An Act of War

The bombing of the Nord Stream gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea was an act of war. The evidence very strongly points to the U.S. as being either behind it or standing aside as it was carried out by some other NATO member or related contractor. In other news, the Biden Administration and OPEC are at a crossroads. (The video clip below addresses the troubles within the Biden, U.S. and OPEC relationship, and its impact on America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve and its oil supplies in general.)

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The complete episode brings the evidence, and more.

It’s a mystery as to why the leaders of Germany and Europe would allow this act of war to be carried out, and then not say anything about it (and even help cover it up by not allowing anybody near the attack sites where evidence might be lying scattered about). Seems traitorous to their own people.

An equal mystery is why the people of Europe put up with such harmful and defective leadership, but we have the same mystery here in the U.S., Australia and Canada, so I’m not throwing stones. Just observing.

I do believe this acquiescence gives way to something more active and contentious, especially as the cold weather and lack of gas for heating wears on this winter.

Meanwhile, despite hefty efforts to prop up financial assets over the past few days, the signs of stress in the European banks (especially the Credit Default Swaps of Credit Suisse) continues to mount. There’s no chance at all of Europe suffering through a major energy shortage and an attendant decimation of the European economy without a few major banks going under.

When that happens, lots of spill-over effects will happen, but it all results in the same thing; money printing and more inflation. So, be sure to buy what you need as soon as you can, while it is still relatively cheap and (importantly) available.

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Why is Germany and the “leadership” of the EU(SSR) doing nothing about the obvious American act of war against NordStream? Because this world is run by a de facto, fully-operational shadow “world government,” which gives orders to all the regimes we’re expected to believe have power and whom we’re expected to believe are “elected” by us.
A Third World War was decided for us long before the current situation. Now, the script is being acted out in real-life.


Follow The Incentives

It would seem to me that OPEC has every incentive to cut production.

  1. Cause the inflation of prices. Win
  2. Make their supplies last longer. Win
The down side might be that by not making strategic agreements they will loose the friendship of powerful nations. Too bad they don't need us anymore.


So the thought that Russia just may have destroyed the pipeline seems to be overlooked. Russia loses nothing in the destruction as they can still sell gas to Germany through the other already constructed pipelines. They get to point the finger at the US for conspiracy blinded fools to believe (Biden would have said we destroyed it since he had mentioned it no longer being there in a previous speech) and as a bonus it punishes Germany for the sanctions they have imposed on Russia. I’m really sick and tired of American people being so easily mislead by Russian propaganda - If I’m wrong I will admit when all of the facts are in - will you?


You make a sound point, the only question is why not Russia? If trend is blame everything on the bear, why not something actual? This would benifit west gratly in support of the people against Putin. Plus if Russians subs would fire torpedos in that part of the sea, how would this impact on progression of the war?

I’m sorry but this is idiotic. Nordstream was their ‘carrot and stick’ leverage over Germany. A ‘carrot and stick’ approach doesn’t work if you’ve blown up the carrot. The other pipelines go through Ukraine and Poland, and transit fees are required. Yesterday RT reported the Russians as saying there might be enough of Nordstream 2 left intact to pump some gas through at some point in the near future. So we are to believe that the Russians evaded NATO monitoring around a NATO island to blow up their own pipeline, which they’ve already turned off at their end and which if they wanted to destroy permanently they could do this on their own territory, to destroy their leverage over Germany, to then have Blinken announce ‘this is a tremendous opportunity’, to then go on RT and announce they might be able to resume pumping some gas through what remains of Nordstream 2…and they’ve done all that to make it look like it was the Americans, whilst simultaneously fulfilling US policy objectives?
It’s asinine. Sorry to be rude, but it’s completely asinine.


It’s beyond idiotic to think Russia would destroy this pipeline. There is absolutely no benefit or Russian interest to destroy it. They control what if anything can flow through the pipeline. The pipeline was off but could have been turned on if their customer, Germany, needed this energy. As it happens, Germany was beginning to negotiate with Russia to open the pipeline and may have caved on the sanctions that were imposed on Russia.
The US along with Poland have the motive, the means and gain the most from this destruction. It was a terrible case of industrial sabotage and terrorism brought on by the west.


Well, @lethallydosed, you’ll no doubt appreciate the good news that Sweden has completed its timely investigation into the pipeline and has reached two startling conclusions:

  1. they have confirmed that explosions took place near the pipelines;
  2. this, they point out, strengthens the suspicion of sabotage.
    Thank God they didn’t let those Russians participate, who’d have mucked up such a penetrating investigation!
    Now, if you genuinely want some dot-connections, you might wonder why US anonymous helicopters were flying directly over the site of the explosions on the 25th and 26, as well as days earlier. Surely they would have seen who planted explosives (or launched missiles, whichever)? Unless, of course, they were involved:
    There is a more extensive discussion on PP behind the paywall, including the presentation Chris made as a companion to this piece, as you know. If the evidence there, and in the several contributions from other PP members, both in terms of data-contribution responses and as stand-alone forum posts doesn’t help your inability to recognize which countries benefit and why Russia gains nothing either political or strategic from blowing these pipes, it can only be because you don’t want to see the evidence, don’t want to face the uncomfortable reality about what the US and Western countries have become.

