An Inconvenient Question

Folks… I think I’m actually starting to lose my mind. This isn’t going to be a profound or contributive comment, more or less just an emotional vent. Just not sure how much more of this nudging I can take. I want to believe what Chris says is true in that those who choose not to comply are the right side of how this is all going to play out. And I do have faith that true justice will prevail. But it’s just tough… especially when you know just how devious the tactics are getting.
The most recent case being these workplace mandates. Folks are celebrating this pause of the OSHA emergency rule and that’s great. But under the radar county public health agencies are making their own efforts to push vaccines. Boulder County in CO stood up a vaccine verification program for workplaces. In effect it’s a company voluntary company mandate enforced through the county PHD.
Let’s just look past the fact that the minutia of the program’s guidelines aren’t backed by any real world public health data. But I can’t even understand how something like this wouldn’t get any legal pushback given all the other appeals made to the courts. My guess is that it’s because the company opts in on their volition. But honestly it should be halted simply because it actively puts individuals at MORE risk of workplace transmission, as we know that vaccination rate doesn’t significantly reduce the potential for viral transmission.
I honestly don’t want to try to understand how this is happening. All I know is that I just walked away from a job and career that I loved in hopes of finding a workplace that I don’t feel the compulsory pressure to participate in the experiment in order to receive my livelihood. But I find it unbelievable that after signing the dotted line for another company, I find myself right back where I started, triple crossed. I wasn’t even told about this until the day before my start date. Otherwise I wouldn’t have even accepted the offer. I know it’s going to get worse before it gets better… I just feel like I’m cracking more and more everyday. But all that said I just wanted to say that I appreciate all of you who are still standing in solidarity with me. Keep fighting.


JahFire - You are ‘That Guy’!

Without being attacked, slandered, cancelled, ostracized, fired, punished, and censored.
“They” are your true rulers as long as the masses all comply with being ruled by them.
Stop complying and set the examples to break the hypnosis of “their” obey conditioning.
“They Live!”, just like “The Matrix”, are revealing the truths behind the facades and lies!


During Family Meeting on Sunday, my vaxxed sister and my vaxxed son were discussing how the guidance from the FDA and the WHO - to not get a booster unless you are some sort of immunocompromised - does not agree with the guidance from the CDC, which is that Everyone should get a Booster right away. They were confused by this contradiction. They wondered who should they trust?
This is an opening. The narrative, by being inconsistent, is falling apart. Brainwashed vaxxed people are starting to think.
When they asked who they should trust, I said, Don’t Trust Any of Them. Trust Yourself. I suggested they strengthen their terrain, support their immune systems, get lots of sleep, raise their vitamin D levels, get lots of Vitamin C.
They thought this made sense.
I feel like I am finally making progress after 20 months of trying to penetrate the fog.