A Vital Peak Prosperity Update!

The official treatments on offer for covid aren’t vaccines. They don’t provide immunity. That is part of the puzzle most are missing.

Can you (or anyone else) repost those links to COVID outbreaks in closed communities that were fully vaccinated? I need to read the source stories and save 'em.

“I wonder if the new format for PP that is coming might address how to achieve prosperity in areas now dominated and controlled by other broken institutions, as separate theme topics within PP.
We have to rebuild everything at the community level.”
I don’t know how much anyone else would like it, but for me (programmer mentality) this sort of super analytical approach would be ideal.
Take a broken societal system. Explain how it should work, how it did work, why it broke and then discuss a grass roots approach to reclaim the essential values on whatever scale is possible given the resources we have.
The hidden benefit of doing it this way is the “social” and “cultural” capital start to take care of themselves. Once people with a direct stake in the outcome start working together to create value, something that looks like civilization can begin to take root.

With all due respect, without Chris’s reporting/analysis/recommendations this site appears to be rather “vanilla”. His cutting edge work on the emergence of SARS Cov 2 is worthy a Pulitzer. He provides an oasis of credibility in a ocean of @%$#. Thank you Chris Martendale.

Ygg - If someone is being treated for covid chances are they have the virus. When they are treated and get well they will have natural immunity which, despite the propaganda telling everyone the opposite, is better, stronger, and more versatile than a vaccine.
Historically herd immunity has always come from natural immunity. The vast majority of vaccines have taken 5 to 10 years to develop.

I also will not attend the farm. The price is way too high. particularly for a family of 3 or more.
Instead I hope to meet many people the day before at a day long get together and camping 1.5 hours drive East of Polyface where a friend of mine has opened up his rural property for barbeque and camping, starting Wednesday through Thur nights. During the day on Thursday, I and several others will demonstrate amateur radio, I will provide solar electric hands on techniques and later, in the evening look forward to a discussion of covid therapies led by Sand Puppy. Here is a short video of a DIY item (2 kw hours power box for running normal power tools in the forest) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdgSCBITmnI (can be charged by solar panels bk/red posts, or by plugging into house electricity). Let`s build stuff!
Please join us. If you havent already, please PM me so that we can get a head count.
Our host is providing canopies and a large tent in case of rain, motels are available nearby, and some people are carpooling into Polyface.

Sandpuppy, Here is link to “closed community vaccinated outbreak” example. Not sure this is what you were after.

Hi Netlej,
I agree, by official treatments i meant the astrazeneca / Pfizer products. Apologies, I should have been clearer.

Wow. So he really exists.

thc, you’ve nailed it! This wheel, which I’m very familiar with as family law attorney, perfectly fits the government strategies all over the world. Can you send a link to this wheel of abuse? Thanks.

Hello wotthecurtains, James Howard Kunstler wrote a fabulous book about how to build a livable, workable community for the “Long Emergency” another stellar book written by the same author. You would not imagine how interesting a book about community, land ownership. architecture can be. But then again, Kunstler is a master word processor.
Both books are great, but Geography to No Where specifically addresses communities.

And renaming illnesses.
When someone showed up at the doctor with tingling hands, they had polio. Once the vaccine came out, well it can’t be polio so now we have nerve impingement, fibromyalgia, Lupus, MS, Gilliene Barr (sp?) or in my case magnesium deficiency (yep a week of magnesium supplements clears that right up).
I think the polio vaccine does work, I’m just not convinced it was the grand miracle they claim. Just like the ct values for the SARSCOV2 PCR were dropped when the vaccine came out.

SP, (I think this is kinda what you’re looking for?)
Here are two links to some closed community outbreaks in Salem, SD. back in March/April. They, of course, do not provide any numbers of residents or severity of illness

Would you share your magnesium type and how you came to it? Are you using Mag l-threonate? I now have a collection including Mag (elemental), oxide, citrate, gly-something-or-other…

Don’t laugh, I’ve had good luck with he HSN magnesium which is a combination of citrate, maleate and oxide.
I do the epsom salt bath thing too.

Thc0655 - that wheel of abuse is perfect as a means of understanding our current political and Big Tech environment.
I know it was built for individual relationships, but I can find multiple examples from our culture to fill out each of those 15 buckets at the macro level.
The derelict Covid response by western governments pretty much ticked off the remaining 5 boxes that were waiting for the right “crisis” to unfurl; telling us what to wear, telling us it’s for our own good and that they know better, stopping us from seeing friends and family, controlling the finances (stimulus checks + shutting down small and medium businesses capriciously), and not letting us out without permission.
The other 10 boxes had all been in play since 9/11.
All super creepy of course.
The key to avoiding being in an abusive relationship is to not consent to being in one in the first place. Most people here already are built that way.
But a second key is to consciously withdraw your consent from the abuser if and wherever necessary.
I consider it one of my jobs to help people either avoid or get out of being stuck in the abusive arrangements of the creepy Big Tech and oligarch crowd.
I think this deserves an entire podcast all of its own. This sort of framing could go a long way towards helping some people see what’s really going on.
It’s certainly not a healthy thing that’s happening…turns my stomach to see children in school, with masks, 6 feet apart, at desks with 3-sided plexiglass walls between them and everyone else.

