Aaron Day: "This Is The Hill To Die On"

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Last year, Evie and I were invited to a private lunch with RFK Jr (thank you, Jeff!). Of course, we accepted. Given the chance to ask a question, I posed this one; “If you had to skinny your candidacy down to a single issue, what would that be?”

Without missing a beat RFK Jr said “Central Bank Digital Currencies!” or CBDC’s.

He then went on with a deep background about the importance of free markets, free market capitalism (as distinct from the fascism we’re currently living under, defined as the merger of corporations and state through regulatory capture and barriers), and concluded with the observation that once we have programmable currencies we’ll have lost all of our freedom.

With that loss of freedom would be loss of economic dynamism, as is typical of all authoritarian states.

And there’s nothing more authoritarian than a programmable currency.

I recently had the great honor of interviewing Aaron Day at the 2024 PorcFest gathering in New Hampshire. Which explains the t-shirts and on-the-fly recordings done with my cell phones.

Aaron has made fighting the arrival of CBDCs his “hill to die on” because he’s a man of deep integrity who understand that if our generation fails to fight CBDC’s off we will be leaving a degraded and impoverished economic landscape to our children.

Great news! Aaron Day has eagerly agreed to be a seminar presenter at our upcoming Peak Prosperity Summit, which is stacking up to be the “can’t miss” event of 2024. There’s limited space so if you are on the fence, or simply haven’t yet gotten around to securing your tickets, you should do so. We’re expecting a sell-out crowd this year and early ticket sales are on track.

In part II for my subscribers, I go into the ways in which we can individually protect ourselves from this menace.


So what is their plan for the Amish or people who live completely off grid?


So what’s their plan for Amish….

If you piece together the UN usa resource maps and cop40 citiy plans it’s likely that they currently live in human no go zones that will be reserved for nature by Biden 30 by 30 plan… And will have to relocated to 15 minute cities and live in 280 sqft apartments…. Of course being so packed in with other humans they will have to get up to date on their jabs and boosters for everyones safety of course , and as a result experience a 37% reduction in life span and infertility and BTW…They’re will be nothing to farm just concrete…,so it will be crickets or starve


LOL… Sounds like a non-starter of a conversation.


I think they will use them as the growers for the rich. The rich will feed on fresh tomatoes and lard. We will just eat bugs and fake shit. But the amish since they don’t take anything from the rich they will be glorified servants…


Well, I think we can glean a clue by how they are currently treating the Amish, farmers, religious groups, etc. I don’t think the plan is good. But I’m still gonna try to get out of dodge and extricate myself from the System. I guess the other choice is stay and fight and perhaps be martyred. That’s cool too. You get to go out in a blaze of glory. But not my choice.


I liked that last little part that mentioned Trump. He spent a lot of money! I appreciate his humor and like the guy but I don’t believe in him to fix our money system.

Concerning the Amish. The meek shall inherit the earth


Bottom line, complete one cyber coin transaction, go on an NSA watch list?


I very rarely agree 100% with a guest but this is one of those cases.

You two walked right up to a key question that didn’t get asked:

… is the system capable of handling The Great Taking without CBDCs rolled out?

I’m struggling to see a successful outcome for TPTB of a great taking (or great reset) without a very clear plan for what comes after and having all the tools in place ahead of time.

I see their prep as still ongoing which buys us time to push back and to prep ourselves.



Crypto never made sense to me. I would love to see gold or silver redeemable currency but I don’t think it’ll happen. Maybe in the ashes of our current civilization in 100 years or whatever.

My question from the video is do goldbacks make sense if they have a high premium (I think I have read that at some point). If they are backed by the gold they contain but the nominal value is significantly higher than the gold it seems a little self-defeating, maybe? I haven’t really pondered it much. The other option is redeemable gold/silver currency. Who could trust the government to keep their promise to be able to redeem the metal?


The talk about Trump aka #45 at the 37-minute mark made my blood boil. He is a carnival barker dressed in a clown suit. The Federal courts are just now unfucking what he started by opening Pandora’s box with his bump stock ban.

Trump’s only redeeming quality in my eyes was the nomination of conservative judges that might actually give a shit about the Republic known as the United States of America and our freedoms. We are lucky that he was able to get three conservative judges confirmed to the SCOTUS.

With that said, I will cast my vote for him for a third time. I don’t do this because I like him. I do this because I want to give my middle finger to the power players and elites of the USA.

I think that it is important to figure out a way to use #45’s narcissism against the asshole elites that are hell bent of destroying the USA’s status as a Federal Republic. Trump want’s people to like him. It greatly upsets him when he sees “common folks” not like him. We need to be loud and vocal about being in opposition to CBDC, social credit scores, and the destruction of our rights under the Constitution. Trump does not care about CBDC unless he sees that a lot of the peasants care about stopping them.

Assuming Trump wins in 2024, I want to see a scorched earth policy in going after he leadership of the out-of-control executive branches such as the DOJ, FBI, CIA, etc that engaged in criminal activity in the past. Those motherfuckers need to be so scared that they always have one eye open! They need to get the same treatment as Brian Malinowski.


