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Do you believe you deserve to know if the SARS-CoV-2 virus that has upended the world, and your life, for the past 20 months was made by humans? I know I deserve to know that, as does everyone. Well, the field of that battle just got a little bit clearer.

A leaked document shows that in 2018 the EcoHealth alliance had pitched DARPA to fund a huge amount of work on bat coronaviruses including mixing and matching the most dangerous elements of them (so-called chimeric virus assemblies) as well as identifying and inserting the best human furin cleavage sites in them to increase pathogenicity. All of this work was to be done in collaboration with the Wuhan Institute of Virology up to and including paying a significant portion of “the bat lady’s” salary.

DARPA declined to fund this work over obvious concerns. No matter, this same work was funded by the NIH, which also, for unknown reasons, by-passed the usual institutional oversight governing such dangerous work.

So far the media is stone silent on this matter. We hope this video is allowed to stand on YouTube, as it is presenting facts and drawing some very obvious conclusions. However, it will also be embarrassing to certain layers of bureaucracy, so we all know the risks here. The emperor would very much like to continue believing he’s wearing a fine set of garments.

We are in the final moments of that old narrative being contained. People are waking up. The good news is that you can always join our completely uncensored conversations by becoming a member at Peak Prosperity. Just click this link:





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Media poo-pooing lab leak theory in 2020

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Fauci funded GOF research and must be held accountable. The suffering has only begun…it is getting worse by the day. People are no longer working. Supplies are becoming more and more scarce, and that fuels further unemployment. The system is clearly broken. The only solution is to create our own systems and break away from the failed society. Grow a garden….love a chicken….and find a neighbor you can trust.


Shure its about the money. Big Pharma and private equity consolidation of hospitals and clinics raking in hundreds of billions is major.
But the other part of it, and perhaps the most egregious is the fact that everyone still has to “make a living”. The main reason that physicians, nurses, basically everyone involved in healthcare continue to be complicit in this tragedy is because their jobs are threatened. Its all well and good to disparage these folks as being neglectful or immoral but then the next day everyone NEEDS to go to work. Think about it for a minute. Can any of you decide to end your income stream? No debts, no mortgage/rent, insurance, car payments, phone, school, etc? They have everyone by the balls.
Then there are all the other people in the economy, teachers, gov workers, corporate employees, labor, basically everyone complies for one reason and one reason only…they absolutely must "make a living’. We all talk big around here but except for a tiny percent who can afford to not one of us would not do what we are told in order to continue to get a paycheck.
Whats the opposite of “make a living”?


