A Vital Peak Prosperity Update!

like brushog i’d like to see more open dialog arugueing both sides
sager…this report from the Lancet says differently than "DF"s data. which to believe??

RESEARCH PAPER| VOLUME 4, 100056, MAY 01, 2021

SARS-CoV-2 transmission risk from asymptomatic carriers:



Strategic and tactical MS allows the suppression of epidemic dynamics. Asymptomatic carriers represent a significant risk for transmission. Containment of future outbreaks will depend on early testing in sectors and regions. Higher participation rates must be assured through targeted incentivisation and recurrent invitation.

Are we living in a science fiction apocalyptic movie? I’d like to move from here to some other parallel universe. This one has me creeped out.

Last Wednesday, President Biden was widely praised in mainstream and health-care–focused media for his call to create a “new biomedical research agency” modeled after the US military’s “high-risk, high-reward” Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA. As touted by the president, the agency would seek to develop “innovative” and “breakthrough” treatments for cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and diabetes, with a call to “end cancer as we know it.”

Far from “ending cancer” in the way most Americans might envision it, the proposed agency would merge “national security” with “health security” in such as way as to use both physical and mental health “warning signs” to prevent outbreaks of disease or violence before they occur. Such a system is a recipe for a technocratic “pre-crime” organization with the potential to criminalize both mental and physical illness as well as “wrongthink.”

The Biden administration has asked Congress for $6.5 billion to fund the agency, which would be largely guided by Biden’s recently confirmed top science adviser, Eric Lander. Lander, formerly the head of the Silicon Valley–dominated Broad Institute, has been controversial for his ties to eugenicist and child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein and his relatively recent praise for James Watson, an overtly racist eugenicist. Despite that, Lander is set to be confirmed by the Senate and Congress and is reportedly significantly enthusiastic about the proposed new “health DARPA.”

This new agency, set to be called ARPA-H or HARPA, would be housed within the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and would raise the NIH budget to over $51 billion. Unlike other agencies at NIH, ARPA-H would differ in that the projects it funds would not be peer reviewed prior to approval; instead hand-picked program managers would make all funding decisions. Funding would also take the form of milestone-driven payments instead of the more traditional multiyear grants.

ARPA-H will likely heavily fund and promote mRNA vaccines as one of the “breakthroughs” that will cure cancer. Some of the mRNA vaccine manufacturers that have produced some of the most widely used COVID-19 vaccines, such as the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, stated just last month that “cancer is the next problem to tackle with mRNA tech” post-COVID. BioNTech has been developingmRNA gene therapies for cancer for years and is collaborating with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to create mRNA-based treatments for tuberculosis and HIV.

Other “innovative” technologies that will be a focus of this agency are less well known to the public and arguably more concerning....

Remember that the death of 96% of the human population in the movie “I Am Legend” was caused by administering a 100% effective cure for cancer to the world which then killed all those people. The “cancer cure” was a genetically modified virus.


Any proposal which purports to “end cancer as we know it” is far more likely to be one that ends freedom as we know it.

Well, you can regard it as purely abusive or you can look at it as scientists trying to get a handle on a novel virus in an atmosphere of confusion. Nothing much was known about the virus, initially. So, a lot of scrambling, lack of clarity over what to do, bureaucratic screw ups all within a dynamic viral atmosphere. The virus was mutating and the mutations became an unknown.
There are a lot of people out there who believe conspiracies happen but don’t necessarily see the earmarks of an overarching program to deprive people of their freedom through covid here.
I would really appreciate a fleshed out description of how this conspiracy works, as you see it–maybe that is for another day. Maybe you have insider info that proves your point.
Big tech is a problem though. Definitely. And censorship should only happen if there is a threat to life and limb, imo. I’ve had to deal with Youtube’s shadow bans lately, about an entirely different manner. You can see intelligence agencies footprints all over it.

From the Lancet Anniversary issue of the ‘surgisphere’ paper, featuring ethical standards statement, and spending of recent personal benefit payments.

