Best Practices For Preventing & Treating Covid-19

Given all that we know after our months of intensively tracking the coronavirus pandemic, what are the best ways to prevent & treat it?

  1. Everyone should invest in boosting the “terrain” of their own body’s health. Boost your intake of Vitamins D & C, eat healthy, get plenty of rest, and avoid stress.

  2. Everyone should wear a mask, practice social distance, and get tested asap if exposure or illness is suspected. At-risk people deserve extra precautionary protections.

  3. If exposed or in initial sickness stages, administer HCQ+ within 2 days or sooner of symptoms onset.

  4. If symptoms progress, switch to administering the MATH+ cocktail.

  5. If symptoms worsen further, deliver advanced therapeutic support, ideally in a hospital setting.

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This article well worth the short read. It is complimentary what Chris posits, while adding a few other helpful tips with respect to diet and supplements that are beneficial in SC2 prevention, as well as for other reasons.

We already owned land with an orchard and a cabin I built myself, much of it from trees I cut on the land. Planted an orchard years ago. All the meat in my full deep freeze is from a local farmer. Back in February I bought N95 masks before it was cool, thanks to this website. Was prepared to go to the cabin if what i thought was a 3% IFR virus made it here.
Then in late March / early April I was quarantined for two weeks. Didn’t have the virus (I think), but had traveled to a “hot spot”. Only left the house twice to buy perishables from the grocery store. Already had a full pantry. Gave me a lot of time to research. Some stuff wasn’t making sense. The age profile of victims wasn’t what I expected. Non lockdown states didn’t seem any different from lockdown states regarding cases or deaths.
My aha moments came in late April and early May with two events. One was the rash of serology testing showing the virus was much more widespread, and therefore less dangerous, than thought. The second was a personal experience when mine and my brothers kids were in tears because we told them they still couldn’t play together. We got together and said this is just ridiculous. Lack of social interaction isn’t cost-less, especially for children.
Now we haven’t held huge parties, practice social distancing in public to keep from getting a large inoculation, are overall a healthy family, get plenty of vitamin D, and keep a smaller circle of friends. But, with the mounting evidence of the futility of lockdowns and most other NPIs my life has been pretty much back to normal since.
I had a few doubts about this approach when evidence began to mount of serious, long term, non fatal side effects, but the virus is here. Society could delay the timing of it more and more by increasingly draconian changes in lifestyle, but the virus will find its way to every vulnerable person either during the big wave or the slow burn afterward.
Think about it, the virus is endemic now. Countries and people face the same range of choices. New Zealand has virtually no cases now but may never be able to lift it’s quarantine rules. How long do you wait for a vaccine that may never come? Do you stay virtually cut off from the rest of the world indefinitely? Sweden, and some US states chose not to lock down. It started off looking suicidal but is looking more and more pragmatic as the evidence rolls in. I do feel sorry for the people and places (NYC, Italy, Wuhan) that never got a choice. The virus sunk it’s teeth in before they new what hit them.

Instead of a T-shirt, I would buy a mask that says, “It didn’t have to be this way.” Preferably that ties in the back instead of with ear loops, because those just don’t work with hearing aids.

New Zealand will lift their quarantine when the rest of the world is dead. Simple.

Our balance of payments is better than last year, which is good news overall ( at bottom )
But the tourism industry is taking a huge hit.
Day to day life is so normal the Govt is worried about complacency.
Govt is hosing money around to affected sectors running up huge debts.
On the funny side the US issued a travel advisory re travel to NZ due to our 23 active cases of covid!!! Does not seem to catch on that all of them are in managed isolation having caught it overseas…
However we are having our scares, people breaking out of isolation. They get rounded up pretty quick but so far no security guards sleeping with the people in isolation and catching and spreading like in Australia !

New Zealand's trade surplus widened to NZD 426 million in June of 2020 from NZD 330 million in the same month of the previous year. Exports increased NZD 107 million (or 2.2 percent) to NZD 5.1 billion, led by a 7.9 percent jump in sales of milk powder, butter and cheese. Meanwhile, imports were little changed (up 0.2 percent or NZD 11 million) to NZD 4.6 billion. The response to the pandemic was visible in the data, as NZD 44 million worth of face masks were exported (up 146 percent)"""

Chris, thank you again for the work you have done, I started to watch your videos since late January. I don’t think I missed one. Your integrity is such a rare beacon in this crisis.
Is it just me , or is the US has an abnormally low number of recovered cases? Considering we have Remdesivir and the best healthcare system in the world.