I suppose that it’s still possible that the virus was created out of pure scientific curiosity, and then was released by accident. But those who think so, need to also explain why there’s been this worldwide attack on all sorts of early treatments. And, why now there’s a worldwide campaign to get a poorly designed, ineffective and dangerous mRNA vaccine into every arm, carrying the toxic spike protein everywhere.
Trump tried to blame the leak on the Chinese government. Ron Unz wrote a series of articles blaming the USA, on the grounds that the initial targets of the virus were the Chinese people and their economy; and also (oddly) the Iranian central government.
Unz is well worth reading, but I think there’s a third possibility: that non-governmental and corporate entities such as the WHO, WEF, Gates Foundation, and/or Wellcome Trust could have been the hidden hand guiding the course of events. Although I haven’t seen the slightest shred of evidence, we cannot rush to judgment and blame either China or the US government until this can be excluded. From the point of view of “cui bono” (WHO benefits?..)… well, WHO ELSE did so well?
It’s also important to recognize that, even though a lot of the research that went into the virus has been revealed, we can’t assume that we know everything. Completely black labs could have been working in parallel to the EcoHealth Alliance project, to contribute aspects of the SARS-Cov2 genome.
Early on in the pandemic, Moon of Alabama dismissed the idea that SARS-Cov2 might be an engineered bioweapon, on the grounds that it’s simply not fatal enough, and it targets the wrong population. And, The Saker argued that the US would not launch a bioweapons attack when it was so poorly prepared to deal with a pandemic.
Indeed, there are major problems with the use of a virus as a bioweapon. If it has a very high infection fatality rate, then extreme public health measures (effective quarantine and contact tracing) will be deployed to contain it. But if it’s less deadly, it is ineffective from a military conquest point of view. And if highly contagious, it’s impossible to contain to the original target.
Both of those objections are overcome, if the virus was meant primarily to produce fear, compliance and division, to be exploited by international corporations and NGO’s.
And if indeed the purpose of the virus and/or the vaccine is to create mass casualties (for population reduction, or to destroy the world economy for “building back better”), wouldn’t it be ideal to design the spike protein for delayed effects? There are many ways that the spike protein could cause long-term damage, including: Capillary Thrombosis, in which the spike protein causes inflammation of the capillaries, leading to poor circulation and increased cardiac load, possibly leading to heart failure; neurological degenerative disease caused by prion-like effects of the glycene zipper motif in the spike protein; multisystem inflammatory disease and other serious auto-immune syndromes; and heightened susceptiblility to cancer due to immune disregulation. Not to mention the possibility of loss of fertility. Or, renewed waves of mutant viruses, evading immunity and causing antibody-dependent enhancement of disease intensity.
Watching for these long-term effects, and the search for effective treatments, deserves the highest medical priority. And, we deserve answers from the government agencies and individuals who have been identified as participants in creating the virus.
Having been listening to Chris for years, I’ve put myself in a semi-rural and somewhat resilient environment. I’m fortunate (and privileged) to be able to maintain a reasonably high level of social distancing and isolation. And I think this is the best survival strategy. I have a lot of respect for those who intentionally seek to catch the virus under controlled conditions for natural immunity. But for myself, I’m still hoping to avoid the virus as well as the vaccine.


Just going by US history since 9.11.2001, I’d say that nothing coming of these explosive revelations is the most likely outcome. What do we do then?


I don’t need to explain the relevance of The Emperor Has no Clothes
But what about this:

  • Chicken Little - the media, mid-level shills and others promoting fear.
  • Ducky Lucky, Henny Penny, Goosey Loosey, etc. - the general public who were fooled.
  • Foxy Loxy - Joe Biden (or rather his handlers), Justin Trudeau, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, etc.
In the original, Chicken Little as well as Ducky Lucky, Henny Penny and Goosey Loosey become a meal for Foxy Loxy and his family. But wait, those of us here on this site and out allies elsewhere are not in that story. I wonder how we change the story.

China intentionally releasing this virus as some form of covert biological warfare in an attempt to destroy economies in the west does not make sense. Just look at the type of people the virus was mainly affecting, old, obese and people with comorbidities. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that the death of anyone is a good thing for any reason. But the deaths of the above noted people in those conditions would improve the overall economies of most western countries. Old and sick people are a drag on both under funded pension systems and the coffers of most medicare systems. If anything they more than likely improved the balance sheets of their respective targets for both governmental and corporate entities.
On a second note, there was no way China would have been able to predict the reaction of the majority of governments in the western world which have caused the real damage to their economies.
I think we could safely say China did not release this intentionally. The trail leads back to WHO, Gates, NIH and the rest of the gang. “Cui Bono”


Our friends in high places said to the Mantids “So you want a hive mind”. “We’ll give you a hive mind; and you’re not going to like it.”
So they gave us the Internet. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.
As Minerva said in Our Oera Linda,

For all problems there are solutions, but the Wr-alda wants us to search them out ourselves so that we may become wise and help each other.
Isn't that the way of all good teachers?
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Oh My God!! Old people who have reached and surpassed life expectancy are dying!!! But only if they are also very sick and have several other underlying sever health issues!!!
Help us Lord!!! The humanity!!! 99.95% of us will be just fine but, but, but…
This must the evil work of some Godless Country who hate us for our freedoms.
We must retaliate and nuke a couple million innocent women and children.


