disabling the domain name servers (DNS). In a (possibly vain) attempt to work around such a potential situation, I am making a list of the IP addresses of all the sites which I consider important. However, when trying to access PP directly by IP address I found out that direct access is not allowed because it is ‘protected’ by something called Cloudflare. At the moment, PP can only be accessed via DNS. How about direct IP access for subscribers as part of the website redesign?

Thank you for pointing this out Boomer41
I cannot access PP from China, not because of the firewall (which blocks NYT, Wash Post, google) but because of cloudfare.

On the subject of banning:
I of course don’t want to compare Chris to Alex Jones but (I love that word) you might recall when Alex was banned coincidentally by all the major social media sites within a day or two in an an event that was obviously not collusion…
It was pointed out at the time that David Duke still had his twitter account. The conclusion many drew was that Alex was not banned for spreading “hate” or “fake news” but rather for having a broad reach.
If Chris plan is to demonstrate some ability for sense-making over in Normie Land in the hopes of drawing them behind a wall where people speak more freely it might work pretty well.
Only those who want to think for themselves will bother with this place and Chris won’t really be seen as a threat to the mental models of the rest of the Normies.
We could easily get to a real Gestapo/Social Credit Score point in this story and things would have to change again but we are not there yet IMO.

Hi Chris,
I am so glad you are back. I can only imagine the intensity of what you’ve gone through in all this and I appreciate your commitment and diligence in moving forward.
I also have a suggestion about the time zone thing. Some sites are able to display time based on the time zone of the user who is reading the site. This is particularly helpful for events. I would love it if the revised PP site could do this. Yes, this will make no difference for people using VPNs.
Once again, I am so excited that you are back and eager to hear your take on the insanity of the times.
–Suzie soon to be from Idaho

https://youtu.be/pyPjAfNNA-U an interview with Dr. Sucharit Bhakti.
it’s pretty compelling and if he’s right, I dread what is ahead. We were talking much more about not taking the vax, trying to educate and convince people to hold off. Now, as others have mentioned, peer pressure and shaming are rampant so that we’ve felt we need to go a little silent. We’re not changing our minds any time in the near future especially after watching this.

Right now there is this multi-petabyte (pb = 1024 terabytes) database that google maintains which basically is the “everything on the internet” storage system. I got this factoid from a google engineer who worked on the code for it (turns out - no off-the-shelf multi-petabyte technology exists - they had to grow their own) I met randomly just the other month. I asked him how many petabytes. He said he couldn’t tell me.
I’m just guessing that this monster database contains public-only information. The bots that crawl the web that maintain this monster don’t have memberships at all the sites.
I would expect that the Oligarchs (and the three-letter agencies - same thing, really) have access to this database.
Likewise, other sites that also crawl the web and store copies of literally everything get just the public data too.
Now of course it is possible that, once more paywalls start to appear, these places will start to buy memberships at the various sites and add the memberships to their crawlers, but if the sites with the paywalls are clever, they will check to see activity patterns, and “accounts” that end up scanning the entire site (and/or a sizeable fraction of the site in a short period of time) can be rate-limited.
There is no perfect security - but the site can definitely make it more difficult for the automated systems to hoover up the behind-the-paywall content - certainly in an automated fashion. If they have to do it by hand, it will be a lot less complete, and a lot less frequent.
As it is right now, all the site’s public content is in the hands of the Oligarchy. The site is scanned every few hours. Presumably they are looking for signs of “white supremacist insurrectionist domestic terrorism” - i.e. hints that some of us might be inclined to vote for the Bad Orange Man at some point in the future. Or that we might decide not to take the shot until those animal trials get done. Or that we don’t like the thought of vaxx passports.
Or whatever.
So - paywall isn’t perfect, but random weasels (i.e. the Pharma-marketing oppo research departments) won’t be able to write some code to download all the site posts, identify the “bad people” - or come up with a “bad site” rating using some neural-network classification algorithm, and then set the site, or Chris himself, up to be targeted.
So a paywall isn’t perfect, but it is a lot better than nothing. We don’t want to make it easy.
We don’t want to be the low-hanging fruit.


