Bad Science: This is The Worst I've Seen

Back to my roots as I shred a really awful “study” on masking and Covid, and then tear through a massive case of fraud in the Alzheimer’s field.

My science background involved 4.5 years spent obtaining my PhD and then another two years as a pos-doc fellow working in a lab. I treasure that time and most of the people I met during that period. A few people, not so much.

The people I admired and loved were diligent, earnest, and cared deeply for their chosen profession.

Today, it is often remarked that we cannot trust a scientific paper or finding unless it has been “peer-reviewed.” Further, the only medical advancements allowed at the NIH now have to pass through the gauntlet of the much-revered “Randomized Controlled Trial” or RCT.

But, can we trust science as a process, and scientists as people to always arrive at the correct conclusion?

No. We cannot. Biases, conflicts of interest, plain old weak thinking, and laziness are always part of the human game.

In today’s video, I explore a horrifically bad pre-print paper on the effectiveness of masking against Covid and the latest bombshell revelation of painfully brazen scientific fraud that has set back Alzheimer’s research by a decade and at a cost of more than a quarter of a billion dollars of public money alone.

While I certainly hope the mask paper was submitted as a prank, I fear it was not. It’s that bad. Worse, it gained traction and was seized upon by the pro-mask crowd as evidence of the correctness of their position.

How high? All the way to the German SPD Member of Parliament, Federal Minister of Health, Karl Lauterbach:

Translation: “For everyone who is still unsure whether masks protect against COVID: here is a new American mega study that evaluates over 1,700 studies. The benefit of the masks is very large, undisputed, and applies to many areas.”

Yes, “undisputed,” he says. As you’ll see in the video, the only thing undisputed is how completely and obviously horrible this “study” actually is. Karl’s biggest crime is not merely advancing a shockingly useless study that happens to support his biases, it’s that he’s destroying trust in the process of science.

Then, we’ll look at the “replication crisis” which science now faces. It’s an epidemic and it’s very bad.

While we might use that information to seek to improve science over the long term, more immediately we have to question everything that’s been done in the name of science for Covid.

The lockdowns? Not based on science.

The vaccine mandates? Not based on science.

The travel bans? Not based on science.

Vaccines for children? Ditto – no science.

More importantly, science is not a thing you either have or don’t have, like a vase. It is a process. Science never gets anything completely right on the first go and it evolves over time with new insights and discoveries. That process is rough and tumble. People’s egos and prized theories often come out bruised if not smashed.

Those who are shouting the loudest right now to “follow the science!” are actually deeply anti-science and, if they were being honest, would really say, “look I want you to do this thing I am telling you to do and I really don’t want any push back or questioning.”

We cannot unsee the damage caused by a broken healthcare system to so many innocent people. Compromised corporate executives, hospital administrators, educators, community/political leaders and even our trusted doctors and nurses conspired willingly, or by force, to ruin the lives of patients and then the honest caregivers who tried to save lives by exposing the truth.

Researchers did not escape this injustice both those who sought to be servants of the very public health they swore an oath too and those who lied for profit.

The sad news is it is not going away. It’s not getting better any time soon.

Worse, it’s not just the filth and lies of Covid. No. It’s spreading to every facet of the medical industry. Yes. We knew it. We called it out. And we hoped that when the pandemic and the panic (real or caused by mass psychosis) ended, we could return to the vision of a healthy system designed to help and do no harm.

It’s just not the case. Not only are the liars and the bots and uninformed continuing to spread medical and research falsehoods regarding Covid but to other aspects of the healthcare system. In effect, if you are aging, or have aging parents/family members, they’re coming for you too.

In this video, I examine and expose two horrid studies posing as research. They are dangerous. They will sicken and possibly kill people you love. They are but another symptom of a sick system. Be careful. Don’t trust the Twitter bots or their “useful idiots”. Find honest people to entrust your health too…and just like watching these videos and passing them on, fight back when and how you can.

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I could not watch the video on youtube

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every time i tried to watch the video it would never load

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I could see the video post but the video would never load to play

Same. I watched it when it aired and just checked again a minute or two ago


This ties in nicely with what I read in the book Sickening by John Abramson. Pharma does not, and never will have the interests of society at heart. They only care about profits and “shareholder” value.
Medical journals put out “peer reviewed” assessments without actually having access to all of the data in pharma companies clinical trial data.
The US medical system is a sham and an embarrassment.
Instead of the scientific method we have the religion of science. Those whom started the Royal Society of London are rolling in their graves…


There’s only 16 minutes, 20 seconds of this on youtube.

Peer review = Public Relations. It explains so much of the corruption of science.


Since I can’t seem to edit that, note on the left the length of the video - 16.21. I was listening to it while cooking and thought it ended pretty abruptly.

We are actually trying to limit youtube where possible. This is why we let people know they can find tbe whole update here. We are hoping it mitigates some of the known risk with YT we all know exists. You may have noticed, we stopped using it for the embed here at the site too. ?


Alzheimers Cure - For Rats

Here’s a paper on curing alzheimers in demented rats. Apparently, niacinamide (in high doses) made it so the “early stage dementia” rats stopped forgetting about the “shock room” after being fed niacinamide, and the not-yet-demented niacinamide-fed rats were able to learn the maze more rapidly than the control group.
Nicotinamide Restores Cognition in Alzheimer’s Disease Transgenic Mice via a Mechanism Involving Sirtuin Inhibition and Selective Reduction of Thr231-Phosphotau
Not surprisingly, this potential alzheimers cure from 2008 (costing maybe 20 cents per day) wasn’t materially followed up on by our Gods of Science and Knowledge over at NIH. Ok, there was a single, 5-year n=31 person study, which shockingly came back with “no benefit” detected. Apparently it was tough to find dementia patients for the trial. Probably becaues there are “only” 5 million of them in the US, and there’s no known cure.
Phase II Clinical Trial of Nicotinamide for the Treatment of Mild to Moderate Alzheimer’s Disease
Especially there were too few patients, they underdosed them, for a too-short duration, and selected patients were already past the “early alzheimers” state. Its almost as if they didn’t want this tiny, 5-year trial to succeed.
Here’s a positive article on niacinamide for alzheimers:
There are 5 million alzheimers patients in the US, and it costs about $200 billion (with a B) per year to care for them, with another $200 billion (B) costs borne by the family. They’re going to continue pulling this kind of crap so we will continue to die in painful, expensive ways.
Yay sickcare system!
Orange jumpsuits.



The review of the masking study was absolutely damning. How could any self-respecting publication print such garbage?
Any civilization that abandons honesty in the favor of narrative control is signing its own death warrant.



Just FYI, the vimeo link appears to be broken. Plenty of other options though!

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Last few episodes aren’t showing up in my apple podcasts or Spotify. Anyone else having this issue?

Mask Effectiveness


N100 Masks

Do N100 masks work against covid ?

a) I don’t have any particular data on those one way or the other but
b) I sincerely doubt anything works all that well against an R0 of 15 or higher as BA.5 is thought to have…sooner or later that puppy is going to find and exploit a weakness in your filtration system and/or practices.