What’s the actual risk to children of that age from Covid? As close to a zero as you can get:

The above data is for reported cases. In truth, a lot of kids get exposed to Covid but never display any symptoms and accordingly aren’t tested, which means that the true “survival rate” is actually a lot higher than reported. Also the CDC has been really sloppy about what is reported as “a Covid death” and that still includes anybody who dies within 28 days of a positive test result (which itself may have been a false positive).
Even with all that, the reported survival rate for those under 19, which includes teens and children who actually have significant co-morbidities such as obesity or cancer, is 99.997%
To put that to numbers, for every 100,000 cases of Covid among the 19 and under crowd, you’d expect 3 deaths.
In practice that ends up showing up in statistics like this (from the above source):
“In Leon County, there have been 6,811 COVID-19 cases reported for people under the age of 34 and and no reported deaths.”
So we have to ask - what sort of a culture subjects its children to a daily regimen of fear and isolation and death messaging (“You’re a toxic bio-factory who might kill your grandparents which is why you have to wear these masks and sit in your isolating pods all day!”)?
An abusive one, that’s who.
What sorts of otherwise well-meaning parents and teachers go along with this abuse if not actively cheer it on?
People who have lost their moorings along the way and bought into the weird normalization of all this without giving it much if any critical thought, that’s who.
I cringe and feel heartbroken at the unnecessary traumatization of all these children - an entire generation. Trauma like this is very hard to undo. It takes a lot of sustained effort to get past childhood traumatization. Lots of therapy and diligence and time and resources. Best not to traumatize anyone in the first place.
I am shocked that we aren’t having rebellions or at least even a decent conversation about this at the national or local levels.
The right question really should be “What’s the cost-benefit analysis of treating our children this way? What good results from these practices in terms of actual, measurable, scientifically based safety and/or better outcomes, and how much damage is being inflicted to achieve that?”
There’s always a balance to be struck between costs and benefits. That’s just life.
I am literally unaware of that question being asked or of costs & benefits being rationally discussed. If they are, I don’t know about them yet. I wonder if those conversations are happening in other countries?

Agree nobody likes to see kids like this.
But what about the carrier risk concern?
Aren’t they doing this less to protect the children from dying, but to protect the teachers, parents and grandparents from getting COVID should kids get infected while at school?
Isn’t that a valid concern?

No conversation like that happening in Canada Chris although a headline this morning from a more MSM outlet is slightly encouraging.

The most recent science is showing that asymptomatic carriers of C-19 present very, very little risk of transmission. DF posted a study a couple weeks back – if you have a symptomatic carrier in your household (resulting in sustained contact in an enclosed space, ie home) you have ~ 17% chance of contracting COVID. Asymptomatic carriers represent a 0.7% chance of transmitting COVID.
So – kids are generally not catching COVID. Even if they do, they’re almost certainly asymptomatic and therefore present a vanishingly small chance of Killing Grandma.
May Fortune smile upon us all – and VIVA! – Sager

"But what about the carrier risk concern?

Aren't they doing this less to protect the children from dying, but to protect the teachers, parents and grandparents from getting COVID should kids get infected while at school?"
99.7% average survival rate from covid. I have to agree with CM that a cost benefit analysis raises serious concerns. At the very LEAST it warrants a national discussion, debates, studies. We're arent getting any of that, in fact all we're getting is censorship of any voices that contradict that official narrative. That alone should raise concerns. People who want to do the right thing and want to get to the truth dont engage in censorship. They should welcome debate, they should welcome the chance to adjust their policies if it is found that they are doing something wrong. Why arent they? As far as parents go, Im one of them and I dont like what is happening. This is my son's first year in school. This is his very first experience with the public school system. As far as 'how am I allowing it to happen'? Straight up, I dont KNOW whats happening. They wont let me in the school. I dont know where he sits or what his day is like. I have to ask him, and a 5 year old cant explain it. So I take the blame for bringing my kid into a situation that I am not aware of. Its my responsibility, ultimately, to protect him. I cant say "I didnt know" because it was my JOB to know or I shouldnt have brought him there. As an only child my wife and I felt it would benefit him to be around other kids, better than being raised in isolation on the homestead with only Mom and Dad. But I sense we may have made a mistake so we are looking into alternatives...homeschool, private school, tutors....It seems no matter which I choose we trade one problem for another.