Chris, I know better than to ignore your spidey senses!
I have to admit mine are tingling too! Even Pierre Kory is now talking about “Big Medicine” and “Misinformation” campaigns of the big PHA like the WHO, NIH wrt Ivermectin, etc. I hate to say this, but, the risk that the underlying motive is one of Depopulation is what worries me the most. We have a virus that went through gain of function in the lab, and now is undergoing gain of function pressures at a population level through the vaccination campaign in the midst of a pandemic ( see dark horse podcast of Bret Weinstein and Prof Van den Bossche).
Then there is the fears that the spike protein itself is capable of harm. The most worrying is the ability to cause prion disease ( on a lag of? at a rate of?). Add the reports of possible links to infertility and whammo, even though I would desperately like to see data disconfirming this view, I see more data pointing to this over time.
Dr Paul

Welcome back Chris! Carry on! Aloha, Steve.

Chris, please could you investigate this topic in a serious way – suggested interviewees are Dr David Brownstein and Dr Thomas Levy. How it works, if it works, ideal dosage… All honour to Ivermectin but this might be an invaluable complement. Thanks.

Thank you Dadzcatz (you cited a video at https://youtu.be/pyPjAfNNA-U )
I watched this 45 minute video with great interest.
Here is a quick summary of his statements from a casual listen:

1. normal cold viruses start out replicating slowly in nasal passages etc where cell turnover is high and immune responses can naturally occur without damaging permanent cells, yet by injecting mRNA into the blood, that mRNA is focused primarily to infect/enter long life endothelial cells lining the blood vessels. Particularly at low blood flow locations. The immune response occurs THERE so that clotting occurs as a primary response (instead of the natural evolved response outside the blood vessel wall cells). Basically the immune system attacks and kills the endothelial cells that have preferentially taken up the mRNA and also causes an over-response. The killer cells attack endothelial cells. Normal vaccines dont cause these important cells involved in or located in proximity to blood clotting etc. to manufacture virus protein and invite the body systems to attack them.
2. The particular virus protein (which is made by injected mRNA) specializes in stimulating an abnormal hyper response (that is how the lungs fill up and look like glass in xrays). In fact a major therapy now is to administer steroids and anticoagulants for covid patients in the hospital to counteract this biggest danger. But this hyper immune response itself is trained/enhanced/increased every time you get an mRNA covid shot against any of the mutants. He argues that eventually the reactions to the shots will get worse and worse as you take more and more shots over the years. Further he argues that taking shots makes the body more overreactive to new covid infections (causing more severe glass lung behavior in response to infections). He argues that young people are naturally taking care of covid infections without long term damage or deaths and dont need the shots, and that giving young people mRNA covid shots causes more long term damage and deaths than if the medical world would just leave them alone. The percentages here are low, but the damage (blood clots in the brain) is horrific and some people are brain damaged for life. According to him, if you get a covid shot and then a splitting headache, that headache is probably from blood clotting in the brain.
Anyone who talks about this is stupid and dangerous, and should be censored. However, we only need to wait a couple years to see what happens after most everyone in America takes 2 shots a year. If the side effects do not increase after 6 covid shots and if covid goes away, then we can safely ignore this conspiracy theorist!

Relocate! We wish. We have kids in second grade here in Ohio. We can’t relocate for another 10 years. Thus we are weekend relocaters to our new 23 acers in NW PA. We got be fresh water, lots of trees, beavers, deer, and even saw a fisher cat over the winter. Things are moving along on building our own homestead. All these high prices really suck. Chris got his place just in time. Just like his search, it was really hard finding non-junk land as we were looking for 3 years. And we didn’t have as nearly much cash or time to work with as Chris. We should have a structure going up by August. Most of the materials are already sourced and paid for. It will be off grid solar, so I’ve been having fun designing and getting the parts. The place in in the middle of Amish country, and we are surrounded by sawmills. Now we just need to find lightly used tractor.