Are You Waking Up At 3 a.m.?

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It was all triggered by the Tweet that THC0655 posted here a few days back:

What is this ‘great force?’

I experience it as an ill-defined sense of dread; like I’ve forgotten something important or I’m about to get in trouble. I really can either place it or shake it.

So I asked the general Twitter community if they have maybe experienced the same thing:


Now, this is a perfect case to create a confirmation bias, as people who have been having trouble sleeping are most likely to notice and respond to such an inquiry. But the flood of responses suggests that there’s more to it than that.

Additionally, in my own personal contact lists and phone calls over the past couple of months, this is indeed ‘a thing.’

Many are surprised to find out others are experiencing the same phenomenon.

My friend Kat Lindley has a sense that reality has taken a leave of absence:



Others simply agreed and confirmed that they’ve been mysteriously waking up.



Adam Gaertner thinks it’s the ‘interregnum’ we’re wallowing about in as the power elites desperately spin knobs and twirl dials in their last-ditch attempts to control the uncontrollable.

Kim thinks it’s something ominous.

I think many feel like Trinity in The Matrix after she dives through a window and tumbles down a set of stairs and has to tell herself to “Get up, Trinity! Get up!” before an agent comes crashing through in pursuit to kill her.


“Get up!!”

Others frame this as evil stalking the land, an idea I cannot discount and am more than sympathetic to.


Maybe even darker, it’s the end of days approaching:
Many others suggested that the failure to sleep is simply age, a weak bladder, menopause or a fading prostate, or bad eating habits.

These folks are either correct, or they are not (yet) tuned into the situation.

Here’s why I think it’s the latter. I trust my gut. And I trust other people’s gut impressions too and when so many are having the same perception and sensations, it’s time to sit up and take notice.

In a recent speech, Tucker Carlson did a pitch-perfect description of the importance of trusting your gut:

image 1

The relevant bit I pulled for this presentation (in the video, that is) starts at the 3:33 mark and progresses for the next minute and a half or so.

But I’d strongly encourage listening to the entire speech. It’s that good. And it’s important. – he says the quiet part out loud, namely that it’s easy to imagine that the next year is going to be really tough, and possibly quite dark.

This echoes one of my earliest and most repeated bits of advice, such as it is, which is to Trust Yourself.

Here’s a snippet from a 2009 article on that topic:


Then I turn to an interview with Robert Kiyosaki who has long advised that everyone should study their enemies closely. After all, if you don’t understand them, you won’t know what they are up to, and you won’t be as able to dodge their efforts to hurt you.

(Link to Video)

I really think this is great advice, and I admire the depths to which Robert follows his own advice. He really does study all sides.

The first 5 minutes of that interview lays out that philosophy as he discusses the Capitalist Manifesto by Karl Marx and its obvious influence on (far too many) people today.

Now, how would we go about studying the enemy today?

Well, by assembling a group of really sharp minds with deep experience and discussing things from “their angle” as we steelman their side and explore it like sensible people could and should.

This video will be going out to the public, so it’s got a bit of advertising in it, as it should, because I really really think people need to know about it and attend.


Remember: Peak insiders of 6+ months tenure or on a yearly subscription and Key Supporters attend free, Information Scout and other subscribers get 50% off. Everybody else gets 25% off while the early bird savings are available.

To learn more and secure your tickets, click this link: Prospering With Integrity 2

This is the other “can’t miss” Peak Prosperity event of 2023.

Moreover, I am really hoping that our other guests can drive a lot of ticket sales because I really want to reward them financially for being such amazing and brave truth-tellers. So my request is that you get friends and family to attend if you can. I truly believe this webinar can help people who are in the process of waking up and adjusting to the reality of what’s transpiring.

But, back to the story.

Evolution is stingy. It rarely passes along something that does not have a powerful survival advantage. So what are we to make of this?

The human brain has 100 billion neurons they say, with a quadrillion synaptic connections.