It occurs to me that every cloud has a silver lining.
But first, context. In her book “Personality Plus” Florence Litauer points out that the ancient (Greeks?) identified 4 broad personality types. One being Choleric of the nature “It’s my way or the highway.” (I’m sure that you have met them before.)
The positive attribute of this personality is that they get things done. The negative aspect is that they have to be reigned in, lest they commit excesses.
The people of Australia are no different. Look for our next leader amongst our prison population.
And here is the silver lining. He will pass a law that says that the head of every family Must possess a firearm and be proficient in its use.
Do I like firearms? No. Absolutely not. But I feel awfully naked without one.
But what do I know? This is not your Grandpappies war.


It is impossible to have all these “coincidences” with the same players, doing and studying exactly this kind of action for a coronavirus… Additionally , we have the players making agreements with vaccine companies ( same exact time frame ) and we have the players skirting around funding ( with no explanation ) … WHO are the players we aare speaking about? without a doubt we have FAUCI. he is deep into the funding , deep into the all the play on the GOF. Deep into the vaccine speculation and investing… Along with life-long buddy gates. Fauci, daszak and gates should all burn in hell, lose all their money to the victims ( mostly everyone ) as should pfizer and moderna. Their stocks should crash tomorrow. Vaccines by these players which do have a conflict interest. So for any of you having to take a vaccine for a virus that was created by people who created the virus. And then mandate the vaccination, Yeah. okay. Got it.


I had visions of Il Duce’s (Mussolini’s) end as I pondered a fitting fate for those who all but destroyed the world as we knew it.
For the young ones… Il Duce was strung up by his heels in a gas station / public square at the end of WWII. Check out google images of “Mussolini’s death” for the horror show.
Can’t remember the last time I’ve been this angry. The hubris… The hubris.


If someone can come up with a good image to go with it.
And here it is (with a hat tip to John Michael Greer)

Stop trusting authority now and avoid the rush.

In the Western world we are so accustomed to the “short game”, that us consumers cannot imagine that there might be entities playing the “long game” imo. In the short game narrative, the truth will set us immediately free, the crooks will receive their penalties, and we can go back to mindless consuming and raping the earth again.
I think that we are in a “long” game, and we have to develop a “long” vision. I don’t know who or what, neither if it was all premeditated or accidental, but I know one thing for sure: they will not let a good opportunity go to waste. All of this will not stop before a lot of suffering, and damage will have befallen us. Even worse, we might make a transition to to a worldwide dictarorial society: all, and I mean all our Western values are under siege: freedom of opinion, integrity of our bodies, freedom of thought, etc. Additionally, as of a couple of weeks the Banking Cartel is attacking tcrypto, “free money”, the ideal F.U. money; due to El Salvadors acceptance of bitcoin as legal tender, banks will miss hundreds of millions of earnings from the remittance market, surely that connot be allowed. Gold is already manipulated to such an extent that it is only usefull for those with really deep pockets, sure, it might rise, but not before many holders were forced to sell at artificial low prices.
We are not capable to play the long game ourselves, unless we unite. I’m really glad with this call for resilience. I will share this video, and hope that we will be able to form a small community of likeminded who can support each other.


Something smells fishy, and it’s not the Wuhan wet market…


De Santis picked a crank. Specifically a crank who was part of that White Coat Summit on the steps of the Supreme Court back in 2020. He thought - correctly as it turns out - that Hydroxychloroquine might be able to help COVID19 patients.
Florida Surgeon General @DrLadapo
As Florida's next Surgeon General I WILL expose the Truth. We must oppose lockdowns and mandates. REJECT FEAR. Thanks for the Retweets and Follows
And a tweet with a link to a part of Dr Ladapo's speech back in 2020:
I'll be interested to see where he takes things.

With the exception of Sweden (they must not have got the memo), all Western countries’ health authorities are operating by the same pandemic response playbook that was established and agreed on in pre-covid exercises. Basically, military lockdown, no early treatment and vaccine mandates. Find out who wrote the playbook and you find out who is behind this.


