Banking on Social Unrest, Informed Consent LiveCast, May 19, Replay (Public)

This week, Chris digs into the latest news and connects the dots to give viewers a deeper understanding of the machinations of our leadership class and the policies they pursue.

As always, he shows how governments, corporations, oligarchs and bureaucrats create more negative policies and push for more outcomes pointing us down a perilous road.

Don’t miss this video tonight.

Tune in live tonight, May 19, 7 p.m., EST. Here at Peak Prosperity.

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My garden is doing well. I am even growing wheat.


Womb Transplant So Man Can Get Pregnant.

Chris you said in your above video that it was not possible for a man to get pregnant. Never say never:


Do We Really Want To Support Failure

Government def: that organization that we pay into more and more when it sells us a defective service.

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Any MD who does this should be stripped of their license and put in jail for a while.


I’ve planted a small patch of oats. Hoping to harvest enough for some GF bread.


5 Years For New Off Shore Fields Is Optimistic

Im glad you talked about deep water drilling… I am in that industry leading a couple projects and i can say the GOM has been “dead” since the 2014 price crash.
I can absolutely confirm the new fields from lease to first oil of 5 years true for normal times through add an extra year given the issues with supply chains… it take 3 months for sea freight these days and last year it was average of one month for example.
I am a manager for a deep sea iEPC construction company that works with all Major operators both private and state owned in the world. They are not interested in expanding production like they where in the late 2000’s because of the ESG momentum in society and lack of financial institutions are not investing in Oil & Gas.  
What is unknown is the Operators top talent have been gutted by Amazon/tech companies because they need experts in building complex warehouses for their distribution systems.
All O&G operators are not replacing these folks so even if they want to get he leases and wanted to drill the skilled talent have been leaving over the past decade and are not wanting to come back because of the constant cuts to salaries in that decade.
In summation that 5 years preparation is very optimistic at this stage given the aforementioned headwinds.
All I have to say is my father was a hardA$$ when I grew up but he taught me work ethic by working in his machine shop when i was 5 years old. This is in the 90’s I’m sure he broke child labor laws which is insane given the mechanical knowledge that helped me excel as a mechanical engineer in my work.


nhscott - great to have your input here. I cannot for the life of me figure out why there isn’t far more concern about this situation right here:
We’re not even remotely in range and dropping quickly. Seems alarming to me from a systems POV.
And to learn that there’s been a huge brain and skills drain from your industry says that we’ve got a slog in front of us, at best.
Kudos to your dad for working you. Physical embodied skill/intelligence comes from working with one’s hands and in numerous different ways.


Any More Of That Part 2?

Are we getting a part 2 today ? ?


I’ve been thanking him too late late in life as I only really appreciated his teachings when i was in my late 20’s. He had a head life as he was an orphan and only graduated from 8th grade. But he was a self taught person and made me try to understand George Will’s opinion when I was 11… tall task.
Interesting how we have been obsessed with certifications which are little more than a barrier for competition thus exacerbating the ineffciencies in the not so free market.
Kudos to what you do and you where a godsend to my family in the pandemic erra to help us focus on the best method to keep us healthly. You and Bret Weinstein guided us to keep our immune system boosted through keeping ourselves healthly. I am amazed as to how abundance of vitamin D with a multivitamin supplementation allowed us to fight off all colds for the past 2 years (with 3 kids under 5 years old).
Thank you for all your work!


I forgot to mention the ESG movement within O&G is still perceived as the future. HR, and most upper management are constantly spewing out woke slogans throughout the companies, so like government un-serious people are at the helm.
Funny when I did work with GAZPROM and CNOOC they laughed at the woke slogans of the past few years. The western society, it seems is truely out of our senses.


I always look at Part 2 as the main meal to Part 1’s appetizer.
I was heartbroken I didn’t find a Part 2 this evening!


At this point I think the list of MDs who shouldn’t be in jail is shorter than those that should.


Australian ‘covid Strategy’

What they are doing in Australia is exactly the same as they have been doing here in Singapore. With one of the highest vaccination rates on the planet, people were still getting COVID. So, they changed the narrative [last Autumn] and claimed, everyone getting COVID after being vaccinated has always been The Plan.
Forcing people to get vaccinated via vaccine passports was a necessary step to ensure they can safely attain natural immunity afterwards – little mention of the fact that the country’s sovereign wealth fund had acquired a substantial stake in BioNTech and Moderna under the leadership of the current PM’s wife. Show me the incentive…


I like that description of the main meal and the appetiser. Maybe it will appear later.


A Voice Crying In The Wilderness…

Not given to religious dogma but remembered this from my early theological interests and still value the act of exerting great effort for the benefit of a few, and also… truth above comfort. Thank all of you again.


Chris (please Assist) Thank You

Hi Chris, (Know your busy)
Please quick glimpse this if you haven’t come across these people before.
They are offering a potential ‘why’ (regarding controllers nudging us into this societal direction).
They hypothesize that it’s to do with planetary solar radiation cycles which were predicted decades ago, that are projected to affect the worlds ability to grow crops. Interesting that this guy in video created another video 5 years ago predicting that this would commence in 2020 and be at its height in 2024. As the communities researcher could you please assess this theory and give direction.
Kind regards,

  • Why Major Powers Are Stockpiling Food and Stopping Exports ? (Jeff Nyquist 1/3)
  • Which Areas of the Globe Will Starve First (Jeff Nyquist 2/3)
  • If Everybody Can't Make It (Jeff Nyquist 3/3)

Maybe it is just me, but I find some people are awfully impatient when it comes to the PP team getting part 2s, audio files, transcripts etc finished and uploaded to meet, IMHO, demanding users. I have to wonder if expectations are realistic?!? I do not envy the production/tech team trying to do what they do and do it at record pace, regardless of global time zones. Last time I looked, patience was a virtue.
[Note to self: never, ever attempt to produce online content for the masses…]


And no healthcare system or insurance company anywhere should pay for this type of thing, or any gender transitioning surgery. If people want to do that they can use their own damn money, not the taxpayers!


Reminds me of a meme I saw & made into a protest sign:
“When I buy two of something and they do not work, I ask for a refund. And I do not blame my neighbour!”