As YT commenter Claudia Anderson said: “I can’t believe you are praising China for its methods of containing the virus. Do you have any idea how brutally they have handled their population? Do you know the level of incompetence they have demonstrated in their testing???”
I concur with her, it is simply OUTRAGEOUS. Aside from the apologetics of the planet’s largest communist crime gang… where’s that ever-relevant Benjamin Franklin quote again? Oh yes, here it is:

“Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
The disappearing/killing of whisteblowers, whose early messages could've potentially saved who knows how many thousands of lives, is that OK too? Unbelievable authoritarian bullshit going on in Australia too, will you praise that also?? I sincerely hope, Chris, that you never have to live under a totalitarian crime gang, forcing you to appreciate in a much more in-your-face way the trade-offs (between freedom and "security") that are happening... I guess you're already moving rapidly towards that though, possibly even if Trump wins again.

I see that Ben Franklin quote a lot. Here is a little historical background on it.

I think what threw a lot of us for a loop with Chris’ previous video was the abrupt proposition that herd immunity might already be upon us. One of our working assumptions has been that this is a “novel” coronavirus, and that we have no built-in immunity. Positing this percentage, X, to be at 30% in this new video (or 45% in Wednesday’s comment section), and then throwing on another 40% (25% in Chris’ Wednesday comment) for rapid immunity without B-cell antibodies, the Y in the equation, seemed quite the leap. We’re aiming for 80% to achieve herd immunity, and it’s like someone just handed us 70% for free! I know this is just a hypothesis, but it was jarring. We all await whether some recent upticks are just anomalies in the remaining slow burn or the beginning of true second waves. I am cautiously staying tuned!

Perhaps some people are very good at isolating themselves, and at using PPE and sanitation technology, thus essentially removing themselves from the pool of people who might catch covid-19. Of course those same people are probably taking plenty of vitamin D, zinc and other nutrients, thus making it even less likely that they will succumb to the disease. These individuals constitute another pool (call them “W”, perhaps?) who are effectively removed from the population of likely covid victims, in the same way as X (T-cell immunity), Y (very mild cases) and Z (B-cell immunity).
Meanwhile, the disease victims are drawn from the group of people who not only aren’t immune, but also aren’t able to effectively isolate themselves. That is, health care workers, grocery store clerks, postal and shipping employees, factory and food processing plant employees, students forced back to school, and so forth, as well as those who are simply careless.
Here in Lane County, Oregon, we went through a 1st wave in March and April, and now we’ve had a 2nd wave in June and July that seems to be winding down. Yet the total number of known cases is only 570, out of 400,000 population in the county.
During the 2nd wave, testing and contact tracing have both been excellent. Almost 44,000 individuals have been tested, more than 10% of the entire population. The positivity rate is just over 1%, and about 70% of known cases have been traced epidemiologically. So it’s hard to believe that many cases have been missed in this second wave.
It seems to me that W, the number of people who have successfully self-isolated in our county with its low population density, must be large. But another wave might be coming if classes start in September, and students return to the University of Oregon.!/vizhome/LaneCountyOregonCOVID-19CaseVisualizations-withPhoneLayouts/CurrentStatusDashboard
Lane County covid cases

I’d already commented on Chris’s previous video. I had a few more thoughts beyond the apparent cherry picking of data and possibly not checking the data he did use.
When the WHO say there may be no silver bullet ever, this is simply what Chris had been suggesting for some time but now, because the WHO has agreed with him, he now has changed his position, just to avoid agreeing with the WHO. At least that’s how it seems.
He also mentioned “superspreaders” as though they were a different species of human, rather than the odd individual whose behaviour whilst they (knowingly, sometimes) were infectious caused widespread further infection. I can’t see how this won’t continue if the virus is given free rein.
Spain is seeing a second wave, contrary to the hypothesis. So, all in all, a very weak argument given by Chris this time, IMO.

