An Inconvenient Question

The highest goals of public and /or national level health agencies should always be doing the greatest good when the totality of their efforts are summed up. This means that after all is said and done, fewer people die in a given year and more people are living healthier lives.

That is, less mortality and less morbidity (sickness).

How have the various agencies done in the US on those fronts? Terribly! They get an “F.” In 2021 excess deaths (above expected baselines) are higher than they should be, by far, and are even running above 2020 levels - the supposed height of the pandemic.

What are the reasons for this? We don’t know. For some reason the national health agencies are not only silent on the matter, but apparently completely uninterested. In Part 2 we uncover why they are doing this. Hint: it has nothing to do with public health or your personal health.

Part 2

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This is by far your most powerful video yet. Succinct, direct, and clear conclusions and visually and consequentially damning for the effetes. I hope youtube forgets to censor it and it goes viral. Excellent job.

Chris, This is by far your most powerful video yet. Succinct, direct, and clear conclusions and visually and consequentially damning for the effetes. I hope youtube forgets to censor it and it goes viral. Excellent job.
Thank you. I am trying to simplify the argument down to a single question that cannot be avoided. The proverbial "splinter in your mind."
"I hear Fauci saying kids should be vaccinated, but...why is all-cause mortality higher in 2021 than 2020?"
Something like that. Makes it simple. That's how a Mass Psychosis event ends...with that question you can't really answer bouncing around in your head.
"Wait...why are we killing all of *these* people specifically?"
That's what it takes. The question that can't be answered satisfactorily.

Thank you for all you do; you have kept me sane throughout this whole pandemic. Kudos to you!



I know what they are from , you know what they are from. But we are not allowed to suggest what they are really from. So, let them answer what these deaths are from. If they are just simply covid deaths - prove it. if they are are simply COVID deaths - why are we not at least seeing some reduction even if minority of people are still unvaccinated? Wouldn’t we still expect to see some reduction in death from vaccinating anyway? Why are things looking worse with excess deaths post 2020, when we are not recording more actual covid deaths statistically?
Yes some serious questions that demand very serious answers.


I am trying to simplify the argument down to a single question that cannot be avoided. The proverbial “splinter in your mind.”
Great move for enhancing effective communication Chris. Also, I really appreciate the sub 30 minute video length. Some of us are consciously limiting our time on the site (and internet in general) to avoid overwhelm and promote balance in our lives - Hat tip to Brushog for brilliantly highlighting this on a forum recently.


Fascinating interview. Also Provides website on doctors and pharmacies willing to treat.
He thinks the public should be angry about the propaganda that has been perpetrated and demand policy changes .


Asking and sharing.

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My favorite subject: all cause mortality. This is one “they” can’t wiggle out of. It is where the rubber meets the road.
Even in that Pfizer trial - buried in the appendix, on page 12: the epic All Cause Mortality fail.
“I’ll take the Placebo Group, thanks.” I was quite surprised Pfizer had the guts to publish this. But of course then we found out six month later that there were even MORE people who died. In the treatment group, of course. I think the total number was 21. Vs 14 in the placebo group.
Looks to my eye that the shot prevented 2 CoVID deaths, in exchange for 3 extra heart attack deaths. Woohoo!
Did I mention I’ll take “placebo”?
All cause mortality.


It is the most powerful one yet, while at the same time they sort all are. In the power of all of it, collectively, across all the many that speak out, this will all be made so powerful by an order of magnitude, once focused it’s like a laser beam, on one or two things. I cannot Wait for that day, that time. Imagine, 100 million of us all saying the same thing because we all Heard the same thing at the same time from the whole podcast world. Imagine that…! Thank you Chris. You totally rock, we totally rock!


They put in these VAERS to see if there are any signals that there may be a problem. This thing is burning down the house in all the reporting systems ( EU, who, VAERS) and no one seems to care. Additionally, these systems are supposed to look for patterns. This too is burning down the forest. Common denominators of Vaccine related event that are exceptionally rare, but seem rather frequently reported: myocarditis, heart attacks in very very young, heart attacks in women under 40, people dying in their sleep after reporting severe headaches, tons of still births - far exceeding normal, conditioned young athletes not just passing out and dropping, but on the playing field, gold medalist Olympians dying unexpectedly after vaccinating. Doctors and nurses passing away after vaccinating ( no warning - they are medical professionals, and if anyone knows if some has health warning problems , it would be them ) and what of all the searches for sudden deaths that have dominated searches this year?
There are clear patterns, clear signals, well substantiated by what is reported to cause halt and review of the vaccines. ( the system was designed specifically to find these patterns ) But instead they keep dismissing the ones that are reported and worse, tell family that their loved ones unexpected patterned death, has nothing to do with vaccination.
It is hard to wrap my head around the disparity of this vaccine and its adverse reporting compared to other vaccines - which by no means are safe , but look incredibly safe in comparison. And yet I also know this one is way way more under reported than most drugs and vaccines. This thing is really burning down the house, and they pretend they dont notice. It is really amazing. By any previous standards this vaccine should have and would have been stopped in less than 2 weeks in pre NWO times.
Dave do you sleep? or do you have some special AI running while you sleep.