You should really include the following from Peter Daszak who explicitly makes it clear as to what kind of spike protein targeted research the US was funding in Wuhan and why. This research funding project was started on June 1st 2014 and was scheduled to run until June 30th 2025. The project start date is significant in that it coincides with the Obama administration’s moratorium on GoFR in 2014.

Understanding the Risk of Bat Coronavirus Emergence Novel zoonotic, bat-origin CoVs are a significant threat to global health and food security… In a previous R01 we found that bats in southern China harbor an extraordinary diversity of SARSr-CoVs, some of which can use human ACE2 to enter cells, infect humanized mouse models causing SARS-like illness, and evade available therapies or vaccines… In this R01 renewal we will address these issues through 3 specific aims: Aim 1. Characterize the diversity and distribution of high spillover-risk SARSr-CoVs in bats in southern China….. We will sequence receptor binding domains (spike proteins) to identify viruses with the highest potential for spillover which we will include in our experimental investigations (Aim 3)…… Aim 3. In vitro and in vivo characterization of SARSr-CoV spillover risk, coupled with spatial and phylogenetic analyses to identify the regions and viruses of public health concern. We will use S protein sequence data, infectious clone technology, in vitro and in vivo infection experiments and analysis of receptor binding to test the hypothesis that % divergence thresholds in S protein sequences predict spillover potential….. Together these data and analyses will be critical for the future development of public health interventions and enhanced surveillance to prevent the re-emergence of SARS or the emergence of a novel SARSr-CoV….. conducting laboratory experiments to analyze and predict which newly-discovered viruses pose the greatest threat to human health.

[caption id=“” align=“aligncenter” width=“700”] Fauci email[/caption]
From this blog article:
You can download all the emails as a PDF.


Come on. The very day the virus genome was published it was understood, with certainty, the virus was a laboratory creation.
We also knew exactly where this virus came from, which lab created it, how it moved from the U.S. labs, to the Canadian Level 4 bio-lab, and how it was then provided to the Chinese, via two methods. First, the same Chinese scientists, who now work in Wuhan, RAN the Canadian Level 4 lab. While they did, they smuggled out every single pathogen that lab had to China. This was discovered by Canadian officials, who then kicked out these same Chinese. Second, Fauci delivered the latest versions of the virus to the Wuhan lab directly and officially to conduct contracted work upon it. Specifically to enhance this virus’ ability to better infect people. The Chinese did so, by engineering a Prion Domain on the virus spike-protein, in order to allow the virus to firmly attache to the human ACE2 receptors.
The virus was then DELIBERATELY released by the Chinese in Wuhan, as other operatives set about releasing it in other locations. However, the Chinese instigated a massive propaganda effort to not only make the existence of the pathogen known worldwide, but to enable various cover stories and to hide how the Chinese government was using the pathogen to assassinate political dissenters, as victims of the disease.
Remember all the Chinese propaganda videos of people falling on their faces on the streets? All lies. Not that those people were faking their sudden unconsciousness and deaths, but that their ailments, causing their sudden collapse, was NOT from the viral pathogen…but from such things as Stroke, Heart-Attack, Dehydration, and such. Recall, these people were NOT SICK and coughing before falling, some were out shopping and were carrying bags, some simply standing in line for a train. But YOU were told it was the result of a strange, new, deadly, pathogen.
It has been known from very early in this entire affair, it is all planned and scripted. Nothing else explains the actions of those governments and medical professionals, who would be expected to know better…who we KNOW KNEW BETTER…saying and doing and ordering and censoring and restricting treatments…as they have. Nothing.
The staged Pandemic is only the EXCUSE and the MOTIVATION…for the delivery of the mRNA serums into a WILLING and TERRORIZED population. The mRNA serums ARE THE PANDEMIC…and the SARS COV 2 virus is primarily just the WHIP driving people to take them.
Why not make money, and gain political control, while reducing the human population, by letting people select against themselves, as the result of a deliberately induced terror? Even better, if we can also assassinate the people we wish…without any political or legal…blowblack.
They are now coming for your children and for those who will not take the mRNA serums. I suggest you stop vacillating and prepare yourselves to fight.