A Special Thank You Message To My Supporters

Chris or the new PP web design peeps,
Could we have different backgrounds color or some indicator for what is behind the paywall and what is public? Some easy way to remind us that what we are posting is public.

Welcome back Chris.
There is a different approach to deriving energy from hydrogen based on a theory Dr. Randy Mills developed. It involves reducing the orbit of the electron, creating a lower ground state of hydrogen. “Brilliant Light Power (formerly Blacklight Power) technology is based on the innovative Grand Unified Theory of Classical Physics (GUT-CP) which is the theory that classical physical laws (Maxwell’s Equations, Newton’s Laws, Special and General Relativity) must hold on all scales.”
Not surprisingly, the established physics community is aggressive in countering, but the SunCell® is advancing to the point of creating steam in a boiler that could generate electricity. See the latest video I posted on youtube.

We have a professor stating the vaccines are problematic and yet:
https://www.emergencyemail.org/health/?utm_source=Health-Alert&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Health-Alert-5/13/2021&utm_term=bellsouth.net&adddate=3-22-2006 With the excess death chart shared by DaveFairtex why would people risk the vaccines? Why are government agencies pushing the vaccines? We live in crazy times.

Chris or the new PP web design peeps, Could we have different backgrounds color or some indicator for what is behind the paywall and what is public? Some easy way to remind us that what we are posting is public.
This is a great suggestion and we're certainly going to implement it. Going further, we're actively thinking through how to make the behind-the-paywall site as safe and secure from prying eyes and trolls as possible. Some of that will be technical and some of that will be an expanded Terms & Conditions where people agree to confidentiality, same as for any group that explores or holds sensitive topics or materials.

Hi, Agnes xyz,
Thanks for the info! Please let me know if they ever start looking for more programmers there :slight_smile:
As for the electrical grid, the way things are happening, it looks like it’s mostly going to go away, not with a bang but a whimper, and disparate locally managed microgrids. In Japan, I’ve started looking at buying a house, and when buying a new house, it’s already cheaper to buy one with roof-integrated solar panels of ~10 kW with a kind of lithium battery of ~7 kWh that apparently has a lifetime of +30 years if charged and discharged once every day (12000 cycles), which I really doubt is going to happen, but even if it lasts “only” 20 years, you’re still in the black, with probably enough money left for disposing of everything cleanly. I didn’t look into all the details (you can find most of them in Japanese on sites like these: https://www.ichijo.co.jp/revolution/ https://www.smarthouse2.com/?p=16956 https://www.ichijo.co.jp/corporate/nissan/dream/default.html), and I realize it’s not too hard to beat the company that blew up Fukushima, but I found this quite surprising, and refreshing. I feel like it’s a paradigm shift that is going to occur around the world as battery tech improves.

Thanks, Mots, for reposting about this. I’ve been avoiding watching this video for a while now as PPers mentioned it, because I could not cope with any more horror. But in fact I feel better now that I have watched it. At least the horror now has a defined shape.

This may sound like a silly suggestion, but it’s an important one.
Lose the ball cap when doing your videos. It makes it easy for people to lump you in with the bunker doom marketeers that make videos in their basement about Qanon garbage. That’s not you, and don’t let them categorize you that way.

Such a great day-Chris is BACK!! So happy!
Understand your OCD! I’ve been that way for the last year and half. I can’t explain to my husband why, just “my gut feeling is…”. My latest is hoarding BEES. Can’t explain it, just know I need to get as many queens mated as possible. We’re over 300 hives now between me and my bee partner. Seriously, I have no idea where I’m going to put all of them ?. I also can’t stop ordering Seeds. Thank goodness Todd’s Seeds sells them by the pound! Glad to know Im not insane! -Thank you Chris!

Thanks for the connection. All of my family except for me and our granddaughter have been vaccinated with the two part Moderna innoculation over my strident opposition. I am the only hold out and I am pressured to get the shot, not strongly but consistently. I will continue to lobby them not to get any boosters. They work in healthcare and were strong armed to take the shot. It is distressing to think that they think they are protected when it seems that the opposite is true.

> Lose the ball cap when doing your videos.
Real preppers where boonie hats anyways :slight_smile: LOL
Isn’t your studio inside? It does seem a less professional, but that’s always relative to the person.

Let’s all move forward with the incredible challenges we’ll all be facing. It would be nice to find a place to get Ivermectin that won’t charge hundreds of $$$ for a prescription.

So looking forward Chris, with a very rare sense of relief nowadays : knowing you will be back to help make sense.