Thanks for another sobering video Chris!
Gathering an ultimate set of questions that simply can’t be answered without blowing up the narrative is the best we can do now (if blowing up other things is not something you want to pursue,… for now).
I concentrate on these questions too for a while now even though I am a COVID survivor (sounds big but wasn’t for me really luckily as I had expected) and would be able to participate in many aspects of daily (social) live without too much pressure.
However I just can’t wrap my head on getting a jab myself if I cancel out the noise of the pro-jabbers and look at the cohort data. It just does not make sense, so I have to stand firm.
Mortality on covid below fifty is negligible really (around 0.9% of all deaths here) and even that number is including 90%+ with (multiple) co-morbidities. And they want me to get the shot? For what?
The only reason that could tempt me over, is really for the benefit of the community and from an all deaths perspective you basically answered the question.
Leaves me with one final question, we know the healthcare system is struggling, but data on ICU or even just a regular hospital bed occupancy of below fifty and co-morbidity dependency in that group is hard to find. I do not consider myself a risk to occupy a spot there soon of covid, so that is out of the door. However could I help to spread the virus to others that might end up clogging the burdened health system by taking regular jabs and should I chip in for this?? The risk to mess up my immune system bothers me, but if I could really help preventing others from dying for not getting treated in a clogged system I would seriously consider. I understand the jabbees are still spreading too and also get hospitalized right? Till now that final question still naggs my brain, it’s testing me daily. Any additional insight is appreciated!


I am speaking about Canada’s numbers here.
Death were already increasing since many years now. Many reasons to that: overall declining society health, boomers dying, etc. Without COVID, deaths are expected to rise (source) at least until 2052.
Nonetheless, the Canadian government notes that death are in excess and raises the question (source).
For those who love to play with numbers: The Canadian Human Mortality Database


I don’t think these numbers and outcomes are failures. I’m of the opinion these numbers and outcomes are public policy. That’s what the data shows us.
BTW, Chris you are greatly loved on Youtube. Lot’s of greatful comments.


are actually the opposite?
Then, instead of your “F’s”, they would get all “A’s” from their “handlers”
or from their true “masters”: the “Cabal” and their goal of World Dominion?
Just another “mind splinter” to consider, Chris.
Follow the money, data, and the historical facts!


not to get off the subject.But why did we start calling them actors? are they pretending to be human?

In 2017, 11 million (95% uncertainty interval [UI] 10–12) deaths and 255 million (234–274) DALYs were attributable to dietary risk factors.
DALY is disability adjusted life year, speaking to things like assisted living and nursing homes. Covid-19 doesn’t even come close to delivery pizza. Heck, foods like delivery pizza are responsible for most comorbidities, as well as the need for a bunch of supplements.

You can hear the rumbling of the knee jerk response on the all death morbidity from the media and our jabbed menticide victims.
“The unjabbed spread the corona virus freely, increasing the pressure on the health care system which is clogging the system for regular support, backlogging medical procedures for the needy, leading to increased deaths in metastasized cancer patients, etc.”
I know this is BS, but that’s hardly an answer, how to debunk this ?
The jabbed spread as much or even more because of they carry the virus asymptomatically?
The jabbed are a nice pool of in-vivo variant creators, enduring the endemic?
Still the health care system is clogged and will lead to increased deaths? Mostly a capacity/allocation challenge then?
Any comments appreciated.


I’m beginning to see a pattern emerge…
Patients not related to COVID that tend to be younger and more pronounced within “smaller markets”, juxtaposed to emerging evidence that AEs are highly concentrated, correlating to a small number of vaccine lot numbers (
Now, I suppose that it’s entirely possible that there is a neglected quality control problem that is showing a signal more prominently in “markets” with less noise that might come along with larger volume. It’s also possible that there are confounding factors that might be disproportionately affecting small towns in a way that isn’t seen as much in larger locales; small towns and rural communities are known to have been disproportionately affected by the opiate crisis, for instance.
One thing that strikes my curiosity and gives me pause in accepting this explanation however, are the scattered reports globally of saline being distributed instead of the supposedly intended vaccinations. These things make me wonder if “the experiment” that we’re all being subjected to is being coordinated quite literally at scale. We have multiple blind test groups distinguished by lot numbers (possibly regionally distributed), with some blind controls mixed throughout (saline injections, unknown whether there’s a connection to lot number or region).
As always seems to be the case and perhaps by design, there is just not enough data available to us to draw any certain conclusions. These patterns, like many, exist in an information landscape that is made increasingly difficult to navigate.
As always, I’m grateful for your help in navigating this landscape.