Another Pipeline To Germany May Have Explosives

A boat inspecting a gass pipeline going from Norway to Germany has stopped, indicating a find. If true, and it is because of explosives, does it mean Germany is being targeted?


No offense but I think you should be sorry for calling this honest question/comment “idiotic.” I’m quite sure you could have gotten your point across without alienating, without demeaning. Super easy, just remove first sentence and last two sentences. The whole comment becomes much more persuasive without them.


I had thought about that but I don’t think so.
Suppose Russia blew up the pipeline expecting it to be blamed on the US which would alienate Germany from the US.
That would be their only possible motivation for doing such a thing.
Here is the problem. The Russians know that the West is totally controlled by propaganda. The Russians would have also known that the citizens of the West largely believe the propaganda no matter how ridiculous it is. So the Russians would know that if they blew up the pipelines that it would be blamed on the Russians anyway. And the Russians further knew people in the West would believe that - even though it makes no sense. And that, in fact, is exactly what happened. The Russians got blamed for blowing up their own pipeline and the citizens of the West believed it.
So, in the end, there would be no positive at all for the Russians to blow up their own pipelines. It would just result in the destruction of a valuable asset and the loss of leverage against Germany.


If Germany is being targeted then Poland is being targeted too since the newly opened Baltic pipe line to Poland branches off Europipe II, the pipe line that is currently being inspected. Ironically the Baltic pipe line was opened the day after the explosions on NS I and II…

I’m afraid I have to disagree. Considering all that happens is in line with a US Shock Doctrine, we have to interpret events not in a literally sense imo.
Below you find my current operating thesis which led me to buy loads of iodine and pectine, enough for ourselves and a few others because all of my dear friends are paralyzed by fear, and/or in full denial. I might be wrong, but I’d rather be wrong and prepared than right and unprepaired…

  1. Poland sudden assertiveness and agressiveness towards Germany can only arise if they feel supported. By whom you ask? certainly not the EU and China. The official trillion dollar claim doesn't make any sense from the view point of the EU, but it does from the viewpoint of demolishing Germany once and for all.
  2. In terms of resources, do not think for a moment that Chris is the only one understanding the pickle we are globally in. An Europe in turnmoil, i.e., a crippled Germany, and the EU on a leash like a Chihuahua war dog, is in the best interest of the US. The less resources Europe uses, the more resources for the US.
  3. Plus, warring nation states on the eastern "border" of the US, that is, Europe, will allow for a simpler theatre of war with China and possibly the Middle East as most of the military resources can be positioned on the western border of the US, Bipolarity is always better than tripolarity.
  4. WW2 ended only 83 years ago. Although the leadershit act as if we are united for another 1000 years, the EU is a minefield of nefarious sentiments
Based on this it is my current prediction that the pipelines in Poland will become under the (informal) protection of the American Empire. If so, I claim that the American Empire deemed it wise to attack Germany covertly by using Polands ambition, greed, and animosity against Germany and Russia.
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I found this article about K-level thinking. It is explained using Breaking Bad…

Actually I’m going to withdraw the apologies from my comment. The OP bemoans ‘conspiracy blinded fools’ who are ‘so easily mislead by Russian propaganda’. I’m well within my rights to describe his comment as idiotic and asinine as that’s exactly what it is.


Agree. Russia would be blamed no matter who blows it up.

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This is a fascinating thought. Devil’s Advocate: politically speaking Germany is far more Joe Biden/Progressive, while Poland is American Conservative. (The reality of the Ukraine Nazis, and the interesting game theory article below, notwithstanding,) would the same Deep State making for a “woke” US military really go all in to support a Poland that is antithetical to their emotional politics when Germany seems WEF aligned? I mean it would be a “strong” move to deny your ESG-driven allies for the long game, I just have a hard time seeing the Biden-handlers being that forward thinking. Thoughts?

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it is my current prediction that the pipelines in Poland will become under the (informal) protection of the American Empire. If so, I claim that the American Empire deemed it wise to attack Germany covertly by using Polands ambition, greed, and animosity against Germany and Russia.
I like it. Except, I wonder if the US didn't tell Germany outright. We know the CIA forewarned Germany by several days. What if the CIA told the Germans "we're blowing that thing; you're not dealing with Russia on your own." That would make it clear to Germany that they are the US' dog, now. And Poland, the tail, will be wagging it by way of the oil spigot from Norway and the newly introduced demand for reparations that Germany certainly can't pay going forward, now. This takes out Germany as a near-peer in the making, and we know the US hates near peers. On to Russia, then China; and a good spanking afterward to India to teach her to stay in her place.

Is it possible that the nations/entities you have mentioned above are (un)wittingly merely playing pieces on TPTB’s board game?

Yes, this is what I indeed believe (at the moment). Europe is being masterfully played by the US. Putin was wrong, the US doesn’t play checkers, they play 3-D chess.