That works out to around half a billion synapses per cubic millimeter of space. That’s some dense engineering there!

Truly a marvel of nature.



But did you know that you have around 500 million neurons just in your gut?



That’s a lot of neurons. What are they up to down there?

To contrast, a honeybee has around 200,000 neurons in total, and with those relatively few neurons, it can perform an immensely complicated set of individual and social actions. They can navigate, fly, tell others where there’s food, calculate the shortest route to a maze of flowers, raise brood, swarm, and calculate the precise angle of the sun at noon to know when it’s time to kick the males out of the hive and get busy readying for winter.

Or perhaps we might note that the entire cortical neuron set of a dog is roughly the same, while a cat is considerably less:



Or that the entire neuronal set of octopi, those ingenious problem solvers, is roughly 500 million neurons too:


All of these creatures perform immensely complicated tasks and functions with their equivalent sets of neurons. The human gut in no way needs that many neurons to move food through the intestines or to regulate a few glands.

So what are we doing with all those neurons down there?

I propose that nature preserved those “excess” neurons because they conferred a survival advantage. Our ‘gut sense’ is important and therefore we have more neurons ‘down there’ than are strictly necessary for bodily homeostasis.

Which means these messages are probably telling us something important, even if we ourselves are not waking up in the dead of night worried about ’something.’








Which brings me to my final message:



If you are waking up, or feeling like “something wicked this way comes,” then I would strongly encourage you to listen to that and prepare accordingly.

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Running Out Of Time…?

I have that gut feeling for months now… partly because I’m not finance/ economy savvy so it feels lot heavier… partly because when I mention about it to my wife… I’m either conspiratorial or making camel out of mosquito… and almost all the time it feels like I’m"running out of time"…
Not a good feeling … at all…


I’ve Always Woken Up At 3:30 Am

Or earlier. It’s the most peaceful time of day, and yes, by far the best time for prayer and spiritual practice.
Here’s what my gut tells me: Power not only corrupts, it intoxicates- and then comes madness. Our oldest literature, from Aesop, on to the present, is filled with tale after cautionary tale regarding what happens when human beings get their greedy mitts wrapped around too much power- they inevitably destroy themselves.
The West is now immersed in its final orgy of self-destruction. Why? Because Nature.
Every dog has his day, and every day comes to its close.
The world is not coming to an end. What is coming to an end is the day when the Global North has been able to dominate the world. The future belongs to the Global South. The future belongs to Africa. So says my gut.

The Palestinian Prison Resonates With Me.

Partly due to my own personal family history–I identify with the Palestinians living in Gaza.
A prison keeper maintains the fences and determines their locations. The prison keeper staffs the check points and guard houses. When will they open, when close. The flow of food calories coming into Gaza is carefully limited to keep people perpetually on the edge of survival.
Palestinian cars have yellow license plates making them obviously “not Jewish.” Second class non-respect is offered to yellow plate drivers.
Prisons are engineered so that a small group of guards can control a much larger group of prisoners.
This feels like the paradigm of control that the elites are stepwise bringing into my society to control my people. Once the check points, gate locks, IDs and infrastructure is firmly in place, it will be too late to object. You are in their game. Too late.
I identify with the Gazans.


3:00 Am

been happening to me since around 2018 while still living in NYC. Moved to NE Ohio in fall 2020 have some land trying to become as resilient as possible. Now can’t shake the feeling all is not well not matter how good things are going


You’re not the only one feeling that we are running out of time - I’ve been feeling that for several years now, and trying to tell my friends and associates about it too - to no effect.
I back up what Chris says: the single most important thing you can do now is to cultivate a sensitivity to your intuition/gut instincts/spider sense, and listen to it!



Me too. I have been waking in the night, my mind thinking, wanting to do, something. The other day I just got up and sat outside. It was somewhat warm and very bright. I watched the stars and listened to the morning song.It was very nice. I said my prayers to the creator. I have always been a great sleeper. So something is up for sure.