This is from your study. Did you read it?
"Transmission rates of AIC ranged from 0–2.2% compared to 0.8–15.4% for SIC "
So transmission rates of the asymptomatic (AIC) ranged from zero (no transmission at all) to 2.2%. Okay. And symptomatic (SIC) ranged from 0.8% to 15.4%. That’s quite a range. Makes me think the sample size was small?
At any rate, infection rates of asymptomatic were still quite small. Not as small as Dave Fairtex’s study, but still small. So you can call 2.2% chance of transmission “significant” if you like, but maybe you’re risk-averse. In which case I’d recommend you stay home and away from people, mask up and vax up and wear a face shield and so forth and so on. If I was an 80 year-old grandpa living at home with my kid and their spouse and their kids, I’d not fear 2.2% transmission. At some point you have to do the math and make choices about how much you want fear to drive the bus. I don’t want fear anywhere near the driver’s seat. But I’m brave like that. Or maybe foolhardy?
May Fortune smile us all! – And VIVA – Sager

“At the very LEAST it warrants a national discussion, debates, studies. We’re arent getting any of that, in fact all we’re getting is censorship of any voices that contradict that official narrative.”
FWIW, I noticed the exact same pattern after someone overthrew Ukraine’s government and then Russia moved into Crimea. There was never any discussion about whether a new Cold War, complete with nuclear arms race was in anyone’s interests and anyone who suggested it wasn’t was said to be sucking Putin off.
I think its more an artifact of our times. Once anyone being offended is enough to shut down all debate, its simply a matter of the mainstream voices telling us that an agenda has already been agreed to by reasonable people.

"Well, you can regard it as purely abusive or you can look at it as scientists trying to get a handle on a novel virus in an atmosphere of confusion. Nothing much was known about the virus, initially. So, a lot of scrambling, lack of clarity over what to do, bureaucratic screw ups all within a dynamic viral atmosphere. The virus was mutating and the mutations became an unknown"
Ive considered this but was forced to discard that theory in the light of credible 'scientists' and medical professionals being censored for expressing legitimate concerns. I also see heavy handed mandates concerning things for which there is no scientific basis. It could all be coincidence I suppose, but what are the odds of every mistake being in favor of less freedom, less personal agency, shutdowns which only effect small/midsized businesses....and greater power/wealth for the people at the top of the pyramid? When real mistakes happen, they happen haphazardly. The other thing to consider is the level of conspiracy that we already see plainly. Does anyone think that facebook, twitter, tick tock, youtube and etc all decide independently, but simultaneously, to censor the same content, all at the same time? 5 supposedly independent companies are all making the same decisions, at the exact same moment? Thats silly. Of course they are conspiring. They are conspiring to promote the same narrative as the main stream media, the government, and a small select group of 'scientists' [ to the exclusion of all the others ]. They, dont even appear to be motivated by profit since some of the people they expel are highly poplar and bring alot of traffic to their platforms. Same thing with mainstream media, CNN lost 1/3 of its viewership during its 'war on truth' and the NYT subscriptions are at an all time low. They don't care, they are not motivated by money. So given the evidence, its hard to believe the 'clueless but well intentioned' theory of current events. Just doesnt hold up.  

Once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.
You’re not paranoid if they’re really after you … and people just like you.
Keep that firmly in mind. The evidence could not be more clear.

A shout-out to Evie as she anticipates surgery. Hope it goes smoothly. May your recovery be hastened by good care, healthy food, and a view toward that green and glorious field in the shelter of the mountains. Best wishes.

What dismays me is that I will finally find a person with questions and anger about what has happened and then after a long conversation find out they’ve stuck their arms out anyway!

We are being manipulated and even though we might not know with 100% certainty who is behind it or why the evidence that it is happening is all around us and I don’t like it one bit. No matter who is behind it or why you can bet you butt that the average citizen will end up on the losing end…

I agree it is time to bring greater focus to the bigger picture as we have been discussing, and also on what actions we can take now… These videos address this and raise some important ideas about the larger plans and changes in our society. Is anyone here on top of these concepts?
Alison McDowell | Human Capital Markets, Cellular Colonization, and the Virtualization of Reality
Alison McDowell | Human Capital Markets, Predatory Philanthropy, & The Gamified World
They use lots of terms that we don’t use here too often…
pay for success
value-based payment
privatization and predictive analytics of the public domain
sensor-driven lifestyles
augmented future
Among other things, she suggests doing a little research to find out what is going on in these areas in your local community. Her website is https://wrenchinthegears.com/


Canada’s chief public health officer framing the narrative for continued lockdowns, social distancing and government control ???
http://full vaccination does not equal full protection

We have all have been lied to so completely and for so long and whats worse, most insist on believing the lies because it is uncomfortable to understand the realities.