I would suggest completely separate landing pages. Also a banner that states you are about to leave the paywall section and go public. Even further, completely separate domains/websites would be best.
I was a network guy once, so website design isn’t my thing, but I have noticed no amount of agreements or social norms have ever prevented subnets from talking to each other, only access control lists and content filters and even multi factor authentication.
Ideally they should be completely separate DNS entries and functionality. I realize the cost and burden is great, but this website is way too clunky and probably has far too many back doors already. If I had the time I would black hat your code and break in to see how vulnerable it really is, but there is no ROI for me on that time investment so I won’t.
Cross pollination is too easy nowadays as I’ve just found out and was corrected on.
No amount of user agreement editing will end that, just gives you reason to dump folks for violating terms, provided you have the bandwidth to manually police it.
Best solution, separate church and state and be done.
I personally would much rather participate in paywall discussions exclusively anyway and only peruse the public stuff.
Just my two cents.

I’m very much pro-vaccine. And I thought Chris was also.

Chris, where do you stand on this?

Welcome back, Chris!
Your message along with that of many of the comments above resonated strongly. My spidey senses have been going off for a long time, but never so intensely as in the last year or so. Like you I trust my gut instincts and have acted on those in a variety of ways to make big changes and improve my resilience.
Even though I had many doubts about what was going on with you and the site [the propaganda machine can be thanked for planting so many disturbing seeds of doubt], something inside of me kept telling me to maintain belief that this site would get back on track. I really wanted, no needed it to get back on track as this site is the Island of Sanity! The many intelligent, thoughtful contributors, who all stepped up in spades these past four months in your absence, have kept me aware and informed. I learned how to do my own deep dives to look for information and answers, to my great satisfaction. I do not feel helpless… I feel empowered.
I am wide awake because of PP. I am resilient because of PP. And I believe we can get past all this evil crap because I have seen how hard people are willing to work to dig up evidence, and most of that evidence is now going mainstream. Lawsuits are underway. Soon the dam will burst on the oligarchs, and it is people like this tribe who are going to have to be leaders in helping the rest of society pick up the pieces and move forward.
To that end, I would like to see a PP leadership series. Discussions and interviews on cultivating our skills as leaders and mentors. This too is a part of resilience building.
Thank you Chris. I am very happy for you and Evie and all the good things that are happening for you business wise as well as on the farm. In what may be seen as an unrealistic level of optimism, I have a little more hope today that the best is yet to come. I look forward to you and the new PP team getting this ship righted, with winds of positive change in its sails.

I’m very much pro-vaccine. And I thought Chris was also. Chris, where do you stand on this?
I'm not sure what you mean by 'this?' Can you clarify that for us? As stated it's too broad, like asking where I stand on food. Am I pro-food? Yes, absolutely. However, there are some foods I won't eat. As well, there are people with peanut allergies and I wouldn't dream of coercing them to eat peanuts. So, to extend this back to the topic in case it begins to help sharpen the question, I am completely up to date on my tetanus vaccinations and have never had a flu shot. Not sure if that makes me pro or anti, but I'd suggest that a correctly framed question on a very complicated subject won't be framed in a binary, for/against fashion.

Hey, Chris, so good that you’re back. I’m writing from Ontario Canada where we have been thoroughly sucker-punched by our so-called leaders. The endless lies and propaganda we’re subjected to is distressing. My husband (a retired lung doc) and I (a retired journalist) are just shocked at how comprised our former professions have become. We have never in our lives attended protests, but we’re doing it now every weekend.
I look forward to hearing from you again. I really missed your voice over the past few months.

Given what you know today, would you recommend that the average 50-70 year old get a Covid vaccine.
If “yes,” which one.
If “no,” why?

Hello Chris,
Welcome back! I’ve missed your insights into the virus and what is happening all around us.
I was talking with a good friend the other day, and he mentioned about being led to get his ham license, get a handgun, and now, start raising rabbits. He already has chickens and bees. He’s following similar inspirations you are getting and acting on them.
For me, it’s getting my garden and greenhouse back into production, as well as planting elderberry bushes and other perennial fruit/veggie producing plants.

Missed you Chris!
Just wanted to say that I discovered you last January/Feb 2020 when you were warning of the possible BeerBug pandemic. Because of you, my family and I were much better prepared for the coming chaos throughout 2020.
I learned a ton from watching your updates, not only about the BeerBug, but also about how broken and corrupt our whole system is, from the media, our politicians, and sadly, some of our health professionals. I now question everything I read and see with as critical an eye as I can muster. You were right about so much and now just recently, are your theories about the lab leak being taken seriously in the mainstream.
I subscribed to Peak Prosperity recently because I felt I owed you something for all the knowledge you had given me over the entire pandemic. I look forward to your content.
Thanks Chris!