…And Neither Am I

The escalations by Europe and the US in Ukraine against Russia are fraught with risks and dangers. One small misstep and things could spiral out of control.

While NATO is busy having its armaments and hardware stockpiles reduced to twisted wreckage in Ukraine, Russia has been warning that these provocations are against a nuclear superpower.

Oh. And then there’s this news that just came out this morning (Happy Valentine’s Day!):

/Insert curse words here/

Further, the US was revealed to be the driving force behind the Nordstream pipeline explosions according to Seymour Hersh. Whether he had the story exactly right in its details is unimportant to me because the statements and actions before and after the explosions revealed that NATO was behind it. Exactly who and how may never be known except by those who were there and did it. But, again, it doesn’t matter.

The largest act of economic sabotage in history, one that will immiserate an entire continent of 400,000,000 people, was carried out. The Rubicon has been crossed. No backsies.

There’s zero chance of Europe “making up the difference” with liquified natural gas (LNG) because LNG costs more than pipeline gas. That’s just physics translated into money.

By extension, everything in the world that can be transported which relies on gas will now be subject to the derivative price spikes. Fertilizer and food, silicon and glass, steel and cement…the list is endless.

The people of Europe aren’t ready for this. I’m not ready for this. None of us are. But we have to carry on and we do this by banding together and becoming more resilient.

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Nordstream + Brics

The fact that the major media outlets are doing their damnedest to avoid talking about the Seymour Hersh article is all the proof you need to know that he is right in everything but the most minute details.
Add this to the mix and you know why the collective west is running headlong into a global conflagration:


Tower Energy

In the Tarot, the 16th card is an image of a tall tower being besieged by destructive lightning. It’s energy comes from a call to change the current
state. And in life, the call arises from a fundamental need to evolve - to grow and develop ending a staleness of being.
As with everything on this plane, there are positive and negative energies. When this card comes in the negative, it is self destructive, violent without good cause, abusive, harsh and severe without regard for consequences.
It seems we are now here.





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me too!


The “hits” Keep On Coming…


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They Are Desperate

I think Bo Jos liitle out burst is a sign of desperation…if they cant break the Russians the days of cheap below market rate commodities are over…this means we are all stuffed but more importantly the so called elites will also be stuffed - hence the desperation…


The worse of a person you are, the better “they” like you.


Best sign of being over the target is the intensity of discrediting fire. Thus far that is muted. For example look at Jordan Peterson’s forced “ reeducation”. He is definitely over the target. Dinesh deSouza went to prison, again over the target. Chris Martenson blocked from social media, over the target.


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The Global South (+BRICS) are all watching and taking notes. They are slowly – s l o w l y, so as not to startle/enrage the wounded animal (US Imperium and associated vassal states) – peeling themselves away in every way they can. Your citizen of average (okay, maybe above-average) understanding re geopolitics on the streets of your average country in the above-cited bloc know much more about what’s really going on than the average fat-and-“happy” citizen of the US. Matter of fact, thanks to the MSM (incl. the gov’s tech lackeys), the average US citizen will be about the last person on earth to know of and understand what happened when the time comes, ie when the gravy stops flowing and it’s cold-wet-and-hungry time.
That’ll be a tricky/dangerous moment for those like us. I’m preparing accordingly, starting with laying in huge stores of social capital. Reminds me: I should buy a backup-backup still. And another case of 9 mil.
Remnant UP!
May Fortune smile!
VIVA – Sager


The Neocons Need/want War

As Gerald Celente likes to say, “when all else fails they take you to war”. Those pulling the strings behind the curtain know that the financial house of cards is going to collapse. They need and want an excuse as a cover when both the financial and monetary systems collapse.
The US is employing and using every trick in the book to goad Russia into a confrontation. They see Russia as weak, when the opposite is true. They are much stronger today after the sanctions than before the sanctions were imposed.
We should be reminded how the US did everything they could to goad Japan into attacking the US. FDR, put trade sanctions on Japan, seized their assets, placed and oil embargo on them and threatened to sanction any country who sold oil to Japan. Japan was essentially cutoff and had no choice but to defend itself.
Sound familiar? It is the same playbook they are using with Russia.


Another Warhawk - Neocon. As if there is a shortage of that in Washington.


Retired Lt Col Douglas Mcgregor

Here is a real and honorable man who stands for telling the truth. According to him, Ukraine is finished. He’s worried that neither side wants to lose face and may do something stupid.


Because This Has Always Happened, You Just Never Noticed

Thank god, it wasn’t the vaccines!
“Belgian goalkeeper Age 25, dies after reportedly collapsing on field following penalty save”


Daniel Davis On The Russian Offensive And Other Developments In Ukraine


That must suck ?