@Mohammed Mast I see that Ben Franklin quote a lot. Here is a little historical background on it.
The author of the article is himself an ideologue from Silicon Valley, trying to portray Franklin as a spokesperson for far-left ideas, and he gets deconstructed by commenters beneath the article, especially by David Brick. Another commenter summarized it best: "Thank you David, that was a lucid counter argument to what I also thought was a ridiculous contortion of Franklin's quote. I reread this TC article three times, but could not grasp any element of logic supporting the assertion." And in fact the actual quote I gave is exactly the same except for capitalizations: "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety"... which holds true in a modern context regardless of what the original context may have been.
@sofistek Spain is seeing a second wave, contrary to the hypothesis. So, all in all, a very weak argument given by Chris this time, IMO.
LOL, no, the only wave Spain is seeing is a government and MSM crime wave, where they're constantly fear-mongering to try to get people to voluntarily get tested, increasing the amount of testing by the day, then not reporting the number of tests, and reporting the positive tests as "cases" even though the vast majority are asymptomatic and only about 1 person has died allegedly from Covid in the last 2 weeks and the hospital ICUs are empty yet people can't get treatment for anything or even get an appointment with their doctor without first getting a PCR test and isolating at home until they receive the results.  

I wish we could avoid conspiracy theories in reasoned discussions. Not that governments and elites don’t sometimes manipulate situations for their own ends but some people see subterfuge in everything they dislike.
Of course, there are problems with the data in most countries (some worse than others) but no-one has some inside line to the “real” data. If we can’t use official data for reasoned discussion, then we may as well just have a free-for-all of wild personal opinions. Nothing is to be gained by that.

“there is a deep connection between the botched U.S. response to COVID-19 and the half-century absence of astronauts on the moon. They are both case studies in the difference between potentiality and actuality — between what we can do, and what we choose to do.”

tbp is correct. Spain is seeing very few deaths. 4 people have died in the last 4 days, with 9000 new cases. Over the last 10 days, 60 people have died, for 28,932 new cases.
Are hospitals overflowing in Spain? That’s a lot of new cases. I look for stories to that effect - none. All of them are dated from March.
Spain’s “second wave” feels a whole lot like Sweden’s “second wave”, which resulted in no spike in the death rate. Contrast that with what happened in Arizona, where deaths spiked right along with cases. Seems like it is probably just an artifact of a better testing effort.
Here’s the data we don’t have: “number of tests conducted.” Without this number, you have no idea what the “cases” line means.


Deaths lag cases by two to three weeks. Chris has made this clear in the past.

I wish we could avoid conspiracy theories in reasoned discussions. Not that governments and elites don't sometimes manipulate situations for their own ends but some people see subterfuge in everything they dislike.
”sometimes manipulate for their own ends” LOL. That is the norm not the exception, awake up and smell the agenda driven propaganda.
”Of course, there are problems with the data in most countries (some worse than others) but no-one has some inside line to the "real" data. If we can't use official data for reasoned discussion, then we may as well just have a free-for-all of wild personal opinions. Nothing is to be gained by that”
And yet time and again it can be shown that data and statistics are misrepresented, intentionally falsified and misinterpreted both intentionally and accidentally in this as well as almost all other domains with political and economic significance and repercussions. We are awash in subterfuge and yes, conspiracies Good luck trusting the “authorities” (scientific or otherwise) with the data. That’s the primary benefit of reasoned discussion on this forum, the presentation and evaluation of alternative data sets, viewpoints, interpretations, interpolations and extrapolations to hopefully arrive at a more accurate view than the agenda driven malfeasance that passes for authoritative truth. mm

While Spain’s chart is all messed up, the Netherlands had a case spike start at roughly the same time as Spain. That spike started more than 4 weeks ago. Are deaths lagging cases by 4 weeks in the Netherlands too?
I suspect the non-vulnerable are deciding to leave the bunker and live life. And some are catching COVID, but they are not dying. Or maybe they wear masks and get a smaller initial viral load. And almost certainly the testing has improved - more people get tested today than 2 months ago; we have no idea how many tests were run vs 2 months ago.
So with all these factors, it is hard to say. But: “no change in deaths = no second wave.”

mm, I’m all for looking at alternative data sets. What are they and why are they more reliable? I don’t “trust” official data but I’m not sure what else we have to go on. Even excess mortality rates are becoming less useful as restrictions also restrict some mortalities that would otherwise occur.
Dave, good point. The previous graph you showed wouldn’t have yet showed the death response to new cases but I might have expected a death response in the Netherland’s data by now. Of course, there is always the possibility that better treatments have attenuated that response. Perhaps the best we can say is that the case increase as of 3 weeks ago has only stopped the fall in the death rate, rather than increased it. It will be interesting to see what happens next.