Interesting Coincidence

I was watching this earlier in the day. My guy must have know you were having sleep issues?


I too wake up, have major issues falling back to sleep etc, I also appreciate things like the stars, the sun on your face and nature doing it’s thing. Being Present. It has it’s own level of significance I can’t articulate, but it’s nice to know it’s not just me

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Like sand slipping though your fingers


Intuition (gut) Vs Ego

Your intuition is strong & gentle. It only ever speaks once and has your best interests in mind.
Your ego is annoying & repetative and will f’ing kill you just to prove itself right.
You already know which one is which.


A Tale Of Spider Senses

“Anxiety lives in the gap between what you know, and what you’re not doing about it.”
Yup, sure does!
For about two years before covid came, I was getting promptings to get a garden started asap. I fobbed off those promptings, saying that I had too much on my plate already, and had no time to do it.
When covid arrived, I finally and immediately listened to those nagging promptings and put my garden in within a bout a week.
It didn’t take long for me to realise that I was now two years behind in my learnings on how to grow food (it’s not as simple as putting plants in the ground, and hey-presto! food). And I quickly realised that I didn’t have enough land on my 1/4 acre block to grow food for my family. So as soon as lockdowns lifted, we sold our house and moved into the country.
That began one of the steeper learning curves I’ve had in my life - reverse engineering how to grow crops and manage livestock, with no prior experience. The first two years were pretty intense, and the past year has been a lot easier. We’re not necessarily succeeding at growing food, but we’re doing about as good as we can right now.
But I’ve made it a strong point in my life since covid came to seek out and follow those promptings/gut instincts/spider senses - and follow them! Not just in big things, like “what’s happening in the world?”, or “what should I say to this person?”; but also in virtually everything I do in my life. I ask the universe/my gut what I need to prioritise on the farm today, and what order I need to do things in, and even when I need to do them (synchronicity is real, and can be cultivated!). It’s been a big, and vital learning curve.
Sometimes I’ve even been able to make sense of the anxiety, and clarify what I need to do, by when, and why. One example has been an ongoing prompting to “dig blackberries out”. “Why?”
“Because you’re going to need the grass soon.”
Okay, I’m on it then.
“Stop now and do something else for a while.”
“Okay, what?”
“Odd jobs.”
“You need to do blackberries again soon.”
Okay. Cram odd jobs harder.
And so on.
I’ve been prompted to quit full-time work and focus on getting our farm productive, which I’ve done, and the Universe has blessed my wife with extra skilled work to help pay for it, which is wonderful, and for which I’m grateful.
Backing up what Chris has said, the only time I’ve gotten anxious is when I’m falling behind on doing something to prepare. It doesn’t necessarily matter what I’m doing, so long as I start doing something, then the anxiety goes away. I think that once you’re moving it’s easier to get updates from your gut, than when you’re stationary.
If you’re being woken up at 3am, or are feeling anxious and don’t know why, make executable plans to expand your food/equipment storage and improve your self-reliance - and then do them - and your anxiety should go away, or at least become easier to understand and put into words.
It starts with baby steps, and progresses quickly from there.
Learning to hear and follow my gut instincts/spider sense/promptings has been one of the most important things I’ve done, and I can’t stress enough how important it is to do this.