It would be nice to hear more details of Aaron Day’s techniques for minimizing the CBDC. If he believes that BTC is closely tracked then is there another coin that he prefers?

For tokenized assets, Aaron is very interested in Zano.

He is much more technically versed in tokenized assets than cryptocurrencies, but I understand he likes Monero as well.


That’s quite cool. I had to look at Zano to see what this project was about. It seems to be related to Monero and possibly the same developers. I definitely need to learn more about Monero and Zano and how to use them and benefit from these crypto things.

Aaron Day was named yesterday the Zanon for the Month of June.



I saw a recent announcement that Target will no longer accept checks at their stores. I wonder if that includes Travelers Cheques?

Interesting that Trump knows nothing about Project 2025 (900 pages and he doesn’t read) but calls parts of it ridiculous, but knows nothing about it.

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This is a good explanation of the eurodallor system and why ledger money dominates.

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I had to look up what Project 2025 is. I would not worry about it too much.

SCOTUS recently overturned the concept of “Chevron Deference”. This legal theory gave too much power to executive agencies. I highly doubt that Project 2025 will be the play book in the future.

Keep in mind that I want a Federal Republic with limited government. If governments are allowed to become too large and bloated, they will consume more and more excess productivity from the real economy and utterly fail. We are probably close to this moment.

I will also point out that ALL people should desire an executive government to be strong enough to govern but not strong enough to trample our rights. There will always be the risk of people that you don’t approve of being in control of the executive. It is far better to limit their power so that it can’t screw things up too badly.

This is a completely different issue. I have watched in astonishment at how student loans are being forgiven. I have also heard about social security clawing back money that paid out in benefits that was later shown to be not in compliance with the law. I wonder if the student loan debtors with forgiven loans will find out that they have to pay it all back because they received an illegal forgiveness.

I personally wish that we could modify social security and student loans using actuaries. Figure out what $10,000 in forgiveness now is worth in “future money” and then increase the retirement age of the people getting the debts forgiven. The government has screwed things up so badly with malinvestment in educations that do not teach any useful skills.

I wonder how many of the “gender studies” graduates will end up on their backs trying to survive because they have no actual useful skills? Their problem is that they will struggle to attract “high market value” males with their high mileage and rapidly depreciating "ass"et.


It appears that the left is going bananas over Project 2025. I will make the effort to read this massive document first and then decide its merits.

This is on the 4th page of the Section on HHS:

“Unaccountable bureaucrats like Anthony Fauci should never again have such
broad, unchecked power to issue health “guidelines” that will certainly be the basis
for federal and state mandates. Never again should public health bureaucrats be
allowed to hide information, ignore information, or mislead the public concerning
the efficacy or dangers associated with any recommended health interventions
because they believe it may lead to hesitancy on the part of the public. The only
way to restore public trust in HHS as an institution capable of acting responsibly
during a health emergency is through the best of disinfectants—light.”

Trump’s typical broad brush to too many things for which he is uninformed was “I want nothing to do with Project 2025”

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Let me start some controversy here :slight_smile:

What if CBDC could be a good thing?

Lets say first we added another amendment to the constitution (as if that document still matters) that basically says:

“All citizens have the fundamental right to own and manage a private banking account. All citizens shall have the fundamental right to freely conduct comerce without interference. All citizens have the fundamental right to transacting with a physical currency. No government or govermental affiliate may infringe on those rights.”

So let’s imagine those were actual laws of the land. What else would there be to oppose? Let’s say you were accused of a crime for embezzling money. Okay, they bring charges, freeze the currency, arrest you. While you wait in jail they can’t take your account away. You get out on bail. You can still pay your bills. If you continue to embezzle money you are certainly being watched at that point and the penalties will only be larger, as your first arrest was your warning. They should be able to tag all the currency so they can track where it all goes. If you paid for things with pentenially stolen money, in theory all that could be clawed back. Plus, people accepting stolen money could be warned ahead of time.

Now if we had a case where people in the government wanted to abuse the system, sure they could get a warrant to spy on you. They could make up charges, and even try to claim your currency was obtained unlawfully. But they would need an actual conviction to take your currency away, and they could never seize or freeze your accounts, or prevent you from conducting transactions.

Last, your right to conduct physical currency transactions is protected. Cash will just be a parallel system on the side, same as it is now. Checks could also be possible, and actually work better.

Last the programble part, could they program how you spend your money or what you sell things for? No, that would be interferance and strictly forbiden. Could they create a digital coupons that can only buy bread and milk, sure. Now the farmer selling that bread and milk is under no obligation to accept those as digital payment. So the goverment would need some deal to buy those coupons back after they did what they were ment for.

I’m just going to point out, with all the bank failures yet to come, eventually we are headed to a single leger anyways.

The problem is not the technology or the current system. It’s that our laws are way out of date.

Anything I’m missing?