We were lied to about Americas actions around the world.

We were lied to about how there is no money for schools, healthcare, social services, infrastructure, anything good for the public but there is unlimited trillions for military, intelligence agencies, subsidies for monopolies that destroy American business and jobs, bailing out morbidly wealthy, etc. We the people did not freely vote for all of this.

We were lied to about 911.

We were lied to about Iraq. (And Vietnam for that matter, remember the Pentagon papers? Probably not.)

We were lied to about Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Palestine, and on and on and on…

Having learned to obediently swallow all the lies it’s a piece of cake with sprinkles to swallow the multitude of lies surrounding Covid-19.

At this point they can dump any lie they want knowing we all will buy it, or at least not challenge it. Anyone who challenges the lies is called a “conspiracy theorist” not just by the liars but by their own friends and family. We have signed your own death warrant and you don’t even know it … or care for that matter. The truth doesn’t even matter any more. The lies have been repeated so often for so long that they are taken as “truth by consensus”. It is crazy to talk about the truth when everyone else has accepted the lies as the truth. This, in a nutshell explains what is happening with the demise of science. New discoveries, or even old discoveries confirmed with new information are dismissed if they go against the perceived consensus position.

I try and explain this to my friends and family and they all just say "why would they lie" and walk off like that settles it.
Hope everyone is well Been torn away by a number of things I too am looking forward to Chris and Chris’ original, multi-disciplined, multi-talented vision taking the wheel

Re: So many lies
If I was to brag a little I would have said prior to 2020 that people would turn out to be as credulous as they have just as a matter of applying logic to things Id watched previously.
But emotionally that hasn’t made it any easier to see it all writ large. All you can do is hope the jabs don’t have the terrible effects some fear because these jabs are going out and people want them and that’s just the end of it.
The one thing that makes me feel a tiny bit better is that I think people have always been this stupid and the system’s owners always this greedy, corrupt and also somehow hapless at the same time.
This means that things can get better again in the future in spite of them. Just like last time. I’m just not sure how to tell how much darkness we gotta go through between now and then.
Their were entire generations who lived and died during the Roman decline and we might only be 50 years into our own decline.
I hereby resolve to enjoy the sun the next time I see it (raining/snowing here now).

Well, how about money and power? They lie, because they want more money and power. And that’s easier to get if they lie.
I’m going to drag out my “Science” religion theory again to explain what’s going on.
The Oligarchy has decided to destroy small business, in order to transfer as much wealth, market share, and control as possible to corporations they own. [Operative theory of Oligarchy: more power and money is always better. There literally is never enough money and power to satisfy. Monopolies are best. c.f. Twitter, Facebook, Google, Apple.] One mechanism to do this is via the school system. Cripple schools for two years, and 50% of small business will be gone, with all those revenues swapped over to large corporations. “Gosh we just can’t do in-person learning anymore. Way too dangerous.”
Result: instead of your local Mexican taco stand, two years from now you will be stuck with the utterly inauthentic Taco Bell - with the profits and market share going straight to the Oligarchy.
And of course the reason they give us - is “Science.”
The secret is, “Science” actually has no rules, and no definitions; “Science” is a Power word that, when uttered by the Leader of “Science” - Pope Fauci - all must simply bow and obey. That’s because he’s Pope Fauci! Science!
Examples include:

  • Lockdowns Prevent Disease = Science!
  • Wearing Masks - even if you are outside, alone, prevent disease = Science!
  • Experimental vaccines - required for everyone, including children and young adults at near-zero risk = Science!
  • There are no early outpatient treatments for COVID19 = Science!
  • Wal-mart: essential, local small business: non-essential = Science!
My framing: when I hear the phrase "follow the science", I now think: "The cult leader has spoken. The faithful must simply obey." To figure out the real motivation behind each edict, just ask yourself: 1) what's the net impact of this action on money and power 2) how will the Oligarchy profit from this impact? You can be sure that behind every (perplexing) Encyclical from Pope Fauci & his Cardinals, the Oligarchy will end up winning in some way, shape or form. The challenge is figuring out the particulars.

I’m refusing to send my kids back to it. I feel better now!