I had been waking up at 3:33 a few months back, almost every night. No longer the case. I used this time to pray. I would have a flood of guidance/info coming through to me as to what I needed to do: hence, I am a bit more “prepared”. I have always tried to listen to my “gut”, and when I overlooked it, I payed the price–sometimes a very painful price. I no longer wake at 3:33, although sometimes it’s 2:22 or 4:44. I look up what these numbers mean in numerology.
I think I stopped waking at 3:33 because: 1) I took action on the things I needed to do (I keep a pad of paper and pen next to my bed. Sometimes it literally feels like I’m being downloaded info and I have to write it down so I don’t forget), and 2) I have transformed my anxiety about future events. I can only do what I can do. Ultimately, I have decided if I am going to die, I want to die a giver. I used to be preparing for me and my family and a few friends. In that framework, I felt there was not enough to go around–what a horrible feeling. I went through the “what am I going to do when people come knocking and they want what I have?” Well I have listened to my gut and it has clearly told me that we live in abundance, and I am a giver! Yay! I feel we need to get away from the have and have not paradigm. When someone comes knocking, I might say I have this, will you trade me for that? I think the powers that be are counting on a breakdown of society. But imagine if everyone said, what can I do for you or how can I help you? Or could you help me with this? I realized I answered an important question through this waking in the night, who do I want to be when I die? I answered, a giver. For me, the question translates into will I go to heaven or hell.
Some other waking thoughts:
–How can we create civilized groups within chaos?
Maybe a set of common goals/rules/bylaws for all members to pledge to before joining the group?
–Leading with Love (My husband and I have employed a staff between 15-60 at any given time over the years, and I know of the power of leading from Love/Compassion)
–The power of prayer and intention
I also think about how grateful I am to be living at this time. I feel we will witness so many changes in the coming days/months/years. And each of us has power to effect change. We are the powerful. How we tap into that power is different for everyone. I ask for guidance ALL the time. In the night is when I often receive messages. I hope I wake tonight at 3:33!


Waking Up At 3:00 Am

All this time I thought it was the alcohol.


It’s the alcohol if you wake up grinding your teeth! lol

Not Anymore

Before I building my off-grid homestead, yes to waking up often with lots of prepping on my mind. After building my off-grid homestead, not so much anymore. Is it a 100% solution, no but it’s huge weight off my shoulders.


Waking Up At 3:00am

For me, it has always been 4:45 am. Almost every night for the past 3 or so years. But it has never come with a sense of foreboding. Instead, it presents as a “you’re burning daylight” type of exhortation. There are innumerable things I can get done before the sun comes up. One of the blessings of a more rural life style is that you get back in touch with the circadian rhythm of the world. I find contentment in the pre-dawn. In that time before the sun’s first rays begin to spill over the horizon it seems that the world has, at least for a few moments, forgotten how to be dysfunctional.


That’s really beautiful. Sarah McLachlan has a lyric from her song “Fear”: “Morning smiles, like the face of a newborn child, innocent unknowing.”


A Few Thoughts

I wake up all night long, but I never look at the clock. I feel like it’s happening a bit more lately and I have trouble getting to sleep. Not sure this has anything to do with anything.
I’ve had the feeling since I was a teenager in the 80’s that the future would be problematic. It became dread for several years. 9/11 happened and the dread went away to be replaced by something more positive and constructive. Why don’t we look at it as something exciting, even fun? It will be a great adventure. We are privileged to live at this time. God chose US out of the billions of people to live NOW. I have to believe that’s for a reason. If we don’t put a positive spin on this, we won’t get through it.
In terms of a feeling that something is coming at us, this might be what is called “retrocausality,” the future energetically affecting the present.
Maybe for some, this feeling that “something is missing” is lack of relationship with God. All of this is being allowed to happen for just that reason, we have lost touch with our Creator.
I listened to my gut with all the Covid crap and was proved right, so this has given me a lot more confidence.


Time To See Your Naturopath?

Years before the current chaos was “a thing” I was waking up in the wee hours of the morning and having great difficulty getting back to sleep. I brought it up with my naturopath and he suggested a hormone panel. We discovered that my cortisol was out of whack. I was able to correct the imbalance through supplements and my sleep patterns returned to normal.
The stress and anxiety we have all been experiencing lately has undoubtedly had an effect on our adrenals and cortisol It may be worth checking out. You may still wake up at 3 AM but it may be easier getting back to sleep if your hormones are better balanced. Just a passing thought.